Sex at school (Sequel to Head in English)


Topic: Sex at school       Freshmen year I had given head to Chad. I got in trouble in school though so I was sent to a different school until my Sophomore year. I had lost my virginity over the summer so I was a little more experienced than before but I never did see Chad anywhere around. I wasn't really looking for him. Ok maybe I was. His dick just tasted good and I guess I kind of wanted more.       One day at lunch I was headed back from the cafeteria at lunch time and someone came up beside me and grabbed my breast, actually just my nipple. I guess it was a little cold out and it was easy to see tat I was feeling the chill in the wind. I turned around to see Chad. He looked so hot. I pushed his hand away.
      "Quit it!" I told im. I tried to be serious but I had a smile on my face and he saw it.
      "So Annelle, you gonna give me head again this year?" He asked as he walked along side me towards the main school building.
       "Um no. You told and you weren't suppose to.

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   You asshole. " A look of shock came over his face but I wasn't buying it.
       "Who did I tell?" He asked, "Maybe it was your friend, "Right Chad. I'm not stupid. And no, I'm not gonna give you head this year. " I snapped. I couldn't let him know how good it sounded to me. I wasn't a slut. I wasn't gonna jump when he said to. It would be on my time, not his. A look of sadness, fake sadness that is, came over his face.
       "Aww, come on. You know you want to. " he said smiling at me. God he was so hot and I wanted his lips on mine again.

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   I wanted to feel his cock hard for me. But I couldn't let him walk all over me. I began to walk faster as if Iwanted to be away from him. When really I wanted him inside of me. I wanted to fuck him. I didnt want to make love to him or to have sex with him. I wanted to fuck him. Like on the pornos I had snuck from my Dad's closet.   Something about him drove me wild. Maybe it was the fact that he was an asshole. That he was such a jerk and I wanted him to use me. The thought of him using me was the ultimate turn Several weeks went by. Chad would come up to me every now and then and grab my ass or my breasts and tease me but eventually he stopped noticing me all together. His locker was even close to mine but he still didnt notice me. Finally after about a month went by without a single word from him (Or a single grope) I knew I had to do something.

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   I seen im walking down the hall talking to some chick. I waited at our lockers and when he came up I leaned in real close to him. I made sure that he could see down my shirt.
       "So Chad when are we gonna fuck?" He was completely shocked. He kind of mumbled for a second but then pulled himself together. "When do you want to?" The perfect reply. He wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted him.  "I don't know. When could we do it?" I wasn't sure if he believed me. I wasn't sure if I believed myself. I didn't think of it this far in. I just wanted him to start paying attention to me and I knew that if I told him I wanted to fuck him it would definitely get is attention. "Well I could stay after school tomorrow. I'll get my ride to come late. " Wow.

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   So soon. I was thinking I would have some time to stall or something. "Ok tomorrow. " and I walked off. I went to the girls bathroom and leaned against the door. What was I thinking? I had only had sex with one guy and here I was acting like I was the sex expert. I had to find a way out of it.
      I went home and thought about asking to stay home from school the next day. Maybe fake a headache or something. But I just couldn't do it. I had already missed too many days and my Mom probably wouldn't let me anyway. So I just had to deal with it. I took a long shower and shaved my legs and my bikini area. It was my first time doing that so it took me awhile to get it right. I went to bed with my mind full of his cock and what his cum had tasted like.

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   Could I just give him head again? Maybe, but was that really what I wanted. I wasn't sure but I stayed up a long time debating about it.
      The next morning when I woke up I felt wide awake instantly. I felt like I wanted the day to hurry up but then again I hoped it would never come. Mt Aunt dropped me off at school as usual and I went to the cafeteria. I hoped I wouldn't see Chad. I didn't think I could handle seeing the look on his face. I'm sure he had told his friends but it didn't really matter to me. I ended up sitting with some friends and eating some breakfast. I forgot about the whole Chad thing for a bit. Went to a few classes and went on with the day. It wasn't until after second period that I finally saw him.   I was putting some stuff in my locker and suddenly I felt him pressing up against me. I could tell he had been thinking about our plans by the hardness I felt pressing up against my ass.
    "Hey I haven't seen you today.

