Jeremy and I's late nights.


XJeremyHorrorX:  i dont want to leave you so i came backyes im two faced: aw whatttXJeremyHorrorX:  i didnt want to leave you hereXJeremyHorrorX:  so i came backXJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: lol you were only showeringyes im two faced: i didnt mindXJeremyHorrorX:  i didXJeremyHorrorX:  lolXJeremyHorrorX:  weird i knowyes im two faced: lolyes im two faced: strangee boyXJeremyHorrorX:  happensXJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: i put my other leggings on tonightXJeremyHorrorX:  niceeyes im two faced: cuz i only own 9 pairsyes im two faced: lolyes im two faced: but i definitely did NOT sport underwear all dayyes im two faced: hahaXJeremyHorrorX:  pdfjbvXJeremyHorrorX:  gahhahahaXJeremyHorrorX:  lolyes im two faced: soooyes im two faced: cmere. yes im two faced: i uh want to show you my new leggings??yes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  okayy[=XJeremyHorrorX:  you dont want to do thatXJeremyHorrorX:  b/cXJeremyHorrorX:  i would tear something apart down thereXJeremyHorrorX:  yes im two faced: like whatttXJeremyHorrorX:  you knowyes im two faced: nopeXJeremyHorrorX:  yourXJeremyHorrorX:  tightwetjuicysoftXJeremyHorrorX:  pussyyes im two faced: aaww youre gonna tear. . =Pyes im two faced: it*yes im two faced: that might hurt meeeXJeremyHorrorX:  ;0XJeremyHorrorX:  :0XJeremyHorrorX:  it wwill a lilXJeremyHorrorX:  just a lilXJeremyHorrorX:  then you'll love itXJeremyHorrorX:  dont worryXJeremyHorrorX:  hayes im two faced: =]yes im two faced: i think your penis isss in fact perfect for me. XJeremyHorrorX:  do you keep watching it???XJeremyHorrorX:  hahayes im two faced: no lol it just isnt closedyes im two faced: and its behind my imsXJeremyHorrorX:  so why dont you close it?XJeremyHorrorX:  lolXJeremyHorrorX:  j/wyes im two faced: lol i dunno? i will if you wantXJeremyHorrorX:  noyes im two faced: i havent closed conversations from likeXJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: earlier tonightyes im two faced: im lazyyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  id think it's b/c your lazy,you just like how it looksXJeremyHorrorX:  hahaXJeremyHorrorX:  j/kkyes im two faced: haha maybeeXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: i just kinda wanna put my mouth on it when i see it thoughXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: like the head of it, it looks delish to meXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmmXJeremyHorrorX:  anything else bby?yes im two faced: hah idk im weird XJeremyHorrorX:  not to me you're notyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: come overrrr. yes im two faced: get under meeeXJeremyHorrorX:  i'll do more than thatyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  mhmmXJeremyHorrorX:   a lot moreyes im two faced: come show meXJeremyHorrorX:  very wellyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  XJeremyHorrorX:  haha i'm hungry and tiredXJeremyHorrorX:  never had that beforeXJeremyHorrorX:  ahahayes im two faced: sdkggyes im two faced: dont sleep unless its with meXJeremyHorrorX:  so what are you doingg?yes im two faced: freezingggXJeremyHorrorX:  anddd. . . ?XJeremyHorrorX:  nothing else?yes im two faced: ummyes im two faced: talking about being presidentyes im two faced: andddyes im two faced: laying on my stomachXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: making my lip ring go around in circlesyes im two faced: ummyes im two faced: breathingyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  i feel like i am about to dieXJeremyHorrorX:  gahhhXJeremyHorrorX:  fuqqXJeremyHorrorX:  lolyes im two faced: whyXJeremyHorrorX:  idk,its weirdyes im two faced: awwyes im two faced: come hereyes im two faced: ill make you feel betteryes im two faced: ill give you lots to eatyes im two faced: skgjghXJeremyHorrorX:  i'd eat anything for youyes im two faced: ill make you a 'taco' saladXJeremyHorrorX:  noXJeremyHorrorX:  wellyes im two faced: theres no meat silly boyXJeremyHorrorX:  as long as it's your meatXJeremyHorrorX:  hahayes im two faced: hahayes im two faced: oh myXJeremyHorrorX:  yes im two faced: thers a reason 'taco' was in those thignsyes im two faced: theres no meat in ityes im two faced: i dont eat meatttyes im two faced: blaslkghejhyes im two faced: actually, ill just fuck you, then hope you feel betterXJeremyHorrorX:  i'll lick and eat your meatXJeremyHorrorX:  i'm tired,cum here and meet me in my bedddyes im two faced: awyes im two faced: but ill be likeyes im two faced: mmm jeremyyyyes im two faced: adn youll be likeyes im two faced: ohh sleepyes im two faced: and itll suckXJeremyHorrorX:  no. i would do anything first with you and then sleep. b/c after sex i would want to sleepXJeremyHorrorX:  my sex never suxksXJeremyHorrorX:  so niether will yoursXJeremyHorrorX:  *neitheryes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: come play with me right now then, ill let you sleep afterwardsXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm. . i would do it every minute of the day and everythingyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  i would were you outtyes im two faced: plzzz doXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmXJeremyHorrorX:  and likeXJeremyHorrorX:  i would be turned into your cumXJeremyHorrorX:  b/c it's all over meyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  and i would makeout with you afterwardXJeremyHorrorX:  we both would love ityes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=XJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: you shouldddyes im two faced: come here and accident slip and hand down my leggings like idk how it happened. . yes im two faced: ehemXJeremyHorrorX:  i would come in your room,pull off your leggings and just eat you outyes im two faced: =DXJeremyHorrorX:  like not even say hi firstXJeremyHorrorX:  just go automatically to your tight wet pussyyes im two faced: itll so be ready for youyes im two faced: it already issssXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,how wet is it?yes im two faced: like i found out last night that i can only fit 2 of my fingers in ityes im two faced: idkkk. i havent checked hahXJeremyHorrorX:  2 is perfectyes im two faced: hah lets hope your fingers are the same size as mine thenXJeremyHorrorX:  prolly just longer,but my penis is even longeryes im two faced: and i want the wholee thing in meXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: id say my 2 fingers are almost an inch wideXJeremyHorrorX:  same XJeremyHorrorX:  kindaXJeremyHorrorX:  yeahXJeremyHorrorX:  sameyes im two faced: come see how wet i am for me.

