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 Lifes sexual excitement never quite pans out as one would wish. So being all excited and impatient  to experience being seduced by either my aunt or older cousin before I had to move to my new home I couldn't wait for the next Sunday to come as this is when my aunt mainly gets her horny times, having been turned on, by her brother's dirty chat. Being as green as grass about women's bodily functions I was gutted when Sunday came but my uncle failed to materialise. He apparently had had to go up country on a job.
 Stupid me I didn't at that time realise it mattered little because my aunt was indisposed anyway. I also didn't realise that a week later she would be rampant for a fuck. So another week was spent with my hand working its magic on the beast that controlled my every thought.
 All wasn't lost though because Ginny needed her fags on a regular basis. I had now made her aware of my cellar position where I watched much sexual activity and sprayed the stair wall with my baby juice. She showed great excitement about this and said she would give me the word when she planned any activity. This was not long in coming, because baths were taken in a tin tub in front of an open fire at this time in our house. This was an old mining area and ablutions were very basic.
 Come Wednesday the tub is made ready, as before we were alone with grandad etc. I go to my vantage point having been told by Ginny to expect something different but didn't say what. Course I'd overlooked it was getting near to her husband coming home on leave (Furlow).

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 I found my heart was beating a tattoo in my chest with my beast already out of my trousers and in its Iron bar status,god it ached. I heard her say to nobody in particular but rather quietly "I'm going to bath now" and in an instant was in front of my vantage point bent over naked with her hand feeling the water then adding a drop of cold from the jug she held. Her ass was in my direction purposely because she looked back through her legs and winked in my direction. Her pussy lips were all puffy and pink. She stepped in,sat down facing me and her tits were level with my eyes.
 It doesn't take much when you're young and horny. Spunk shot all over the wall I had sprayed so many times before. Now the flannel was soaped and all over her tits, nipples sticking out like organ stops. Then she was up, soaping down her belly into her groins with her pubes getting much action from her hands. At this point she ran both her hands down through her slit as she bent her knees forward and wider to allow her cunt to open. She was grinning at my hiding place (Bitch) Instantly her face went bland as the door catch clicked. One hand went to cover her pussy and the other across her tits. Didn't cover much of her good sizes tits though.
 Bollocks Grandad has blown my entertainment. Wrong again, cousin is playing the coy card un-be-known to me at my youthful age.

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   "Hows the fag situation" says she? "Want your back washed" he replies. Ok says Gin, ten fags go in the window sill. She's so bloody cheeky,in more ways than one. He moves in on her she lifts her arms while still stood up. He has the soap and starts on her back. I now realise why her arms are up, back? like hell he is his hands go from the back under her arms and round to her tits round and round her tits in fact then down over her hips back round to massage her ass globes then over the hip boned and with one hand each side he's rubbing the top of her groins. I cum again, my nobs aching like hell now. She puts her head back and says something to him,can't hear it though. "£5 that's a lot what do you need it for" "Den's leave" "Oh"
 His hands are rubbing the centre of her slit and I could see it was having the desired affect on her. A fiver blimey that's half a weeks pay, thinks me, just for a rub? She says let me finish and wipe now,just like that. He's gone back through the door, I get a wonderful demo of a young woman wiping. She moves nearer the door where I'm at and quietly says "Stay put,he's coming back in a mo" She puts a blouse on and a skirt made of very thin cotton,red and black patterned.
 Funnily she goes to the two easy chairs and pushes them apart by about a foot. I assume this is to allow her to get to the fags. But no they're still left on the sill.

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   Then he returns with five one pound notes in his hand,he goes through the gap in the chairs and again puts these notes on the sill. Gin' says "I know why you done that" He grins and says "Go on then" she grins back and puts a knee on each arm then reaches forward to the notes but stays in that position. His trousers are tented and with that he catches the skirt hem and gently slowly lifts it up higher and higher revealing her pink pert bum cheeks and pussy lips very pink now because of the hot bath.
 Resting the skirt down on her back he runs the side of his hand slowly through her slit,up and down,up and down. I can see it glistening more and more. She arches her back giving me a perfect view and making it easier for his fingers.  Now I knew what his fiver was buying and free for me. Then she said "He's on leave next week" My mind clicked! fucking hell she's giving him the nod,like she told me her mother said about letting me have a go,"Fuck-i-n-g hell"
 Fly buttons released his hand went in and pulled his cock and balls out of his trousers. pretty good for an old'un, about 8" not to fat but like an iron bar and his ball bag was as tight as a donkeys. He held the root of it and played it up and down the crease of her ass, precum making it shine then he moved it under her and slide along her pussy slit. She arched her back even more which made her open and the head hit the spot. He rolled his foreskin back off the helmet and started in. Undoing his belt his trousers dropped but allowing a good view of the action from between his legs. Then gripping round her hips and into her thighs he had the stance of my dog when it fucked. No more slowness he rammed up to the hilt in this young pussy.

