Not the most beautiful


        I was at the store. My wife was outof town and I was needing to get some n the worst way.
        'Can I hellpyou with anything?' She was trying to reach an itemon the top shelf. A rather short no-descript redhead , sort of chubby, dressed in normal lothes.  A pir of jeans, a sweater (it was chily out). regular shoes. Her ass? Well,let's ust say it was average. Small tits heavily covered in an industrial bra. Short red hair and glasses. She looked like a woman you'd see in WalMart shopping for Halloween candy at the last minute.
        "If you could just reach that jar of pickles I'd be glad. '
        I looked and there on the top shelf was the jar, ordnary in every way, the same sort of thing available lower down, but it was what she wanted so I got t down for her and moved on.
         Wemet up again at the checkout. I offered to helpher with her bags of food and as I was loadiung the bags into her car I asked her. 'How about something in return? I didn't have to help you know.   Maybe a kiss.

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           "You should be so lucky. '
           I just laughed. 'lady, you're not 'all that' and frankly I wasn'treally all that serious. I was just being suggestive to a stranger knowing I'd never see you agin and didn't think a thing about being fresh or rude to a stranger since I was basically anonymous. ' She stuttered out some nonsense insulting reply. . . . . . 'fuck off 'or some such. 'Suit yourself, but since a kiss is out of the question I guess a fuck would really send you over the edge?' Nothing to bold with a complete stranger.
        'Try me again asshole' her reply.
         'Would you like to kiss and fuck?' i'd used that line 30 years ago in college. it got a lot of doors slammed in my face,But I got laid a lot.

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   'No need to get offended, just yes or easy and so off to her house we went. Turns out I knew her. Not well and didn't eally recognize her, but we had spoken in passing at Starbux and I had bought her coffee once. You Know, 'I'll buy that person's, too. . . . '
         Her name was Mikki. She , like me, was married, not unhappily, just bored with the day. We started in with small talk but that was too strained. Not much to talk about and we both knew what we aere after, so without much ado she laid one on me, deep, wet, hungry. You know, enthusiasm is a big part of kissing. Electric is the only way I can describe it. We swapped DNA for a while, jsut time spent learning about each other and wondering just how far this would go. That wasn't long in becoming evident.

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       Mikki reached down and rubbed my crotch. 'All talkand no action?'
       'Not at all. I slid my hand up her sweater and found her bra. About a C cup, and tightly strapped about her. one of those kinds you see for sale in the Sears catalogue modeled by great looking women but really meant for matrons  at the PTA. UI slid my hand under the right cup and massged her nipple. Nothing to this foreplay, rub, squeeze, kiss and lick. then fuckShe responded with a moan, then unzipped my pants. I'm not huge. Not even big, just average and since I'm 50sometimes I need some encouragement, but not today. hard and readyI said 'Take it out and suck my cock'. She was on it. She had on a bright red lipstick, but had rather thin lips. No matter, she liked tosuck cock and was very good at it. I pumped her mouth and while enjoying the action needed to know some things.

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   'How old are you? And are you clean?'
         This last stopped her in mid stroke. 'Of course I'm 'clean'. I'm 51 and have never done ths before, and if you keep being rude probably won't do it agin. . . . at least with you. '
         'Sorry'. Now suck. . . . . ' and I shoved my dick at her face. She slurped it in and after a minute or two, when I was getting close, said You don'tget it all you know.

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   When are you going to eat me?' i gave one more thrust into her mouth and told her 'Now. "
         I reached into her jeans and found her wearing high-topped granny panties as my wife called them. They were white and fresh looking but not in the least sexy, just discount store panties. I pulled her jeans off and then tookdown her panties. Her cunt was wet, ready and 'mature', big lips, lots of folds and thick lips, but, like I said. . . . wet. And fine tasting. My tongue burowed its way between those lips, finding her clit, which was quite large, and her now dripping hole. She smelled clean and was. . . .

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  . . . her ass had no 'reamins of the day' about it. I licked her pussy and fingered her asshole. . 'Not there' she said. 'Might as well, since we'll not be doing this again. . . . ' was my ersponse, but, no. Reconciling myself to astraight fuck and suck session was fine by me and swe proceeded by the book.
     She came soon enough, a shuddering orgasm , quite silent but obviously well enjoyed. I was now having some thoughts of should I or shouldn't I, but heck.

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  . . in for a penny in for a pound. Her clit was occupying my attention. Like a small cock itself I could actually get my lips around it and suck it in. EAch time I sucked , she moaned , and each time i realxed , she rammed her cunt against my mouth.
      Time was now, she wanted to fuck, i wanted to fuck, soIlined up and plowed that cunt. No earthshattering orgasm, no soull ending experience, just a wet and sloppy fuck with a stranger. I thrust into her for a long time. . . . ( one benefit of getting older is no premature orgasms. ) 5 minutes. .

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  . . . . . . . . . 10 minutes. . . . . .

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  stop to get our breath then back to fucking. We changed postions, now doggy, now missionary, nw spooning(my favorite). them more clit sucking and cocksucking, then back to doggy. When I came as did she) it again wasn't extraordinory, jsut a gush. then two, then another. . . . We kissed. then Kissed some  more.
    She helped me get my clothes together and on. i helpedher with her bra and handed her her sweater. She ruffled her hair then said I deserved a kiss goodbye. I took that as it was meant. .

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  . went to the door, got a big hug, a deep and wet kiss, a handful of tit, a murmurred goodbye and was feeling the door close behind me. All in all , not a bad morning.