My Wife Brings a Friend Home From the Bar


I awoke to the sound of the front door slam shut. It was almost 2 am and my wife was just getting home from the bar. She told me she had planned on joining a few friends form work for a few drinks. I was definitely annoyed by had no plans on going downstairs.

The noise of her stumbling around downstairs was keeping me up, along with what she probably thought was a whisper and constant giggling. I was almost back to sleep when I heard a man’s voice coming from downstairs.

“Honey, what are you doing? Is somebody here?” I shouted down to her.

“It’s nothing Hun. Go back to sleep and I’ll be up shortly. ’ She replied followed by muffled laughs. She seemed to be acting even more strange that usual, so I decided to throw on my bathrobe and check it out for myself. I got halfway down the stairs before seeing my wife sitting up against a black guy I assume came home with her from the bar.

“What the hell are you doing bringing home a man from the bar?” I shouted.

“This is Reggie from work. Remember you met him at the Christmas party. ” She reminded me.

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“Ok , so what is he doing here at 2 in the morning?” I questioned her.

“I had too many drinks at the bar so he offered to drive me home. And on the way he realized he is too drunk to drive any further , so I told him he could spend the night. ” She stammered her way through.

“This is ridicules’. Grab you stuff, I’ll drive you home. ” I said.

“No!” She snapped nervously making me a little suspicious.

“I left my car in at the bar. I can’t go home without it. ’ Reggie spoke for her.

“Alright, then he can stay here on the couch for tonight. ” I said.

“Thanks Man” Reggie said smiling.

“Go on upstairs Hun, and I’ll be up in a little while.

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  ” My wife added.

“Why, it’s already 2 in the morning. What are you doing?” I questioned.

“I’m going to stay down here for a while and keep Reggie Company. ” She replied?

“What?” I scoffed?

“Well, he has never been here before and I don’t want to be rude. ” She said nervously.

“Whatever, Keep it down so I can get some sleep. ” I said as I turned to head back upstairs.   Arguing with her after she has been drinking was pointless.   So I gave up and climbed back into bed.

I laid in bed away for a while, but I couldn’t get back to sleep. My wife was still downstairs with Reggie and I didn’t like the idea of them getting all comfortable with each other on the couch with how drunk they are.  She has told me before that he is just a good friend from work, but having been in a similar position; I know he is just waiting for his chance to sleep with her.

“Reggie quit it! He probably isn’t even asleep yet. ” I heard my wife giggling from downstairs.

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   Curious as to what she was talking about, and what he was doing, I quietly got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs to listen in on their conversation.

 “Oh wow! You weren’t kidding!” I heard my wife say sounding very excited.

“This thing is hard as steel!” I heard my wife giggle.

“I knew there was something going on between them!” I thought to myself as I slowly crept down the stairs. I was able to get far enough down the stairs to catch a glimpse of my wife cuddled up next to Reggie on the couch. A blanket was stretched over them, but it was obvious Reggie was hard and my wife had her hand wrapped around his dick.

“Hey Hun, what are you still doing up?” She asked with her hand still around Reggie’s dick.

 “I could hear you talking from upstairs. I know the two of you are fooling around down here. ” I said.

“Hun, nothing is going on, just go back to sleep. “ my wife replied as she slowly withdrew her hand from Reggie’s crotch.

“I heard you talking about ‘how hard it was’ not to mention his cock has been in your hand up until a second ago. ” I said.

“It’s just innocent fun.

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   Reggie told me his dick gets super hard when he’s drunk, and he dared me to feel it. ” She said.

“Are you serious?” I shouted.

“I was curious, I swear, that’s all. ” She replied.

“What were you so curious about?” I asked.

“I wanted to know how big he was, and if he was really that hard. ” She replied.

“I can’t believe you were fondling another man’s dick in our house!” I screamed.

“It was only for a second, it’s not like I made him cum. ” She replied.

“Didn’t make him cum yet you mean? Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t interrupt you. ” I said.

“Nothing, I swear! It’s not going to happen again. Just go back upstairs to bed.

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  ” She explained.

“Yea sure, you sounded way too excited about how hard his dick was. ” I said.

“It was just a surprise. I’ve never felt anything so big or so hard before. ” She said trying to hold back a smile.

“Yea, there is no way I’m leaving you alone with that. ” I said before stretching out on the couch against the wall. I tried to stay awake to keep an eye on my wife, but didn’t last more than 18 or 18 minutes.  


“Oh my god, your dick is so big!” I heard followed closely by a deep moan from Reggie.

