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Part 1As I mentioned earlier: Amy had given birth to 2 children. Nicki was 18 when we first met and looked like the young Mariah Carrey. Even at that time, she made my mouth water. Dark blond hair, big brown eyes and a slowly developing shape of a young girl.
Steve was 2 years older and what you would call a "pretty boy". Blonde like his sister, brown eyes also. . . and a little bitch when it came to mums new boyfriend!
As the kids stayed with Amy’s-ex, I did not have to do much with them!From time to time we went to the cinema together or to the public pool or. . . . you name it!After some time the kids lost interest in mummy’s new lover and I did not see them for some time.
Until one day, 3 years later, Amy came up with the idea of spending the kid’s summer vacation together. From that moment on, things heated up intensely! 

We decided to rent a little house in Denmark, not too far away from the beach and some supermarket. These houses were all with a big garden, terrace.

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  . . ours had 3 bedrooms a large bathroom with shower and toilet and a big living room as well as an open kitchen. The perfect place for the kids to play and the adults to relax.
I met Amy and the kids the evening before we were to hit the road. As Amy and I still had our own apartements each, I packed my things and drove over to her, where Amy, Nicky and Steve were already waiting for me. I hadn't seen the kids for almost one and a half year now and I was a little excited to see, what became of that little angel Nicky. When I finally stepped into Amy’s living room, I could hardly believe my eyes!I knew at the exact moment I saw her,  that I would be thinking about another woman/girl when I fucked Amy that night!Nicky still looked like the young Mariah Carrey but now. . . with tits!She was 18 and had nice, round and firm tits of the size of big grapefruits. She was wearing a tight top, low cut and either was not aware of the effect that shirt had on men. . . or very well was!Her butt was round and firm and she greated me with a nice, warm smile and a kiss on the cheek!"Hi Nick- nice to see you again! It's been some time, huh?""I guess you could say that! I said.

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   "And you look amazing!. . can I fuck you , please?!" I thought! 

Steve also had grown. He was about 1. 80m high and a handsome boy of 18 years. And the hostility he treated moms new lover with 2 years ago was gone! 

So everything was set for a nice holiday.
That night, Amy and I had extremely good sex. I fucked her doggy-style and daydreamed about her hot little daughter. As I came, I almost drowned Amy’s pussy in my cum and she said, that she never felt me cumming like this before!Judging from her screams, she liked the treatment. When I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy, a stream of my cum gushed from Amy’s cunt!We had to sleep without blanket that night! 

Around 6 a. m. next morning we left home to catch the ferry to a danish island in the Baltic Sea. The weather was warm and the forecast talked about some high pressure that would provide us with nice, hot summer weather throughout our vacation.
As we reached the house, we all got comfortable. Amy and me took the bedroom at the far end of the house, Nicky and Steve had their bedrooms at the other end, next to the bathroom.

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  We went down to the beach for a walk and after that we went for dinner in a nice little restaurant!Amy and I had some red wine and red wine always makes her horny!Having Amy sitting beside me (red wine also did it for me) and her hand on my cock and Nicky opposite me (and her breathtaking cleavage before my eyes). . . I was practically ready to tear down the clothes of my girlfriend right there and fuck her hard on the table, in front of all the guests!
But I kept my calm- and until today never know how I did that!
Back home, Amy and I both were eager to get to bed. That night we just skipped foreplay.
Amy tore her skirt off (she never wore any underwear), got on the bed, lay on her back, spread her legs and revealed her clean shaved, dripping wet pussy and just moaned breathless "C'mon! Fuck me! God I need your cock! I need to cum! I need to feel you cum! FUCK ME, PLEASE!"I got my rock-hard cock out and rammed it into her pussy!We fucked only for 5 minutes- then I pulled my cock from her pussy and rammed it into her asshole!She loved it when I fucked her ass, she always said that the orgasm with a rod in her ass was totally different from a vaginal orgasm!She came, screaming and moaning loud and I pulled me cock from her tight shit-hole and came all over her tits!
We collapsed almost instantly and lay there, exhausted and I licked my come from her nipples, before kissing her deep and spitting my cum into her mouth!It took us only moments after that to fall into a slightly drunk, sex-sleep!
After 2 hours I woke up and had to go pee!I slipped silently out of the bed as I didn't want to wake up my lovely fuck slut!I was halfway through the house when I realized, that I wasn't wearing anything, but I thought to myself, I'd just rush into the bathroom, pee and rush back to bed again!No harm done!
As I neared the bathroom, I noticed a ray of light, falling through the open bedroom door of one of the kids. Stepping closer I heard Nicky’s voice.
"Sure they must be asleep! Didn't you hear mom scream! They probably fucked each others brains out and are totally exhausted now! God- I wish, he would fuck me like that!"
. . . 2 reactions: I almost chocked by hearing that little sex-angel say this and my cock got hard as a steel rod in split seconds.
Then I heard Steve’s voice answer: "And I wish, I could make mom scream like that!"
OH-MY-GOD! That little bastard wanted to fuck his mother!
"I bet you can!" answered Nicky "you make me cum hard every time you fuck me, big brother!"
I couldn't believe my ears!
To sum it up shortly: I was fucking an absolutely adorable and sex-crazed slut// her beautiful 18 year old daughter wanted to get fucked by me // her 18 year old brother wanted to fuck his mom // and both of these kids did it with each other?!
Just then I noticed that I was stroking my hard cock slowly. . . but intensely!
"You want me to do it right now, sis?" I heard Steve’s voice ask.

