The Two Jockeys - Part 1 : The Changing Room


   The Two Jockeys    

   Part 1 – In the Changing Rooms   

 While I was getting changed out of my white jacket with the green stripy sleeves, in walks Rory. His race had just finished and he’d come in first place. As he began to take his racing suit off, I turned to face the wall. I looked round every now and again to see him. Then he began to take his trousers off. My cock suddenly went hard. I looked round and saw his bulge. He caught me looking at it and started walking over to me. I turned back round and began to get changed again, and then all of a sudden he pushed me so I was bending over. He pulled my trousers and boxers down then he pressed his dick against my arse with his boxers on. I felt his cock go hard. Then he took off his boxers and stared slapping my arse. I moaned with the pain turning me on. Then he rubbed my hole with his fingers. He spat on it and began pressing, slowly pushing his fingers into me. Then he began to lick my asshole.

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   The waves of pleasure spread through me and it made me moan. After a few minutes of fingering and licking my ass, he laid me on my back and placed my feet on his shoulders. Then he pressed his cock against my hole as I pulled my dick. He began thrusting faster and harder. It was so great. He pinched my nipples to make it even better. After four or so minutes he pulled out his cock and began pulling it over my stomach. He let out a loud moan and came over me. He rubbed his cock over my nipples to get the rest of the cum off. Then I let out a moan and came. Afterwards, we got a shower and got changed. .



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