Naked at the Theaters


I love the weekends! I’m such a slut on the weekends! This time was no different. After talking to a guy who had befriended me after catching me walk down his street naked, I promised him I’d do my best to expose myself in public naked again. I was going to kick it up a notch this time though. This time I wrote all over myself before going, with permanent markers. Everything I wrote was about how fat I am and what a cow I am. Then I left my house naked, carrying only my keys, debit card and ID in a small purse.

It was chilly last night, but not too bad. It was like 52* so tolerable for my fat naked ass. I live in an apartment complex so I have to walk across the parking lot to get to my car, which I did enthusiastically naked. I took my time walking so everyone could get a chance to see how fat I am, again. I mooed out loud as I walked, “MMOOO!!! I’m FAT!!! MOO!” all the way to my car, as my hands squeezed my udders and ran all over the rest of my naked blubber. My intent was strong to be seen. It was early morning, around 2 when I walked to my car naked. I got inside and turned on my dome light, as I drove I left it on so everyone could see me as they drove past. I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity to be seen naked by strangers as I drove along the streets and highway.

As I drove I made it a point to keep mooing loudly.

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   I knew no one could hear me, but I mooed non-stop while I drove only stopping long enough to yell out the window, “FAT NAKED COW DRIVING!” That made me so horny, after about the 5th time of doing it, that I had to pull off to the side of the road, get out, stand in front of my car with the headlights on and start masturbating standing up. I yelled out as I played with my piggy pussy, “LOOK AT MY FAT!!! LOOK HOW MY BLUBBER IS ON DISPLAY!!! LOOK AT ME!!! MMMOOO!!! I MOO BECAUSE I’M A FAT COW!!! FAT COW MOOOING…. MMMMOOO! MMMOOO!!! MMOOO!!!! I’M GOING TO WALK INTO A GAS STATION NAKED! MMMOOOO!!!!” I started spanking my ass and it stung from the cold, but I kept doing it moving from my ass to my tits, slapping them hard over and over as I continued my fat tirade, “TAKE THAT YOU FAT ASS!” I would yell at my fat butt, as I spanked it. “TAKE THAT FOR BEING SO FULL OF BLUBBER AND HUGE!” I continued to yell out loud as I spanked myself. “CAN’T FORGET MY FAT TITS! I HAVE FAT UDDERS! LOOK AT ME SLAP THEM!” I began punishing my tits just as hard as my ass, watching my tits flop up and down. “WATCH THE BLUBBER FLY!”

Since it was really late, no cars were on the road, so I took full advantage and sprinted to the other side of the road and ran a bit on down the road away from my car. Once I was a good ways from my car, I started yelling again! “I’M NAKED! LOOK AT ME! OH, PLEASE LOOK! NAKED FAT COW IN PUBLIC!!! OH MOOO!!! I’M SO FAT! MMMOOOO!!! PLEASE LOOK AT ME!” I stood on the side of the road and then went to the middle and stood on the double yellow line rubbing my pussy. It was then that I could hear a car coming. I didn’t want to get hit, so I sprinted to the side of the road, opposite my car, which was at least 100 yards away. I stood on the side of the road and within seconds saw headlights coming around a bend. My heart pounded in my ears as I stood there spanking myself. When the car was close enough to see me, I grabbed my fat roll and shook it violently at them. The car turned out to be a pickup truck and it slowed quickly, almost slamming on the breaks dramatically as the driver noticed me. It was an older guy, and as soon as he made eye contact I yelled out, “I’M A FAT COW! WANT A BLOWJOB?” He didn’t stop to answer, and started to drive off just as quickly, but not before I started cumming from being caught! As the older man drove off I yelled at him as he drove away, “COME BACK AND LOOK AT MY FAT! LOOK AT ME MASTURBATE! PLEASE! MMMOOOO!!! COME BACK!!! WAAATTTTCCCHHHH MMMMEEEE…. .

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  MMMMMOOOOOOO!!! OHHHHH MMMMMOOOOO!!!!!” I yelled as I came hard! “THANK YOU FOR SEEING ME NAKED!” I yelled out to the dark, as my orgasm subsided, long after the truck was out of sight.

Once some of my horniness had abated, I realized how cold I was. So I jogged back to my car, mooing and oinking the whole way. When I got back to my car, I got in and drove on. I didn’t make any more stops until I reached an all-night gas station, but I did keep mooing and oinking with my dome light on.

