Sarah and Daddy part 10


     With Sarah and Jessie cuddled close to me, I slipped into a nap, sleeping peacefully. When I awoke, opened my eyes and looked around, I saw them standing in front of the mirror, turned sideways to the reflection, with their heads also turned that way. A candle lit up the scene with a mellow golden glow, they had their hands down at each others creamy centers, letting out little sounds of pleasure as they stroked each other lovingly.

     "Ummm, I love how Daddy is so wonderful, his lovemaking makes me feel so horny, I just can't keep my hands off of him, or you baby" Sarah purred.

     "Oh yes, that's how I feel, when Daddy took my cherry, and deflowered me so gently, it was like heaven. That memory of being taken so lovingly is something I can treasure all my life" Jessie cooed.

     "So will I, I'm so glad that I gave up my cherry to my Daddy. My Daddy can satisfy us so well, and you and me baby, you and I can satisfy each other too, just like this" Sarah whispered.

     I heard the sound of squishy wet fingers sliding into soft, pink seams. I could see them eagerly watching the mirror image, my god, what a sight.

     Jessie growled lovingly, "Oh yes, just like that baby, we should have done this back when we 13, and we started our topless kissing. It feels so; oh yeah, right there baby, oh ummmm. " 

     I heard Sarah let out a gasp, and she cooed, "Oh my god, you are hitting my button perfectly, let's cum baby, let's watch ourselves cumming like crazy, let's do it. "

     I watched, my cock coming back up very quickly, as the two sleek, nubile bodies gave each other the pleasure both were seeking. Their arms moving, the wet sounds of fingers sliding into soft, wet pink walls, had me rock hard. Sarah and Jessie hugged tightly together, their firm tits pressed against each other.

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   They paused for a moment, stared into each others eyes, kissing heatedly, then turned towards their reflection again. I watched as their hands began a frantic dance inside their steaming pussies. Their bodies started rocking as they strained together, thrusting fingers urging each other closer and closer to the orgasm both of them were straining towards. Finally I saw Jessie's hips began to buck, thrusting her pelvis forward, eager to maximize the contact, her body started to shake.

     Jessie cried out, "Yes, oh yes baby, so good, love you baby, oh love you so much, yes, yes, cumming, yes, I'm cumming, OH MY GOD!"

     I saw Sarah do the same, thrusting and jerking her hips, pressing her pussy tightly against Jessie's pleasuring fingers, and she went over also.

     "Yes, yes, baby, oh yes, I love you too, so good, oh god I'm cumming too, yes, yes, YES!"

     I watched, entranced, the sight of two teen girls in the middle of a wonderful orgasm, my rock hard erection lifting up the bed sheets. When they turned their heads my way, I could see the lust fueled smiles as they saw me, and the evidence of my arousal once again ready for them.

     "Oooh, how wonderful, looks like Daddy is back with us! Did you like what you saw Daddy?" Jessie teased.

     "I did indeed sweetheart, and I don't need a Viagra, not when I saw what I just saw!"

     Sarah and Jessie giggled, and Sarah said, "Good, you know how much I love you, and I want you to be my lover. I know Mom has to come first, but I don't think I could stand it if you and I had to stop, just like that. "

     Jessie joined in, "And me Daddy, I know you and I can't be together as much as you and Sarah, but on our sleepovers, well, you'll just have to make glorious love to the both of us. "

     They were standing at the foot of the bed, and they slung an arm around each others waist, smiling at me.

     Sarah cooed, "Do you think that sounds like a plan, Daddy?"

     They knew, and I knew I couldn't resist, and I replied, "Sounds like a great plan baby!"

     Jessie said, "Goody, I love it, because now, it's time for Daddy to lick my asshole, I'm gonna love it!"

     In a few moments Jessie was in position, her head on a pillow, lifting it up so she could see her reflection in the mirror. Sarah grinned at me as she grasped Jessie's cheeks, and pulled them apart. My eyes locked in on the tight puckered hole, like a pink quivering rosebud.