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  " he said, as if I didn't know what he was thinking about. "Yeah same here. where ave you been?" I asked him. I turned around to face him and I couldn't help but look at his lips. Why did I want to kiss him so bad? The thought of his lips on mine made me realize that I wasn't going to back out. I was going to meet with him after school and whatever happens, happens. I wanted to kiss him again, it had been so long and the memory of it seemed so amazing in my head and I couldn't let this moment pass.
      "Around," He answered, "So, are we still on for today?" I was tempted to kiss him there. But I knew I couldn't. Too many people were around.
      "Yeah we are. You want to meet here?" Was I actually planning a sex date? What was wrong with me? Who was I? All of this was crazy and completely not me. But I just couldn't stop. He shook his head yes and looked around for a second and then leaned in and kissed me lightly and very quickly, but enough to get me feeling antsy. And then he walked away, to his next class I presume, but I wanted him then and there.

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   Obviously it wasn't going to happen but that didn't stop my mind from wishing.
      The rest of the day went by really slow. Each class seemed to drag right on forever. When the day finally did end, some of my friends seemed to linger around and it was driving me insane. It took everything I had to not tell them to go the hell away. After the halls were cleared out. I went back to my locker and looked around the halls as nonchalantly as possible but Chad was no where in sight. I felt a sudden disappointment. What if nothing happened? What if he never showed?. Just then I heard a door open to my left I quickly turned in that direction and there he was. He was coming out of the door that leads to the emergency staircase. Of course it never got used because there was never a fire or anything but I had heard of girls and guys coming here to do stuff. I think it was suppose to be locked.
     He motioned for me to come in and I did slowly. I told myself that this was it.

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   There was no turning back from this point. I hesitated in the doorway. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in the stairwell and the door shut behind us. And before I could even think of anything else his lips were on mine and they were pushing mine apart. I opened my lips for him to put his tongue in my mouth as I figured I would soon do for his dick. It felt so wonderful to kiss him again. He had great lips. Very shortly after we started kissing I felt his hands all over me. He had one hand in my shirt and the other undoing my pants. I t was way too fast for me. I really didn't even know him. But this was what I asked for, wasn't it? I said I wanted to fuck him and here we were. This time his hand inside my shirt went under my bra and he began to touch my nipples and at first it was soft touches and he was gentle. But then he got rough and I almost wanted to tell him to stop but it felt good too and I took the pain. Meanwhile his hand on my pants unzipped them and was touching me over my panties.

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   But he was going slow. Almost as if he wanted to savor the feel of it. It felt wonderful. Every time he would get to my pussy he would stop there and rub with hi fingers. I pressed myself against his hand, I just couldn't help it, he was driving me nuts. He stopped kissing me and looked at me with a big smile on his face.
     "You want this as much as I do, don't you?" he asked as he stuck is hand inside my panties.
I let my breath out as I felt his fingers touching my shaved pussy lips and pushing past to the wetness. I shook my head yes. He brought his lips back to mine and once again placed his tongue in my mouth. I began to touch him also. I put both my hands right to his cock. He was alrady hard and bulging in his pants. I heard myself moan as my fingers wrapped around the bulge in his pants. I could feel him perfectly.

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   I started to unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He stopped kissing me and started biting my neck. It felt so good. I could feel myself throbbing down there and his fingers were starting to go inside of me. "Your  so tight. " he whispered in my ear. I then reached my hands into his pants and went into his boxers and as my fingers touched his cock I heard myself moan again but much louder this time. I couldn't believe how good his cock felt in my hands. I heard him moan too as I pulled his cock from his pants and began to rub it. It was so big. Bigger than I remembered and definitely bigger then my ex boyfriends from the summer. I suddenly wanted him in my mouth again. I wanted to feel what I felt last year.
      "Can I suck it?" I asked, a little unsure of what he was going to say. A huge smile came across his face.


   "Of course you can," he said as he held is hands out like 'Here come and get it. " And I did. I got on my knees and placed that beautiful cock in my mouth. I looked up at him as I placed it in my mouth and he layed his head back as I hard another moan escape his lips. This one was like a sigh and a moan at the same time. I took more in my mouth and I could feel his hips pressing him deeper into my mouth. He was breathing so hard and loud it was all I could hear but it was so hot. I knew it felt good for him and I loved his cock. I loved to suck it and I knew I would love to fuck it. He pulled himself out a little and then pressed back into my face. He grabbed my head and just held his cock in my mouth for a couple of seconds.
      "Damn you give the best head. " He said as he released my head and pulled it out of my mouth. "I love the way your mouth feels on my dick. " He rubbed my lips with his fingers and thn leaned down and kissed me again.

