My Wife and Her Best Friend Lay a Trap...


My wife's best friend, Jenn, is a sweet, open and sexy woman with beautiful eyes and mouth. I have appreciated her compact body from "afar" on many occasions, but last night, I got a whole new perspective, up close and personal. . .

Jenn lives out of state with her husband, Greg. Greg is a good enough guy, but he, apparently, has a very low sex drive; a bit of information I recently picked up when I overhead a telephone conversation between J and Jenn. Of course, I couldn't hear Jenn's comments, but I deduced Greg's unfortunate condition based upon what June was saying to her gal-pal over the phone.

As I recall, the conversation went something like this. . .

"Oh, honey," I heard June say, "I'm so sorry! When was the last time?" J paused to listen to Jenn on the other end of the line. "NO! How terrible! Scott and I do it two or three times a week, at least. I'm not sure what I'd do if we didn't have sex for over a month!"

When I heard this, my ears perked up. I was in the front room, fiddling on the computer; J was in the kitchen. I wasn't sure if she knew I was close by, since I had been up in the office doing some legal writing for work.

"Really?” “No, Scott is always up for it.

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   His stamina is amazing! He'll usually make me cum two or three times before he finishes; then, he's ready to take me on again after just a little while. . . " Hearing that, I knew she didn't realize that I was in the next room listening.

"Greg's how big? You're kidding, right? Is that enough to satisfy you? I didn't think so. . . No, I don't have that problem at all; Scott's is a nice size. He's not huge, but he's at least 7 1/2 inches, and he always gets really nice and hard. " At this point I was hanging on every word and I felt myself "rising to the occasion!" I couldn't believe that J was sharing such intimate information with Jenn, and neither could my cock. . . it was hard!

"What? You want to what? . . .

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   Girl!You are wicked! . . . I don't know, we've never discussed it; but come to think of it, I've noticed Scott checking out your ass, before. Yes, it sounds kinda fun. . . maybe; maybe. . . let me think about it. You know, we always were good at sharing, maybe sharing Scott would be just what you need!"

Suddenly, Jenn's nicely rounded ass came unbidden into my mind. I had seen her in a bathing suit many times, and she always looked tight and sexy in it. I had fantasized about fucking her many times, and my mouth started to water. "What would her pussy taste like," I thought; "anything like J's?" I was fired up!

J's voice interrupted my decadent thoughts about pounding her best friend's firm ass.

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   "OK, I've thought about it;" she said, "let's do it. " There was a pause while J listened. "No, I won't tell him a word! I'll figure a way to get you here and then we'll spring it on him, OK? It'll be our little secret until then. I think that he might be shocked, a bit, but I also think he'll be more than willing to satisfy all your needs. ”J paused to listen again. “No, I could never be jealous of my best friend; it'll be a kick watching the two of you go at it!”“Tell you what; I’ve just got to be there to see him fuck you, then, once he's done with you, wouldn’t you like to watch him satisfy me?" There was another pause while J listened to Jen's reply. J laughed at whatever Jenn said. “Yes, sweetie; it’ll be really hot sharing Scotty with you; in fact, ever since we were girls I’ve thought about what it would be like to make love with you; maybe you’d like to live out that fantasy with me?” . . . “You would?” “Damn, girl, you’re making my pussy wet just thinking about it!”“I can hardly wait!”“What? No, he can’t hear us; he's up in the office writing a brief for work. He won't suspect a thing!"

There was another pause and then I heard J say: "OK, baby-doll, let’s talk soon. You start getting ready for my hubby's cock, and maybe my tongue! You know we'll do you right and help you forget about Greg and his tiny cock for a while!"

Quick as I could, while being as quiet and sneaky as possible, I tiptoed to the stairs and then started making a bunch of "coming down the stairs" noise.

"Baby," I yelled in my most innocent voice, "where are you?"

"In the kitchen!" I heard J yell back at me. "I'm just getting off the phone with Jenn!"

"Oh, say hi, and send her my love!" I said, as I came into the kitchen.

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   "Scott says "hi" and that he loves you, sweetie! Let's see how much!" J hung up the phone and looked up at me. I put on my most quizzical face and cocked my head to one side. "What was that all about?" I inquired. "You know that I love Jenn like a sister. " I told my little white lie with a straight face, hoping that J wouldn't notice that I still had a raging hard-on.

