Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 22/1 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Shocked? You (A bit long,but you can"t rush a 2 hour screw can up till my wife Jackie ordered, yes ordered me, to get Monday as a holiday and even beyond I was still doubting her word about her mate being up for it. But when I got no nooky after using my no fail tactic, only to be told,good boy wait till this afternoon,did I really start getting hot for Moira"s pussy. Even then I was apprehensive half expecting Moira or Jackie to cry off. When the shout from Jackie came,my heart was pounding in my ears,my body was hot all over like a blush,but glancing in a mirror as I picked up my cuppa,the only give away was my neck was as red as fire.
 When Jackie told Moira to show me her tits I nearly vapourized I can tell you. I know my Jackie can be forthright,all the same I expected Moira to just scoot out our frontdoor. Scoot she did not. In fact she probably shocked herself as she complied and so brazenly let me see her cleavage. That cleavage is perfectly to my liking. TITS Nearly the thickness of my hardon apart with the texture of her tits skin just soft enough to wrinkle when you draw your finger across them. This was the exact texture of Jackie"s.
 On seeing the deep purple bra so to my liking,not only did I know that was Jackie"s input,but my beast let me know he was trying to push up past the waistband of my slacks. A tell,tell, wetness also told me beasty was ahead of my hands touching any pussy in lube for pussy terms. But how the fuck do I start from cold? I cast my mind back to Jackie with Den but the way they started just didn"t seem to fit today. Don"t get me wrong,its just that the first instant even with Jackie and Den involved an intake of alcohol and a darkened lane before hand.

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 That didn"t fit either. Ah well! So I get my ass on my viewing chair as Jackie calls it after any particular pair of thighs she"d spotted me eyeing has left,inevitably adding you letcherous old gitt,me old at 22. Gutted? I am! Moira is sitting like a school ma"am, I can see more of Jackies ass than Moira"s. Mind much earlier I"d put my strategically placed table lamp on so if any thigh/pussy came in view it would have been bright enough for photography.
 Early days yet,though while thinking this my mind flicked to,I wonder how long I can have with her? Moira that is. Taking a swig of tea I nearly spill it. Fuck Jackie! Real bad timing to get her leg up to see her shoes,I mean cunt,well no! nearly cunt. There it is,I should have realised,those fucking deep purple panties that always make my cock wet. Talk about flash! The throbbing in my ears starts again and has doubled up in my groin while my mind is asking,why haven"t you tried to fuck Moira before like Den kept trying to get your wife. Mind I did touch on it once with Moira,but she whispered back, to near home.
 That fucking Dragon got a lot to answer for. Near home or not! All it took was my Jackie"s connivance. Sexually speaking I"m beginning to think. All things are possible if my wife has an input. I realise I haven"t blinked since Moira"s pussy hairs came into view,then as my eyes began to sting I saw Jackie was watching me,was she? or was she studying through my mirror what she"d got for my beasty? Our eyes met she gave a very faint smile while letting her eyes indicate she was about to head out to do some cock teasing.

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 At this instant Moira dropping her leg back down seemed oblivous to my new view of much of her pubes plus other desirable attributes she had. I know I let out a noise,not a gasp nor a choking sound, lets say an imagined sound if one could jab your own cock up your own ass sound! Moira never hid it until Jackie got up to go.  I was sure by this time I"d fuck up and shoot my first load in my slacks. That would really bollocks it for all.
 We looked at each other directly,then we equalled on a slight smile. a bit uncomfortably I said "You are alright with this Mo" are you?" Just a tiny bit squeaky she said, "Yes but I"m not sure how to,I know it sounds stupid coming from a married woman,but I"ve only had my husband before this. The adultery thing is exciting but scarry because there"ll be no going back"
 I stood,come on let me sit in and you sit on my lap,as she did I took the chance to raise the back of her skirt up past her bum,she looked at me questioningly as she rapped her arms around my neck. Mustn"t let any tell,tell signs get on that we"ll take it off in a bit. I could feel her trembling slightly, "Its alright,I"ll stop what I"m doing anytime you feel you want me too and if I start or am doing something you want to abandon just you say" She spoke quietly,I couldn"t quite catch it, equally quietly I asked her to repeat it. Slightly louder she said, "Its so different from my husband,you"re being gentle and understanding almost reading my every thought"
 "How? How do you know?" Sex is loving,lust and especially for women something to be artistic with. "I wonder why all men don"t see that,no wonder Jackie is so horny all the time,waiting for you to come home" . . . "Even if I can get it, its more a wham bam, I"ve cum finish off yourself thing" Not here,not today! I say. While this quiet banter is progressing I"ve been playing and nuzzling her neck and ears,while at the same time almost as though she hasn"t noticed I"ve eased her jumper up and pushed her bra up past one tit exposing a totally firm nipple surrounded by the most crinkled oreole you could hope for.