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   His lips moved in sync with mine and our tongues played together.
    He then pulled me up and pressed my body to the wall. He began to bite my neck  as he pulled my pants down past my waist. He didn't hesitate to pull down my panties as well. He then stopped and bent down to get a closer look. He just stared at my bare pussy for a couple of seconds and then before I knew what was hapenning I felt his tongue lapping at my clit and I was moaning probably too loudly but I was surprised at the feeling and it felt so damn good. He seemed to lick it in just the right places. I felt my knees going weak and I put my weight on the wall as I spread my legs a little to give him more room. This had to be the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. And I felt myself about to climax. And I wanted it so bad. But he stopped and stood back up. I opened my eyes and I felt like I was zoning back in from outer space. I felt a little dazed.
           "Come here.

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      " He motioned for me to go over to the stairs. I let my pants and panties slide off as I walked over. I thought he would take his off but he didn't. He pointed at the stairs as i for me to sit down . I sat my pants on the stairs and then sat on top of them. After I sat down I turned around and he was already trying to get on top of me. It felt like it was going really fast. He began to kiss me again and I felt his dick poking at my pussy. His cock felt so warm and I wanted to feel it inside of me already. He was getting antsy too I could tell.
         "Are you ready?" He whispered. I was surprised that he had even asked.
         "Yeah, I think so. " As soon as I said it I felt him pressing himself inside of me and it hurt so bad. He was much bigger than Johnny was and it was hurting very badly.

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       I began to push on his stomach to stop him but he continued to push. His eyes were closed and he didn't seem to notice that he was hurting me. "Ow ow ow ow. " I cried, hoping to let him know that he was hurting me. It was very wet and that wasn't the problem. I had only had sex with one guy and he had a small dick. Chad didn't even seem to notice that I had said anything. He continued to push into me. I felt tears coming down my cheeks. Suddenly I felt him push even harder and I felt him go all the way in.
         "Ohhhhhh!!" I cried as he let out a moan as well. It felt so good and hurt so bad at the same time. He filled me up and I pressed myself against him harder
         "Ohhh your so tight, it feels so good. " He said as he began to pull it out and then push back in. He immediately  began a fast paced rhythem.

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         "Ohh my Gawn Chad!!!" I cried out. "Oh, ohhh, ohhhh. " I just couldn't stop myself. I liked what I was feeling and I liked to hear his name coming out of my mouth as he fucked me. And he fucked me hard. He was going so fast and he was moaning the whole time. I could feel myself getting close to coming and pressed into him as hard as I could.
         "Oh Gawd Annelle, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna. . . " He trailed off as he just moaned and grunted and was breathing really hard and loud.
        "Chad, here I go, ohh. . .

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      . Ohhhh. . " I cried out as I felt myself cumming. And he must've known because he fucked me harder and faster and I screamed out his name and I felt my eyes roll back into my head and my legs twitching. Then he pulled out.
         "Can I come in your mouth?" He asked. I didn't even answer I just got on my knees and opened my mouth. He stuck his cock in my mouth and as soon as I had the head past my lips I felt him spurting his hit cum on my tongue and he shoved it farther in and I took as much as I could.
         "OH MY GAWD!!" He cried out as he came deep down my throat. He thrusted into my face a couple more time until he was finished. He let his cock sit in my mouth for a little bit longer then he pulled it out slowly and he started to zip his pants. I picked up my pants and put them on as well.
         "So. .

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      your not going to tell anyone are you?" I asked him as I slid my flip flops back on.
        "No, I won't tell anyone. I promise. " He said. He sounded for real this time but I still didn't believe him. But what could I do. I had sex with him and it was my choice. I got up and started to leave the stairwell and he grabbed me and pulled me back to him.
        "So, can we do this again sometime?" He asked me as he rubbed my breasts over my shirt. I was surprised he had even asked. I guess I expected him to walk away and forget about me.
          "We'll see. " I said with a sly grin. I liked knowing I was in control. I then walked out of the stairwell and walked home.

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       I didn't know if I was gonna have sex with Chad again but I knew I deffinitly loved it and it would have to go in my diary.
         The next day at school I was surprised when no one said anything to me about Chad. He passed me in the hall a couple of times and just winked at me but no one seemed to know anything. I guess he kept his word this time.
     Please comment and let me know what you think.  



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