I had spent the previous seven years working in the outpatient department of the hospital and had pretty much settled into the routine. Monday through Friday, nine am to five pm, the clinic serviced the medical needs of the surrounding community. Monday’s were OB-GYN; Tuesdays were bone clinic, Wednesday’s cardiac follow-up with Thursday and Friday’s as open days to any needed follow-up.
 Today had been like any other cardiac care follow-up day with the usual blood pressure checks, blood draws and EKG’s. Ken was back in again for his monthly check-up. His recovery from a heart attack six months earlier had been going very well. Over fifty and in reasonably good shape for his age. His work history in construction had made his hands gnarled and his muscled body still hard from the rigors of building. The other nurses didn’t care to do his check-ups as he was ill mannered and handy (if you know what I mean). Today he was to have an EKG and he was not in a particularly good mood.
 “Good Morning, Ken!” I said in my most cheery voice as I entered the examination room. “Please sit on the table and remove your shirt. I just need to attach these electrodes. ” I said as I held up the patched leads. Ken yanked the corduroy shirt out of his jeans and began unbuttoning it grumbling as he did so, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. ” I looked up to see a sly grin on his face and a sparkle in his eyes as he stared at my chest.

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   “Maybe later,” I quipped as I placed the first electrode on his chest. I noticed his skin had been toughened by years of outdoor work and his muscles were still tone from decades of hard labor. He had more hair on his chest, arms and back than I had seen on other men. I noted his breathing was becoming more rapid as I attached each electrode. As I finished his strong arm slid around me, drew me close and kissed me. I had instinctively yielded to this strong man but than pushed away straightening my uniform and saying, “That’ll be enough of that! Let’s get this test started,” and flipped on the machine. I turned back to him and pushed on his shoulders to get him to lie down on the table. As I leaned across him to check the lead on his far shoulder, I glanced down to see a smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes. He whispered in my ear, “Debbie, I do believe you have me at a disadvantage. ” The musky odor of an aroused male filled my nostrils as I dragged my breasts across his chest and turned to leave the room. Over my shoulder I said, “ We’ll let that run for a few minutes and I’ll be back,” closing the door behind me as I left the exam room.
 This man had awakened a sexual desire I hadn’t felt in many years. I felt positively giddy as a schoolgirl with a crush. I was a married woman with a devoted husband and a child to care for. What was I thinking, this was wrong on so many levels both socially and professionally but it felt so good, to be bad.

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   What harm was there with a little flirtation? I went to the bathroom and quickly removed my snap down top and took off my bra. As I replaced my top and looked down to fasten the snaps I saw my nipples were stiff with arousal and my breasts lifted with the added blood flow. I balled up my bra and hid it in the back of a drawer at the nurse’s station. I returned to the exam room and took a deep breath before entering. I than calmly re-entered the room closing the door behind me and moving to shut off the machine. I slowly examined his strip (EKG) for any irregularities and turned to Ken with a smile saying, “You have made remarkable progress. ” I walked to his tableside and began removing his electrodes. I could feel his warm breath on my chest as I again reached across him to remove the last of the electrodes and he quipped again, “It’s only fair, you know?” as he looked sheepishly at me. I turned from the table and discarded the leads and turned back to face him. Braving unexplored territory I pulled open my top and held it wide for him to see saying, “I suppose your right. ” He leapt to his feet and wrapped his arms around me drawing me close he kissed me. His hard hairy chest pressed mine and I kissed him back. I felt more alive than I had in years. His hands dropped down and cupped my ass lifting me onto the examining table. He stepped back to allow his eyes to drink in the sight of my aroused breasts and his hands to roam freely over my body.

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   “Magnificent,” he said. I felt beautiful and sexy and alive for the first time in many years. Every part of my mind screamed how wrong this was but my body surrendered eagerly to the passion his touch aroused in me. Just as my passion peaked he looked at me and said, “We best stop before we’re caught. ” He turned and put on his shirt and bent to pick up mine, which he handed to me. He than turned to leave the room and paused at the door to fish a card from his pocket. He handed me the card, smiled and thanked me as he left the room. I pulled on my top and snapped it up and arrived at the waiting room as he escorted his wife out the exit. As quickly as it had begun, it was over and sadly I went back to the exam room to finish cleaning up. With an air of gloom I went on to the next patient. Later that day, as I was fumbling in my pocket for a pen I found the crumbled card Ken had handed me. It had the name of a local bowling alley and a time scrawled on it. So, he did want to meet with me. I was walking on air the rest of my shift.
 When I arrived home later that afternoon I found my husband had already left for work.

