Rest Area Sex


I drive on I-85 a lot and travel from Atlanta to in South Carolina and along the way have to stop at truck stops and rest areas to relieve myself. Well, one such night I had to do that and did not know what excitiment I would find. I have seen guys at the rest areas looking for meet ups a lot but never had the courage to try it out myself. I had a few guy on guy encounters years ago and had thought how hot it was but lately nothing had happened.

Well, I had to piss and pulled in and walked to the rest rooms. There were a couple guys hanging around and I thought "well, they are looking for something" and walked inside. I went to the middle urinal and unzipped and began to piss. The relief was great and I mush have said, "ahhh," cause a person next to me had come in and was at the urinal. "Feels good huh. " he said and I said, "Oh yeh. " "That is not the only thing that feels good you know. " he said and then the other guy from outside was at the other urinal and pissing. "I imagine it isn't" I told him and he stepped back and had a cock in his hand that had to be 8 inches long. I was staring at it as he stroked it and he said, "Go ahead, take it. " he said and my hand reached out and took it and began stroking it. Then I felt the guys at the other urinal behind me and then remembered that I had not pulled my pants up.


   His hard cock was against me ass and he was rubbing it up and down. At the same time my cock was geting hard.

"I think he likes it. " the one in front said and the one behind me said that he thought so too. Sudenly the one in front kissed me and I felt myself just leting him and the one behind me was pinching my nipples and kissing my neck. "I think we have a little slut here. " one saidand the other agreed. "Come one, zip up and follow us. " one said and I did. We walked to the edge of the wooded area and there was a table and on it a blanket. One took the blanket and we walked into the woods so that we were not visible from the rest area and since it was really dark and no moon we would not be seen anyway. THe blanket was spread out and then I was undressed and so stood there naked. One on each side of me began to undress too and soon two massive cocks were against my skin and their hands were on my body, stroking my cock, feeling and fingering my ass and kissing my nipples.

"Lay down slut" the one said and I did. I was on my back and he laid on top of me and began kissing me all over and in the mouth and I just let it hapen.

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   Soon he had my legs over his shoulders and my ass was up in the air. He spit on his fingers and began working them into my ass and after I was lubed up he began rubbing the head of his cock up and don my ass. Then he pushed it in and it hurt and he said, "Don't worry, it will feel good before we are finished. " and he moved it in and out and each time deeper into my ass. The other guy was at my head and put his cock to my face, "Suck on it baby. " he said and I began sucking it deeper and deeper into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. I started to move it out and he took my head and pushed it down my throat. I did dnot chock but began sucking it in and out. "Oh he is a natural. " he told me and now the other cock was deep in my ass, "Yes, his ass is sweet too. " They both were now fucking me deep in the ass and throat and I was moaning as I could enjoying the treatment I was getting. The guy in my ass began really humping fast and was close to cumming. "Ready slut?" he said and I moaned that I was and his cock swelled and filled my ass with his cum. "Oh fuck yeh" the other guy said and drove deep into my throat and filled it woo. I now had the one cock in my hands sucking the cum from it and the other was draining his cock into my ass.

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They finished and I said, "I hope that is not all. " and they looked at each other then me. "No, it is not all, suck this" the one that had been in my ass said and he put his cock to my mouth and I sucked it for a while and it got hard again. The one that I had sucked off was at my ass and he had slipped it into my ass and was moving in and out. He was really moving in hard strokes and each time he plunged it into my ass hard and then left it there and pulled it back out slow then hard and back out slow. Both of them were moving to get the most pleasure from fucking me as they could and I had my hands on the cock in my mouth and was enjoying being fucked. After a while they both began to almost growel and then filled my ass and throat again with their cum which I swallowed and took into my man pussy as they had called it. They finished and a voice came from behind them, a tall black guy stood there, "Is this a private party?" he said and I said no it was not. He took off his clothes and his thick long cock hung down and began to grow. I got up on my knees and licked it all over getting it wet and making it hard. As soon as I thought it was hard enough I got on all fours and spread my legs, "Give it to me. " I said and he did, slipping it in all the way. IT had to be more than 18 inches and he took his time sliping it deep and pulling it out again. It took a while but he began driving it hard and deeper and his hands had my hips pulling me against him and making my ass streach out. He swelled and growled and filled my ass with his cum.

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   It took a long time for him to finish cumming but he did and then told me to lick it clean. We all dressed and I had cum gushing from my ass onto my underwear and thru to my pants but felt really good. I gave hem all my number and told them I was available anytime.

I am also available for anyoone hat wants to hook up in North East Georgia by the way. Bi Bottome slut male, I take all men, race not important. Let me know how I did on this true story.