I pulled into the gas station, noticing no other cars were there except one, which I assumed was the clerk. I stop at this gas station every morning on my way to work for coffee and half a dozen doughnuts, so I know the store and area well. I decided to get gas, even though I was at half a tank already, so I pulled up to the pump, making sure my car hid me from the clerk so he wouldn’t call the cops before I got a chance to walk in, yet fully visible from the road beside me.

I turned off my car, and got out. The chilly air made my exposed nipples stand erect as I peered over the gas pump and into the store. I didn’t notice the clerk in the window yet, so I went ahead and undid my gas cap. I lifted the pump handle and placed the nozzle in my gas tank. I chose “Pay Inside” option so the clerk would have to turn on the pump manually. I stood there for what seemed like a good while because I was cold, but I toughed it out for my much needed exposure. While I waited I grabbed one of my fat tits and shoved my cold nipple into my mouth and sucked on my tits, the quickly repeated with the other udder.

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   I also mooed as I watched the store. It was a muffled moo because I was also sucking on one of my fat udders, but I made sure to be as loud as possible.

I finally noticed the pump turn on. I looked towards the store, as I opened my mouth with a “MOO” and letting my tit flop back to my chest, I noticed a young man at the counter messing with something as he looked down. The chilled air blowing across my wet nipples caused goose-bumps to cover my fat naked body as I pumped my gas. The feeling of being totally exposed, completely naked, and covered in body writing as I pumped gas made my pussy soaking wet! I rubbed my clit and shoved a couple of fingers inside my cunt and started pumping my own pussy as my gas tank was pumped full of gas. Soon the pump clicked to a stop, just as I was about to cum and moo at the top of my lungs. The edging only made me even hornier as I pulled my fingers from my fat pussy and shoved them in my mouth as I replaced the nozzle back into the gas pump.

My pussy was soaked and the chilly air blowing against the inside of my leg where my pussy juice was trickling down made me shiver. I was so horny, and so excited to be naked in public that I forgot to grab my debit card from my car as I then proudly walked across the parking lot and straight into the store. When I walked in, the clerk was still looking down. So I got his attention. “MMMOOO!!! LOOK AT MY FAT!” I said loudly. The clerk jumped with a startle as he looked up and saw me standing there naked rubbing my fat belly.

“Holy shit!” He exclaimed as his eyes looked me up and down.

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   I could see he was reading all the writing on me. Especially the word FATTY written across my forehead, and the words MOO on one cheek and OINK on the other.

“Have you ever seen such a fat whore in your life?” I asked giving my ass a good smack.

“You can’t be in here like that lady!” Is all he could muster as his eyes still roved all over my body. The look on his face showed he was trying to process what he was seeing.

“I know. ” I began to answer. “But, I’m a big fatty, and I want you to see me naked. I want everyone to see me naked! Please, use your phone and just take some pictures of me and show the morning clerk when they get here. ” I begged as I kept slapping my ass. “MMMOOO!!!! I moo because I’m a fat cow. ” I explained as the slaps to my ass echoed through the store.

“Uh…okay. Look I don’t know if you’re on drugs or drunk, but I don’t want any trouble. ” He explained as he continued to watch me and stare at me up and down.

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   “What is all the shit written on you?” He asked, finally. The look on his young face was outstanding. He looked confused and disgusted at the same time.

“Oh a little of everything. I just wanted people to be sure to know what a fat slut I am. ” I answered as I twirled around, to make sure he saw my ass. “I wrote it myself, because it draws attention to my fatness!”

“I don’t really care, lady, and you don’t need writing to do that. ” He said with a smirk. “Look, there’s a camera above the register recording everything and if someone comes in here I’m fired. Please pay for your gas and leave. ” The clerk begged.
“Don’t be silly. It’s late and no one is going to come here this time of night in this sleepy town. ” I retorted. “Besides, as for the camera, I WANT to be recorded and you have to watch me do this.

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  ” I was so horny by this time, my pussy juice wasn’t just trickling down my leg, it felt as if it was pouring!

Before the young clerk could object, I quickly sat down on the tile. Its coolness on my bare fat ass felt so fucking good because it reminded me I was totally naked as the cold tile touched the bare skin my fat ass. I spread my legs wide as I grabbed both of them from behind my knees and lifted them up, and then bent over trying desperately to lick my own pussy. “What the fuck are you doing?” asked the young clerk. I stopped long enough to answer, but without looking up. “I’m a big fat whore and I want to lick my own pussy so bad! I’m too fat to get anyone else to do it. ” I then looked up with my best puppy dog eyes and begged, “Will you please just watch me for a few minutes? Please? I’m begging you to watch me” I asked.