I could not believe my wife was jerking this guy off with me on the couch few feet away. I continued to lay as still as possible, pretending to sleep, doing everything in my power to control my rage.

I cracked open one eye to see my wife stroking Reggie’s cock with both hands.   She could barely wrap her fingers all the way around his thick shaft as she worked her hands up and down Reggie’s enormous cock.

“I can’t believe I’m jerking you off!” My wife whispered to Reggie as she looked up at him smiling ear to ear.

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   Watching my wife handle his huge black dick with such enthusiasm was turning me on.

“I’ve been waiting long time for this to happen. ” Reggie confessed, confirming my natural suspicion.

“Well, then I guess it’s your lucky night. ” My wife said seductively as she continued to stroke Reggie’s big black cock.

“If that’s the case why don’t you put my dick in your mouth?” Reggie said looking down to my wife. Hearing Reggie ask my wife to suck his dick made my blood boil. There is no way my wife would do that, I thought to myself seeing the look of shock on her face.

“I can’t believe you would ask me that Reggie!” She scoffed.

“Come on girl. You’re already jerking me off, so you might as well suck my dick. ” She remained silent working her hands up and down the shaft of Reggie’s dick as their eyes locked.

“It’s bad enough we’ve gone this far! I don’t want to get caught sucking you off. ” My wife replied putting me somewhat at ease.

“Come on girl.

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   Besides if you use your mouth it’ll make me cum faster anyway. ” Reggie persisted.

“Who says I want you to cum so fast?” She said smiling deviously as she continued sliding her hands up and down his cock. “I’m enjoying the feeling of your rock hard dick in my hands. ” She added.

“Damn, you’re killing me! I want to feel your lips on my cock so bad!” Reggie sighed. I watched as my wife looked him in the eyes for a moment before lowering her head into his lap. She opened her mouth and wrapped her plump lips around the tip of Reggie’s dick.

“Fuck yea girl!” Reggie moaned.                

“You mean like that?” My wife said letting Reggie’s cock slide from between her lips.

“Put that dick back in your mouth. ” Reggie commanded. Without hesitation my wife slid off of the couch down onto her knees in front of Reggie and crawled between his legs. She gripped Reggie’s cock sliding both of her hands up and down his long thick shaft only inches away from her face. I watched as my wife looked Reggie right in the eyes as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

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   Her full luscious lips closed around Reggie’s cock as she gently sucked on the head of his dick.

Watching my wife, on her knees, sucking another man’s dick made my blood boil with rage. As angry as I was I managed to keep my composure appearing to still be sleeping quietly. I continued to watch my wife suck Reggie’s big black cock, slowly sucking inch after inch into her mouth. My dick grew hard at the site of Reggie’s huge black dick sliding in and out of my wife’s mouth.

“Damn girl! Suck that dick!” Reggie moaned pushing his dick deeper into my wife’s open mouth. Her lips stretched tightly around his shaft as Reggie pushed his thick black cock further into her mouth. I felt my dick throb hearing my wife gag on the head of Reggie’s dick as he pushed it down the back of her throat. I’ve never been more turned on as I watched my wife choking on a huge black dick being forced down her throat.

“Oh wow!” My wife gasped, pulling Reggie’s cock from her mouth to catch her breath. She stared at his huge dick glistening with her saliva as if she were in a trance, while her hand slid up and down the shaft of his cock.

“Damn girl! You can suck a dick!” Reggie said.

“I love sucking on your big hard dick. ” My wife moaned before taking Reggie’s huge cock into her mouth once again.

“Yea, you like how that thick black dick feels down your throat?” Reggie asked.

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“I love jamming your big black dick down the back of my throat. ” She moaned before taking Reggie’s thick black cock all the way down her throat. My grew dick was so hard I could feel it throbbing in my shorts as I listened to how much my wife enjoyed sucking big black cock.

Reggie grabbed my wife’s head with both hands holding it still as he pumped his hips forcing his long black dick deep into her mouth hitting the back of her throat. I watched as my wife struggled to breathe while a big throbbing black cock was being jammed down her throat.

“Oh fuck yea baby!” Reggie groaned as he pumped his hips faster and harder shoving his dick down my wife’s throat.   She kept her lips wrapped tight around the shaft of his thick cock as it slid down her throat.

“Take this dick all the way down your throat. ” Reggie demanded pulling her head down, holding it as he pushed his huge black dick down my wife’s throat. His massive cock disappeared into my wife’s mouth  as he pushed it as deep into her throat as he could.

