The Christian thing To Do


This is mostly a true story.   The names and places have been changes to protect the innocent.   There was no illegal activity involved in this story.   If you have any comments please forward them to tellme8888@aol. com.
The Christian Thing To Do
Chapter 1
            I was too young and stupid to be a married man.   I had my heart broken in my first year of college and got married to the very next girl I dated.   It didn’t take long to find out what a mistake that was.   I flunked out of school, my parents wouldn’t let me move back home, and I was living with someone I really didn’t know or love.  
            I tried to make it work out.   We separated three different times, only to get back together.   I really wanted to make this work out.   By the time we separated for the third time I had run out of relatives to live with.   That’s where this story really begins.
            I worked at a grocery store in my home town.   It sucked, but the money was good for a small town in North Carolina.

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    The people were nice and they all enjoyed watching my circus ride of a life.   One of the guys on the night shift was always trying to help.   James meant well but he wasn’t the smartest knife in the draw.
            James overheard that I was looking for a room to rent.   My marriage wasn’t working out.   I was 19 years old, no money, and no place to live.   James told me to come home with him after work.   He said he may be able to help me out.   At the very least I could get something good to eat.
            James wasn’t much older than I was.   There were two things that bugged me about James.   The first was that he wasn’t that smart, but thought that he was.   The second was that he was very religious.   He was the deacon at his church and he was always trying to “save” me.   Deacons were normally a lot older, but James did everything at the church anyway.

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    They gave him the title because nobody else wanted to do the things that James was doing already.   But I liked James anyway.
            James took me home with him after work.   He told his wife to move the baby and her things into their bedroom.   He told her that he was renting me that room.   He was acting all macho and was really pissing off his wife.   I ate while they went to the back of the small mobile home, to talk more privately.   I overheard him tell Sharon that they needed the money almost as bad as I needed a place to stay.   She stopped complaining and started moving the baby things to their room.   James came back and told me to go home and get my things.   I didn’t want to, but I was out of luck and time.
            My life actually got better after moving in.   Sunday mornings sucked because James and Sharon got up very early for church.   They put on gospel music and weren’t quite about it.   They always asked me to go with them but I declined.

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    But things were getting better for me, until my asshole of a boss found out where I was living.
Chapter 2
            My boss loved to mess with people.   He was a sick sob.   He decided to split the stock crew in half.   I was promoted over James and put in charge of the day crew.   James was put in charge of the night crew.   I could tell it bugged James but he didn’t take it out on me.   There would be problems at home though and I knew my boss had planned it that way.
            I got to work normal hours, eat breakfast and supper at home with Sharon and the baby, and sleep normal night time hours.   James didn’t.   He ate at weird hours, ate leftovers, slept days, and missed out on a lot of family things.   It really pissed James off, but he never took it out on me.
            About a week into this new arrangement something unexpected happen.   I normally went to bed around 9 pm.   I was tired and hated the television shows that Sharon liked to watch.

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    I always sleep in the nude and had just drifted off when my bedroom door opened slowly.   Sharon had started doing my laundry for me and was bringing in a stack of folded cloths.   She was very quite and tried not to wake me.   She put down my cloths and turned to leave.   She stopped and I heard her gasp.   I hadn’t realized that my leg was not covered and that the rest my body had only a sheet to cover me.   I know that she could see everything.   I choose not to say anything but was getting turned on by her reaction.   I turned slightly and let the covers shift and let my cock come into view.
            I hadn’t had sex in over a month, so I was horny as hell.   I hadn’t thought of Sharon in that way before, but this was turning me on.   I got hard as a rock.   She shook her head and backed out of the room.   I heard a moan come from her bedroom a little while later.   I figured that she was playing with herself.