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     Sarah cooed, "Just like you did to me, look at that sweet pink pucker, go for it Daddy, lick Jessie's tight hole!"

     I eagerly lowered my head, my tongue slipped out, and I ran my tongue up, then down.

     Jessie growled, "Oh my god, that feels so fucking good, I've never felt anything like having my asshole licked! More Daddy, give me more!"

     I eagerly did so, licking harder at Jessie's tight hole, bringing my finger up, and running it around the tight rim. Jessie's cries of pleasure were non-stop, as I gave her tight pucker the licking pleasure that she had first experienced from Sarah. Her eyes were wide, watching the mirror reflection of my face between the spread of her cheeks, nuzzling, licking, kissing and fingering that tight, twitchy pucker. My cock was like stoneware, licking at the tight hole always drives me up to maximum hardness. I gave Jessie a long, lingering time, licking and gently probing her sweet hole, her growls and cries of pleasure like music to my ears.

     Jessie cooed, "I think it's time for Daddy to lick our sweet pussies. Sarah, you first, sit right here, where you can see the reflection of Daddy between your legs, and watch!"

     Sarah sat on the edge, spread her legs, and Jessie took a position kneeling right behind her, placing soft, loving kisses up and down her neck, kissing gently at the back of her neck, and her hands cupping Sarah's breasts through the thin nightie, stroking and tugging gently on her nipples.

I could hear Sarah's soft moans of pleasure as I knelt on the floor and placed myself between the V of her spread thighs. I could smell the heated lust bubbling up, and I gently parted Sarah's lips, and led with my tongue, dipping into her tight pink seam, and pushing in.

     Sarah sighed "Oh yes Daddy, lick me right there, ummm, no one licks me better that my Daddy. "

     Jessie cooed, "Watch the mirror baby, watch Daddy and me as we stroke and lick you all over. "

     I was happy to give Sarah a tongue lashing, her stiff pink clit rising up, hard and throbbing. I wanted her to get it dragged out a bit. I pulled my head away, Sarah gave a groan of frustration, and steered my head back towards her clit.

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   I swept over it, and again veered off, Sarah growled in sexual tension, and decided that I needed to be told.

     "Daddy, you stop toying with me! I'm so ready to explode, you know where I want your mouth, get there and lick me, and I want your fingers up me, make me cum all over your face!" Sarah lovingly demanded.

     Jessie, still running her hands all over Sarah's body, joined in, "Do it Daddy, make Sarah cum, I'm next, and I can hardly wait, make her cum, NOW!"

     I grinned, and veered back over. Two fingers slid smoothly up Sarah's gushing walls, I found the spot, and started to polish that G, and I surrounded her pink, rock hard clit, I could feel it virtually throbbing, and my tongue went wild, flicking over it, wrapping around it, and that did it.

     Sarah howled, "Fuck, oh my god, fuck, gonna, gonna, yes, yes, oh fuck YES!"

     I felt the first squirt hit me, and I closed my eyes as I felt her walls tighten around my fingers, and another spray gushed out, and again, her girl cum splattering me with a very wet, juicy facial, her cries of orgasmic pleasure filling the room, her hips hunching up at my mouth, over and over.

     When I lifted my head up, Jessie was right there, and she licked Sarah's cum off my face, my daughter watching us through lust glazed eyes as she sprawled back, recovering from her orgasmic explosion.  

     Jessie grinned at me, I smiled back, and said softly, "Your turn baby. "

     Sarah cooed, "Come over here Jessie, sit right here where I was, so you can watch the reflection of Daddy between your legs. Oh yes, we musn't leave out your honorary daughter, lick her Daddy, lick Jessie's tight pink heat!"

