Joanna Dark, shes perfect...


Topic: Joanna Dark, shes perfect. . . It was just a regular day in the Carrington Instute, commanding the troops for the security of the package, a Agent Dark, we all knew her, and the fact she didnt need the protection, but Carrington ordered it so her I am, wacthing her like a hawk. She called me into her private room, the one where we never enter, her bedroom.
She had just had a shower and couldnt get her security uniform to zip up, I saw her beautiful red hair looked better while it was soaking wet, her blonde strand over her forehead was still bright as her red. She asked me "Stop looking at me and zip this up will ya?".
I walked over to her and she grabbed me and tried to throw me onto the floor, but I countered her and ended up holding her to my chest, as her dress fell to the floor. I was holding Joanna naked infont of me and she wasnt bothered, she spun around I lost grip and punched me in the face and i fell to the floor, she then stood over me, i was looking up at her, i could see everything, her legs, her chest, her sweet tight red haired pussy, her firm breasts. She looked down on me and said "Arnt you fiesty" she then got down on one knee and started to take off my battle dress uniform, she did it with speed and even stacked it to one side, i was still on the floor when she took off my pants with the last tug my dick sprang free, stiff as a pistol clip, which she sat upon instantly.
She moved her hips up and down, I could feel her pressure every thrust, and every time it felt like nothing else can, she leant forward and started to kiss me, massaging my own tongue with her own, I never notiiced she had a pierced tongue.   "I wanted you so bad. Your my fave you know?" she said to me, i replied with "Your not the only one!" with that I grabbed her thighs and threw her to the side, rolled and now I was on top of her, and I didnt even remove myself from her, "you think you can take me?" she asked teasingly, "Your fuckin'right i can!" was the reply.

Now I was really giving it to her, thrustign as hard as I could into her tight wet pussy, thrusting harder every time, her pussy juices was flowing from her, seaping over her chest and finnaly she startd to squeese my dick with her pussy and I felt her cumming, she screamed so long in ecstacy, the other guards were knockin on the door, but we were too busy to reply, all she managed was " Ugh Go ohhh awayyyyy!!!!" we heard a "yes mam!" and carried on. At this point i was tired, and slowed my thrusts, but she wasnt even slightly tired, she pulled out of me, juices dribbling out andover her chest, I licked her clean, thrusting my tongue into her pussy, but shed had enough, and pushed me gainst the floor.
"Right, thanks fer that but i got one more thing I gotta do.


  "  she then sat on my face, and buried my face in her wet pussy, she then started to suck my sticky cock, she was great, each suck was accompanied by a finger leading up my ass hole, as she sucked my cock i was licking er pussy, until i had eventually ready to cum, she knew and was ready, each load i shot went right into her mouth, she didnt swallow, but it did overflow out of her mouth, then she just laid on me, my cock in her mouth, me tongue in her pussy, for a few more seconds, both endsof her  still flowing juices.
"Riht then, would you mind having a shower?" was the next thing she said, my reply "Is that an order?" . . .