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   "Look! My cock is all hard!"This was turning very interesting- I leaned forward and tried to look inside the room. What I saw, made me almost erupt right there and then!Steve was sitting at a stool beside the bed, wearing nothing but a sport-slip which he had pulled down a little to free his cock.
He was holding the thing in his right hand, slowly stroking it!It was slim and long, not really thick, but very well built.
On the bed was Nicky- naked!She was lying there on her left side, her feet pointing to the door and her legs spread. I could practically see right up her sweet pink pussy, which she rubbed slowly.
She was looking right at her little brothers cock and touched her amazing tits with her free hand!I had a hard time to control myself and not to cum right away!
She looked so beautiful and hot I wanted to fuck her so hard that I might have ripped her into pieces!"I see, little brother! I see! If you move a little closer, I can get a better look!"Steve hopped on the bed and Nicky moved her face close to his stiff member, took it in her fist and started jerking her brothers fuck-meat!
After a few strokes she moved even closer and took his cock into her mouth!God, I envied that little bastard! How much I would've liked to have that little fuck-princess suck my hard cock!Steve obviously enjoyed that treatment as he leaned back, closed his eyes and started moaning!Nicky moved her pretty head up and down on his member, making sucking noises!
"Imagine I am mom! Imagine mom is sucking your nice cock!" Nicky said as Steve grabbed her head and started to fuck her cute face!"Shut up and suck my cock, mom! Suck it! Suck your son good!" he started moaning. Nicky mumbled with her mouth full "Oh yeah- I love to suck your hard cock, Nick! Ooooh. . . you taste so good!"
"You bet I taste good, little bitch" I thought "with your mothers juice and and the taste of her ass on my cock!" I was jerking hard, watching the two siblings do the nasty things they did!
"C' mom- I need you to fuck me! I need your hard cock in my pussy!"Steve withdrew his cock from her sweet mouth and Nicky rolled on her back, spreading her smooth silky legs wide!
Steven kneeled in front of her and pushed his hard cock into the pussy of his sweet sister, jamming it into her with one deep, hard stroke!
Nicky started moaning "Ooooh yeah. . . that's it, big brother! Ooooohhh. . .

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  mom doesn't know what she's missing! C'mon. . . fuck me. . hard. . please. . . harder. . . !"My cock felt like it would explode. Unfortunately, Steve was covering his sister’s face, so I couldn't see her.

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  . . and I love to see the face of a woman in heat!
"Ooooh, Nicky. . . you are good. . . can you do it like we did it yesterday? Can you ride me?"Oh- seems like there is a god- and tonight, Nick Karsky was his favourite child!
Steve laid down on his back and Nicky started to climb on top. . . AND SHE WAS FACING THE DOOR!She mounted her brother, shoved his cock into her hot flesh and started riding him!Her wonderful round firm tits where starting to bounce and I could see her beautiful face totally hot with lust and desire!
I had to be careful, so she would not see me. . . although.

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  . . why did I care?She wanted me to fuck her. . . she was doing incest with her brother. . . I was so hot. . . . I really had to contain myself not to push the door open, push my hard member into her moaning mouth and cum all over her teenage tits!I was jerking hard watching this little queen of fuck riding, screaming and moaning!
I wondered what would happen if Amy woke up, heard this moaning and found her friend, peeping on her daughter and her son fucking!But in the end I really didn't coming. . .

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  I'm coming. . . . " Steve started to shout!"Give me your load, Stevie! Cum in my hot pussy. . . . ooooouuu. . . yeah. . . .

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  I'm yes, indeed! My cock started twitching and I shot my load into my hand as suddenly a moan escaped my mouth!I saw Nicky starring to the door! Did she hear me? Did she notice?Time for a swift retreat!
I went to the kitchen  to wash my hands and clean my cock. After that I went back to bed. As I slipped under the blanket, Amy woke up!
"Where you been, tiger?""Just peeing, honey!"She kissed me gently and I moved closer!Suddenly her eyes widened!"Peeing makes you that horny?" she asked me and grabbed my still hard cock!"Wanna bet?!" I asked her as I pushed her head under the blanket and she took my cock in her hot mouth!
To be continued. . .



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