I was born in Delhi and my parents were my only family I knew of. It all started when i turned 18 and y parents died in a car accident. The police searched for any blood related person who was ready to accept me. They found my father has a brother in Bombay. His name was Ramesh and he was a divorced 46 year old man who lived alone at a big penthouse in bombay. Even after him being divorced the court gave my legal responsibility to him as he was rich and stable. I went to bombay and found my uncle to be very sweet at the start. Also as I started living with him , I found him to be engrossed in his work most of the times. When i turned 18 , he even threw me a big party and called many guests. These included his business partner Mr. Ramakrishnan.
Mr. Krishnan was originally from Bangalore but shifted his base to bombay due to business. He was one of the biggest investors of my uncle's company. From the first meeting at my 15th birthday i knew he liked me. However I was very much intimidated by his 6'2 height and well built.

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  Though i too grew up to be 5'6 and very beautiful. I have fair color and lovely slim body. An year later around my birthday i heard and also felt drastic changes in my uncle . . . . his company was in big losses and he could not keep up with his prestige in the market so he was pretty much in debt. Mr. Krishnan was overseas at that time, my uncle was cutting down on the household expenses. Even my tutions were cut due to his inability to pay. He once told me he would go upto any extent to get his company back in its place.
On my 16th birthday , again a party was thrown which was shocking considering that my uncle was quite broke. Once again I met Mr. Krishnan at the party and my uncle also told me that he is the sponsor of this party. My uncle asked me to show him the house which was very strange as he could have done it himself.

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  Anyways I went along with Mr. Krishnan who asked about my school and other stuff and I came to know that he is a 44 yr old man with 2 children and a wife . His family lived in Bangalore and he too has a very big farmhouse in Bombay where he lived.
We went to a balcony and he started talking about the broke state of my uncle. He asked me i should help with the expenses. I told him that I am little younger to get a job and not so qualified too. He said he could help but then we were called back by a friend of mine for dinner in the lobby
After the party ended i found my uncle and Mr. krishnan in my uncle's room and as i approached them they were in the middle of a argument. Anyhow as i reached both had a big smile after looking at me. My uncle came forward and said to give company to our guest as he has to make a call. I sat near Mr. Krishnan and started a conversation which somehow reached to the fact that am i in a relationship. I declined and he said I am young enough to have have a little fun. I gave him an awkward smile and looked down. He then started talking how is very bored sexually,a topic i wanted to completely avoid.

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  So i said i wanted to go to washroom and i went to the one in my uncle's room. I came out few minutes later hoping y uncle would be back now. . . but instead i had another sight waiting for me. Mr. Krishnan was sitting on bed with his pants down and his penis in his hand right in front of the bathroom door, i got scared and started to move out but the door was locked. Suddenly the situation hit me hard and i started crying . He came towards me still with no pants and one hand at his cock. He put his other hand on my head and said this is my destiny and I must help my uncle by doing this. I started shouting for help but the room was soundproof and the balcony gate was locked too. He stood their laughing and said it could be pleasurable if i co operate.
    I refused and then he told me my uncle planned this and i should fulfill his wish. I was angry and confused and he asked me to sit on the bed . I was so shocked and complied , he then said no one will know about this and i can walk free after this night.

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      I had tears in my eyes but he suddenly grabbed my dress straps and i was there half naked as my bra straps too came down along it. He looked at my boobs and pinched my nipples. He said they are growing well. He slapped on them and my tears became loud cries. He said he is doing this to help. He put his cock near my lips and asked to open. I had no idea what he was doing so i obeyed and after 18 mins he was pushing down my throat and i was hard on breathing. He kept this torture for another 20 mins and my throat was paining to even speak a word. He spilled liquid in me and slapped me to swallow . All the while my head was in his hand to control my mouth and my hair were held by him too.
    He asked me to lie down naked on bed and i cried harder. He pushed me and we slept naked for few hours. He woke me up around midnight and said lets begin. I was brutally raped and humiliated. He did 4 times that night and my pussy was leaking blood.

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      It was a friday night . I woke up at 9 after our session at 6 after which he went to shower . I could not walk and the room was open as i started to move out. As I approached I could hear laughter and i went there with a sheet wrapped around me. I saw my uncle and Mr. Krishnan sitting in the dining area with a phone in their hands . They saw me coming and i almost fell down to which both of them laughed again. Mr. Krishnan spoke, "Aaja meri rakhel . . . kal ki photos dikhaun. . . aaja goad mein".

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    I went near them saw my naked fucked pics and gave away all hopes and sat in his lap.

    Wait for part 2 friends :).