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A Cheating Story in 3 Acts. Prelude-------After the new year party, we went back to Katrina's place to sleep. Katrina is a friend of my (2nd) wife. She's a highschool art teacher, aged 38, 3 years older than me, with grown children - she married young - and a long-gone ex-husband. She's very tall, slim, and elegant, with waist-length auburn hair turning grey, usually kept plaited into a bulky rope.   She lived in the country, an hour from the nearest city and three from my home.   My wife had known her for years, and so, indirectly, had I, though we'd never exchanged anything more than polite smalltalk. My wife had gone to bed. Katrina was sitting in the narrow hallway, on a stool at the writing desk that doubles as a dresser, brushing out her amazingly long hair. Returning from the kitchen with a glass of water, I had to squeeze past her. I paused to say a friendly goodnight-and-happy-new-year, and instead of turning she looked up and back over her shoulder at me.   Seeing her face upside down was like seeing her for the first time. She suddenly looked very kissable.   I figured I could get away with a Happy New Year Kiss.   Lucky me, it turned out to be a whole lot more than the quick peck I'd expected, but a long lingering kiss on the lips. As I realised she wasn't breaking off the kiss, her lips parted a little and I found her tongue.

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   My cock lurched. As we probed each other's tongues, she draped her raised arms about my neck, and I brought my hands round her body and settled them on her breasts.   Hard to see shape under her baggy winter sweater, but they felt comfortable and firm, and not at all small.   She wasn't wearing a bra, and the feeling of kissing her and holding her breasts was a sensation I hadn't enjoyed for an age.   My wife had for some time been indifferent to sex - not refusing, but not participating either - and we'd fallen into a rut.   She always went to bed first, and when I joined her I'd just lube up my cock with saliva, slip into her from behind and use her cunt to wank myself off while she ignored me and pretended to be asleep.   Five minutes after breaking off that wonderful unexpected kiss with Katrina, that's exactly what I was doing. As I silently shot my cum into my wife's uninterested cunt I was reliving that kiss, imagining I was fucking Katrina, and plotting how to make it happen. Act One-------As soon as I reached home the next day, I phoned her.   On the strength of that one kiss, we both knew that we had to fuck, and the sooner the better.   It took a couple of weeks to set up a (ficticious) work assignment to the city nearest Katrina's home. The days dragged by until at last, I rose early and set off by train for my "assignment". When I arrived, she was there already, warmly dressed in long coat and woolen hat, looking exactly like the schoolteacher she was.   We greeted rather shyly, and asked each other simultaneously "are you nervous".   Agreeing that we were, we headed for the nearest bar and quickly knocked back a couple of shots of whiskey, no matter that it was only mid-morning.

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    We both knew the plan - (Go to a Motel and Fuck All Afternoon) - but we were both in a high state of anticipation as it unfolded, thru a taxi ride that we spent necking like teenagers, past the business at reception, and finally locking the world away on the other side of the motel room door. We looked at each other then, fellow conspirators, stealing pleasure. Hearts thumping, we embraced urgently, kissing and caressing. She's taller than me by just a little, and standing up holding her meant it was easy to press my dick against her pubes, and we kept our groins pressed together as we leaned our upper bodies back, the better to pull off each other's clothes. Being winter, there were a lot of clothes, and they seemed to take forever to shed.   When we were finally both naked we fell onto the bed, groping and laughing and I plunged straight away into her pussy.   She had 3 grown children, and a pussy that was quite loose, though hot and wet as we fucked for the very first time, pounding away at each other to release ages of pent up frustrations.   She'd not had a decent fuck for years, and I'd been a faithful husband for far too long.  Our first fuck was clumsy and quick - we kept banging our pubic bones together so hard it hurt - but she managed to orgasm pretty quickly, and when she did it sent me over the edge too, squirting into her while she was still thrashing under me.   Once over the first urgency, we took our time to get our breath back before starting a slow, almost systematic, investigation of each other's bodies and their pleasure centers.   She had a long body and limbs, without an extra ounce of fat or flab, long fingers and toes, medium-full sag-free breasts with big firm nipples standing proud from their deep brown discs.   I like to eat pussy, and she had a pussy that needed some serious eating, with big loose lips and a surprisingly prominent clitoris, nestling like the head of a tiny dick at the front of her slit. Seeing - and tasting - the mixture of our juices trickling out onto the sheet soon had my cock growing again. As soon as she noticed it stiffen, Katrina moved to straddle me and lower herself onto it, and this time she set the pace until she'd reached orgasm, then we rolled over until I was on top, and she lay relaxed under me as I set my own rhythm and took my own pleasure without holding back until my balls unloaded another dose of cum to add to the slimy mix of sex fluids oozing down her crack. After that we lay alongside each other, in 69 position, my head resting on her thigh and hers on mine.