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  Her tits were lovely. As the first popped pass the bottom of her bra its nipple jiggled her breast, she giggled (The first) and moved a bit on my cock. "It twitched then I could feel it" she said.
 Her legs were laying almost down the line of my own,now emboldened with the giggle I put my hand under her ass and eased my hard one at the same time lifting one of her legs to lie over the arm of the chair. She smiling now started to help,using her hooked leg to support her weight,she lifted and I got rid of her skirt for safety chucking it over the other chair. "Safety first for my lady" A squeeze round the neck and our first kiss,no tongue just a thank you type for looking out for her, after situation. On the break, "I might not have thought of that,imagine if I"d had sticky on the back" her eyes raised and she made as with a noose up the side of her ear.
 I went into crude mode. I"d just have to cut you down and fuck you while you were still warm" Jab,Jab, Do they all do that? With the changing of positions I now saw both her tits had escaped. Smooching into her busoms, my voice disappears into her breast as I say,this poor little one wants a kiss as well! Now shoeless I glance her toes wiggling as I cover my teeth with my lips and start to nurse on her two tits. Tiny intakes of breath are coming to my ears now and she starts squeezing her tit I"m on as though she has milk for me.
 Quietly again she says,"it was never like this,suck,go on suck!" I do. Not to be left out,my hands are on her knickers,I so love playing and feeling in, around and eventually removing them. At times Jackie gets so worked up with this she say "please,please take them off I can"t take it anymore,I"ll run out of love juice,No,no more Rich" But this is early days with Moira. Running my hand across her belly,I gently lift her waist band and put just a finger down the front,I feel pubes masses of them,easing my finger back out I offer my fingers to the top of the knicker leg up by her hip.

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   A little in I find pubes,by now I can feel love juice in my slacks. Moira has been playing with my ears and neck,but each time I creep under her panties, she pants quietly while I feel her body reacting.
 In my ear now. "God,your touch is driving me wild,where did you learn it?" Tempted to say from my aunt,I refrained and instead said,"Its an art like I said" Bolder now she lifted and eased her knicker gusset down slightly,while smiling embarrassingly. Her hand continued back down between her legs and I felt her fingers touch then circle the head of my cock through my slacks. As her hand came back through her legs she looked at her fingers which were showing a sheen of wetness. putting her mouth close in to my ear again,"Is that me making you sticky?" she whispered, equally quietly I said "of course but why are you being so quiet?" "Someone might hear us!" Gently I chuckled,it doesn"t matter if they did which they wont! They"d just think its Jackie being raped again!" Looking puzzled,"Raped?" Yeah didn"t she tell you about our bestman? He rapes her all the time! looking even more puzzled,
 Yeah,when he does her she keeps telling him to go away,he mustn"t rape a respectable wife. I think its two fold,it helps her conscience and its her favourite way of being fucked in her mind. "Jack, said you"re good with stories" When we can, I"ll try one for you,what do you dream of being the best way to be done? Pinking up, "I"d be rather embarrassed to tell you" No problem,plenty of time or maybe you"d rather tell Jackie and let her tell me,then I could compile one for you if you decide you"d want to make a habit of me doing this.
 While talking,I now had my hand in her panties via her loosened leg holes. Pussy and panties were soaking now and every now and then she"d shut off talking and giving little pants I knew I was hitting an important spot of her anatomy. This time she lifted and I eased her panties off of her. Helping by bringing her legs up,I took the opportunity to release my beast from his lair. With my slacks open and no pants it was perfectly matching her gap between her thighs. I"m not sure whether she had realised what I"d done but as she settled back my cock was a bit down from her pussy and as she had her legs pretty wide I assume expecting me now to get my hand on and in her vagina,beasty hadn"t made our pussy owner aware of his presence so close to its goal.