"Oh, I know, silly," said J, "Jenn's just feeling a little bit down and needs a bit of cheering up, that's all. Greg hasn't been giving her the attention she needs. "

I saw my opportunity and I took it. J and I have been planning a little vacation together for a bit later in the month, but we needed a dog-sitter for our two basset hounds. Finding a sitter that we could trust with our "babies" was proving to be a bit of a problem. Neither J nor I wanted to kennel them; it just wasn't what we wanted for our girls. This was a perfect opening. "Jenn needs cheering up?" I asked. "How about she comes out here and sits for the girls while we go on vacation? We could fly her out a few days early and wine and dine her a bit before we leave. Do you think that might cheer her up?"

J looked at me with narrowed eyes for a second or two and I thought that maybe I had overplayed my hand a bit.

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   But in a second or two, J's face lit up and she cried: "What a great idea! I think I'll call her right back and work out the details!"

"Great," I said, and hightailed it out of the kitchen into the backyard with the dogs on my heal. I bent over and called to them, “Let’s go, girls;” doing my best to prevent J from seeing the tell-tale bulge in my Levis.


J set up Jenn's travel arrangements to have her come out about a week before we were scheduled to leave on vacation. J picked up Jenn at the airport the night before last, while I was at work. It was an uneventful evening and since I had to go to work early the next morning (my normal day off), I went to bed around 10:00 p. m. J and Jenn sat up and talked like two sisters might after not seeing each other for months . . . ; or maybe they were just discussing how they were going to spring their "trap” on me!

I took off for work before the girls were up in the morning. I put in a full day at the office, finishing up the brief that I had started at home the day before. I left my office in The City about 4:00 p. m. and caught the next BART train to the East Bay. I arrived at the Concord station about 5:00 and was home by 5:15.

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When I got home, J and Jenn met me at the door. They were both wearing cute sun dresses, since it had been a warm day. J said to me: "How do we look? We dressed up special for you!"

"You ladies look good enough to eat," I joked. . . Jenn blushed and smiled at me.

"Jenn and I decided that we want you . . . to BBQ tonight. " She said it just like that, with a pause after "we want you. "I chuckled a little to myself about how J was playing this set-up for all that it was worth.

I noticed that both the girls were looking at me with strange little smiles on their faces. They were standing near me, arm and arm as best girls friends are want to do on occasion. J is a bit shorter than Jenn and her tits are fuller.

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   Both the girl's sun dresses flattered their figures. Jenn's dress was short and her long, slender legs flowed up into the cutest little ass you could imagine. J is dark-haired with blue eyes and Jenn is blond with blue-green eyes. Their faces are both sweet, with a bit of sassiness thrown in. Standing next to each other, as they were, I could really appreciate how beautiful they both were, similar, but different enough in build and looks that I was really intrigued with the thought of slipping off their clothes and comparing them again, when they were naked.

When the two of them saw me look them over, they exchanged what I would describe as "knowing looks" between themselves. My heart skipped a beat and I thought to myself: "They want this to happen tonight!" I decided to play along, a bit. "Sure, honey," I teased with a smile and a little wink. "You know that I'm UP . . . to BBQ anytime. " I emphasized "UP" and paused for a second or two before concluding my sentence. I could see Jenn give J's arm a quick squeeze while the girlfriends exchanged another conspiratorial glance.

"What are you girls in the mood for?" I said.

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   They both laughed and Jenn quickly replied: "J said she'd leave it up to you to choose what you wanted to share with me. "

"What an excellent idea. " I said with a smile. I let Jenn see me pass my eyes slowly over her trim, sexy body, top to bottom and back, and said: "I'll whip out my . . . best steak for you, and make sure that it's hot and delectable! How's that sound?"

"Jenn's fingers were intertwined with J's and I could see a bit of color creep out from under Jenn's low cut sun dress and lazily spread up her throat. Jenn tilted her head and looked me in the eye. "I'm looking forward to eating every bit of what you've got to offer!"

"Me too!" J chimed in. The two girlfriends grinned at each other, did a little courtesy to me, and flounced out into the back yard, hand in hand.

