The Young Boy and the Old Man


A young boy has first oral experience with a much older man

The Young Boy and the Old Man
Richard, or Richie, was 18 years old. Every other day after high school he would go to the college campus nearby for soccer practice. Richie was Caucasian with full thick brown hair that was cut to have a comb-over effect similar to his favorite soccer player, Ronaldo of Portugal. He was only 5’6’’ and because of his constant physical exercise he was very slim. Lately he had been getting more hair on his legs and some of his friends made fun of him. Because of his small frame and the jokes of his friends, Richie was often left feeling shy and self-conscious. One night he decided to shave his legs. He shaved all the way up to his smooth buttocks. This is when he realized that every time his razor gently stroked his buttocks he would get a hard-on. He found it very interesting and all of a sudden he began to wonder what it would feel like to have something up his butthole. He didn’t dare stick his finger in because he thought it might hurt. But the idea lingered…
After soccer practice the next day, Richie decided to go to the restroom.
“Where you goin’, Richie?” His friends called out.
“Bathroom!” Richie called back.
“Little boys room? Don’t get raped!” His friends laughed.
There was a bathroom nearby but Richie was afraid his friends were going to come in and pull some kind of prank.

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   So he wondered off further into the college campus. He crossed a small one way street road to an artsy looking building with all sorts of paintings. The building had a small quad and tugged away in a corner was a bathroom with a picture of a white male stick figure. Little Boy’s Room, thought Richie.
He went in. In the small bathroom there were two men. One was a college looking man and the other was a much older male. The older male zipped his pants up and had his cold blue eyes set straight at Richie. The young college man had a look of shame on his face and avoided eye contact with anyone. He picked up his bag and got to leaving.
“I’ll be seeing you. ” The old man called out in a strong authoritative voice.
“Bye. ” The college man said shyly and left.
Richie looked at the old man who had not taken his cold stare off of Richie for one second.

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   The old man must have been around 50. Gray hair. Constant wrinkles on his face. Bags under his eyes. A look of knowledge and something else in those cold blue eyes. He was easily six feet tall and was dressed with nice slacks and a nice button down shirt.
Richie then noticed the old man looked him up and down as he licked his lips. Richie’s heart skipped a beat as he felt a feeling of both fear and curiosity. Richie’s eyes then went down to the crotch area of the man which had suddenly gotten a little bit bulkier. Richie noticed a slight tweak in there.
At that point Richie looked away and went to the only urinal in the small bathroom. He began to pee in the urinal realizing the old man hadn’t left. On the right of the urinal was the sink and then the exit door. To the left of the urinal was a small stall and next to that was the slightly bigger bathroom stall for handicapped people.
Richie finished peeing and moved to the sink.

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   The creepy old man was still just standing there. Now he was being blunt. He openly stared at Richie’s butt as he washed his hands.
“Is that a soccer uniform?” The old man said when Richie made eye contact with him again.
“Yes, sir. ”
“I like that. You are a good looking boy. ” The old man said, “My name is Tom. What is your name?”
“R-Richie, sir, its Richie. ”
“I like that you call me ‘sir’” Tom complemented, “Very good boy. ”
Richie felt the old man’s eyes pierce right through him. It was such cold and lustful and calculated stare. But at the same time Richie felt so good that the old man complemented him.
“You must be a hellavu soccer player with legs like that. ” Tom said.

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“I don’t know. Thank you. ” Richie made a move to leave, but the old man was quick to put a hand on his shoulder and their eyes locked gazes again. This time it was different. Richie looked up and he saw two blue attractive eyes on a tired and experienced face. But the eyes were suddenly not just lustful, but complementing. Flattering. There was a shine to them that made Richie know this old man found him alright. Good. Awesome. Unlike his friends and girls from his school, this old man showed much interest in Richie with that stare.
“What did you see or hear before you came in?” Tom asked.
“Nothing, sir. ” Richie responded.
The old man’s hand was heavy and strong on his shoulder.

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   It felt warm. Then the old man rubbed Richie’s shoulder in a fatherly way. “Good. ” He said and smiled at Richie a smile that made Richie weak in the knees. He suddenly swallowed and took a deep breath. The old man seemingly noticed this and he continued to smile looking at Richie, but his hand began to go down Richie’s spine and lower back and finally rested firmly on his buttocks. Richie’s soccer shorts suddenly bulged a little on the front. Richie once again swallowed hard and had to take another breath. The old man leaned his face down towards Richie’s ear and he whispered:
“You are a gorgeous little boy. Come back tomorrow around the same time. ”
With that, the old man Tom left the bathroom.

Tom was 56 years old. He had an ex-wife, two kids who were grown and far away. He had a nice retirement plan that really allowed him to stay retired. And with that came a lot of time in his hands.

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   It started out by wondering around on the internet. He wanted some young tart he could have sex with. He needed that again. He bought Viagra and searched furiously online for a woman. He wanted them young and alive not old and bitter. But the internet yielded little results in the female department. Feeling desperate, he turned to ads young men were posting looking for older men. And he met one. Then two. And Tom found it much satisfying to have sex with other young men. Then he found Erick. The young student at the local college. He needed some money for books, so Tom made a deal with Erick (who was 21) that if he gave him a bj every once in a while, Tom would in return give him 40 bucks. It was an ongoing thing.
And then Tom started fantasying and wondering about the young men.