The clerk was visibly nervous, as he looked outside to see if anyone else was out there. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you want to try that, much less in public?” He scolded me. “Listen, someone is going to come in here at any moment, so get your fat ugly ass out of here. I don’t want to get fired over your dumb ass. ”

I had to think quick, because I had no intentions of leaving the store, not after I had come this far. I was determined to make myself cum in the store AND make him watch! “I’ll pay you!” I said re-actively.

“Pay me?” The young clerks face changed quickly from worried to curious. “How much?”

“How much you want to let me stay in here and cum?” I asked, as I remained sitting on the tile floor, keeping my legs spread so my pussy was on full display.

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“Fifty dollars. ” He answered after only a few seconds contemplation.

“You got it. ” I said without hesitation. “I’ll be right back. ” I said, as I struggled to get my fat ass off the tile. “I have to go get my debit card. ”

I quickly ran, not to avoid being seen but in order to get my debit card from my car before the clerk changed his mind. As I ran I made sure to make my udders flop around, even slapping them from underneath to make them bounce up and slap back down against my chest. Once to my car, I grabbed my debit card from the car and jogged back into the store as I had to my car. I was out of breath as I handed him my card. “Here you…(pant) go. ” He took the card and said, “Fine, hurry and do what you’re going to do so you can leave. ” He relented.

I immediately sat back down onto the tile and grabbed my legs from behind my knees and pulled them up as I went back to trying to lick my own pussy.

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   I even tried different positions; holding only one leg, laying on my back and trying to throw my legs up over myself, and even just bending over from the waist with my fingers spreading my pussy lips apart. During my feeble attempt at auto-cunnilingus I begged him to take pictures and he finally did take one or two. As he did he would laugh at me. This only encouraged my slutty behavior. I could feel an orgasm building just from knowing I was being watched by a complete stranger as I sat totally naked on a store floor, while the clerk took pictures of me and laughed. Just as I started to cum, I stopped and jumped up. “MMMOOO!!!! Look at my naked body!” As I rubbed my hands all over my fat naked body, making sure to squeeze my udders and fat ass, I then said, “I’m so fat. Look at how fat I am. Don’t you agree I’m full of blubber? Look at my udders. ” I pointed to the stretch marks on my stomach. “Look at these stretch marks! It’s from being so fat I guess. ”

“Yeah you’re fat alright. Now please leave. ” He demanded. I pouted and walked to the counter and paid for my gas.

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   Before I left I said, “Will you show the pics you took to the next clerk? I don’t know if it’s the same one that is here during the week, but I come in here every day before work, and I’d love to know they’ve seen me like this. You sure you don’t want me to suck you off before I go?” I asked, as he ran my card. I had to get an extra $60 out because it only offered $20 increments for cash back. “Keep the extra cash, and the extra $10 for laughing at me. Can I masturbate on the counter before I go?”
“NO! GET OUT!” he yelled as he pointed towards the door.


As I walked back to my car, I could feel a need for even more exposure. With a full tank of gas I decided to drive an hour down the mountain. It took me even longer because I kept pulling over and getting out to expose myself to traffic. When I finally got into town, it was still late and not much traffic. I pulled into the first open gas station I came too. I pulled up to the store, parked and got out. I noticed it was a woman clerk this time, but I didn’t care. I marched right in. The woman’s jaw hit the floor! I stood right inside the door, grabbed my belly fat and shook it as I exclaimed, “LOOK AT ME! LOOK HOW FAT I AM! PLEASE!”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get out of here! I’m calling the cops!” She demanded.

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“NO! PLEASE!” I begged. I thought quick, looking at the ATM in the store. “I have $100 in my account and it’s all yours if you don’t call the cops and let me masturbate in the isle. Please! I can get it out of the ATM right now!”

She thought for a minute and finally said. “Fine, but what kind of skank are you, walking in here naked, and what the hell is written all over you? Is someone putting you up to this? Why would you do this, are you drunk?” Realizing I was safe from arrest, I was instantly horny again as I answered her.

“I’m not drunk. I’m a big fatty. A big fat slut! MMOOO!!” I began. “I want everyone to see me naked and see how fat I am. Will you take pictures of me?”