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 Feeling her now soaking pussy,I can smell the aroma as I play around and begin to venture in. I can feel some differences outside and inside,her clit hood feels very rubbery,her clit is a little smaller than jackie"s but as hard as my cock. As I venture deeper inside,I found what I thought was some fatty protrusions but then as I rubbed oh so gently on her clit these protrusions clasped so tight on my finger I realised it was very powerful pussy muscles. I"ve only ever felt this grip by a virgin vagina before or since and she was no virgin she had a baby the same age as ours.
 I now had my thumb doing her outside and wanted to do a Den on the inside,feeling for this G spot. By now I had a feeling Moira"s pussy might be a little shallower in length than the others I"d felt or been in. Suddenly I must have hit the G she jumped a bit then as I speeded up on her clit she started gasping so quickly and her bum was jumping and sliding. Contact! My beast touched her pussy,her eyes opened and she looked and screwed her face up in ecstasy. I knew now what the G spot was for as she"d jerked into an orgasm,my finger was touching a spongy part of her vagina,I estimate it was about just behind her clit but may have been up or down a bit.
 While she was cumming my cock was now slippery with her love juice and as she closed her legs a bit,she put her hand back between them which in turn pressed her nearest tit and flattening it against my chest. Her hand had my cock and was pressing it to her slit. Closing on my beast as she slid her hand out of her now tightly closed legs she started to gently hump. Although this was a miniscule amount of movement I could feel my foreskin getting drawn back and forward and my asshole started to twitch as I felt the sap beginning to rise. As suddenly as I had ever known, my beast erupted baby juice all over the tight gap of her cunt groove and thighs. Three or four more shots went over her and looking at me, "You"ve cum!" I nodded, coming close again,"I"m ever so pleased,it means my pussy is desirable" I"ve cum as well; I thought you were quiet doing that? "Well what if I was heard?" I told you it wouldn"t matter.

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   Well,you know!
 Later I felt a bit sad but then elated,having realised her self esteme had been so deflated by those two that she doubted her pussy or she herself had any ability to please. This was a brilliant start of recovery for her. I hugged her for a while then moved out from under her. Now she was giggling for real,"look at my pussy you"ve covered it in your stuff and look at those trousers you"ll never get that off if it dries.  
 Sit on the middle of the chair arms a minute,right out on the end. (These club chairs were oak framed with long flat arms making a perfect flat seat at a good height for the average womans leg length and if they reached a point of desire where they wanted to open wide they could put there legs up on the cushion part and even lie back flat. If laying with their bum right at the edge it was a perfect position to have their pussy licked or bum hole rimmed. Jackie put a lot of time in on these arms I can tell you.
 So Moira having squelched her pussy on these arms and giggling at the amount of goo she"d now deposited on the wood. Naked except for her jumper which I enjoyed as it stayed above those two lovely breasts and with her puppy fat fitting beautifully on all her assets I again started on her nipples,breasts then down her rubbery belly/navel,belly again and then I pulled away and smoothing her mass of pubes,combing them with my fingers they bushed up and I dove my face into them,mouth open and blowing my hot breath at her pussy fur, she pinked up again as I looked up while I continued to fondled this fur. "Its so much" Yes its beautiful, "Wow,I didn"t think you"d like it,its so much,I thought it might put you off" Pouting my lips,"I haven"t got a split lip yet from even one hair cutting me" She giggling, "you"re teasing again,they wouldn"t cut a lip.
    Would they?" No course not I"m just funning.
     "Your sexyness is so light hearted" she jerked as I went back and round her side nibbling and it must have tickled her ticklish bit.  I stood and took off what little clothes I had on.  In true English fashion I left my socks on though.