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   No, in his head, it was the boys. In his head he was curious about the boys. And then he had that meeting with the young Richie. The little boy looked like he could be anywhere between 18 or 18 or 18 He was very slim but not in a bad way. Tom confirmed that when he grabbed the young boy’s ass cheek. He also confirmed the young boy seemed to enjoy that.
So the next day came. Tom went into the bathroom of the school’s art quad. He checked the stalls to make sure the glory hole was still there. He had drilled a hole between the small stall and the disabled stall. Erick knew all he had to do was suck the cock coming out of the hole. The hole was still there. And so he waited.
It was about 18 minutes past the time he had met Richie the day before and he was about to give up, when the bathroom door opened and a shy Richie walked in quietly like a little kitty cat. He was wearing a tight fitted long sleeve and some rather tight skinny jeans.

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   He was very feminine looking and Tom couldn’t help lick his lips.
“Hi Richie. No soccer practice today?”
“No, sir. ”
“But you came anyway. ” Tom confirmed. “Come here. ”
Richie moved towards Tom. Tom embraced the young boy. Richie did not struggle.
“You are so gorgeous and girl-like,” Tom whispered into the boys hair, “I want you to accept my manhood, you understand? I want you to accept who you are, what you are. And I want you to do that with me first. ”
“I don’t understand. ” Richie said with trembling voice, his warm young breath sipping through Tom’s dress shirt.
Tom caressed Richie’s hair and Richie looked up at Tom with doe eyes. Tom couldn’t wait for the next part and he hoped it would happen.

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   “I’m going into that stall. You go in the little one. And we will both experience something. Are you a teenager?”
“Yes, sir. ” Richie answered.
“Dear, god, thank you. ” Tom said. Then he kissed Richie on the cheek and walked into the handicapped stall. There was silence. He expected to maybe hear the door to bathroom door open and close; instead, he heard the door to the other stall open and close and the latch made a click.
I can’t believe this is going to happen, though Tom excitedly. Then the nerves kicked in. The nerves made his cock’s hard-on lessen. Tom pulled his cock out throught his fly zipper opening and when he saw his cock was not fully erect, panic started kicking in. If Viagra ever worked, he thought, let it work now! Every passing minute he felt the Richie could lose interest.

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   He was standing right next to the glory hole so that if Richie decided to peek, he wouldn’t see him. The cock, in all the nervousness and panic, became soft.
Tom was disappointed and he cursed his age. Then he reasoned with himself that this kid had probably never seen another cock before so there wouldn’t be much to compare it to. Tom figured there wouldn’t be much to lose. So he stuck his semi-hard cock into the glory hole on the wall that both stalls shared. There was a gasp on the other side. Tom slid it in even further. It was a good 6 inches in.
Nothing happened. “Come on boy. ” Tom whispered.
Then IT happened. He felt a wet soft tongue! That was what he felt first. The unmistakable warmth of a soft tongue at the tip of his penis which sent a shock of pressure all over Tom’s body.


   Tom let out a pleasure moan. A gruff moan only an old man can produce.
This was obviously the young eager boy’s first time. Richie wrappedhis young lips around the cock sucking it hard. Tom felt like he would explode soon so had no choice but to retract his cock.
“That was good, my boy,” Tom said, “Take your time. ”
Tom then slipped out a mirror about the size of a lighter that was slightly concave from his back pants pocket. He carried it to see what was happening on the other stall when he had his meetings with Erick. He placed the mirror on the floor on the side. Then he stuck his fully hard cock back in.
Immediately, the young boy continued sucking, slower this time. He could feel the warm mouth and his tongue slurping as the cock went into his young mouth. No gag reflex so far and Tom was thankful for that. Then Tom slowly pushed the mirror to the other side using his foot. What he saw fascinated him.

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Richie, the young teenager was down on his knees. But his pants were pulled down and around his ankles. Erick never got naked. Richie had the smoothest legs Tom had ever seen on a person. Including women. His thighs were muscular and tight, his knees lovely with some slight bruise marks as little boys tend to have. The young boy softly stroked his cock as he sucked Tom’s cock. Seeing this gave Tom the biggest hard-on he could remember having. His cock massively swelled inside Richie’s little mouth and Richie choked a little. Tom gave out another moan and Richie started sucking and licking harder with more enthusiasm.
“Ah my little boy, suck my cock good!” Tom said in much pleasure. Richie did so making lovely slurping wet noises as both saliva and pre-ejaculation fluids began to mix and spill out of his young innocent mouth. In excitement, Tom put his whole seven inches through the hole and pushed hard as he felt Richie swallow so much of his cock that his young full lips must have been right up to the stall wall. As Richie held Tom’s old cock inside his youthful mouth, his young tongue would move around the shaft in wet sensual excitement.
“Ahhhhhhhh!” Tom felt about to burst.

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   The young boy wrapped his lips tightly around the shaft and Tom began fucking the young mouth by moving his penis in and out of the hole. And then he exploded. It came in three big burst that amazed Tom. The first two directly inside of Richie who was no doubt surprised as he got the cock out his mouth. The third burst sprayed Richie’s shirt.
Tom looked back down at the mirror, wondering what the boy would do with his cum. Richie made a sour face and then made a gagging face before spitting out the cum all over the floor. Then the young boy closed his eyes as he caught his breath.
“That was wonderful, little boy. ” Tom said also catching his breath. He put his still throbbing cock back in. Then picking up the mirror. The last image he saw was the boy looking very much ashamed.
“You are a beautiful young teenage boy with so much to give. ” Tom called out as he left the stall, “This must happen again.

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   Tomorrow. ”
Then he left for the bathroom for the boy to collect his thoughts.