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    That sent me over the edge and I had to jack off.
Chapter 3
            While James was a big heavyset guy, Sharon was not.   She was 5’4” and hardly weighed 100 pounds.   I hadn’t really paid attention to it before but she had a nice body.   There was nothing spectacular about any one thing, just a very nice body.   I wondered how she got stuck with someone like James.
            For as plain and dumb as James was, Sharon was not.   She was smart and clearly handled all of the financial details for their family and for the church.   I know that I wasn’t the first to wonder how James managed to marry someone as sharp as Sharon.   James was about 6’1” and weighed more than he should.
            The next night was a lot like last night.   I was hoping for a repeat and made sure that if she came in tonight that see would see as much of me as possible.   I’m not as tall as James but my body was more toned.   At 19, it didn’t take much to get my cock hard.   My cock was 7” long and thick.

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    I wanted to make sure she got a good look at it, if she came back into my room.
            I started to feel guilty about this.   James had been good enough to take me in and here I was hoping to show his wife my nice hard cock.   Those guilty feelings disappeared when I heard my door open again around 18 pm.   She put my stuff down and stood at the foot of my bed just staring at my cock.   I didn’t say or do anything for a while, wanting to see what she would do.   My cock was so hard that it didn’t take much to make it jump and jerk around by itself.   She gasps and put her hand over her mouth.   She turned to leave and I thought the show was over for tonight.   I was wrong.
            As Sharon walked past the bed she reached out and lightly touched my cock.   It was all I could do to keep quite.   She stopped and continued to lightly stroke to underside of my cock.   I had no idea what was going through her mind, but I loved this.   Carefully she took my cock into her hand and she jerked me up and down a few times.

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    I had pre-cum leaking from the head of my cock and some of it got on her fingers.   I couldn’t believe it when she licked it off her finger.   She must have liked the taste.
            I had told her earlier this evening that I was a very heavy sleeper.   I told her that I saw that she had brought my cloths in after I had fallen asleep and that I hadn’t heard a thing.   This seed was now working to my benefit.   She dipped her finger back into my pre-cum and tasted it again.   I made no move at all.   I didn’t want to spook her.   When she saw that I was deep asleep she made her next surprising move.   She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth.   I could tell that she hadn’t sucked much cock by the way she acted.   I didn’t care, it felt great.   I wasted no time to give her a surprise too.   I shot off into her mouth.

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    I didn’t want her pulling away before I was done.   So, thinking quickly, I reached up and held her head in place and moan out my wife’s name.   This made her think I was dreaming about my wife, but what I was doing was making her swallow my cum.   I just held her head and kept fucking her mouth with my cock until I had no more cum to give her.  It was her turn to be careful to do anything to wake me.   She backed away from the bed and left the room.   That was hot!
Chapter 4
            I wondered how Sharon would act at breakfast the next morning.   She was her normal self.   You would have never known that she had sucked my cock last night.   Maybe there was more to this woman than I had thought.
            I had to figure a way to take thing to the next level and not scare her off.   So on the next night after dinner I turn the furnace off so that the house would get cold.   Of course I tried to fix it when she found that the house was getting cold.   I told her that I would get the needed parts in the morning and fix it before I go to work, but for tonight we were going to have to make do.  
            I knew that James had an electric heater in the work shed.

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    I told her that I would bring it into her bedroom so that she and the baby could stay warm tonight.   She was concerned about me but I played the game well.   I went on to bed with a few extra blankets.   After everyone was in bed I got up and knocked on her door.   When she answered I asked if she had any more blankets.   She said no, but ordered me to come and sleep in her room.   I protested but soon gave in.   As she turned away from me I took my robe off and climbed my naked body into her bed.   I waited a little while, until I knew she was asleep.   I pretended to also be asleep but snuggled up to her.   If she said anything I would again pretended that I had been asleep and thought she was my wife.   She didn’t protest when I spooned her.   I’ll never know if she thought I was James or not but when she felt my body against her she backed her but into me.   I reached around her and cupped her right breast and gently squeezed.   Her nipple got hard and so did my dick.

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    She moaned but didn’t wake.   I used my other hand to lift her gown and expose her naked ass to my hard cock.   I continued to spoon her.   I continued to massage her breast and nipple.   And I worked my cock between her closed legs.   I most have hit the right spot because she moaned again and opened her legs a bit.   The second I had enough working room I slid my cock into her pussy.  
            At some point she either woke up or stopped pretending.   She never looked back at me, she just asked me to fuck her.   And that I did.   I knew when she had her 1st orgasm because her pussy almost pushed my cock right out of her pussy.   It didn’t take long for me to fill her pussy with my cum.   Being 19 was now a good thing.   My cock never went soft.   I just continued to fuck her.


