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This is again Dani from Karachi. 30 Male. I am also a good keyboard player (Piano) This is my true story of few years back when I plan to spend my spare time in teaching piano playing to female students at their home. I gave an advertisement on Internet and email to 1000’s of ids. and also inform in my circle that if any one interested I can teach her how to play piano.


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As u all know that girls are very much interested in music, I got several calls who are interested in learning piano playing. I visited 3 interested girls houses and saima is one out of those 3 interested girls.


She is living in Defence in a very big house. When I entered her house, a female servant opened the door (she is almost 18 years old and have a sexy figure and dressed up in a very attractive manner). She was not looking at all like a maid servant.   She gave me a very sweet smile and very surprisingly asked me that Sir will you teach madam Piano Playing? I smiled and replied , yes I will , are you also interested , she laughed a said I wish I can also learn the same through you bcoz I love music. I put my hands on her shoulder and said don’t worry sweet baby once I started teaching your madam I wil also try to teach you some sweet lessons. She was very happy to hear that and took me upstairs in the room of her madam.


I entered in the bed room and saw a very expansive electronic keyboard lying on an stand at a side and a double bed with all pink color theme in the room. I sat on a chair near piano and wait for the girl to come. Few minutes later an 18 years young girl came with a sweet smile and say helo to me and shake hands with me. When I took her hands in mine I felt a 1000 volts current because her hands were so much warm and soft and she took mine for few minutes with smile. By the way I must describe the appearance of that girl. Her name is saima and she is around 18 yrs, having 34 breast size and a very attractive and sexy figure with a height of 5’4”.

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   Extremely Fair / Pinkish complexion.


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  • 555556297302246px; text-align: justify; padding: 0px !important" class="ecxMsoNormal">She gave me introduction about her that she has done high school and now in ist year of Medical College. She said that I have 1 month break from college so I love to learn piano playing. I smiled and assure her that if you work hard I can easily teach you basics of playing in a month. She replied that Sir my parents lived in Canada and I live alone here with my grand mama who is 75 years old and living downstairs and cant able to come upstairs. So no one here to disturb us, and we can play as much piano as we can and even we can practice at nights as well.


    When I hear from her that she has no objections in coming at night as well, I was so much excited and made few plans.   Our time was greed at around 3 in afternoon but he next day I called her that I have to go to some friends house and I cant come in afternoon she insisted me to come at some other time. I asked if I can come after dinner at 18 pm is that fine, she quickly agreed and said yes sir my pleasure in this way we can play more comfortably as my grand mama will be sleeping and you also don’t have anything else to go earlier. So my plan worked and I got the similar response from saima which I was expecting.


    I went there at 18 pm wearing T Shirt and  jeans and before leaving my house I messege her that be ready I m commming in 18 minutes. She said I am waiting for you sir but please don’t ring the door bell as my Grand ma is sleeping and I don’t want to disturb her. She said when you reach at my door, just call or messege me so that I will open the door. I did the same and surprisingly instead of her maid girl I saw her self opening the door. Upon my inquiry she smiled and said Sir my maid is sleeping in her room and Grand ma is also sleeping so I am only awake and was waiting for you so that’s why I came to door myself.


    She was wearing a long black shirt, tights and a big pink scarf, half covering her sexy boobs. Her long hairs are not tied and looking very attractive on her pretty face. I saw that most of the lights on ground floor were switched off, She took my hands that sir hold my hand so that you may not hit anything in dark. We went upstairs in her bed room and I sat on the Piano chair and played some very popular song tune which she liked a lot and after my playing she clapped for me and  kissed on my checks that Sir you played very well. I thanked her for the sweet kiss as my reward. Then I asked her to sit on the piano chair and stood at her back side and holding her hands I tried to guide her how to press keys and how to play initial notes. When I hold her hands and playing, her scarf was interrupting the hands so I requested her to please remove that scarf so that we can play comfortably so she throw that scarf on her bed.

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       Ohhh God…… As I was standing at backside, her breasts are now obvious because of her very deep neck and I was unable to control myself. I tried to play holding her hands but my dick erected and becomes full hard touching her back side. I was enjoying her touch but I think she was so much enjoying ist time playing piano that she didn’t noticed my sexual touch. She asked, Sir its difficult for you to bent and hold my hands so we can play piano by standing as well, so she stood up and now I use my hands from her belly side under arms and guided her how to play. Imagine the scene.


  • 555556297302246px; text-align: justify; padding: 0px !important" class="ecxMsoNormal">A hot chick without scarf, standing alone in her bed room with me and all her house mates sleeping downstairs and we are in a closed room so that no sound went downstairs. And I was holding her from back side. At that time my dick was so much hard and erected that I was unable to control myself and asked her that saima you continue playing and I am coming from bath room. I went to bath room and master bate my self imagining my sweet and sexy student. Then I removed my underwear and hide that in the wardrobe beneath her own dresses and came back to teach her the REAL LESSON OF LOVE J.


    Now I was with out underwear and again holding her from back.

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       This time I slide my hands a bit upside so that I can touch the sides of her breasts. God…………. . Her feel made me again hard and my dick erected in full swing. It touches he ass hole line and I gently pushed it a bit more towards her ass line. She got a current and now she realized what I was doing since last 30 minutes, but I was glad that she only blushed and didn’t object. My face was touching her necj and a bit of her checks. I myself played a good tune using my hands holding her hands and then I said perfect saima you are playing well. She said, sir when you played well I gave u prize as kiss, now where is my reward?

    I said here it is. And I kissed softly on her bared neck. She giggled. But I said saima you deserve more, and I licked her neck using my lips and tongue and at the same time I grabbed her from her breast from back side and rubbing her bobs. She closed her eyes and heavily breathing. I turned her towards myself and started kissing passionately on her lips and rubbing her breasts.

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       In few minutes she started responding and sucking my lips and holding me tight. Then I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and deeply kissing her tongue and sucking her lips. She was a very good kisser also its her first time (which she told me later).


    After 18 minutes of deep kissing, I removed her top and throw away her black bra. Her 34 sized breast were so milky white and nipples were pink in colour. I was kissing and sucking her boobs and rubbing at the same time. She was moaning loudly and enjoying my kissing. She hold my head and pushing it towards her ipples and asked for more sucking which I did with my pleasure. Friends, after some time I pick up her in my arms and lay her to her bed and removed my clothes and come over her.


    What happened next…… I will tell you when you contact me …. .

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    Hope you enjoyed my live story. Any girl if want sexy chat with me or learning Piano Playing, do contact me at silent_magma@hotmail. com for both kinds of enjoyment J


    Love u and waiting for ur emails and joining on msngr