I grabbed three wine glasses out of the cupboard and uncorked a great Argentinean Malbec. Using the special aerator that J got me on our last trip to our favorite winery, I poured an inch or two of the dark red liquid into each glass. Armed with the wine, I followed the ladies out the French doors to our back yard patio.

"It's five o'clock somewhere!" I joked, coming out the door. "Do you ladies want a glass of wine?"

The ladies were sitting close together at the patio table.

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   Both J and Jenn looked at me and smiled. "Yes!" They both said, flashing sunny smiles at me. I sat down next to Jenn and passed out the glasses of wine. We all said "cheers!" and clinked glasses. The wine was smooth, full bodied, with a hint of blackberry and plum and just a bit of bite on the tongue from the somewhat earthy tannins. It was perfect.

We sat there and chatted while we enjoyed the wine. I listened as two friends reminisced about growing up in San Francisco. I could feel the sexual tension start to grow when the ladies started talking about their first sexual experiences. I knew that it was going to be a perfect evening . . . leading to a perfect fuck-fest!

J grabbed Jenn's arm and said: "Do you remember the time when you and I were about sixteen and got caught by my mother when we were in my bedroom experimenting together?" I leaned close to Jenn, and feigning shock said; "You BAD girls! Tell me everything!"

Jenn's eyes sparkled as she leaned over closer to me, the neckline of her sun dress exposing a fair amount of her perky breasts to my hungry eyes. "You know, Scott, if you want to hear that story, you'll have to give me a kiss, first! I don't tell that story for free!" I sat back in my chair and said with a bit of a frown on my face, "Well, if J says it's OK. " I pretended to peek around Jenn's head at J.

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   J was sitting back in her chair with her sun dress hiked up high on her thighs. I could see that she wasn't wearing any panties and her cute, little, well-trimmed pussy was clearly visible. She really looked hot, and at that moment, I just wanted to grab my wife and fuck her right there in the backyard; but then I took another look down Jenn's sun dress at her sweet, perky breasts and knew that I was going to have both these hot women before the night was out, and I wanted to start with Jenn!

J smiled at me and let her hand drop down in her lap. She pulled her dress up a bit higher and brushed her fingers across her pouting little pussy. I watched her hand, fascinated as the French-manicured nail of her ring finger slid between her outer labia and she began to rotate the tip of her finger in an orbit around her glistening clit. J saw where I was staring, licked her lips and said, "Go ahead, she'll just keep bugging you until you do, and I want to hear her tell this story to you!"

J stopped rubbing her clit and got up out of her chair. She lifted her hand to her lips and gently sucked on the finger that had just been rubbing her clit, obviously savoring the taste of her own juices. J slowly came around to stand near both of us. She pushed me a bit and said: "Slide your chair closer to Jenn, big boy!" I did as she asked. She then took my hand and guided it to her best friend's face.

"Go ahead; I want to see you kiss her. "

Still playing along and pretending that I had no idea where this was heading, I leaned over and planted what I hopped would look like a "brotherly" peck on Jen’s lips. Jenn grabbed my face with both hands, and before I knew it, she was sliding her tongue between my lips. My cock stood to attention and I felt J's hand slide lovingly down my back. Then, while Jenn's tongue was in my mouth, probing my tongue, I felt J lean close to my ear.


   "Do you want to fuck my best friend, Scotty? I know she wants to fuck you!" My heart was racing as my hands found their own way to Jenn's tits. I touched them very gently and I could feel Jenn draw in a deep breath as she felt my hands beginning to explore her.

I stood up, pulling Jenn up with me. I pulled her close to me and pressed my straining cock hard against the flimsy fabric of her sun dress. She certainly felt my hard cock against her flat stomach and she buried her tongue deep into my mouth! I came up for air and looked at J. She was standing there with one hand on my ass, and the other pressing against Jenn's back, helping Jenn crush her body up against my engorged dick.

J caught my eye and smiled. "You two look hot together! I can't wait to watch you fuck my girl, Scotty!" She grabbed my hand and Jenn's hand. "Let's go up to the bedroom!" I smiled and said: "you ladies planned this, didn't you?" Jenn looked pleased with herself, and glanced at J. "Yes, we planned it together. Do you want to fuck me Scotty?"

