Taken pt. 1



Hank, George, Jerry, and Frank all guys that meet regularly at the gym, at the bar after work, and often at the different restaurants they eat at. All of them take turns buying drinks and paying the food tabs. At the gym they take turns spotting when using the heavy weights, take turns sparring with their trainer Allen and amongst themselves. Allen is a two time golden glove in the light middleweight division, and has been employed by the owners of ‘Active Health Center’. The four of them have been going ever since the owners hired Allen. They also take turns bad mouthing the people around them; on the jobs, at the gym, and anywhere they get together and fine people that are different from them. Their jeerings and tauntings range from harassing the idle homeless to the street venders, to people that work as manual laborers; but what really makes them laugh over drinks is the last gay couple they menaced or the looks on the faces of lesbians when they parade around them showing off their bulges and bragging on how big they are


“Say Hank you’re getting good with those combo shifts!” George enthusiastically complimented him as the two of them rinsed the soap away.


“Well you’ve been a terror on the heavy bag lately!” Hank extolled as he swung at the air almost slipping on the tile when he emulated his footwork then added, “You really make that bag ring out when you hit it!”


“Yea George you are keeping up one hell of a pace with those swings.


  â€ Jerry kicked in as he walked into the shower room. The tattoos along his arms, back, and stomach showing clearly in bright colors dragons, eagles, boats, and several names in black as he strutted in swinging at the air then brayed, “Hank you were making that heavy bag cry today!” Then he yelled as he doused his body with the icy cold water.


“Yea well Jerry you picked right up on the new combos Allen laid out today. ” Frank pointed out as he joined the crowd adding, “A little slow when changing from the left, left, right to the right, right, left but you got quick before time ended today. ”


“The hours with Allen cost but it is paying off!” Hank brayed as he headed for the lockers pulling his towel tightly across the back of his neck casting glances at his abs, his fore arms, and watching his strut.


“Want to meet for drinks Hank… on me?” Yelled Jerry ending his query with a laugh then sneered, “You can tease that little lezzy. ”


“Naw she’s been gone for two weeks at least.

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  â€ Brayed Frank adding, “I think ole Hank made her cry the last time. ”


“Noowa…!” George answered for Hank informing everyone, “Heee’s got a hot date with Goowenah! In fact, there are going on a vacation for two weeeksah…! He hasn’t got time to be mean tonight. ” and they all oooed teasingly. Actually, truth be known they were all envious of him keeping a looker like her for so long.


Hank Pullman ignored the taunting from the shower and after drying off he quickly put his clothes on, locked his locker, and headed for the front door calling to the attendant, “Be back in a couple of weeks I’m on vacation, Jimmy, have a good one, and don’t let’em work ya too hard!” and under his breath he hissed, “What a fucking loser minimum wage counter work; bet he is gay too. ” Hank walked out into the crisp, clear October evening in Fairfax rubbing his jaw as it still ached from the zinger Allan had delivered, planting him on the mat just before the bell sounded. “Goddamn it he sure popped me a good one!” Hank thought to himself. The frost was early this year as the tops of the cars in the lot already had a white sheet of frost across on them. Hank was thinking, “I feel so much better since I started going to the gym, three or four times a week. The six to eight hours of work outs have really started to pay off. ”


He amorously eyed his new SUV as he approached it. His rig was parked at the far end of the lot, where the overhead light had been out for the last two weeks. There are tall bushes that interfered with the view of the skyline as well as the view of the parking attendant, but Hank never really worried about it. He has always been confident in his abilities to ‘take care of himself’ besides; he didn’t think he had any enemies. Today that confidence was about to be shattered on both fronts, shattered in such a way his life would remain shattered.


He was just about to open the door, to his new SUV, when a slight tap hit his right buttock followed by a very painful burning sensation. His arms became quite heavy as he leaned his body against the door, and his legs began to turn to rubbery, as the world around him began to spin, the dimly lit parking lot blurred and swirled in his half opened eyes. A terrible nausea was welling in his stomach, mucus oozed from his nostrils, tears streamed from his eyes, and saliva drained from his gaping mouth in long viscous stringers. Huge bells began gonging in his head as he struggled in vain to remain standing not sure if he was upright or upside down and as his eyes blinked the sounds of honking horns, bells, and the roar of a busy freeway filled his ears.


