The Cul-de-Sac Chapter 2: First Taste


The Cul-De-Sac
Chapter 2:  First Taste
I had been living on the Cul-de-sac for a couple of months and have seen Janet and Sanna putting on their little show for me every day during the school holiday. If Janet was not going down on Sanna, then Sanna was doing Janet.   I didn’t see any of the other girls in the woods and the girls always stopped after teasing me with just a brief look.
            In September, after the kids went back to school, I had settled down to work on a new contract with my consulting business. I still kept an eye on the happening of the cul-de-sac as I worked.   I noticed that during the day, I was the only man around other than the mailman. This became a blessing.
            One Wednesday, in late September, I was busy at work when a knock came on my door. When I went to answer it, it was Laura from next door.
            “Tom, can you help me?” She asked.
            “If I can” I replied.
            I have a problem with the taps in my bathroom and Jack will be out of town for the next few days,”
            “What is the problem?”
            “I can’t get them to turn off”
            “Ok, let me take a look”
            I followed her over to her house, watching her ass sway all the way over and up the stairs to her bathroom.   The water was rushing out of the taps with quite a bit of force. I tried to turn them off by hand but both seemed to be stuck. Laura leaned in to help me and as she did she fell against me and we both tumbled into the tub.
            “Oop’s” she giggled.

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   “Now we’re both soaked. ”
            “Don’t worry” I said as I noticed that as her tee-shirt got wet her nipples got hard and I could see that she didn’t have a bra on. From my spot in the tub I managed to get a better grip on the taps and turned them off.
            “Thanks, I have been after Jack to fix them for quite awhile” She said. “But, that is just something else to add to the list of things that he hasn’t fixed here. Let me get you a towel. ”
            “You need one too. ”
            “Your soaked. Get out of those cloths and I’ll get something of Jack’s you can put on. ” She said as she walked out of the bathroom.
            I started to undress and was down to just my boxers when she came back dressed in a bathrobe with one for me.   As she bent down to pick up my wet clothes, I could see through the opening in the robe that she still didn’t have a bra on. The sight of her tits got my cock twitching and starting to rise.
            As she stood up she saw the start of my bulge in my boxers and smiled.
            “Are those wet as well?” She asked.

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   “If so, take them off. ”
            She handed me the robe, and when I put it on I slipped of my boxers.   The smile that she gave me caused me to make an even bigger tent in the robe.
            “While your clothes are drying, how about a drink?”
            I followed her down to the basement where they had a bar set up. She mixed us a couple of drink and put on some music. As we sat on the couch, she told me about her life.
            “Jack was great when we first got married, now he is just a jerk. You know what his idea of sex is these days?  He just gives me a little rub to get me damp and then just rams it in. I hate it. ”
            “I would have thought that he would like to spend time with a woman who looks like you. ” I replied.
            “Do you like the way I look?”  She said as she stood and took off her robe.
            The sight of her body caused me to get hard as I stood and grabbed her. I kissed her and she kissed back. I ran my hands over her soft, but firm 36C tits as she started to undo my robe.

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            “Do you want to do this?” I asked.
            “Oh, God, yes, I had dreams about you since I first saw you. ”
            I slowly laid her down on the couch and started to kiss her tits. Her nipples stiffened up and stuck out. As I slowly move down her body her moans came quicker and louder.
            “Oh, God,  No one has done this for a long time”
            I reached between her legs and found a smooth shaven pussy which was starting to get damp. I worked my way up and down her leg and occasionally ran my finger close to her sweet pussy. Her breathing increased and she spread her legs wider and her slit began to glisten with moisture. It was like dew on a flower and I had to taste her. . I ran my tongue along her slit and parted her inner lips. Her clit was hard and I started sucking it. I feasted on her pussy as she ground her hips in my face. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and she started panting. I sucked harder on her clit and slid one finger in her pussy.

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   I took my time and managed to get a second finger in her pussy as she convulsed on the floor and flooded my hand with her delicate juices. Her moans were more than I could take. I took off my robe and got on top of her. My cock jumped for joy as I rubbed my head across her slit. I glided back and forth from clit to asshole enjoying the friction fuck. I kissed her and massaged her tits. Her pink nipples were fully erect and I began to nibble on them. She moaned louder and locked her lips on mine. Suddenly she became rigid as a board and squealed with delight as another wave of pleasure took control of her. She was so wet and so hot that my head slipped just inside her pussy hole. She gasped for air and almost jumped off the couch. "Oh my God," was all she could say and my cock slid a little bit deeper inside her. She felt like a soft velvet glove clamped tight around my throbbing cock. Little by little her warm pussy wrapped itself around my shaft. We were one and she started rocking her hips.

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  Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and her breathing was erratic. She panted and whimpered and I responded with an "umm" of my own. I slid in just a little more. She moaned and said “you’re too big, bigger than Jack. I don’t think I can take it”. I ran my hands up and down her hips and across her flat stomach, up to her beautiful erect nipples and back down to her hips. "Okay, I think I’m ready," she said in a scared kind of voice. With that, I pushed hard and sank deep inside her pussy. With that push, I took every bit of air out of her body and she held her breath. I started rocking back and forth, watching my cock slid in and out of her magnificent pussy.   She moaned with pleasure as I drew my cock almost all the way out and then slowly slid it back deep inside her. My mind wanted to take its time but my cock wanted to shoot its load deep in her pussy. Her whimpers turned to moans, moans turned to yells and finally her whole body convulsed wildly and she started laughing a bit. The slightest touch would send her over the top and my balls started tingling. "This is it," I told her and plunged in as far as I could.

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   My back arched and it was my turn to lose my breath as stream after stream of hot cum shot deep inside her. She bucked, twisted, howled and then almost passed out, then she was still. I kissed her tenderly on the lips and felt my cock start to shrink and eventually slide out of her very wet pussy.  
            “God, that was great. ”  Laura said. “It has been a long time since I felt this way. ”
            “If my clothes are dry, I better go home before your daughters get here”
            She got up and walked naked to the dryer and took out my clothes.
            “You’ll have to come again. ” She giggled.
            I laughed as I got dressed and kissed her.  
            As I walked back to my house I saw that Mai Yan my other next door neighbor was watching from her window. As I looked in her direction, she smiled and waved. I had the feeling that she knew what had just happened.
            I would find out just how much she and the rest of the ladies on the street knew about each other.
Chapter 3 to come soon.

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