Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 12 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 I drift towards my destiny with life drifts so many ways I'll mention a couple of snippets at this juncture.
 I still hadn't got back to the customer thing, when a new girl appeared from the posh area above where we were living. She was only around for a couple of weeks and only appeared when the group of lads were around without girls. We gathered her name was Betty so in true boy mentality she was christened 'Betty with the Wetty' and that is exactly what it was. Each night she showed up, at least four and more often six of us had all her bits in our hands at the same time. she loved the multi attention. I'm sure the next day she must have had bruising all over her tits and ass/pussy parts. I found when I managed to grab some of her cunt it was always as slippery as an eel. she never let us lick or fuck her but very quickly she would start orgasming and continue between clenching her teeth and gasping in violent orgasms for about an hour. Then she'd just pant No! No more! put her knickers back on straighten her clothes and bugger off home. We'd then have a group wank. Incidentally often we'd go back down next day to where it always took place and look at how much spunk we'd put against the wall and to see if it had dried. There was then a debate of which was whose and who'd shot the most.
 A thought at this point comes to mind. Where I used to live before.

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   One girl (I can't recall her name) acted similarly. She was the sister of one of our mates, and she too tended to prefer to be on her own with just me and my mate at the time, called Terry. Unlike the other girls, her tits had been slower to develop but unlike the other girls that tended at this age to only let us feel their tits, we found by accident she'd let us play with her pussy. There was an engineering yard by the railway with all sorts of steel parts and more useful, some large canvas sheets. So earlier we'd created a den, very warm in winter and out of sight of nosey adults. With a number of candles I supplied from our store it was bright so we could see each other and more especially the girls tits. . .
 The first time this occured, her, me and Ter' were the only ones out. We went to the den working on the theory that the best way to improve the size of her tits was to get them out play with them and suck them as much and as often as possible. She agreed, anyway, while sucking and playing we started talking about her pussy and reckoned she aught to be careful and not let lads play with it. Course the funny bit was while saying this I and Ter' was using our other hands to smooth her belly and certainly in my case subconsiously moving ever lower down her belly with our hands.
 Having jointly concluded our manly advice to keep her pussy out of bounds,(That's a laugh) was spot on she said she agreed and do we want to see if she has any hairs growing on hers because she knew she could trust us to not play with it. We wanted to,with no further ado she lifted up from where she was led between us and let us pull her skirt and knickers down. Lying back down she let us examine her pussy and through her legs for hairs, having decided there were none she rolled over on her stomach and asked if there was any on her bum, then knelt up to let us see if she had any in her bum crack.

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   There was just the slightest amount of pubes just sprouting. On getting this information she asked us to touch them so she could feel if it tickled because she wouldn't be able to see them at her backside.
 As we continued she said it was nice and then turning back over asked us to smooth her mound of venus (We didn't know the name at the time) to see if she could feel any tickling meaning pussy hair was in fact present but to fine to see. All thought of our 'manly advice' had flown the coop by this time as she said "What about on that bit" pocking with her finger. This was the groove and hood over her clitoris! She jerked her hips as our fingers went each side of her clit outside the hood, then as we poked around it she said, "don't bother looking any more but keep doing that with your fingers.
 We did, taking it in turns to go right down through her pussy groove while the other rubbed her clitoris. We didn't know what it was then,but the more she bucked against our finger the harder we rubbed. We panicked a bit because she started making all sorts of funny noisy's so we both stopped and she said "No keep doing it" Course after we'd done it some more again a while after having the same results, between us we worked out we'd made her cum off like we'd seen the bigger kids done to Trudi every Saturday at the 'tanner rush' (Kids cinema) From then on she got us more and more alone and let us finger her for ages each time. She tried doing it at home herself and actually let us watch her do it herself but she said it wasn't the same or as good as when we done it to her.
 With this experience under my belt I'd decided that Ann the most developed girl mate would have a lot of pubes and I wanted to feel them and play with her cunt. The day came when she, an older lad that we reckoned she was sweet on,although she always denied this and appeared to prove this by always letting another lad play with her tits at the same time as Trevor. That was his name. Her second tit player was generally me and I know not why?
 Anyway in our usual place, she's led between us and she was virtually a full size woman. I being a slim boney knee'd kid must have looked tiny alongside her, who gave a bugger about that? Having played,sucked and generally handled this particular tit of Ann's I put my hand up her skirt and even then I could tell what ever Trevor was doing was having some kind of affect. I could see he was kissing her plenty and tit squeezing.

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   having reached the top of her thigh successfully I went to move my hand inside her knickers but on feeling her hairs and another hand. I'm still not sure whether it was Trevors or more likely Anns put down the front of her skirt to stop me. The next instant I got a hell of a wack across my chops that stopped me in my tracks. Saying "I didn't do anything" the session promptly ended. Some years later I bumped into her working in a shop. She was very friendly and I was sorely tempted to clarify what it really was all about but in the end didn't ask. I still wonder about that though to this day.
 . . . Eventually I got back to the ruins some weeks later having bumped into Ben, I gave him the low down, we hadn't seen each other since starting work. So he came with me and we worked out that we could get on the sloping shed roof of the next door neigbour agreed it was strong enough for two of us by creeping in the garden then looking through the shed window and concluding the timbers were more than adequate to support our combined weight. The stage was set, all we had to hope was the actors appeared on cue.
 Right on cue the youngest human actor arrived,pecked his mother on the cheek and sat next to his father on the settee facing his mother who was facing towards us although she didn't know it.  But there was no sign of the canine actor.