Over the echoing rumbles in his ears he heard two men talking, “Grab his keys!” one ordered and kept Hank from falling any farther.

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“Got’em door’s open!” hissed the other. He felt his limp body bouncing on the back seat as one of the men pushed him in jamming the opposite door panel with Hank’s face. As the assailant pushed he slid in behind Hank. He could see, hear, and feel everything he just couldn’t move or speak; not even mumble and was barely able to breath, and much to sleepy to panic.


“We got ya now ole buddy. ” His assailant seated next to him said with a sarcastic voice as he sharply slapped him in the face with every word he uttered. Hank’s eyes squinted as another terrible fire started burning in his arm; his eyes grew heavy, the ringing in his head blared louder, and he began urinating uncontrollably, and as the warm urine mushroomed out along his legs blankness, numb blackness ensued.


He slowly became conscious, and the ringing was beginning to fad, but a god-awful headache was pounding away as if some evil man was hitting him with a sledgehammer right between the ears. Hank didn’t have a clue as to how long he had been out, or where he was.

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   His eyes and nose burned, and a thick pasty goo coated his mouth was from his lips to the bottom of his throat, and his head was spinning from what ever it was his abductors injected him with. The ringing bells in his head had turned into a tuning fork ring, in his ears. When he tried to move, he found his right wrist and ankle chained to the wall, and was still unable to move more than a wiggle, or speak with intelligible words just utter amphibian type croaks. The room was pitch black, and becoming scarier as his senses began returning.


His mind began to race, as panic set in he thought “God am I about to be killed, or worst?” Uncertainty made it impossible, to ponder his situation with any clarity. Hank couldn’t think of a single person who wanted to hurt him except possibly the losers he and the boys picked on, but they didn’t have the balls. He was sure they wanted him dead, but they just didn’t have it in them. The words “‘Who…!’ took him and why did they take him!?” echoed with every throb in his pain wracked head. He thought, “I am not rich, I don’t have secrets to sell, and I have no-one in my life like that. Who would want to kidnap me and why? Since I’m not already dead, they must want me alive, but for what purpose?”


So, he lay there quietly, exhausted from panic. Every muscle in Hank’s body was sore from something, possibly the drugs they gave him, or maybe his panic brought retching.

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   All Hank knew with any certainty was he has been taken! Taken by someone who knew exactly what, where, when, and how to do it; and Hank was going nowhere until they set him free. Slowly a warm feeling emanated from the hand chained to the wall and sleep was overwhelming, his eyes were closing forcefully, and just before going out he leaned towards the side of the bed and vomited then just before blankness he heard the voice of a young woman say, “You’ve been taken. ”


“Uahh…! Ouha…!  Uhhh…!” he mumbled incoherently as his peripheral vision was surrounded with swirling flames he could almost smell the wood burning and he thought he felt the heat.


“You belong to my brothers now…” the female voice advised just as he faded.


The last words he heard as he passed out, “You belong to my brothers now…” rumbled as they echoed. Hank felt himself shivering in the freezing air, his skin had begun to blister from the urine soaked pants he still had on; the itching burn was relentless, and when he tried to scratch he found his free hand had been wrapped up with a gauze like bandage, and his free leg was tangled up in the sheet. As he tossed his head around Hank noticed the room was now dimly lit by a television. He was too far away to see with his blurry vision what was on, but noticed a feminine figure standing by the door.


“Help me please!” Hank croaked out ending his plea with a retching gagging cough.


The woman ignored his plea and turned toward the crack in the door and called to someone in the other room, “He’s awake now boys. What do ya wanna do?”  He couldn’t quite make out what the other person had said, but within seconds, two men stepped next to the bed. His vision was still very blurry so he couldn’t make any facial features but knew they were male.