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    She was holding my sleeping cock, watching it, and giving small, gentle licks and kisses.   I was watching her pussy, holding her lips apart with my fingers, running my tongue all the way from her clit to her butthole and back.   Finally my cock began to waken again, and I felt the warmth of her mouth enclose it as she sucked and licked until it was fully hard.   I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her soaking pussy, then I helped her get up on all fours, licked her pussy once more from behind, and mounted her doggy style for a last frenzied fuck.   She came quickly, but I hammered away at her butt for ages before I found my cock summoning up the last dregs of sperm from my balls, I felt if I stopped it would fade away, so I kept on pounding as fast as I could, sweat dripping off me onto her back until I knew that another shot was ready, and I felt it force its way up my cock and out with a spurt into her juicy tunnel.   There was no time to rest, so next thing we were soaping each other in the shower, then we were dressing, back into those winter clothes, and back by taxi into the everyday world.   We parted at the train station, and as I dozed on the train I replayed my memory of the afternoon like a personal porn movie, and by the time I arrived my dick was once more rock hard. That night, as usual, I slipped my cock into my wife's cunt, and, with Katrina center-stage in the theatre of my imagination, I rocked back and forth until my fourth orgasm of the day, and I fell away into dreamless sleep. Act Two-------A couple of months later we managed 2 nights in a hotel in another city, several hours away by train, where I had arranged some job interviews.   Once more we met at the station, this time boarding the train together.   We sat side by side, legs pressed together.   With a newspaper spread out across our laps we managed to feel between each other's thighs, and she was able to tease and squeeze my dick, with the result that it was half-hard all the way, and patches of precum were staining my underpants by the time I finally got them off, seconds after closing the hotel room door.   She dropped to her knees and happily sucked my dick, until I pulled her to her feet.   We finished undressing quickly, throwing everything on a chair, then stood face-to-face.   We embraced and kissed, and I could feel her breasts against my chest, the nipples standing out firm, her belly pressed to mine, her pubic hair tickling my dick, and the smoothness of her thighs against mine.

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    She opened a little, I bent my knees and slipped my cock into her moist warmth.   She stood with legs together, clamping my dick tighter in her cunt, and I started thrusting with slow long strokes.   We couldn't stop, couldn't change position, couldn't even lie down, we just fucked faster and faster, bellys slapping together, hands clasping each other's butts, guiding each other so I didn't slip out until I could hold it no longer and I shot all the weeks of anticipation into her in a series of sudden spurts. My knees gave way, and I popped out of her and sat down quickly on the bed.   I watched my cum dribbling out of her and running down the inside of her thigh. Spending the night with her was absolute sexual joy. With our passions cooled a little, we dined in the hotel restaurant, playing footsie under the table until her stockinged foot found the bulge in my pants, and she said simply "More?".   We abandoned the table and hurried to the elevator.   Finding we had it to ourselves, we necked like teenagers until it stopped on our floor.   We fucked each other to exhaustion, then lay naked together between the crisp white sheets.   I woke sometime in the dark to find she had my cock in her mouth, sucking slowly and cupping my balls gently in her hand.   I stroked her hair and she broke off the sucking, slid up on top of me and engulfed my dick with her pussy, sliding so easily all the way onto me, her long hair falling like a curtain all around my head, she kissed me, probing her tongue into my mouth in time with the movements of her pussy around my shaft.   I lay back and let her do it, until she was gasping and cumming, and I could hold back no longer, squirting once more deep inside her pussy.   She lay on top of me for a while, then we fell over sideways, my shrinking cock slipped out and sleep overtook me again.   Waking again, its almost dawn.

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    She's motionless beside me, on her back, breathing softly. My turn. I burrow under the covers, crawl up between her legs, pushing them gently apart, until her pubic hair tickles my nose.   I nuzzle her slit, flick my tongue along her lips, open her legs a bit wider and start lapping the full length of her slit, from just above her butthole right up over her clitoris, up and back, slowly, steadily.   She's responding with slow movements of her hips, now I'm lapping harder and she's bucking against my face, my nose rubs up and down her slit.   I suck her pussy lips into my mouth, then force my tongue between them, and home in on her clit. I can feel it as a little knob, almost like a tiny nipple. As I suck it I bring my hand up, slipping two fingers inside her cunt, its so wet they meet no resistance, I curl them back and begin to fingerfuck her, probing for her G-spot, while I keep on kissing and licking her clit.   Her bucking gets harder, her breath comes in gasps, her legs tense, straighten, and then she relaxes with a long sigh.   I lie still, fingers deep inside her, gently kissing my new lover, her clitoris.   My cock has been hard for ages, I can feel a little wet patch on the sheet where it has been pressing.   I move up over her body, an echo of her action earlier in the night, and slip my dick inside her in one easy movement. She's relaxed and completely passive.   I'm taking my pleasure now, not holding anything back, not trying to make her cum, just fucking her for my own enjoyment, and pretty soon I feel the familiar buildup, the fluids are rising into my dick and orgasm is only a matter of continuing the strokes when suddenly she's bucking her hips in answer to my rhythm, urging me faster, but I keep the pace steady, she clasps my back, gasping, but I don't speed up, just keep on going with the same long strokes until there's no denying my orgasm, then I break pace and sprint for the end, fucking her hard, she thrashes, moans, yells and cums and at the same time her bucking drags the cum from my cock, squirting once more inside her lovehole. Next time I wake, she's answering the door.