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   Drat, but even worse then,the widower neigbour was coming down the garden towards the shed. Being dark we were safe enough but what if he went in the shed? Hang on tho' what's that he was carrying? Binoculars! so it is the right night and clearly some interesting happening is about to take place. Nothing for it, we'll just have to be very still,not easy if the controller starts stiffening. I nudged Ben and let him see I was moving my controller to a vertical position inside my pants, he done the same.
 There is a god,just as the shed door was opened the local dockyard started a rivetter gun with the drrrrrrr drrrrrr noise we were safe. Although I hadn't noticed the seat the woman sat in was one you could spin round in or lock depending what you were of a mind. Suddenly turning it away from all of us it stopped with her out of sight, when she spun back round her skirt was pulled right up to her belly button showing she had no knickers on. As she opened and closed her legs she was slapping the inside of her legs as though to encourage the men to come and play. Grinning widely and continuing to slap her thighs she pursed the lips of her mouth and I suspect was gently whistling. Then it happened, canine appeared from somewhere below the window sauntered over to her as though he was playing 'hard to get' looking up at her with tail wagging, he just looked. He never moved but she did.  
 Lifting herself up a bit she moved her bum nearer the edge of the chair while pushing her fingers into her pussy. Bunched together she looked intently at them moved her ass a bit more and stuck them back in her cunt. After only seconds she pulled them out again took another look then offered them to the dog. He sniffed wagging his tail more quickly, she then put her fingers against his nose and opened them against his nostrils .

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   He immediately licked her hand.
    He turned round then back towards her he jumped his forelegs up on the arm of the chair and was humping against her thigh.
     She pushed him down saying something to the men then caught hold his ears and pulled his head to between her thighs, for a second she shut her eyes and pursed her lips. Cold nose I guessed against whatever. As she smoothed him a bit on the head her eyes closed again and she pursed her lips as though something delicious was happening. It looked like she was saying whoooo as her belly started to jerk and her whole torso was shaking as her bum cheeks acted like an air bag trembling and rippling into wrinkles then going stiff as she tensed her muscles in her bum and thighs. All of a sudden she stopped the dog, stood up and pulled her sweater over her head, grabbed her skirt urgently pulling it down and off kicking it into the air as she sent it from her last leg. This gave us all a good though quick look at her soaking dog spitalled pussy. She had a full set of pubes (Women didn't shave at that time) stuck firmly against her belly and mound with dog spit and presumably cunt juice.
     She then sat back down lifted her legs up high and slapped her thighs in an instant doggy was back at it. The blokes hadn't moved, her belly was now tensing and slackening she let go of one leg as she shook then grabbed it again. Her feet were flapping around a bit now and her bum hole was now in full view. Her face was distorting and you could tell by the way her mouth was opening and grimmacing she was panting and getting out of breath. She mouthed something and both the blokes got up, my heart sunk as I thought they were going to shut the curtains then instantly realised that,that would only take one to do it.
     No, what they done was moved each side of her and held a leg each.

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       She then really went into gyration overdrive her tits was bouncing up, across, down, both going in different directions at the same time. She was jerking and wriggling all at the same time and all this while the dog kept up a constant steady pace. No excitement,just lick,lick. turning head first one way then the other with this constant speed lick,lick lick. Then boom, she bucked nearly falling off the chair, both the blokes steadied her as she had the most frantic orgasm I was to see till I'd been married for some years. As the blokes let go of her legs she just let them flop back to the floor. she was puffing and blowing, she had sweat shining on her brow and glistening between her tits.  She just led there recovering, her mound of venus all puffed up at the bottom of her belly which in turn was still spasming. With her legs wide open and trembling you could see her outer pussy parts were puffed right up and flaming red her inner lips were all wrinkled,swollen and dark browny red engourged with blood.
     The younger bloke had gone and sat back down and obviously studying his mothers body intensely, the older man was looking out the window in thought it seemed with a tent in his trousers. Or had he spotted the binoculars? It occured to me that now he might close the curtains, but no, as his wife made to get herself back upright, wriggling this way and that and making me shoot my spunk all over the inside of my pants. It was as though she was to exhausted to get up, but hell was it sexy as she threw her ass this way and that. It wasn't only having that affect on me either as I watched you could see her son was pulling his plonker, and his mother seeing it done the motion of clapping as though she'd achieved what she had set out to do. (If only she had seen her other achievment on the roof)
     She then grinned widely as she could obviously see her son cum, his head had gone back hard against the back of the settee then shot forward and jerked. Another clap from mum and clearly his father said something to both of them.

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       Son promply got up and walked over then squeezed the remnants of cum out his prick onto his mothers cunt as she again led back in the chair. She smoothed the small amount of cum into her slit. At this point it seemed crazy she got up went to the corner of the room and then appeared through the door into the side kitchen still totally naked and put the kettle on. The dog followed her and was trying again to get her muff which she scolded him for. Ben mouthed to me 'Tea break' I in turn wound my finger at the side of my head indicating I thought they were bonkers. Then after thinking about it I realised how dry my mouth was and thought their's had to be but not her middles. No chance of that as I smiled to myself at this smartass thought.
     more to cum.




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