The room echoed from the cracking swats that burned Hank’s leg causing him to gasp and choke when he yelled out. When he quieted one of the men spoke angrily saying, “You still have your clothes on!” then delivered several more painful lashes and as Hank writhed from his whipping he turned towards the sound of the second man as he said, “I don’t think he wants to cooperate!” and delivered a rash of much more painful strokes across his thigh, leg, and arm, and they left.


As soon as the door closed, bright lights started flashing and loud noises filled the room. His skin burned intensely from the viscous thrashing he had received at the hands of his captors, the blisters forming between his legs itched and burned incessantly, and the pounding in his head was yet unrelenting.

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   Just as he was about to scream, the warm feeling in his chained hand started again and as his eyes became heavy Hank’s urine spilled out causing the itching blisters to burn far beyond what he thought possible. His scrotum, penis, thighs and his anus were on fire and burning terribly as he slipped into a drug induced stupor.


He awoke crying loudly from the burning he felt from the rash, and when he tried to strip away his wet pants he found the wrapping had been removed, so with vigorous yanks he shucked his wet pants and underpants to the wall. It did little to relieve the god awful blistering itch, that turned into a blazing pain when he touched the angry red sores. As he writhed in his painful frustration Hank found his chains now hung loose from the wall but still attached to his wrist and ankle. He sat up and looked around the dimly lit room; the TV was on again and he noticed a chair next to it, there was a spigot with a hose hanging from it by the door, and a bucket next to the hose. Hank stumbled his way to the faucet, almost falling when he stepped on a sharp rock finding a dirt floor. The chain rattled as it fed through the holes in the wall as he walked toward the spigot. He turned on the water, gasped out loudly and winced when he discovered it to be icy cold as he splashed the water across his body. It did some to ease the burning but without some kind of medication, he knew the blisters were going to burn for a long time he thought, “My god diaper rash!”


The door opened the woman looked in and barked, “Turn off the fucking water!” Hank just kept washing his sores until the chains yanked him to the floor and drug him across the sharp rocks back to his filthy wet mattress.

He watched her turn off the water; and when the door closed the noises blared again, and the blinding bright lights began to flash.

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   As quickly as they started, they stopped, but as soon as Hank started, to doze either the lights would flash or the loud noises would blare. Sometimes they sounded like large pipes falling other times they sounded like lots of different buzzers buzzing and bells clanging at the same time, but the noises and lights were always coupled with electric shocks. The only thing Hank was able to figure with any certainty was when the TV went off the torturous noises, blinding lights and the electric shocks were soon to start. In the delirious ramblings in his mind Hank kept asking, “What do these people want? What are they going to do? How can I get out of this terrible place?”


Hank drifted back into a semblance of awareness found the chains loose again, the burning itch was slightly better, and his headache and abated to a barely tolerable degree, but his mouth was still parched, his nose was running, and his eyes were still burning. He looked around and with his blurry vision noted that the TV was on and that felt reassuring, the hose was still hanging on the faucet so he pulled the chain and walked to the hose; he winced and stumbled each time his feet found a sharp edge. Opening it Hank found it only dribbling but started drinking ready at the slightest inkling to close it. After washing the goo from his mouth and throat he swallowed the first slurps when the door opened causing him to shut it, stand straight up and stagger, fearful the torment was about to start his heart raced.


“Give your self another ‘short…!’ washing!” ordered the dark male figure standing in the doorway. So Hank turned the water back on and washed the blistering rash noting in the added light that none of the blisters were draining or looked infected.


“What’s going on?” snarled another man from inside the room.


“Oh this one doesn’t act very cooperative he still has clothes on. ” Replied the man standing in the door. Hearing this Hank stripped the last of his clothing a shirt, then continued rinsing his rash.


“He’s naked now!” the man laughed, and then went back in the other room after taking a short glance.


“Watch the tube. ” A female voiced laughed from the inside the other room.