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       Turning like a model, I said,"What do you think? do I pass? will you mate with this body? Responding and joining in the spirit of the moment,she jumped off the arms and copied me twirling round,holding her arms above her head. This alone made me all but cum off again! In her best oldy fashion voice. "Does this body suit my Sire,will you mate with me my Sire?" Oh Boy! will I ever! As she stopped with her bum towards me and her hands now resting on the arms, I closed and holding her love handles I nibbled at her bum cheeks, she giving a little panting gasps again gripped the edge of the chair arms. Now she"s leaning forward even more I put tongue on her bum crease,licking and probing. "Oh god! oooh!" as my tongue found the spot,pulling her cheeky lovely bum apart I touched right on her hole.
     She jerked some more,"Oh I"ve never felt that before,ooo aaah! she bent even farther forward making her puffy pussy lips protrude from her thighs and her tits flatten on the arms of the chair sqeezing out each side of her torso. I so felt like bumming her at that instant! I lick deeper now,right through her cunt crack on up through her ass groove stopping at the membrain join of the two holes I dart my tongue in her pussy hole and with more difficulty try forcing my tongue into her asshole. "Whats happening back there? louder now than before, "I"m going to come again,aaagh! oooo! noooo! I"mmmmm cuuumiiing! Then her juice burst from her as she collapsed completely across the chair arms.  Laying for a while I went out to the kitchen and dipped a finger into the butter. Hearing a very hushed noise outside the door,I knew Jackie was getting that jolly we talked about!
     Returning to the lounge and glancing at the window,Yes it was her, and her face said not all the action was on my side of the window. "Where did you go then?" Its ok I got some butter to put on you at the back. "Why?what for?" relax, I"m trying to get my tongue in and you"re so tight. "I didn"t think I was!" Yes you are,but this works with Jackie. "Oh,thats alright then, if you use it on her. What happened to all that spunk you put all over me?" I ate it.

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       Giggling "Did you really? I never felt you wipe me before you started,you know,sucking and that" Yeah I licked it nearly all off,mixed with yours it tasted delicious.
     As the butter melted by her hot crinkly I started working it around her bum hole. "Thats nice but its not my pussy is it?" No,I"m doing your bum. "Why what for?" I"m going to do the same as I do in Jackie I lied. She lay quiet again as I started to rub her clit and inside her pussy going for that G again. I was somewhere near because she drew her legs up onto the cushions as though she was on the saddle on a horse. Her belly was flattened on the arms with her pubes looking like a small mat under her. When you cum this time I"m going to put it in you. "Ok,just as well,we must be running out of time!"
     My nob was solid,throbbing with every heartbeat and aching for a fuck. While still fingering her to climax,I reached across to the shelf and took an African banana from the dish. Being rather smaller than the carribean type and still rather green and firm,I felt it was a perfect dildo for my purpose. Moira came and started humping and making a noise more like my wife than before, it must have been her biggest orgasm. As she was at full orgasm,I lined up my beast and sunk it right up her cunt,surprising me as though her vagina was a bit shallower,the neck of her uterus swallowed the helmet of my cock completely.
     The cunt muscles gripped my cock so hard I had trouble actually fucking her with much movement but her pulsing muscles made me explode just as she grunted for fuck sake don"t shoot in me and make me pregnant. TO LATE NOW.

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       I know I said I"d respond to her demands and I would have,but her muscles done me so good,what could I do. Now as her pussy muscles eased their pressure although I could still feel her uterus milking the beast like a dairy cows tit. Slowly I eased out a bit and started a steady rythm which Moira picked up on.
     As we started to build to another orgasm I worked the banana in between our bodies and very gently let it find its way up her ass. I could tell her movement was opening her bum hole and the banana was gradually disappearing with each grunt she produced. It must have passed her sphincter as it moved more easily with my belly pushing it to her. Again she exploded as did I cumming absolutely in cinc. We were done now as we calmed down the banana found its way back out of her bum. Eventually standing. "What did you do? it felt like two doing me although I haven"t had that done but it really felt weird like two cocks. Grinning broadly I peeled the banana and before devouring it I made cock sucking movements in my mouth. Never? you didn"t fuck me with a banana did you,that"s filthy!" It didn"t half make you cum though didn"t it? "How did you get two in me?" Turning and bending where she had been,I made to poke another banana up my ass.
     In disbelief "I don"t believe you,not up there,never!" Jackie then appeared as we dressed. "Timed it just right,was it nice for you Moy? Enjoy it did you" "Fuck,did I,Richards lying now,he said he fucked my ass with one of your bananas" "If he said that"s what happened you bet he did" "He put some butter in my ass like he do you,then said he used the banana up it!" was it nice? "Yes,god did he make me cum ever" "Well that"s what counts. Oh and he uses the real thing up me" She lied.

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       "What that big thing he"s got?" "Sure does" "Fucking hell,bet it hurts" "Not how he puts it in there" "I dont think I could. Bloody hell,look at the time!" I"ll walk over with you in case your legs wobble like a drunk. Moira looking and grinning,"Ok we"ll have to talk tomorrow,I"ll give you a magazine if the old cows out the front ok?" Course. Then they were gone. I can"t wait for Jackies return now! Just what was she up to out there?
     all for now.



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