It was a cold Friday night in my slow lifeless town. Me and my best friend Joe were walking home from the movies, when we heard a ear piercing screech as we saw a car come shooting around the corner of the movies to only miss a pole by a few centimetres.
“Wooh, man that was awesome!” We heard the young man scream from his electric blue car.

“I know right!” called the huskier, deep voice from the now illegally parked car.

“Joe?” I whispered “watch this” I walked up to the powerful vehicle, pressed my face to the window and shouted in a satirical American voice “do you, I repeat do you understand how many violations of the law you just committed!?”

Joe was staring at me in disbelief he mouthed to me “what the fuck are you doing? “

I smiled cheekily at him, turned to the window and in my American voice screamed “my fellow police officer says get out of the car, and put your hands behind your head!”  As I was screaming at them the window slowly rolled down.

“Well officer, I didn’t know they employed weak little 18 year olds to work for the police force” with that the passenger door flung open  and out got the drivers mate.
“You” the tall, muscular man was pointing at Joe “get your scrawny little ass over here. ”

Joe, slowly crept towards the taller passenger. “I-I-I don’t want any trouble mate, we were j-just mucking around” Joe was shaking in fear.

By now the driver had gotten out and held me, so my hands were immovable behind my head, his body was pressing up against me and I could feel a large bulge that ran down his leg. “Please, I don’t want any trouble. . . I was just trying to be funny, please!’’ suddenly Joe threw a punch at the taller man who caught his hand mid swing “nice try buddy” I could see Joe resisting but the passengers strength was too much for Joe. Soon  Joe and I had our heads ploughed against the bonnet of the electric blue car. “Well Josiah, what do we have here, two blonde tough guys that really aren’t that tough.

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  ” Said the driver to his passenger, Josiah. “Let’s check them out” teased Josiah, “blonde hair, chiselled features, blue eyes. Hell Amir, these two are almost twins!”  Josiah was right, Joe and I were practically twins we looked the exact same, we were always called the ‘surfer twins’ at school because of our looks resembled the stereotypical surfer, but there was no family connections to us.

“Please” Joe cried “please let us go, we are sorry. It was a joke!” he was now weeping as Josiah was patting him down searching him for money.

“Shut up you little fucks! Or you will be sorry!” Amir hissed.

When Amir and Josiah were distracted by Joes weeping I took the opportunity presented. I shrugged away from Amir’s grasp punching him in the face then quickly whirling around a kicking Josiah in the balls.

Joe escaped and kneed the heeling Amir in the stomach. “Run Jake, run” Joe screamed at me. So I turned darting off into the closest street running as fast as I can I look next to me there is Joe radiant as ever, the moon glistening of his chiselled features. His chest moving up and down underneath his tight tank top, then once again I hear that awful screech, as the electric blue car pulls onto the street we were fleeing in. Amir drives around us slamming on the brakes to cut us off in our tracks to freedom. Suddenly Josiah jumps out the passenger door putting his huge hands around our heads and forces us to the cold wet tar. I slowly and hesitantly go into a dark, dreamless sleep.



                     *                                                   *                                                                           *

I slowly awaken to the sound of Joe screaming, I am sitting in the back of the Blue car tied up, Joe is next to me squirming like a snake with its head sliced off. Screaming. “Now, now boys” Amir stated in a soft sexual voice “we are just pulling over now, you’re going to be fine, just relax. ” Suddenly Joe got ripped out of the side of the car and thrown onto the sidewalk I’m next, we are shuffled into a bigger, silver van and there is Amir, Josiah and another medium sized man sitting there. They are all whispering to each other, I pick out a few words such as ‘abuse,’ ‘fun’ and ‘perfect’ suddenly Amir perks up,” What’s your names?” “I-I-I’m Joe and this is my friend Jake, what are you going to do to us”

“Well Jake, and Joe” said the midsized man, “My name is Trav, this is Amir and Josiah. We are going to have a little fun tonight. ”  Suddenly they were all stripping off their muscular bodies slowly appearing with the lack of clothes. There they stood all naked. Trav was about 5 foot 10, and was quite muscular, he was completely shaven and had a bulging 6 pack, his tiny little mow hawk made him an irresistible stud. He had large shoulders and tanned body, his dick was completely hard and stuck out of his body at about 5 inches. Next to him was his smaller friend Amir, who was small and muscular he was also tanned, but did not have as much muscle as Trav. His hair was parted to the side with the back of his hair standing on its end and there was his Gigantic cock was standing up at an astonishing 7 inches.   Then finally there was Josiah, he wasn’t as tanned as the other two but was allot taller. His blonde, cropped  hair stuck up in every direction and his muscular body was bulging at every point he was about the same size as Trav  but his 5 inch penis had a distinctive bend in the shaft he was the only one out of the three that was uncut.