“Don’t go on the floor use the bucket, and shut off the water!” Barked the man standing in the doorway then with a slam it was closed. Hank quickly twisted the knob and stood shivering from the cold and looking at the bucket on the floor, the rolled up hose, and then at the TV. He saw a plate with a sandwich, an apple, a tube, and a glass of what looked like water with a saucer with four pills laying on it. As he neared the TV, he could make out two men sunning by a pool wearing baggy shorts only and laying on towels. Hank took the sandwich and sniffed it and looked between the slices and found some kind of meat, a slice of dried cheese, and some wilted lettuce. It was very salty but vanished with a few bites, as did the apple.


He watched the screen while he ate; there was no sound and in the background he noted two men sitting at a table and making out, Hank sneered to his self ‘shit fags’ and by the time he had finished the apple one of the men laying on a towel had started rubbing suntan oil on the man still laying down only he was now face up. Hank looked at the pills on the saucer swept them up and washed them down with the salty tasting water. Hank laughed out saying, “gay porn… shit!” when the man with the oil slid his hand up the baggy trunk leg and quite obviously started massaging the laying man’s penis. No longer wanting to watch the television he picked up the tube and as he squinted at the tube he noted it was an antibiotic salve and gently daubed it across the angry looking rash that now covered his skin from the small of his back to both knees and back up to his navel. The worse was his penis, scrotum, anus and the surrounding skin as they had full blisters that had just started to drain.



“You like the show?” a feminine voice asked.


And with out a second thought he said, “Shit no! They’re fags” and laughed.


The screen went blank, the chain jerked him to the ground and dragged him towards the bed he felt every sharp rock dig into his skin every corner poke. The flashing lights were blinding, the clanging was deafening, and the electrical shocks made his body jump and jerk like a floundering fish. Much more painful than it had been and he started screaming, “Stop…! Stop…! Oh for the love of god…! Please stop…!” and then his hand turned warm again. He knew the intermittent flashes, banging, and the shocks were as strong or stronger but the drugs now coursing through his veins made them feel softened. “Was it an hour or more or maybe only a few minutes. ” He thought as he lay on the wet mattress squirming around as his urine continued to seep out no matter how hard he squeezed his muscles. He was trying to find a spot that wasn’t as wet, then the chains dropped from the wall. He could see the TV blinked on again.

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   When he sat up the room was spinning and rocking much like the boat he was on a few weeks earlier, but thankfully the drugs made the burning itch feel like it was almost gone. He still had to piss so he staggered to the bucket remembering the warning and urinated. He could feel the cold piss splashing onto his legs and nearly fell when he shook it off. After he finished urinating, he wiped the last of the medication in the tube on the worst of the remaining blisters.


Hank’s head was starting to swim when he stretched for the chair in front of the TV and sat with a thump. He looked at the screen as his head swayed noting the scene was different; the same two men were now in a gay bar, on what looked like a double date with the other two kissing. Even though the sound was off he could almost tell what they were saying as the two talked and laughed. Aloud rumbling sounded in Hank’s gut, his insides were churning wildly, and when his butt started quaking, he made mad dash for the bucket holding back what felt like the biggest turd in the world. Hank held onto the rim to steady himself as he farted, and out gushed a liquid spray followed by another wet sounding fart. Several more empty grunts followed as his insides exploded, sweat began to pour off his skin as he continued retching. His shivering was now a very intense shuddering as he sat there with the fluid dripping from his rectum in the freezing room. Hank wasn’t sure but the room felt much colder now the cold carried a sharp bite.


As the quaking ebbed Hank stood shakily and with tentative steps made his way back to the chair and sat; as he shivered violently he stared gape mouthed, head spinning, at the blurry images on the screen. “What did he do where did he go wrong, what sin is it he has to atone for?” Hank exhausted slid to the dirt floor crawled to the bed and stretched out not caring how wet it was and in a few short seconds he was out.


Hank was rudely wrested from his fitted sleep by several electric jolts, followed by blinding flashes of light. Several minutes of blackness passed when the room rocked to loud buzzers, bells, sirens, so loud his ears hurt. He was unable to move his hands to cover his ears to deaden the intense blaring. Then silence when his eyes focused Hank noticed a male figure looming over him and then thump, he retched as his leg spasmed into his chest from a powerful blow to his solar plexus.


