losing my virginity to my brother in law


Hi all readers, I am Artika and I am 27 years old, slim, fair and have a nice structure of 34C-28-36. I want to share with you some of the events that made me fall for my brother-in-law (my elder sister’s husband, Jiju) and loose my virginity to him.
My sister was married when I was in my final year of college. The next year my nephew was born and I also completed my degree. Since I took a break after college, I went and stayed with my elder sister to help her with the baby who was 6 months old then. Both my brother-in-law and sister were working and hence my presence in their house really helped them. My brother-in-law had an athletic body and used to work out in the gym. I have always noticed his eyes wandering over my body whenever he talks to me. That used to give me a shy feeling, but I had ignored it then. Later, when I moved in there, he started brushing my ass and breasts whenever he had a chance. For example, when he wants to get the baby from me, he would almost rub his entire elbow on my breasts, giving me a tickling feeling. I usually sleep in the room adjacent to their bedroom and their sex session was always noisy. I used to feel wet down in my pussy and used to sleep thinking that I would also be fucked someday like that.
During daytime, when nobody is at home, I used to go to their bedroom to clean up. My brother-in-law, knowing that I would be coming to their room for cleaning, purposefully used to leave the condom packets in the open. I used to take them and look at them as that was my first experience seeing a condom.

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One day I was just browsing in the computer, and by accident I clicked the DVD ROM drive. All of a sudden a porn movie started playing. I was shocked at first and shut it down. After some time, out of curiosity I played it again. It was the first time I had seen porn. I felt wet down in my pussy and my body seemed to feel hot. The porn DVD was purposefully left there by my brother-in-law as he knew that I would be browsing the computer when I was alone at home.
One day he caught me red handed watching porn. I was shocked and felt ashamed. I also begged him not to tell my sister and after much persuasion, he agreed to hide it from my sister. From that day onward, I became very cautious with him and did not speak to him looking at his face.

One weekday after a month, my sister went to the office and my brother in law stayed back at home. My sister called and informed me that it was an off day for my brother-in-law and he will be staying back at home. Around 18 in the morning, I was watching television in the hall and my brother-in-law was working on the computer. My niece was sleeping in the bedroom.

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   Suddenly my brother-in-law called me from the other bedroom where the computer is and made me sit on the computer chair. He told me to open one file, all of a sudden a video started playing. It was a close up video of a cock fucking a pussy. I covered my eyes immediately with my hand but my brother-in-law insisted that I watch it. When I started watching again, I felt something familiar to me. It was then that I realized that it was my sister’s pussy that was being fucked and it was my brother-in-law who was fucking her. My sister’s moans were very loud which made me super horny. I was leaking from my pussy. Before I could come to my senses, my brother-in-law’s hands wereall over my blouse, unbuttoning it. His hands then played with my boobs and I closed my eyes enjoying it. He then planted a kiss on my shoulder from my behind and went up to my earlobes. I had goose bumps all over my body at his touch. He slowly squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples. By then I was topless as he had already removed my blouse without my realizing it.

He then made me stand and planted a kiss on my forehead and went down towards my lips.

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   His hands were over my pajama bottoms and in one swift motion they were down around my feet. He then got down my panties and got me fully nude in front of him. He pulled me towards him and put his hands around me as he was kissing my face and his hands were squeezing my ass cheeks. I was totally under his control and left all my inhibitions behind.

He then knelt down and started sucking my boobs while his hand was rubbing my clit and pussy. I was on the verge of cumming, and knowing that, he rubbed my clit vigorously and immediately I exploded. He sat down on the ground and made me spread my legs and stand there. He then started licking the cum leaking from my pussy. I was in seventh heaven. He ate me our for 18 mins or so and before he was done I had come once more. This made my legs weak and I started to tremble. He then got up and planted a kiss on my lips and said that I should return the favor. He then made me sit on the bed and took my hand and placed it on his groin. I could feel the heat of his cock over his shorts. He told me to rub it, which I did without hesitation.

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   Then he told me to pull his shorts down and at the same time he removed his t-shirt…

The story will be continued in the next part which will be posted after seeing the response from you guys and gals…



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