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   He had taken our child to the sitter and had dinner warming in the oven for the two of us. I promptly put the dinner in the refrigerator and called the sitter to see if she would watch the kid until my husband could pick her up, as I had to work a double. I called my husband and repeated the same story and told him to pick up his daughter on the way home, as I might have to stay over.
 I than busied myself primping for my date. I was going make this a very special evening for the two of us. I put on my sexiest teddy, jeans and a sweater. I didn’t want to appear as eager as I felt. I set off for the bowling alley after dapping perfume in the appropriate areas to enhance my allure. I didn’t have long to wait before he arrived and asked me if he could show me something in the parking lot. I remembered thinking I had never done it in a car and resigned myself to a first. Imagine my surprise when I noticed he was leading me to a large motor home parked on the edge of the lot. “Let me show you my home away from home,” Ken said. He opened the door for me and I stepped up into a house on wheels. I could see the kitchen and sitting room to my right and the bathroom and bedroom to the left. He had a queen-sized bed that filled the rear of the motor home.

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 The door had barely closed behind him before he pulled off my jeans and sweater. He was most impatient with the teddy and simply split it from bust to crotch with one mighty tug. His actions startled me and took my breath away as I stood naked before his gaze. He took but a moment to admire my naked form before scooping me up in his strong arms to carry me willingly to his waiting bed. He kissed me deeply as he carried me. He set me on the edge of the bed and began tearing at his clothing, tossing his shirt aside and dropping his pants to expose his rock hard cock. I didn’t have long to ponder the enormous size of his tool as he bent to grasp my ankles and lift them above either side of his head, tilting my womanhood up to receive his tool. I felt the head of his cock batter against my hole as it stretched to accommodate his girth. Here there was no foreplay, no pretext, he simply rammed his cock into me. He exerted all his might into each thrust, drawing tears from me as I felt he was tearing me in two. I was gasping for air, tears rolling down my cheeks as he drove his cock so far up me I thought I would gag on it, stretching my cervix as few man ever had. Finally I felt his pelvis bump against mine and the head of his cock stretch the back of my uterus. He paused for a moment allowing my cervix to adjust to his girth and I realized the exquisite nature of pain turning to pleasure as the juices deep within me flowed to lubricate this beast. Then he began to move, neither gently or with care but in long lunging strokes which shook every bone in my body. He was lost to his animal lust demanding satisfaction and soon I was too.

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   I could not believe being treated so cruelly could be so arousing. Soon I was countering every thrust of his with my own. I soon experienced a rare treat for any woman as his ejaculation triggered first a vaginal and then a clitoral orgasm. My body melted like butter exposed to a heat source and groaned my approval. I thought to rest but had badly underestimated his stamina. His rough hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed them till I thought they would explode.
 He turned me over and lifted me on to all fours. Doggie-style after all this? He was still hard? All to soon I had an affirmative answer to my thoughts as I felt his pole explore my virgin ass. What had been uncomfortable before was downright painful now. I tried to roll a way only to have Ken grab my hips and hold me firmly in place. His cock was now burrowing in unfamiliar territory and I winched with each thrust. He reached around my body to insert his fingers in my now raw gash and groped to find my clitoris, which he rubbed coarsely to arouse me. I found his manipulations of my clit crude at best and batted his hand away replacing it with my own. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on what my hand was doing over what his cock was doing. I soon aroused myself until I was engulfed in a second clitoral orgasm.

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   Later as we lay in each other’s arms fondling each other’s genitals he asked me how I felt about threesomes I giggled and climbed aboard his massive cock riding it in a slow deliberate fashion. I looked down at him and asked, “If you think you can satisfy me and someone else, bring it on!” Right here, right now this man had reawakened a sexual passion I had not known since I was very young and I wanted to explore the width and breadth of it, with him. Truthfully I didn’t care, so long as it pleased him. In the months and years to follow I would share many a bedmate willingly with him. He brought men sometimes and sometimes I brought women. I secretly fell in love with him and he was pleased with me for many years until I got pregnant and he dumped me. I quickly realized the error in judgment I had made and got an abortion. I even brought my sweet sister to his bed in atonement and this pleased him for a time but he had tired of me. At least my husband loved me.