“He’s my boyfriend so you better do it good!” Growled his tormentor, and was gone with the slamming of the door only his threatening voice remained. The laughing Hank heard, was so distant sounding he couldn’t be sure if it was real, just like he couldn’t be sure if the room really was warmer. All he did know with certainty was he wanted out, he wanted food, water, and clothes to wear. His stomach was quivering from a craving, but Hank also noticed that was the first time in who knows how long he didn’t feel drugged.

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   He was steadier on his feet when he walked to the bucket and watched his pee stream into the pail. He could see clearer as he watched the TV, but wanting plagued his mind and it gnawed at his gut like a feeding animal gnawing at a bone.


Standing by the pail he could see the same two men from the pool and the bar sleeping together, he thought who are these two christ how sick can you get. The daintier blond was nestled on the other man’s hairy chest, arm and leg draped across his leg and chest. The darker haired man was on his back one arm behind his head the other around the shoulder of the blond. Hank saw the long thick outline of the dark haired man’s soft member under the sheet as they slept. Hank had just slumped into the chair staring at the screen when the door opened and when he turned to see who came in he was slapped so hard his head bounced and he almost fell to the floor.


“Don’t look at me!” growled the woman’s voice and then she delivered another lash with the whip that stung his thigh and then angrily groaned, “You are here for my brother’s pleasure and the sooner you catch on, the sooner you can go. ” Then for good measure the woman delivered a few more swats that were more painful.


“I don’t understand!?” announced a confused Hank in a pain filled voice when the beating stopped.


“Well let me explain it to you stand up!” demanded a male’s voice. As Hank stood and turned towards the door, he got punched in the belly instantly dropping him to his knees, gagging.


“Don’t ya just love it when they’re on their knees!” the tall man laughed sneering, “I think I might as well take advantage of the situation, don’t you?”


“No! I won the coin toss, he’s mine first. ” adamantly claimed the smaller of the two with the woman quietly looking on.


The other man chuckled at the blonde’s remark, and pulled his pants open and pulled out his long thick penis, and laughingly said, “You should consider yourself lucky because my cock is much bigger than my boyfriend’s. ” laughed and put it back.

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   Hank’s heart was now pounding wildly as he watched the woman leave with the towering male. The words; ‘coin toss, he’s mine first, and take advantage of this’ and the image of the huge member being flailed in his face was burned into Hank’s mind.


“Would you like a blanket?” he softly asked.


“Yes please. ” Hank replied pleadingly his voice weak and shaky.


“Reach your hand behind your head and don’t move cause it’ll just hurt more. ” He calmly directed. As soon as Hank put it behind his head, he felt a sharp stabbing pinprick, and his arm soon turned warm and it spread quickly through his body. Hank’s face turned hot and his groin felt alive almost like he was about to have an orgasm but not quite there.

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   A soft male voice brought him back saying, “Now just watch the TV. ” Then spread the blanket over Hank’s body and stood behind him with his hand on his shoulder.


The two men on the screen were awake and kissing passionately; the petit blond man was now on top and they had pushed the sheet down exposing the very muscular body of the dark haired man. By the hardness of his large penis, he looked like he was really enjoying having the smaller man’s tongue in his mouth. Quickly the blond kissed his way to the strong man’s bobbing penis and after cupping his huge hairy scrotum began suckling the purple gland. Hank drifted back to a few nights earlier when his girlfriend was doing the very same thing to him and how good it felt. They had made love for most of the night, suddenly a few tears dripped from his face when he thought that that may have been the last time he will see Gwen.


He felt the man cupping his ear saying, “You just watch the tube man… watch and learn, watch and learn. I’ll be back later, maybe I will let you eat some food… maybe. ” and then left. Hank watched as the petit man swallowed nearly the full length of his lover’s thick, long penis as he energetically worked it over.