    She cam three more times before I started to really pound her pussy.   She was coming for the fourth time when I filled her pussy again.   We both fell asleep just like that, with my cock still in her pussy.
            I got up the next morning before she did and reset the furnace.   I showered and made enough noise to wake Sharon.   I wanted to see how she would act this morning.   When I came into the kitchen for breakfast she was busy cooking.   She acted as if nothing had happened.   I told her that I had fixed the furnace and thanked her for helping me out last night.   She smiled and said she was glad to help.   I told her that I would love to repay her sometime, anytime.
Chapter 5
            It was half way through the next day when a cold chill ran down my spine.   My memory kicked in and I realized something was wrong.   I had been worried about not using protection last night.   She was married.

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    She had to be on the pill.   That’s when I remembered that James had bought rubbers several times in the past.   It had to do with their church.   They didn’t believe in most forms of birth control.   James said that the church wouldn’t like it if they knew he even under rubbers.   He said that they wanted to wait to have another baby.   All I could think about all day was the two loads of cum I had filled Sharon with last night.   Had I knocked her up?
            When I got home after work Sharon had dinner on the table.   Everything seemed normal, so I relaxed a bit.   We talked a little and watched TV.   I went to bed at the normal time.   I thought I was in the clear.   She hadn’t said nor done anything that made me think she even remembered anything about last night.   So I went to sleep.
            Up until now this had all been fun.

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    Since Sharon hadn’t acted like anything had happened I thought that little harm had been done.   If she wanted to play around a little, well, that was up to her.   It had all seemed somehow innocent.
            But then things started to get out of hand.   About 18 pm my bedroom door opened and Sharon walked in.   She didn’t have anything in her hands, as before.   She walked over to the bed, removed her robe, picked up the sheet, and climbed her naked body into my bed.   She didn’t say a word.   She gripped my cock and found it hard as last night.   She climbed on top of me and slid my unprotected cock into her pussy.   I looked on in amazement as she rode up and down on my cock.   She moaned and tossed her head back and forth.   She looked me right in the eye and said that she always loved being on top.   Her orgasm was shattering.   She was in control but clearly didn’t want gentle sex.

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    I rolled her over onto her hands and knees and really pounded her pussy.   I hoped the neighbor thought I was James having a good time because she was loudly shouting her approval of my pounding.   She cam several times that way before I filled her pussy with more of my seed.
            I knew this was wrong.   At the very least it was more wrong than anything we had done before.   But I couldn’t say no to her.   We fucked all night long.   I have no idea how many orgasms she had but I know that I filled her pussy three more times that night.   If she wasn’t pregnant from last night’s activities, then she would be tonight.
            She stayed with me all night.   I managed to sleep very little.   My alarm clock went off at the normal time.   I awoke to find Sharon sucking my cock.   I laid back and let her finish me off, swallowing every drop I shot into her mouth.   When she was finished swallowing we both got up and went back to own ends of the trailer to shower and start our day.

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    I dressed quickly and left for work without talking to Sharon.
            I knew that we had crossed a line that I was not comfortable with.   If Sharon wanted to fuck then I would be glad to pound her pussy.   But I was sure that Sharon would want more of me sooner or later.   And as I had said earlier, I liked James.
            I moved back with my wife the next afternoon, which was a Saturday.   I told James that I needed to try and make my marriage work.   He was happy to hear that and was none the wiser as to the real reason for my leaving.   Sharon was a little confused and upset.
            James and I remained friends.   A month after I had moved out He told me that Sharon was pregnant and he didn’t understand how it could have happened.   He seemed happy about it though.   I ran into Sharon from time to time.   I even managed to visit her when James was out of town.  
            I moved out of state just after the baby was born.

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    It was a boy.   I never say James or Sharon again.