     I watched as Sarah started to caress Jessie's sexy shape, licking, kissing and stroking. Getting between the spread V of Jessie's thighs, I watched, entranced, as Sarah brought her hands down, sliding her fingers along Jessie's pink opening, then sliding 3 fingers inside. Jessie let out little cries of pleasure as Sarah pushed her fingers into her dripping folds. After a minute, she brought those 3 dripping wet fingers out, and offered them to my mouth. I hungrily opened, her fingers entered, and I licked every drop of Jessie's tart, tasty juices off her fingers, savoring the erotic taste. Sarah's gave me that come fuck us look, and she slid her fingers down again. She slid them around Jessie's lower lips, and parted her gently.

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   Jessie's erotic treasure was spread open, like a flower opening its petals to the rising sun. I could see the dewy inner wetness, the coral pink interior beckoned to me, eager to feel the electric contact of my mouth against her.

     Sarah cooed huskily, "There you go Daddy, all spread out, hot and juicy and so ready for you, lick Jessie's sweet heat, taste her juices right from that tight pussy, fuck, just watching is making me burn up!"

     I happily took the plunge, burying my face between Jessie's thighs, my tongue running up and down her slick, syrupy lips, then slipping between the pink folds of her seam, and in. Jessie growled with pleasure, and urged me on.

     "Yes, oh yes right there Daddy, ohhh, mmmm feels so good. "

     Sarah added, "Yes, Daddy, so good, lick Jessie, I love watching you lick and fuck my girl friend. "

     Jessie gazed up at Sarah with a look of naked love, and whispered, "Thank you for being so willing to share your Daddy with me, Daddy is making me feel so well loved, so desirable, so sexy, I love it, and baby, I love you so much. "

     Sarah whispered, "And I love you too, baby. "

     I lifted my eyes up, my mouth still keeping contact with her pussy, and watched their mouths come together, lips pressing tighly, sharing passion filled kisses of tongue swirling desire. It made my pulse and my cock ramp up, and I wondered if my daughter and Jessie were girlfriends in such a way that they would be living together, as a committed couple, rather than having this be a short term, experimental teen sexual relationship. The thought did not displease me, it made me very happy, that my daughter was in love with someone who obviously loved her as much. I've always felt that you love the person, not the gender. If their love was the true love, and they felt the same way in the future, and wanted to get married, I would give them my unqualified blessing. I hoped that Sheryl would be as happy about that possible future, as I would be.

     I noticed Sarah break the kiss, she whispered to Jessie.

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   "Now, watch yourself baby, feel Daddy's lips, tongue and mouth against you, watch yourself in the mirror, and cum like crazy!"

     Sarah knelt behind Jessie, and started to kiss up and down her neck, both sides, then the nape of her neck, her eyes also watching the hot reflection in the mirror.

Sarah reached around, and her hands cupped Jessie's sexy jugs, her fingers pulling and tugging gently on Jessie's nipples. Jessie started to moan and gasp, her body reaching for that release. I wanted it to be a juicy, squirting release, and I slid two fingers in, spinning them around, then making that come hither motion against the front wall of her passage, eager to bring her to a G spot release.

     "Yes, oh yes, Daddy's going to make me squirt!" Jessie cried.

     "Yes, yes baby, do it, squirt all over Daddy's face, he loves getting a nice juicy facial!" Sarah growled lustfully.

     "Oh yeah, gonna do it, gonna cum all over Daddy's face, yes, yes, oh my god YESSSSSSSS!"

     Jessie's voice spiraled up to a long drawn out hiss of pleasure, I drew back until just the tip of my tongue was tickling at her stiff, rock hard clit. It started twitching wildly, I could feel her sex clamp around my fingers. I closed my eyes quickly, and felt the first splatter of Jessie's girl cum hit me in the face. More juicy streams followed, I felt my face getting soaked, and I loved it. Jessie's body was shaking, her cries of orgasm filled the room, and Sarah was pressed tightly against her back, holding her close to her, crooning in her ear.

     When I pulled my head back, Sarah growled, "Oh yeah, look at Daddy's face, good cumming baby!" They shared another passion filled kiss, then Sarah cooed softly, "Cumming all over Daddy's face has made him so nice and hard, time for Daddy to get more relief. On your knees baby, face the mirror, and let Daddy give you what only Daddy can give so well. "

     Jessie did so, and Sarah stopped her from taking a doggy style position. Jessie gave Sarah a questioning look, and Sarah smiled, and whispered "Squat on the bed baby, but keep your body upright, you'll love this, trust me baby.