“Fuck no! Give me my money and do what you have to do. If anyone comes in I’m calling the cops. ” She informed me.
“MMMOOOO!!! Let me go get my card. MMMOOO!!!” I said as I once again walked out to my car and got my card. As I came back in I saw her on the phone.


   I panicked at first, as my heart began racing and I started sweating despite the chilly weather. I thought she had reneged on our agreement and was in the process calling the cops. I clasped my hands together in a prayer motion and silently begged her to not turn me in as I listened. She looked at me up and down with a disgusted look as she continued to talk. As I listened I quickly realized she was explaining to someone what was happening. Hoping to convince her to say I had left already I walked quickly to the ATM, got the money out of the ATM and handed it to her. “Here you go. Moo!” As she took the money I grabbed one of my udders and started sucking on it. She immediately relayed to whomever was on the other end what was happening. I took a few steps back and sat down in front of the counter. I figured if I was going to be arrested I’d better make this time in public naked count.

“I’m so fat! Look how fat I am!” I said as I began rubbing my clit. “Look at my pussy!” I said, spreading my pussy lips apart, showing her everything.

“Don’t do that shit in front of me whore. Go over there and finish.

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  ” The clerk said. I reluctantly got up and walked in between the isles and sat back down. I began rubbing my pussy again, and came almost instantly as I yelled, “MOO! FAT COW CUMMING! MMOOO!!! I’M NAKED IN A CONVIENIENCE STORE! MOO!!! OH LOOK AT ME! MMMOOOO!!!” As my orgasm subsided the clerk came around with her camera phone and took a picture. I spread my legs real wide as I posed. “Oh thank you! Thank you for taking my picture. Mooo! Is it a wide angle lens so you can get all of my fat ass? MMMOOO!!!”

“My husband doesn’t believe me. I told him I’d prove to him you’re real. ” She explained.

“Is that who you were talking to?” I asked with a large amount of relief, as I started rubbing my pussy again. She confirmed it was her husband on the phone but interrupted my masturbation. “NO! That’s enough. You’ve had your fun, now get out!” She commanded.

I didn’t want to push it too far so I did as she asked. I spanked my ass as I walked out of the store, and a big smile on my face. I got in my car and drove off, in search of one more place to expose myself.

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   I wanted to find a different place to expose myself rather than a gas station, so I drove around town for a while. I finally came across an all-night laundry mat with what appeared to be 4 men inside, doing their laundry. It was perfect!

I pulled in, and they were already looking in my direction. Once I was close enough, I noticed they were of Mexican heritage. I got out of my car without hesitation and when I stepped out into full view, the reaction was perfect! They instantly started whistling and cat calling. They rushed out to meet me as I grabbed my fat again and shook it at them and said loudly, “LOOK GUYS! LOOK AT MY FAT!” They were very happy to see me. One approached me and grabbed my tits, as he said something in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish so I have no idea what he said, but the others erupted in laughter. That’s all I needed. I was being laughed at FINALLY!

I proudly walked into the laundromat and they followed. They all had their phones out as I sat on one of the folding counters, and began trying to lick my pussy as I had done in the first gas station. “Watch me!” I begged as I began. They instantly started taking pictures.

I decided I wanted to be spanked, so I begged them to do so. “Please spank me everyone! Spank my big fat blubber ass!” I began spanking myself and soon one joined in helping me.

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   I motioned the others to come join and they did. Immediately I had four sets of hands slapping my ass and utters. I took the opportunity to humiliate myself. “OH MOO! SPANK MY BLUBBER ASS! MOO! OINK, OINK!” I said over and over again as they repeatedly slapped my ass and tits with little amount of restraint. After about 5 minutes of being spanked I sat back down and started trying to lick my pussy again as I motioned to them to help by pushing my head, then pointing at my head and then motioned them over to do it. One spoke English well enough to understand what I was saying, because I heard him say in broken English to help me. I soon felt hands on my head pushing it towards my pussy. Soon they had their cocks out and were stroking them. I quickly took advantage of the opportunity and not soon enough I was sucking them off. As I did, another van of 5 more guys pulled up and got out. Apparently the guys fucking my cow mouth had called friends to come see me. I stopped sucking cock when I heard the van pull up outside. I wasn’t sure who it was, but I wanted them to see my fat naked body. I stood up and walked to the front which was all window and stood there as the guys got out.
“OH THANK GOD! MMMOOO!!!! COME DUMP CUM DOWN MY THROAT! MMMOOO!!! I’M SO FAT!!! MMMOOOOO!!!!” I yelled out as they entered the laundromat.