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   Boy did he fuck her good,as she started to moan he whispered "Keep it down" in no time his thigh and ass muscles stiffened and he was doing those short hard jerks I knew so well.  She was gasping for breath and pushing hard back at his cock in her orgasm.
 God you're just like your mother he whispered, pulled his trousers up and headed for the back as though a bout of guilt had come on to him. Ginny stayed as she was flexing her rear muscles which made a copulat amount of his and her juice come back out her hole. Eventually she straightened up making a glob drop to the floor turned round and walked my way where she put her hand between her legs and pulled it forward,then held it in front of me full of their spunk. She giggled went to the bath and let it all drop in.  "Come and give me a hand with the bath" she whispered. I did and noted the jism was floating just under the surface like frog spawn but more milky. She asked if I enjoyed that and refered to the large amount of jism he squirted into her.
 I had to know,so here goes. You said to him about the leave thing,does that mean you're going to seduce me now. Not today,but I will in due course. When the hell is one of these women going to seduce me. Youths inpatients reigned,but what I'd just seen held me in good stead twice a day till the weekend.
 Sunday arrived still no uncle,drat,looks like I will move before being seduced.

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   Aunt was her perky self having been rather subdued of late. The paper is being read and ripe comments exchanged with Ginny. Mother and daughter were very close and I caught a scrap of conversation, Did he. . . or did you let him. Something of that nature. Ginny opened her purse and showed the five one pound notes. Aunt made a circle with two fingers and pushed the finger of her other hand backward and forward through the circle. Ginny made a slight nodding motion with her head. Obviously she had not told all about me watching. That's good then.
 Time for bed arrived, still nothing happened although I put my hand across. Then after a while a whisper from aunt. "Are you still awake" very hushed I said I was.

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  "Come round this side then" she said. Stealthily I got out and went round to her side. More whispers "Get in along side me" the blood in my head is pumping like mad,could this be it? In I get, Immediate shock hits me, she's completely naked,another whisper "You'd better stay this side because this morning young Ross had a sticky belly and legs.
    Fuck! That was a wet dream I had then,no wonder I couldn't find any jism. But naked where am I going to hide this bloody great hard on?
     Aunt said "I expect you had an accident but don't worry that's quite normal at your age" That's one thing about my aunt she seems to understand everything like that. My hard on inadvertently touched her leg.  ooh that's hot just rest it up against my back if you're going to lie facing me. So I did but it actually was resting in her bum crack plus a bit of it going up her back. I'm wide awake with every nerve end singing. You're getting very hot or are you always this warm? Always I whisper, mum says I'm hot blooded.  Would you be more comfortable with your pjs off? she's naked so I ease them off. "You're becoming a big boy by the feel of that down there" This made me flush with pride. If hand rearing makes it bigger it was getting lots of hand rearing.
     Laying spoon like I ventured to put my hand round her body bearing in mind some happenings at the time before although in my innocents I still assumed she was asleep at that happening. So with one hand down her back and the other over her and lightly resting on her breast and nipple we led there.

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       Then very gently she raised her hips and waist and pulled my hand and arm under her and all in the same time moved my top arm from her breast down to rest on her abundant pubes. Thus my both arms were rapped around like a dogs paws and my hands were on her pubes. Although I moved my fingers on her pussy hair it became so relaxing that my hard  on went down.
     This meant my cock moved to just under the bottom of her bum cheeks. I suspect she thought I was now asleep,I was breathing in a slow steady way like before. Then almost imperceptibly her bum cheeks started moving slowly back and forth against my cock. It felt warm and juicy and of course my controller responded very quickly and very positively. It rose to the occasion and soon had my foreskin rolling back and forth while the helmet throbbed and slid along her cunt groove reaching farther forward as it grew till it was hitting the hood over her clit. When this started happening she started to pant a bit and helped my hands more towards the front of her pussy. I was surprised how far my hand could reach into her groins and slit.
     By now she knew I was awake and made more serious fucking actions. I could feel lots of love juice coming up my cocks tube as it gave me tickling sensation inside it. I also started to finger her clit with both hands and love the feel of her hard clit under the lips as I rubbed them together from the outside. It felt like a small dick under a foreskin.
     She then started to creep her body gently up the bed a little.

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       This made my hard on stand up more so instead of sliding along her slit it was trying to go inside. Then in a very urgent commanding whisper and as she pushed down on me she said "Do the same as me" I would have anyway I couldn't have stopped myself. My cock squelched up in her, right to the top. I could feel loads of juice all over my pubes and lower belly and balls. There was a really sexy squelchy slapping now. She became more urgent,the bed was going,I was now gripping her like a dog would and already squirting my baby juice in her. No may I? it shot out of me like a gun,no softening either I just carried on going,now she was coming hard. How Ross never woke up I shall never know! or did she? but kept stumb. I went on then another orgasm and I jetted more jism in her. I went for a third time when she cum at the same time. By now she'd pulled her knees up and I swear to you we were  lying like an upside down T and up in her insides I could feel like a small hand trying to clasp my cocks helmet over and over. (I didn't know it then,but it was the neck of her womb milking my cock head)
     After we settled back to near normal she said "Now there I've seduced you,did you enjoy it? Don't breath a word of this not even to Ginny" Did I enjoy it? WOW did I! Of course Ginny had said she wanted to seduce me because apart from anything else I was a virgin cock. So no way was I going to tell her. If she wanted a virgin seduction of my cock, then I was going to be just that.
     Quietly next day Ginny said did you see my mums sexy bits last night only you were rather noisy having that wank.

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       Dead pan I answered in the affirmative adding, I think she done it on purpose. Ginny said whatever she showed it must have got you going, for a bit there I thought she was fucking you and added.  Good job I had that torch still by me, it makes a wonderful dildo and I had to finish myself with something. I was trying to figure an excuse to get you in my room,but I couldn't think of anything plausible. Few! thank fuck for that.
     More later.




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