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   The heavier dark haired man was rubbing some K-Y jelly over the blonde’s anus poking him in the rectum with his fingers as he did the gooey gel went in and lined his rectal passage. Soon the blond maneuvered around until he was sitting on the dark haired man face to face; and he was wriggling his buttocks as he pushed it onto the stiff throbbing shaft. It would pop up or to the side, still the smaller man continued trying to get that huge penis into his small round rectum without using his hands. It popped out and slid between the two of them and he rubbed it with his thigh then again he centered it between his buttocks pressing onto his anus, the shaft bent but unlike before it slipped into the man’s rectum, with the full length nearly vanishing.


Hank felt his penis stiffen when he remembered doing the very same thing to Gwen and how much she liked it, and how wet she became and he could almost hear how sweetly she sighed as it slipped in. He watched the two men having sex how they were so smooth as they changed from position to position first face to face to laying on their sides to the blonde laying on top faced away to doing it doggy style. He found it so very curious that the smaller man liked it so much; his penis was hard too, and without being rubbed at all there was juice oozing from his gland. The bigger man’s body was starting to tense and quake so even without the sound he knew he was ejaculating. Then they both were just laying still while the bigger man kept his penis pushed in deeply, then the screen turned blank.


Hank became fearful the tormenting was about to start again and his heart was beginning to pound when the screen turned bright again and there were the same two men at the pool just like the first time Hank saw them, only this time when the blond man reached up the legging of the baggy trunks, Hank’s member turned quite hard and started aching. He began to think about last summer when he and Gwen were at the beach and she was rubbing suntan oil all over him too.

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   Hank jumped as the door opened and the smell of a woman wafted through the air and he fought the urge to turn and look. She was definitely in heat as her scent was very arousing and caused sweat to bead on Hank’s skin.


“I see you’ve learned… very little but just the same you have learned. ” She said with sarcasm as she circled behind him, and drew near saying, “That is my favorite part. ” The blonde man was obviously giving his boyfriend a hand job beside the pool with the other two looking on and smiling. Hank found it hard to imagine how a cock that big could get in that little guy’s rectum without tearing it. Hank gawked in amazement as he watched the blonde haired man skillfully massaging the flexing shaft, “That has to be a good six inches beyond the elastic band that was still over his hips. ” he thought.


“Yes that is ‘One…! Big…! Dick…!’ and yes you are going to suck it and yes it is going to get stuffed up that tight ass of you’res. ” She cajoled as she tenderly fingered Hank’s ear and hair. She got close to his ear and hissed blowing her hot breath across his neck, “You fuck him good and you might get some of this.

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  â€ And she put two very wet fingers under his nose. The aroma was overwhelming making Hank sweat even more and caused his penis to ache and she was gone with the slamming of the door. The abruptness caused Hank to worry but the TV was still on so he allowed himself to indulge in the strong scent that still lingered in the room. When he finally looked at the TV the dark haired man started ejaculating; shooting three very thick streams of sperm across his belly, two of them reaching up to his hairy chest while the third made a large puddle and then a heavy stream just poured out as his huge dick, and it continued flexing to the blonde’s stroking. Hank was envious not even on his best day has he ever released that much seminal fluid or gushed that powerfully.


“Is that you?” Hank asked tentatively as he was afraid to ask.


“Yes it is lover. What did I miss?” giggled the smaller man as he entered the room adding, “Oh I remember that day. ” Put his hand gently to Hank’s cheek then on his shoulder and warmly recalled, “Lon had been working so hard that month we barely had any time together, then just as the weekend came he got sent to one of the firms clients. He was gone nearly two weeks when he sent a messenger in a limo with round trip tickets… ‘Oh I can’t tell you where. ’ I just arrived as he wrapped up the repair work and we spent the next week at the resort you are looking at.


  â€ He paused as he slid his hand onto Hank’s limp member then put his mouth to Hank’s ear and whispered hotly, “It is a gay resort so they didn’t mind me giving my friend a hand job by the pool, and just so you know that was his second orgasm I blew him good in the room right after we dropped our bags the bell girl hadn’t even left the room but when she did she left the twenty dollar tip on the table with a note on the bill saying, ‘you can give that tip to me any time. ’ Well Hank ole buddy you think she was talking about money?”