I laughed and grabbed one cheek of Jenn's succulent ass with my free hand. I could feel through the fabric that she, too, wasn't wearing any panties. My heart skipped a beat as I thought about taking her sun dress off and getting my first look at what was sure to be a totally fuck-able pussy. I wondered if she would have a full bush or would be trimmed like J. "Sweetheart" I said, "you are about to receive the pounding of your life!" Jenn turned red but continued to look me in the eye.

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   "I can't wait to get a hold of your cock, Scotty!" She took her free hand and rubbed it against the very prominent bulge in my Levis. "You feel good enough to eat!" Jenn cried. "Let's go!" I released her beautiful ass, and taking each of the ladies by the hand, I marched them into the house and up the stairs to our master bedroom.

J and I have a big, California King bed; definitely big enough for the three of us to romp on. Our two basset hounds followed us up the steps, but I looked at them and said: "No, you girls have to stay out in the hall; daddy's going to fuck your mommy and your auntie!" The ladies laughed and I closed the door on my dogs’ curious noses.


Once in our bedroom, I grabbed Jenn from behind, wrapping my arms around her and sliding my hands over her perky little breasts. Each one nestled snugly in the cupped palm of my hands. I could feel her nipples perking up and straining against her sun dress. I pinched them both, gently and nibbled on the back of her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips. Clearly, she was ready for what I wanted to do to her. I felt J's arms slide around me from behind; I felt her firm, full breasts pushing against my back. I was between two beautiful, willing women and the feeling was nearly indescribable.

J slid her hands down my sides and around my waist. I felt her unbuckle my belt, and unbutton the top button on my Levis.

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   I gave Jenn's nipples another pinch, marveling at how they felt bigger, and stuck out further than J's. I stopped my ministrations to Jenn's neck and said to J. "Don't you think that Jenn should do the honors?" I felt J's hands stop on the second button of the fly of my Levis.

"Oh . . . I guess you're right, sweetie,” J conceded reluctantly: “Jenn, turn around and strip off my hubby's jeans. I think you'll be pleased by what you see!"

Jenn wiggled in my arms with excitement and quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked me in the eyes and said; "Oh, Scotty! I've wanted to do this for so long. I've craved the thought of touching you this way!" She turned her face up to me and pulled my willing lips down to hers. I felt them soft on mine and opened them up to receive Jenn's probing tongue. She tasted sweet! I felt J's hands start to unbutton the second button on my fly and pulled away from that warm and wiling mouth.

"Hey," I said to J, "don't spoil it for Jenn!" J laughed and said, "OK, if I can't take your jeans off, I'll take my dress off while Jenn unleashes what you've got between your legs!"

Immediately Jenn dropped to her knees and raised her hands to my fly. My cock was a very noticeable bulge, straining to be set free. I could see that Jenn's hands were shaking as she unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on my fly.

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   She pulled my jeans down and I heard her gasp just a bit. My cock was standing straight up, hard and proud, but shrouded in my boxers. Jenn caressed my rock-hard dick through the fabric of my shorts and literally purred, deep in her throat. "Oh, J,” Jenn moaned. “Scotty's cock is just waiting for us!

J walked into my view from behind me. She was nude and strutting! Her beautiful, full breasts bounced and swayed as she came into view and I could see that she had her favorite dildo in one hand as she trailed her free hand along my arm and then on to Jenn's head. "Go on, Jenn," she said, slowly twisting her fingers in Jenn's hair, "pull those boxers off and take a look at the most beautiful cock you'll ever see!"

Jenn slid her hands up the sides of my legs and settled on the band of my boxers. I was breathing hard and staring down at Jenn's beautiful blue-green eyes. Jenn slowly started to slip my boxers off, but hit a road block when my massive erection prevented the elastic band from sliding effortlessly down my body. Jenn quickly pulled the band away from my body and my cock sprung free in all its glory. Jenn's eyes flew open and she licked her lips. I could tell that she liked what she saw. Like J told her on the phone, I'm not huge, but I'm solid. I'm a good seven and a half inches long and nearly five inches in circumference, and I was really hard! My ball sack swung free and loose between my legs and was hair-free. I've been shaving my balls for years and had recently started shaving all the hair off my pubic area.

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   J really loved it and I was hoping that Jenn would too.

I smiled into Jenn's eyes and said; "Well, what do you think?" Nearly of their own volition, Jenn's hands reached for my balls and started caressing them.

