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I knew my wife like trying new sexual experiences. One night we were having sex i brought up the idea of her having sex with another man. As i was pounding her pussy i said pretend this was a hard black cock in your pussy. The more we acted it out she got hornier and hornier. As i said my black meat was ready to explode in her tight pussy,she had a huge orgasm. She squirted so much cum on me my balls and legs were sticky.
After we both had a hot shower together,we sat down for a drink. Tami told me that was the best orgasm she ever had. I brought up the idea of her having sex with a black guy. She resisted at first. She thought that was cheating on me. I said no baby i would be there to watch, and join in later.

I asked Tami if she ever fantasized about having a big black cock in her pussy. She looked at me and smiled.
I had a idea i told Tami i would be right back. When i came back Tami saw i had a blindfold in my hand.

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  I put it over Tami's eyes and sat back on our couch. I told her to give my black cock a blowjob. Tami grabbed my 8in. cock and started licking my hard shaft. She was all over my cock and balls with her mouth. I told her to tell me how much she liked my big black cock in her mouth. Tami said she luved black cock. It felt so big in her mouth. She was bobbing her head on my cock and rubbing my balls. She totally got into it. She told me she wanted my black cock to shoot cum down her throat. I was surprised to hear this. She wansn't into swallowing cum. I grabbed Tami's head and rammed my spurting cock down her throat.
I decided to take it a step further and talk to her like i was black.

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   I wanted to fuck her ass but i knew she wouldn't. In the past when i would bring up anal sex she wouldn't even considered it. I rubbed my cock still dripping with cum over her nipples. I had Tami begging for my cock in her pussy. Still blindfolded she grabbed my still hard cock. She sreamed for me to fuck her. She climbed on to me and guided my cock into her drenched pussy. She was riding my cock like never before. In Tami's mind i was a hard black cock in her pussy. Tami was really talking dirty. Telling me how she liked her pussy filled with black dick. She was taking long fast strokes on my cock. I was sucking her nipples and knew i was ready to explode. Her pussy squeezed my meat. I thrust my cock deep in her cunt and shot my load into her.

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  I never knew Tami was that kinky.
I knew then thats what she needed. For real this time. Part2 coming soon.



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