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   I decided I wanted them to all cum on me while I tried to lick my own pussy. “I WANT ALL OF YOU TO CUM ON MY FAT BODY! WHILE I LICK MY FAT COW PUSSY!” I announced. Those that understood what I said explained it to the others. I heard them laugh as I sat down on the cold tile and once again assumed the position as I quickly attempted to lick my pussy. Without looking up, I motioned them closer and they obliged nicely.

As I sat on the floor trying to lick my own pussy they circled me and started jacking off. For several minutes they all circled me, jacking their cocks, as I relentlessly tried licking my own pussy, intermittently stopping to catch my breath and moo or oink loudly. When one of them was ready to cum they would grab my hair and jerk my head back and cum on my face. “MMMOOO!!! Thank you! MMMOOOO!!! CUM ON MY FAT FACE!” I would say as they dumped their loads on my face and in my hair. Those that finished cumming would start taking pictures or video.

After they had all cummed on me I sat there and used some of their cum to lubricate my clit and continued to masturbate as I mooed and insulted myself. I stayed there long enough to where two of the guys were able to cum on me again. I was able to get them to laugh at me as I continued to masturbate, spanking myself, trying to lick my pussy and spanking my tits. I even used a chair leg and fucked it in front of them. I was there two hours, masturbating nonstop.

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   I came 8 more times and mooed loud as hell each time, followed by laughter from the all the Mexican guys. A couple of them actually took pity on my fat ass and fucked it.

I was finally so tired I couldn’t cum any more. I got up and waved at them good bye. When I got to my car I decided I needed to humiliate myself one more time, so I yelled out, “HUGE FAT COW CUM SLUT NAKED IN PUBLIC!!! LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY! PLEASE!!! MMMOOO!!! LISTEN TO ME MOOO!!! I’M SO FAT! MMMOOO!!!” I walked farther out to the main parking lot of the shopping center that the laundromat was part of and yelled again, “PLEASE LOOK AT ME! I’M NAKED! I WANT EVERYONE TO SEE ME NAKED PLEASE! I’M SO FAT YOU CAN’T MISS SEEING ME! I’M FAT! MMMOOOO!!! LISTEN TO ME MOO BECAUSE I’M SO FAT!!!! MMMMOOOOOO!!!!! COME TAKE PICTURES OF ME AND SHOW THEM TO EVERYONE! WILL DO PARTIES NAKED! MMMOOOO!!!” While I did this the Mexicans all stood outside the laundromat taking pictures. I walked to another part of the parking lot and yelled some more, “PLEASE! I’M BEGGING EVERYONE! COME LOOK AT MY NAKED FAT! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS SEEING HOW FAT I AM!!!” I got horny again doing that and decided to kick it up a notch. “PLEASE LOOK AT ME! I’M A FAT COW! I DRINK DOG CUM AND FUCK DOGS! I LOVE BEASTIALITY BECAUSE I’M SO FAT AND CAN’T GET HUMANS TO FUCK ME! BRING YOUR DOGS FOR ME TO FUCK OUT HERE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!! MMMOOOO!! LET YOUR DOGS FUCK A COW!!! MMMOOOO!!!!” I then ran to the Mexicans and said, “I fuck dogs, guys! I’d love to fuck a dog in front of you!” I started rubbing my pussy but it was so sore I couldn’t finish. The ones that understood English laughed at what I told them. “I WANT TO BE GANGBANGED BY DOGS! PLEASE!!! I WANT MY FAT PUSSY FILLED WITH DOG COCK AND DOG CUM! I WANT TO DRINK DOG CUM!!! OH I WANT DOG CUM SO BAD! PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME FUCK THEIR DOG!!!”

After about 18 minutes of that, I noticed the guys were getting bored and uncomfortable with my continuous self-degradation. I realized, at that point, that I had done as much as I could do in one night. I got back in my car and drove off, as I waved good bye to my new friends. On my way home I only got out twice to expose myself to traffic. I was horny again by the time I got home, so when I got out of my car I stood out in the open and walked around the parking lot picking up trash, hoping my neighbors would come out or look out their windows and see me. No one did, and it was too cold to continue. I reluctantly walked back to my apartment and immediately wrote about my experience.

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I hope you all enjoyed hearing about what I did. This actually happened, despite how extreme it sounds. Now you can see why I have been arrested 3 times for doing shit like this.