Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 13 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Canine gets his turn, I wish it was break and a time for thought and mirth.
 While his missus made the tea, dad and son were deep in conversation. The old man nodded back towards the window the son laughed with some gesturing of pulling his plonker and slapping the back of his head. When his wife came in her husband said something. Putting the tea down, she put her hand across her mouth in mirth as she bent forward then as she straightened up she shook her torso making her tits bounce magnificently. Then instead of sitting down to drink her tea, she went round the end of the settee and approaching the window she shook her tits again turned round and held the cheeks of her ass open then walked back round looked at her husband and son, then hubby moved his forearm in the motion indicating a bloke getting a hardon. As she'd turned and opened her ass cheeks there'd been a crash as though a bucket fell over down below us followed by an 'Oh fuck it' Ben and me were trying to hold our faces to stop laughing our heads off. I felt I was going to bust. With no further movement from the shed the scene in the window made us settle down again.
 The missus was back in her chair drinking her tea. We noted that while the kettle was boiling the toilet light adjoining the kitchen through a vestable came on and the missus was having a pee, I reckon ready for the next session. We could see her body shape through the opaque glass. Even that was censuous to a young mind, imaginning the drips of love juice,pee and dog spit dripping off her pussy. (What a story for Ginny and my aunt if I got the guts to tell them)
 Tea drunk,cups out the way, the blokes took off their clothes, but not their socks. They move to her sides and start squeezing and fondling her tits, as she slaps her thighs again, in came super licker and gets straight back at it.

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   Quickly she's back on the boil. the men are rubbing everywhere on her body I notice they had put some sort of gloves on that looked like they slipped easily. Their full hardon's are stood out in unison and as she starts to cum she grabbed and gripped then like two handlebars , she must have really been gripping hard because the harder her orgasm the purpler their cocks went as though she'd stopped the flow of blood in them. When she finished cumming she let go of them and they returned to the normal colour but remained rock hard.
 Standing up the dog was trying to shag her leg, she patted him and held her finger up telling him to obviously calm down to get a turn. Then there was a bit of pointing at the settee and her chair a hand gestured towards the window then they seemed to agree her chair would give the best view for the two of them perhaps even any other voyuers. Who knows? Who cares, providing we got a ringside seat! She then stood holding her belly up as though she wanted to see her cunt, then as the dog come in for another lick she bent forward over him and reached to the side and under his body. It looked like the dog was licking her belly button? the way her arm and hand was cupped she was obviously rubbing his sheath (I didn't know much about it then but learnt real quick later)
 She then turned away from the dog and he tried to jump to grip her waist leaving some red weals on her hips which she didn't appear to even notice. Horny I suppose with her mind set on a dog fuck nothing else mattered. This dog was a mongrel but pretty tall and had a good bit of husky in him by the look of his stance and, what cock was showing looked very substantial. Then she knelt into the chair and doggy had another licking session she started to arch her back and he jumped up trying to grip her,the more she slipped nearer the floor. It was as though she was tormenting him. If she was, it was certainly working. his nob was now out in full including the lump (I now know was the knot) It was springing around squirting what looked like piss in all directions.
 Son and hubby was laughing like drains, as the poor sod was trying for her hole.

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   Down she went some more and this time he nearly got her, she must have gone a touch to low the cock slipped up through her ass crack and as he went back for have another jab at her, he hit her right in her ass hole, she quickly jerked forward to get it out but he had about three inches inside for a second.  A bit of arm shoving of each other for that by the blokes. Something was said and she swung the chair round a bit to the side locking it and stretching away from the chair leaving her head and arms in and letting her tits dangle against the front of the seat.  Their swinging motion at this stage made my cock throb and tingle with the love juice running up its tube.
 This change had the affect of raising her pussy just a bit as she dipped her hips and arched her back part lower. With no further ado he was up her. He gripped her waist so tightly you could see her lower rib cage standing out as he pressed her flesh in to her sides. I reckoned there was nothing except death going to get him out of her no matter what she wanted or didn't want. She was due to get all he desired to give her. Her two blokes was now giving it some serious wanking time. It just wasn't fair we couldn't as well. Her head then come up off the seat and she was cumming with her mouth open like a fish out of water and I should think so with that much up her. She moved in the chair a bit and I could see that lump bashing her cunt on the outside. Suddenly it seemed to deminish from the size of a cricket ball to about the size of one of those small hard balls you throw for a dog to chase, then it was gone.
    Looking at her face in that instant, she looked in pain then she seemed to relax and start fucking back on him.

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       Her face changed again and I could see her pussy was bulging out past her ass cheeks and thighs about three or four inches in a radial shape.
     She was truly cumming really hard and so was the dog. This went on for about five minutes I guess. The dog then turned despite hubby trying to hold him on her back. Both her blokes was stood by her their half hard cocks having cum drooling off of their ends. At this juncture the dog tried to walk away extending the bulge of her cunt lips even more. It dawned on me then that this was where the dogs wacking great lump had gone. Lord only knows what the sensation was for her when he rolled it around inside her always assuming it would roll in her and not just twist the dogs dick. It didn't appear to hurt him in the turn but she did seem to have another violent orgasm as they tried to stop him turning.    
     Then they fell apart, the dogs cock was dangling and still had a knot about three inches, judged by uncles thickness in my aunty. The dogs cock was still jetting sperm, and lots was dripping out of wifey. She clambered up from the floor where the dog left her. Helping her the two men turned the chair round with the back towards us and she draped herself over this back waving her hand in front of her face as though it was a fan cooling her. Son made a sweeping guesture with his two hand as though to say you first. His father nodded a no, pointing to his cock and indicating a thumbs down.

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       Then indicated 'be my guest and help yourself' he did and all.
     He grabbed his mother's hips wacked it straight to the top of her pussy and endeavoured to fuck her and his brains out. She hung over the seat back but her face said it all. 'Thank fuck I've got sonny Jim' The blokes cleaned themselves up a bit dressed and went off to the pub. Wifey still hanging over the chair naked started slowly turning the chair, whether for the neighbour or to attract the dog, but up he come and started to try to lick all the juice off her thighs, ass and pussy as she slowly turned the chair making her ass pass his face. She had a big tormenting smile on her face having now recovered from her sexual ordeal but eventually stopped and let him do a complete cleanup of her.
     Standing up and giving the dog a really lovely hug and scratch behind his ears with a kiss on the nose. She headed for the bathroom but not before standing in the seat of the settee and turning right round in a circle bending forward with her ass towards the window then half around again bending half forward and swinging her tits like a pair of pedulums. Through the opaque bathroom window I could see her now swishing water about and I imagined her tits swinging like I'd just watched with a wish I could go in and ask her to let me come in next time to hear the sounds as well as the wonderful vision of her canine sex.
     While we watched her in the bathroom the shed door opened, neigbour wouldn't be able to see into her bathroom. I wondered how good his view was down at that level anyway. The crash must have been to do with what he was standing on. Then again, who cares out position was briliant even without sound.
     Me and Ben concluded her pussy would recover from the size of canines knot as it does after a babies head had pushed out of it.
     Our customer just was not lying.

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