“Boys, you see, we have been getting bored with our sex life and your little stunt tonight showed us a window of opportunity to spice it up” said Trav in a sexual voice “are you interested?”

“Yes!” I heard Joe cry “but on one condition.

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   You let Jake go”

“I am afraid buddy, we can’t do that” Trav said, “but by the looks of it your friend wants it”

 Shit! He caught me perving, see the thing is, my sex life isn’t really all that interesting I am a open Bi kid at my school and Joe is my only friend (the whole bi thing got to people).   Joe is also Bi but we never did anything together, I never had an attraction to him.

Trav crawled towards me, his muscles bulging in every direction. Then he leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss, it was my first kiss with a guy and it struck me like lightning, Trav pulled away from me creeping over toward my tied up friend Joe, “I hope you kiss better than Jake” then he leaned in and kissed Joe, once there passionate kiss had come to a finish.

Trav remarked “much better. ”

“Hey” I screamed at Trav, “you caught me off guard! Come here” as I kissed Trav passionately, dipping my tongue into every open space in his mouth Amir and Josiah cut Joe and I loose from our ropes. Suddenly Amir’s small hands grasped my shirt from behind me, with a pull he ripped it off. Between my jeans getting ripped off by Trav and my shirt getting torn off my body, I got a glance of Josiah doing the exact same thing to Joe.

Trav’s hands were scaling up and down my body touching everything, and Amir forced my head to the ground. “Your cock is quite nice, 9inches Jake?” Trav said flattering me “about that” I replied looking down at him stroking my penis with his moist mouth. Suddenly Amir’s massive cock was slapping me in the face his hands on my head forcing me to chow down on his monster us cock. I was vigorously sucking his cock with each time I go down tiny little moans crept out of his mouth. He was reaching over me slapping my ass and screaming at Trav to suck my cock, the sensation of having a dick in my mouth was unbelievable. Amir’s dick was slowly bulging and I was packing his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth until suddenly he pulled his huge dick out of my mouth. “let’s have some real fun shall we? Trav, Josiah, Position 3 I think” he called out suddenly I was rolled over onto my back.

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   Trav and Amir were lubing up my ass, muttering between themselves. Then Joe was about 6 inches away from my face, “enjoying yourself?” I grimaced at him. “Kiss me” he demanded, and without a second thought I kissed him long and passionately until it was interrupted by Trav plunging his 5inch meat into my ass. My scream was closely followed by Joes as I saw Amir plunge his mammoth dick in Joe’s ass. Trav was thrusting his meat in me fast and hard, he was slapping my ass. I took my window of opportunity, I turned around, “slap that ass, slap it harder, be a fucking man and pound me you filthy cunt, pound me harder, harder!” this must have got him really Horney, Because he sped up his thrusting and the beautiful sound of his upper thighs were slapping against my tiny virgin ass. As I turned around to face Joe I was slapped in the face by Josiah’s 5 inch meat. I swallowed it whole, the bend in his shaft made it harder to suck him of, but after about 3 minutes of me sucking his bending meat and Joe licking out his hairless ass he screamed. “Fuck man, I am Going to cum!” he shot his warm load into my mouth; it oozed around in my mouth. “Share it with me” Joe mumbled through the ass cheeks that belonged to Josiah, Joe pushed him out of the way and pulled me forward kissing me, I made sure I swapped a generous amount of Josiah’s warm cum with him.

Oh, fuck man I’m going to cum” Amir shouted flipping over Joe and shooting his hot load all over Joe, A little shot off and hit me in the cheek there was that much!

Suddenly Trav whipped me so I was lying on my back. “Cum you fucking pussy, shoot that hot fucking load in my. . . .

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  ” I was cut off from the mass amount of cum that soon filled my mouth.

“Was that enough?” Trav remarked.  

So mainly we all cleaned up and the kicked us out of the van, we never saw them again but me and Joe found a blossoming romance soon after, If I get 18 comments I will write about our first time together. . .