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hi my name is rahul and i am married to a beautifull sexy and very sexy gal name radhika.
I am narrating you the story of one sunday which changed our sex life for ever.
It was very good and beautifull sunday and i got a call form a very old friend nitin. he is elder to me and he has fucked my ass many time in school as well as at many different places including my and his home in child hood.

he is coming to my home and fortunately my wife was not at home.
i was imagining those days.
He cameand when i opened the door he hugged me and we settled down.
He just sit beside me and we were talking he asked about radhika and repliesd she is not at home.

he grin and put his hand on his cock and asked me to have one shot.
I said no buddy i m married now and i have no interest in it.

he forced me and i just opened his zip and pulled out his cock. It was huge and damn thick.
i could not resist my self and licked its tip. he moaned. Than i try to take his giant cock in my mouth. he hold my hairs from back and started moaning.

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We were so lost that we forgot that radhika has enetered in to the room.
He shouted oh darling you are here!
how come you are here?
He stand up and went to her took her lips in mouth and squuezed her boobs tightly. Looked back to me and said you called her here.

So you also flirt buddy lets fuck her together!
Radhka was weering a beautifull yellow silk saree looking damn sexy.
He raised herin hisarme come near to me and took my head to his cock and asked me to give good blow job. Since i dont want to decleir the fact i tok his penis in my mouth and he was sucking my wife lips and pressing her boobs.
He raised her saree and inserted his fore finger in her pussy and pressing one bob and sucking other and i was sucking his cock and watching my wife moaning and saying some thing in his ear and started pushing his cock more faster in my mouth.

Than he dischrged in me and ask radhika to clean his cock she bent down looked at me and sucked an clean his cock.

I was ashamed but helpless.
He went in and took out a bottle of water drink it and than ask radhka to suck him. she sucked him hard and than he put her n the dining table raised her saree to het waist line hold her legs up in air and pushed his monster in her pussy. she started crying and little later started raising her butts in ecstacy and enjoying his monster and shoutin ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . fuck me yaar nitin faster. . . . . faster on ye ye ye oh ye oh ye he is an idiot.

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  . . . . . . . . . . fuck me and suddenly she reach to a wondwefull orgasm but he kept his pace and he made are orgasm 4 times in 1 hour time and fucked her in every possible way.

she was weeping and said please leave me now than he leave her ask me to bent down in doggy style and inserted his cock in my ass and i shoutedvery hard. H efucked me like adevil and discherged his cum in me.

He set aside and suddenly got a call and he hrryly went saying i will meet you next year i have to go now.
That was the i can not explain we changed our location and number and we do sex in more better way.

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