“Fuck yea, swallow that cock. ” Reggie moaned holding my wife’s head keeping his hard cock deep down the back of her throat. Listening  to my wife slurping on the shaft his cock drove me wild. Without warning Reggie’s hips thrusted upward shoving the final inch of his dick into her mouth.   My wife gagged as Reggie forced the head of his swollen cock deeper into her mouth until it filled her throat.

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“Yea bitch! Keep my dick all the way down your throat!” Reggie moaned. My wife continued gagging and choking on Reggie’s cock until her face turned bright red.

Reggie loosened his grip allowing her head to break free.

“Uhhgg” She gasped lifting her head to release Reggie’s cock from her throat.

“Damn you look good with my dick jammed all in your throat. ” Reggie said as My wife struggled to catch her breath.

“Now get back on that dick. ” Reggie commanded.   A moment later My wife took Reggie’s huge black cock back into her mouth. As  she started sucking she could feel Reggie’s thick cock throbbing  deep in her throat. The feeling of a huge rock hard black dick throbbing deep in her throat drove her wild with excitement. Reggie moaned as my wife’s head bobbed up and down on his cock sucking as hard as she could.

“Fuck yea baby! Suck that dick!” He moaned as  she sucked his cock deep into her throat. My wife wrapped both of her hands around the shaft of his cock stroking him as she sucked harder and faster.

“I’m gonna fuck your throat” Reggie said taking her head back in his hands.


    He held tightly as she began to pump his hips shoving his dick deep into my wife’s throat.   Hearing Reggie announce he was going to fuck my wife’s throat was so hot and made my dick so hard I had to do something about it. I quietly unzipped my pants  took out my throbbing hard dick and started jerking off as I watched Reggie fucking my wife’s throat with his huge black cock. My wife slurped and gagged as Reggie pumped his cock in and out of her throat. The sound of my wife gagging on his cock turned me on as I stroked my dick harder and faster watching her suck on a huge black dick.

“You like watching me fuck your wife’s throat. ” Reggie asked smiling at me.

“Wha . ” My wife gasped pulling away for a second before Reggie grabbed her head forcing her back down on his cock. She struggled trying to get free once again, but Reggie held her tight as he continued to fuck her throat.

“I love watching your huge black cock sliding in and out of my wife’s mouth. ” I said stroking my dick harder.  My wife attempted to break free of Reggie’s grip once again to no avail. Watching my wife struggle to get free while Reggie continues to fuck her throat with his huge black cock pushes me closer to the edge, as I stroke my dick faster and harder.  

“I’m about to bust a nut in your wife’s mouth.

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  ” Reggie moaned as he continued fucking my wife’s throat deeper and harder.

“Mmmmmm yea!”  My wife moaned in excitement as she felt Reggie’s thick black cock beginning to throb deep in her throat.  I watched my wife’s lips stretched tightly around the shaft of Reggie’s thick black cock as it slid in and out of her mouth.

“You want me cum in your wife’s mouth?” Reggie asked steadily pumping his dick deeper into my wife’s throat.

“Yes. Cum in her filthy mouth. ”  I replied stroking my dick as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Reggie groaned as he fucked her mouth. He buried the head of his cock deep down the back of my wife’s throat as he started to cum. Reggie’s thick black cock throbbed wildly as he began shooting his cum into her mouth. I watched as my wife’s cheeks swelled as the filled with Reggie’s cum.

“Oh wow that is so fucking sexy!” I moaned as I watched Reggie’s cum leak from between my wife’s lips back on to his cock. I have never been so turned on by anything my wife has done. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter I heard my wife gulp as she swallowed a huge mouthful of Reggie’s cum.

“Swallow that cum slut!” My wife pulled his cock from her mouth for a moment to breath as Reggie grunted shooting a thick stream of cum across her face, followed by another down her cheek before she could get it back in her mouth.

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   He pumped the last of his load down her  filthy throat. It was painfully obvious my wife adored sucking Reggie’s big black cock almost as much as she loved swallowing his load. She continued to suck every last drop of cum from his cock.

“Mmm wow that was incredible!” My wife exclaimed wiping a drop of cum from her lips.

“Oh shit, Baby!” She squealed turning her head toward me with a scared look on her face.

“I’m so sorry! I never meant for that to happen. I just couldn’t help myself. ” She pleaded.

“Get over here and suck my dick, I’m about to cum. ” I commanded. My wife quickly crawled over and knelt between my legs. I felt her warm sticky lips wrap around my cock as I looked down to see her face dripping with cum.

“Oh fuck yes! Take my load you cum whore!”  I exploded shooting my load down the back of her throat. Seeing another man’s cum dripping down my wife’s face made me cum harder than ever as I emptied my balls in to my wife’s filthy mouth.



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