"Ohh, Scotty! I love how your balls feel in my hands. Greg's balls are all harry and gross!" She looked up and me, then she looked over her shoulder at J and said: "Can I suck them J?"

J chuckled and said: "This first part is all for you, girlfriend! You get first dibs on his balls AND his cock!" Jenn turned back to me and slid one hand onto the shaft of my rigid cock and gently started to stroke it. J said; "Jenn, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!" "Scotty loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I'm sure that he'll want to do the same with you. "

Reluctantly Jenn got up off her knees and grabbed the hem of her sun dress. She looked me in the eye and said; "I hope you'll like what's underneath this dress!"

I laughed and said, "Jenny, I have secretly wanted to fuck you for years! I love the shape of your ass in jeans, and I have always enjoyed seeing you in that sexy bikini of yours; I know that I will love what's underneath that dress!"

With that, Jenn pulled the dress up over her head, exposing her pussy and then her tits to my hungry eyes. Jenn's little pussy was clean-shaved! She looked absolutely gorgeous! Her tits were perky and her nipples were exactly like I had pictured them in my mind while pinching them. They were big and dark, sticking out proud and true, more than a quarter inch from the swell of her breast. I could not help myself and I sucked first one and then the other nipple into my mouth, while gently squeezing her breasts, each one nestled in one of my hands.

I felt J's hand gently run down my spine; then I felt J slide her dildo up and down to my ass crack, lingering there and gently tickling my ass as she kissed my back. It was an interesting feeling and I wiggled my ass a bit against the dildo as I continued to kiss and suck on Jenn’s nipples. Jenn moaned and rocked back to give my mouth a better angle to suck her nipples, and before I knew it, we had all tumbled ass over teakettle on to the bed, which luckily, Jenn was standing right in front of. I landed on Jenn and my cock shot between her legs. I felt the tip of my penis penetrate the outer lips of Jenn's shaven pussy! Heaven! I went with the flow and drove my cock to the hilt into her juicy little pussy and heard Jenn scream with delight! It was glorious!

J tumbled down with us on to the bed and saw me make my first thrust into Jenn.

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   I looked at my wife and said; "I just shoved my cock into your best friend's pussy, and I like it!" J's face lit up and she grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Wow," she exclaimed, "you don't waste time, do you, you stud!" She propped herself up on an elbow and I saw her beautiful tits slip over and hang in her girlfriend's face. "Well," she said to Jenn, "how's my Scotty's cock feel?"

"Wonderful," moaned Jenn. "His cock is so much bigger, fatter, and stronger than Greg's. " "I'm already hooked on being fucked by it, and I haven't even been properly fucked yet!"

J looked at me and said; "Well, Scotty, beam her up! Let's see you work that tool like I know you can. "

I looked back at my wife, smiled and said;"Thank you honey! I promise to fuck Jenn until she begs me to do it some more, and when she is completely exhausted and can't fuck me anymore, I'll start on you! How's that sound?" "Exactly what I wanted to hear you say," J cried.

I bent to my task and started to slowly stroke my cock in and out of Jenn's willing pussy. I could feel her juices flowing, hot and sweet. With each thrust Jenn yelped and arched her back. It was lovely! Her eyes looked at me and I felt her hips start to buck and twitch; exactly like J's do as she is cumming. Jenn started to cry out in a long and lovely moan that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! I knew that I was hooked on fucking Jenn, just like she was hooked on being fucked by me.

I slammed my penis deep into her cunt and felt her pussy clamp down on my hard cock. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close. I kissed her on the mouth and felt her tongue slip into my mouth. I gently sucked on it as her hips bucked against my pelvis.

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   She wrapped her long legs around my ass and pulled my dick deeper inside her. She went taut all over and threw her head back and screamed; "OH GOD, YES, Fuck me Scotty! Fuck my pussy! I'm CUMMING!!!" I slammed my cock back and forth again and again until I could see that she was getting close to cumming for the third time!

"Jenny, I love fucking you," I whispered to her, "cum for me again!" She obliged me and I felt a gush of warm pussy juice shoot past my cock and balls. Jenn screamed again and slumped back, breathing hard. "Oh, God, Scotty, that was fantastic!"