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     Seeing Jessie on her knees, in a squatting position, looking at the mirror, fired me up. I had taken Sarah like this, now I was going to enjoy taking Jessie the same way. I got behind her, and had to contort my body a little, then I got my cock lined up. Nudging against Jessie's lips, I straightened my legs, lifting myself up, and I could feel my cock surging up Jessie's tight, hot velvet pleasure.   The hot, steamy tightness gripped my cock, drawing a grunt from me as I wrapped one hand around Jessie's breasts, tugging and pulling on her stiff, rock-hard nipples. I slid my other hand over her hips, lightly gripping her mound, and pulling her body tightly against mine, holding her up, so she could watch herself getting fucked. I drove in, burying my cock right to the balls.

     "Oh fuck, oh fuck, it feels so good, let me have it Daddy, I want a thick juicy spray, fill my pussy, give it to me!"

     I did as she wanted, pumping my hips, driving my cock in and out, Jessie pumping her hips back at me as I drove forward, eager to get every last inch in on every thrust. I was looking at us over her shoulder, the mirror image of my Jessie's sexy body, thrusting her hips back at me, getting every bit of my cock inside, and the bliss and joy playing across her face, made my cock sizzle. Sarah was next to us, running her hands over Jessie's body, watching the scene as I had my way with her girl friend. Jessie's tightness was eagerly milking at me, the pouring juices filling the room with the wet juicy squelching sound of her tight teen cunt being pounded towards orgasm by her girlfriend's horny Daddy. I slid my hand down, cupping her sex, feeling my cock surging in and out, driving Jessie towards climax.

     Staring at the lewd spectacle of our bodies fucking wildly, Jessie grunted, "Oh Yeah, feels so good, watching and feeling Daddy fucking me, yes, oh yes, good, so good, love you Daddy, love you, oh god, good, good, umm, it's, it's, it's, oh my god, I'm gonna, gonna, oh fuck yes, CUMMING!!"

     Sarah's voice, in my ear, urged me on, "Let it go Daddy, feel the explosion, jet your passions deep inside Jessie sexy body, and watch me suck it all out!"

     Jessie gave full voice to her pleasure, shrieks of joy filling the bedroom, watching her body shaking crazily, her cunt clamped down on me like a velvet lined vice, spasming wildly. That did it, and I felt my cock erupt, gushing and jetting a thick, hot volley of semen deep inside Jessie, feeling the milking pull sucking every drop out of my eager cock. Sarah was watching us, fiery lust in her eyes, watching me as I filled up Jessie's tight tunnel.

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     When Jessie had milked every drop out of me, I pulled out and away, as Sarah slid under Jessie, wanting what Jessie had.

     "Oh yummy, I can see Daddy's thick load all ready for me, ummm. I gonna lick out every drop, when I stroke your leg, raise up, then I'm going to share a big, juicy snowball with you. Settle yourself down baby, let my tongue lick up your sweet, creamy treat!"

     Jessie did so, and let out a moan of pure pleasure as she felt Sarah's tongue make contact. She settled down, Sarah's lips open, and sucking out the load that I had just filled Jessie with. After a minute, I saw Sarah stroke at Jessie's leg, Jessie pulled herself up, and Sarah slid out from under. I could see the heat flashing between Jessie and Sarah, their come-fuck-us looks were in full power, and trained on each other. I watched as they plastered their lips against each other, and I imagined the gush of my load being stirred between their tongues, until both girls swallowed a share of my load, their eyes shining with lust and joy.

     Laying back, again with Jessie and Sarah in my arms, I thought life is good, very good. I wondered if Sheryl could handle what I had done. If she could, was it possible that she might want to join in? I could feel sleep approaching rapidly, and with the two sleek, nubile forms wrapped around me, I decided I could think about that later.




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