“No man she wants that big dick and more than the tip. ” Hank replied humorously hoping to earn a few points and then asked, “Is that you in the movie?”


“Yea that is me you can call me Tom. Now watch how I lick it all up. ” Tom informed and ordered. Hank felt a shudder wash over him as Tom sucked up the seminal fluid and his hard penis turned soft. Tom then introduced, “You call our sister Jodi and he can be called Lon. ” Tom indicated the man on the screen with a finger.


The door flew open with a crash and Hank went flying across the dirt floor when Lon hit him then loomed over Hank and sneered, “What’s it going to be the hard way or the easy way.




“I don’…” Hank was cut short by the lashing of the whip across his back. Both Jodi and Lon were tormenting him.


“Answer me Goddamn it the easy way or the hard way. ” Lon angrily growled and started whipping him even harder.


Hank groveled at Lon’s feet blubbering as the whip lashed at his buttocks and back. “What do you want…! I don’t know what you want from me…!” Hank blurted out when the beating stopped.


“A fucking answer you blubbering ass! The easy way or the hard way!” Lon angrily yelled as Jodi delivered a few more lashes to Hank’s skin leaving more wide red welts some of which were bleeding.

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“The easy way…! The easy way…!” Hank wailed desperately crying out, “The easy way please just tell me…! Please I want to go the easy way,” Hank now howling as he cried.


“That is enough Lon!” Tom firmly said as he intervened on Hank’s torment adding, “I won the toss and I want to start in a day or two so stop breaking his skin!”


Jodi and Lon walked out while Tom ran his fingers through Hank’s hair while he cried in an effort to ease his hurt and then comfortingly said, “Lon gets in a hurry some times. Would you like a little something for the pain?”


“Oh Tom he hurt me so much!” Hank yowled as he leaned into Tom’s chest and yelled, “It burns so much it burns…!” 


“Do you want a little something for the pain?” Tom whispered warmly into Hank’s ear and cupped the side of his face.


“Yes…! Please Tom make the burning stop…!” Hank pleadingly asked. He jumped as the needle pierced his skin finding the vain in the back of his hand. A loud sigh sounded and Hank’s body sagged. He leaned into Tom’s Chest nestling much in the same way Gwen did when they sat together on the side of their bed.


“There how is that?” Tom asked as he withdrew the needle.


“Ooo please just a little more. ” Hank begged and nestling his head put his arms around Tom’s waist.


“Soon but first I want you to watch some more of the television while I dress those nasty looking welts. ” Tom softly wooed and then hinted, “Watch and learn.

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“Is he going to kill me…?” Hank nervously asked.


“Well if you don’t start cooperating he ‘will…!’ make you wish you were dead among other things. ” Tom replied as he swabbed the welts with a soothing kind of medicinal balm.


“I don’t know what you want from me if I did I would give it to you!” Hank assured his voice sounding a little more at ease as the drug started to take a stronger effect.


“Here all done now sit here and watch the tube for a few more minutes. I will give you a little more for the pain after we talk. ” Tom softly directed.

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Hank saw Lon and Tom in a men’s room somewhere and Tom was sucking Lon’s penis while he leaned against a sink. Lon was dressed in a suite and tie, while Tom had a short white mini skirt and brief halter top on. His legs were shaven all the way up under the skirt, and with the false breasts and his long blond hair, he looked almost like a woman. After several minutes passed Tom reached into his purse taking a tube of K-Y jelly and smeared some on Lon’s erect penis stood up and then handed the tube to Lon. Tom turned around lifted his dress and Lon daubed a healthy amount onto and into his anus. Hank squirmed in his chair as he watched just how easily Lon’s large member slipped into Tom‘s rectum. While Hank watched the two men having anal sex he became aroused and briefly left the confines of his cell. Hank came back when he felt Tom’s hand softly touching his hair and cheek while the other rested on his shoulder his rectal muscles quaked as he relived he was standing quite close behind him. When Lon’s body started convulsing; Hank’s penis turned quite hard as he watched Lon’s muscles flexing from orgasm. Just then another man entered the restroom indicated his approval and left quickly, obviously unaware of Tom’s sex.