"You're not done yet, hon," J said. "Scotty's just getting started, aren't you baby?"

I pulled my still hard dick out of Jenn's pussy. It was dripping with her pussy juices. "You know me too well, sweetheart," I said. "Come here and get a taste of your gal-pal!" J slithered down Jenn's hard body, kissing her tits on the way down. Jenn moaned as J’s lips caressed her tits. It was totally hot seeing J suck Jenn’s nipples, and Jenn clearly loved having her tits sucked by J.

J gave each of Jenn’s tits a little nibble and then glided down to my cock and grabbed my balls. She drew my cock into her mouth and gently sucked me clean of her best friend's girl-cum. "Wow, Jenn,” J sighed, “you taste wonderful mixed with my husband's cock!I can't wait to suck your pussy after he's cum in it! It will be heavenly!”

Jenn had been lustfully watching J suck my cock and then said; "Hey, no fair, I thought I got first dibs on his cock!"

"You're right, Jenny," I said. "Here, let me give you the same experience. "

I spread Jenn's legs and buried my cock up to my balls into her beautiful, bare pussy.

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   Jenn gasped and started moving her hips in time to my thrusts.

"OH. . . MY. . . GOD!" she exclaimed! "Your cock feels so good; give it to me some more!"

I continued to thrust and thrust into her willing pussy, shoving her closer and closer to another climax. Suddenly, she exploded again! I could feel her contractions on my cock and felt her shoot some more girl-cum onto my cock. "Shit!" I yelled! “FUCK! You are so hot, Jenn. I want to keep fucking you all night!”

"NO WAY!!!" shouted J. "I'm next, and don’t you forget it!"

While I continued to pound Jenny’s sweet pussy, I watched J expertly squeeze Jenn's breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier. God! Too hot to handle! I quickly pulled my throbbing dick out of Jenn's pussy and slid up her body to present her with the head of my cock.

"Here you go, Jenny," I said. “Do you want to suck my cock clean like J did?”

Jenn's pretty, little lips parted and I shoved my cock into her warm and waiting mouth.

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   She started to suck and lick my cock and balls while smiling at me with her beautiful eyes. I thrust my cock deep into Jenn’s sweet mouth and she reached up and grabbed my balls with one hand and the base of my cock with the other. Jenny proceeded to "blow my mind!" J was a good cock sucker, but Jenn was miles above her in technique.

“Jenny," I panted, "where did you learn to do that, and why didn't you ever teach J your tricks?" Jenny pulled my cock out of her mouth, smiled, winked and said: "Scotty, J doesn't have a cock for me to show her how it's done!" Her eyes sparkled with her own joke.

J pushed her bottom lip out in a pretty little pout and mock-slapped at Jenn’s ass. "If Scotty says your better than me, then you must be better than me!" J said. "But I can learn! I'm watching every move you make, sister!"

Jenn greedily guided my cock back into her mouth, then sucked it clean! She worked my dick and balls over so well that she made my balls ache to shoot my load, but I wanted to hold off and pleasure her some more. Jenn had other plans and was in complete control of the situation. Clearly she was even better at giving head than I thought, because before I knew it, I was really thrusting into her willing mouth with abandon. Her little fingers were wrapped around my balls, squeezing and kneading them in the most delightful way. I absolutely exploded into her waiting, warm mouth. I saw Jenn's eyes roll back as her eyelids closed in ecstasy. I could see and feel her swallowing my seed down in eager gulps!

"Hey, save some for me," J cried!

Jenn opened her eyes and smiled at J. I pulled my drained cock from Jenn’s mouth and she opened her mouth wide. J and I could see a pool of my creamy-white cum still on Jenny’s tongue.

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   J leaned over and eagerly kissed her beautiful girlfriend on the lips.

My poor, well-sucked cock jumped at the stimulation of seeing these two, hot ladies passionately kissing, and obviously sharing my cum. I could not believe my eyes as my limp cock started to rise while the girls were lip locked in that lovely, intimate kiss.

J gently separated her lips from Jenn’s, leaned back and opened her mouth for me to see. There, in her mouth sat that same glistening pool of my hot cum; twice kissed now, once from my cock, and once from Jenn's mouth.

J grinned and swallowed. She licked her lips and exclaimed:

"Delish! Jenny, let's get some more!"