Uncle T


This is my first time writing. Let meknow what you think. If you like I will write part 2. . . Thanks guys

So lets start off the story with a little bit about myself. My name is Jason and I am 18 years old. I stand about 5'9 and weight about 150. I don't have a six pack by any means but a pretty nice smooth body. I matured pretty early. So have a nice 7 inch cut cock. I have dark hair and piercing light eyeswith dark eye lashes. I get lots of compliments on them! Well not only did my body mature early but so did my mind. Many people thought I was older. Well one summer day I was hanging out by the pool when I got called in by my mother. She said my Aunt and Uncle called and needed a babysitter and was wondering if I was interested.

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   They had 2 younger kids, and I got a long pretty well with them so I said that it should be fine. Not to mention I had a major boner for my Uncle. We will call him Uncle T. He was 36 and stood about 5'11 and weighed about 175. He had dark hair and dark eyes and a really nice smooth body. He was always a jock playing every sport you could think of. I remembered actually finding a picture of him with his shirt off and jerking off to it a few months before. So it was a win win for me. My uncle came to my house to pick me up and we drove up to there house about 45 minutes away. I never really spent time with them before so was pretty excited. I always heard stories about my Uncle T being a bit of a man whore and that kind of excited me. Well as the night went on they left and were going out to dinner and then out for drinks with some friends. As they had left I played with the kids for a bit and then put them in bed. Not knowing what time my Aunt and Uncle would be back I went in and took a shower to get ready for bed. While undressing I noticed my uncles Armani underwear on the bathroom floor.

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   I started to get a instant hard on. I picked them up and decided to try them on. Knowing his cock had just been in them really got me going. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how sexy he would be in them. Well I finished up and went out to lay on the couch. I couldn't really sleep because it was a new place. As I laid there I looked over at the clock and it was about 1 am. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the door swung open. It was my Aunt who was really drunk. . . she kind of stumbled in and asked how the kids were and then headed straight to her bedroom. My uncle came in a few minutes later. He went to the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on. I laid there and saw him come out of the bathroom in just a towel.

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   He looked over at me and then proceeded to his bedroom. I figured he was going to bed to plow my aunt but a few minutes later he came wondering out of his room in another pair of his Armani underwear. My dick instantly went hard. Thank fully I was laying under the blanket so he couldn't see. His body was exactly what I imagine it to be. He had wide shoulders, a smooth chest and really nice pecs. He had very little hair but he had a happy trail that lead down to a massive bulge in his tight underwear. I am sure he saw me looking. He said, well your Aunt promised me a back rub but decided to Pass out. Before I could even think I said, well I can give you one if you want. He looked at me and said well you don't have to ask me twice, move over kid. My mind was screaming!! Was I really going to get the chance to rub my hands all over this hot body!!
I got up and quickly tucked my boner away so he couldn't see. He laid on the couch face first and said there is lotion in the bathroom under the sink. I ran into get it and when I came back out he had shut the lights and TV off so I could only see by the moonlight shining in the window which just so happened to be beaming on his back and on his perfectly round ass. I warmed the lotion up in my hands before I started rubbing his back.

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   I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I rubbed hard all the way up and down right the the edge of his underwear. About 30 minutes went by and he said you can do my thighs if you want. That almost threw me over the edge. I pulled the blanket off him completely and started working those thick hairy thighs. I could feel the heat in between his legs and it turned me on so much. I almost came without even touching my throbbing cock. I worked my around them for what seemed like forever when he rolled over. My mind was blown. . . He said do the front now. . . So I sat there and obliged.

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   I was sitting on the edge of the couch kind of near his stomach so my arms stretched over his cock as I rubbed the front of his thighs. I looked over and saw it was now almost 3 am. . I had been rubbing his hot body for over an hour. . As I rubbed his thighs I could see in the moon light that his cock was hard. This was driving me crazy. . . I couldn't really tell. It was about 61/2 inches but really fat from what I could see. I wanted so badly to pull it out and put it in my mouth but of course only being 13, I wouldn't know how to get myself out of that if he got upset. I had no previous sexual experience so wouldn't know what to do. I decided to be a little braver and pressed my forearm against his cock as I moved my hands up and down his thighs I could feel his cock under my arm. I heard a slight moan come from him.

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       I kept doing it having some more rhythm when I noticed that I must have been pressing a little harder then I thought and managed to pull the head of his cock out of his underwear. I could feel the warmth of it pressing against my arm and feel the sticky pre cum dripping from his hard cock. I couldn't stop now. . . I kept going for what seemed like forever. I whispered, what do you want me to rub now? He didn't answer me. . I think he fell asleep. . Or at least that's what he wanted me to think. As I looked down I had noticed his hand had slipped into his underwear. I wasn't sure if he was blocking his dick or rubbing it. I continued to massage his thighs and somehow managed to take a little bit of a risk and start rubbing his stomach and chest. .

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       His muscles felt amazing. At this point I could def tell he was jerking off. Had he really fallen asleep and was jerking off? I tried whispering to him again and still no answer. I didn't want to take a chance of him stopping so I continued. At this point he had moved his underwear down so his big cock was completely exposed. I was in complete heaven. His cock was a little bigger then mine but much wider. He had a nice mushroom head and nice balls. I continued to rub my hands down his body and then my dreams came true. He grabbed my hand and placed in on his throbbing cock. . I was in complete shock. I tightened my grip and continued to stroke this beautiful cock. I couldn't wrap my head around what was going on. I sat there and stroking with his hand on mine coaching me.

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       He finally let go and I just continued to work his cock. I wanted to put it inmy mouth but didn't want to take a chance of waking him. A few minutes later I could feel his cock starting to pulse so I leaned down and put my face close. He shot a big load of hot cum on my face. Some started to fall on his stomach and I quickly licked it up. It was my first time tasting the sweet nectar. . . After stroking it to make sure I got every drop I grabbed my shirt off the floor and whipped him up. I stood up and went to wash my hands. When I came back I sat on the couch next to him and his underwear were pulled back up and he sat up. Looking at me surprised he said Oh I must have fallen asleep. He got up and continued to his bedroom. Did this all just happen in his sleep or did he know what he was doing? Either way I didn't care. I went to sleep and the next morning woke up pretty tired.

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       I couldn't believe what had happened. . . As he was driving me home he thanked me for babysitting. When we were pulling up the road he said, Oh and thank you for the rub down I really needed it. I said yea No problem anytime. He looked at me and smiled and said well I think we may need you again next weekend if you're not busy. I said I was available got out of the car. He looked over and gave me a wink. . . I couldn't wait to see what else the summer would hold. . . .

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