“I can smell your hard-on Hank,” Tom whispered then directed, “Watch this.

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  â€ Lon started massaging Tom’s member with his penis still in Tom’s rectal cavity, and with just a few strokes Tom was spilling his sperm into the sink. Hank’s eyes grew wide as he watched Tom’s anal muscles moving Lon’s member in and out as they flexed. “Just so you know that is his most favorite thing to do; Lon loves to feel my rectal muscles squeezing his hard dick when I climax… he says it is like having his dick sucked. ” Tom paused, smelled Hank’s hair, ran his hands over his shoulders then Kissed Hank behind the ear, and whispered hotly, “I think it makes me cum harder!”


“I’ve never put my penis in another man before I don’t think I can. ” Hank nervously admitted. He was feeling embarrassed by his arousal blaming the drugs they were giving him; but he was unable to take his eyes away from Lon’s penis pressed deeply into Tom’s rectum as it distended and sucked in, and when another fibrous rope of sperm hung from the end of Tom’s gland Hank’s penis started to throb and he gasped as it fell into the basin.


“You better start thinking and watching the images in front of you and put your self in my place because that ‘is…!’ where you ‘will…!’ be and if it helps, just keep thinking of sweet little Gwen. ” Tom as a-mater-factly said coolly adding, “Yes…! We know about her, so behave. ” Then he moved close to Hank’s ear and hissed, “Behave and she will be just fine!”


They both watched a few more scenes of Tom and Lon sharing orgasms while their sister watched and then she took them both on at the same time.

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   “You are lucky I won the coin toss because my penis is a lot smaller around and shorter too, so it will give you a chance to get use to having a ‘cockah…!’ inside your rectum stretching your sphincter. ” He paused as he fondled Hank’s now soft penis; stretching it and squeezing his gland, and with a chuckle added, “You are going to loose your ‘cherry…’ to me!”


“I do feel lucky you seem so much nicer. ” Hank tried to sweet talk but found himself turning mute as his penis started to grow and melt into Tom’s hand, the feeling of arousal was so strange because it was an ache deep inside his rectum and he knew it was for Tom.


“The more points you earn while you belong to me the better Lon and Jodi will treat you. ” Tom explained while he continued fondling Hank. When Hank’s penis was as hard as it could get Tom remarked, “You have a nice sized penis but mine is a little bigger around and a good two inches longer and when I slide it in and stretch your rectal muscles you are going cry out and loud too. ” Tom kissed Hank’s ear and whispered, “But don’t worry after a while you’ll stretch to fit and by the third day my wienie will slide right in. ” Tom kissed Hank’s neck then bit his earlobe and sang, “but then sweet Lon is gonna want a piece of your ass and it is really going to hurt when he plunges that great oak of his into your rectum. ” And then put his cheek to Hank’s cheek and in a soft dreamy voice added, “but if I ask him to he will take it a little easier on you” Tom paused as he stood, “and by the way Jodi will know if I am lying, so just watch the scenes when the tube is on and you will learn. ” Tom assured as he held Hank’s head to his side stroking his hair he asked, “Do you still want something for the pain?”


“Oh please those nasty welts still burn!” Hank pleaded but not so much for the burning welts more for the gnawing hunger he felt in his stomach and the raging fear he felt in his mind. He was hungry but not for food, he wanted more of the drugs they had been giving him. He watched the screen for what seemed like hours before Tom returned.


“Do you have to piss Hank?” Tom asked.


“Yes. ” he answered as if he had forgotten stood walked to the bucket but Tom’s watching him made it hard for him to go but finally he was able to let loose with a tentative trickle that slowly grew to a small flow then turned to a dribble and stopped.


“That looked like you finished. ” Tom said with a smile then directed, “Let’s go see your new bed. ” Even though the light was still dim, Hank could see he had a clean dry mattress to sleep on, but to the best of his memory he didn’t remember anyone coming in and changing it.

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“Here put these on. ” Tom ordered as he handed Hank a pair of adult diapers and rubber pants. Hank quickly obeyed as his yearning had changed into a p.



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