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   Room service breakfast.   She's already showered.   I feel strange sitting naked beside her eating breakfast because she's dressed already, but its ok because she's holding my cock with one hand, while she eats toast with the other.   No time for more sex, I must shave/shower/dress and go for my first appointment, leaving her channel surfing on the hotelroom TV.   She says she has some shopping to do, but should be back before me tonight. That night when I returned to the room, she was there.   "Honey I'm home" I said, and she kissed me warmly.   She ran me a bath as I hung up my suit, then she knelt beside the tub as I relaxed in the hot water. She soaped me gently with one hand, while she held my dick with the other.  When I got out, I lay naked on the bed and she slowly removed all her clothes and climbed on top of me, sliding down onto my long-hard dick, lowering her breasts onto my face, so I could suck in a nipple, and doing all the work to bring herself to orgasm just before I could take it no more and shot my wad deep inside her.   I started to notice my age a little then, as it took longer for recovery than it had with lovers from my twenties.   It wasn't until the middle of the night that I woke up and found her beside me, her hand on my dick.   I rolled onto her and she guided me inside, once again warm and wet, if not so tight. It was more of a tease, the looseness of her pussy slipping around my cock, and I was able to fuck her for ages - while she gasped in orgasm after orgasm -  before I came again and drifted off to sleep.   We managed a quickie in the morning (she came, I didn't) before racing down for a last-minute breakfast.

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   After breakfast we realised we still had an hour until checkout time, so we rushed back to the room, flung off our clothes and fell onto the bed together for a last frantic bout of fucking, rolling over and over so we both had turns on top, until she gasped out a final orgasm and I found my balls had one more load of spunk to give her, before a final shower and the business of departure. Act Three---------One night Katrina stayed over at our house. She had the guest room on the same floor as the children's room. We'd sneaked the odd kiss when we managed to bump into each other alone in the hallway. She showed me a drawing she'd made, a couple entwined kama-sutra style, with his dick clearly shown penetrating her pussy, and also clearly recognisable as Katrina and me.   It was like she was asking for more of the same. Evening dragged by, with Katrina and my wife chatting, until my wife finally declared it was bettime for her, and Katrina headed off to the spare room.   Instead of waiting up watching tv, I went to bed at the same time as my wife.   But, true to her habits, she turned her back and immediately fell asleep, or pretended to. I'd been getting spontaneous erections all day, due to Katrina's proximity, and it was already rock-hard when I lubed it up with spit and slipped it into my wife's crack from behind, working in and out until I found her cunt and got my head inside.   Then it was easier going, as I used her cunt to wank myself off, all the time wishing I was fucking Katrina instead, until I had a half-hearted orgasm, shooting a little dribble of cum into my wife's fuck hole.   I rolled over and tried to sleep but couldn't.   I was idly stroking my dick, thinking of Katrina, until to my surprise I found it getting hard again.   Muttering "I'll just check on the kids", in case my wife was awake, I went upstairs, with my dick swinging at half mast.   I peered round the kids room door to ensure they were in fact asleep, then tiptoed to the guest room.

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   I closed the door behind me and found Katrina's head on the pillow. I kissed her gently and climbed in on top of her. It was a single bed. She was wearing a long t-shirt, and - as I soon discovered - nothing else. She opened her legs and I lowered myself between them, kissed her and in the same movement slid my cock all the way inside her. She was wet already, I didn't ask why. Instead, she asked "What are you doing?". "Fucking you" I answered, accurately. My heart was pounding with the thrill of the risk. Would one of the kids wake up?   Would my wife wake up, and if so, would she wonder where I was?  Would she come looking? How long could I steal?  What would happen if she caught us?  Somehow all this made my cock harder and my pulse faster.   I was glad then I'd already unloaded one shot of cum into my wife - if I hadn't, I'd have cum straight away on entering Katrina, and it would have been all over in seconds. I knew I couldn't take too long. I moved quietly and steadily, slow enough that the bed didn't creak, and didn't try to hold anything back.   When at last I felt the cum start rising again into my cock, I didn't try to make her cum, just continued at the same steady, quiet pace until there was no stopping for anything - I knew then that I couldn't stop even if my wife burst in and turned on the lights - and that thought just made me harder, and with a last few deep thrusts I shot spurt after spurt of cum inside Katrina's welcoming pussy, while she shuddered silently under me, her hips answering my movements. I'm sure it was a far bigger load than the one that went up my wife half an hour before.

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    We hugged each other close, I kissed her one last time and slipped out. Out of her pussy, out of her bed, and - though I didn't realise it at the time - out of her life.   We never fucked again, except in my mind. A few short months later I was thousands of miles away, in another country, where new adventures awaited. [Mr Mole would appreciate some feedback - these stories are as near the truth as his damaged brain cells can recall, so they don't pack the punch of some of the other postings here, but for those of you who appreciate the loose ends of reality, they're the best he has to offer. Any comments?].



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