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  XJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,that wouldnt work,b/c i would lick it up and i wouldnt tellyes im two faced: what if i say you can look but you cant touchhhXJeremyHorrorX:  then i would. . . umm. . XJeremyHorrorX:  you win?yes im two faced: lolyes im two faced: i wouldnt do thatyes im two faced: i want you too badXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  goodyes im two faced: i want you to try and put 3 fingers in meyes im two faced: i wanna feel it stretch outXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  promiseyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  save that for meyes im two faced: i willyes im two faced: its too uncomfortable for me to finger myselfXJeremyHorrorX:  awwwyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  i'm sorryyes im two faced: no its cool cuzz playing with my clit makes me go insaneyes im two faced: that i dont even care to do anything elseXJeremyHorrorX:  lolXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  i bet it feels good and warm and wetyes im two faced: definitelyyyXJeremyHorrorX:  mmyes im two faced: you should come feel, its really smooth and your finger just moves around so easyXJeremyHorrorX:  imagina my tongue is your fingerrXJeremyHorrorX:  gahhyes im two faced: it actually feels kinda good on the finger tooXJeremyHorrorX:  well my tongue is better,just know thatyes im two faced: i bet it issyes im two faced: i wanan find out for sure thoughyes im two faced: care to show me?XJeremyHorrorX:  mhmm<3yes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=[=[=<3yes im two faced: can you perhaps maybe suck on it a little, itll drive me insaneXJeremyHorrorX:  oh yes,i'll suck on it to<3yes im two faced: not too hard plzyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  oh no. and i would stick my tongue in your pussyyes im two faced: mm i love thatXJeremyHorrorX:  i would toXJeremyHorrorX:  it's so softXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: like until you feel how my pussy feels cuz its all like hairless and stuff, youll never really understand how it feelsyes im two faced: its so like yes im two faced: idk creamy? haha that might not be the wordXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: but i love the feel of it, ps im not a lesbianyes im two faced: hahaXJeremyHorrorX:  that turned me on a lotyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: why dont you make your dick hard for me, and then come over here for a little whileXJeremyHorrorX:  it's already hard baybehhyes im two faced: mm come here thennXJeremyHorrorX:  ok. XJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: thers some room in front of me the way im layingyes im two faced: you can sit there and ill just suck you offXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm. hey nowyes im two faced: whattyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  <333yes im two faced: plzzz come heree ahhhyes im two faced: i want you i want you i want youuuuXJeremyHorrorX:  where are your hands doll?yes im two faced: i want you to feel my pussy right nowww plz plzyes im two faced: on the keyboardyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  mm. i want to do more than feel it bbyyes im two faced: come here and show me what you want to doXJeremyHorrorX:  hehehe[=yes im two faced: dfhgfjgfjdfjddghkyes im two faced: jeremy. eat me. nowwwwww. XJeremyHorrorX:  i would kiss it,lick it,suck it,finger it,stick my rock hard dick in it,and moreyes im two faced: plzz plzzzyes im two faced: dgkjlgaeehXJeremyHorrorX:  and stretch it out some<3XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  and lick your juices andswallow your cumyes im two faced: im so wet for youuuXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,and i am so hard for youyes im two faced: were meant to beyes im two faced: soooyes im two faced: come put it in meyes im two faced: now. . XJeremyHorrorX:  mmm.

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  i love how you said all thatXJeremyHorrorX:  [=XJeremyHorrorX:  ilyXJeremyHorrorX:  i'll stick it all the way inyes im two faced: ily222222XJeremyHorrorX:  [=XJeremyHorrorX:  and take it outyes im two faced: =DXJeremyHorrorX:  all the wayXJeremyHorrorX:  and jam it in youyes im two faced: mm plzz dooooyes im two faced: thatll make me screammmXJeremyHorrorX:  no doubt i willXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  and you screaming will make me harderrryes im two faced: hah im definitly breathing faster right now, i think its time we actually get down to this fucking each other thing cuz i want it badXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  that's rightXJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: come play with meee. i havent touched myself at all yetXJeremyHorrorX:  aww. . good girl. . . XJeremyHorrorX:  but nowXJeremyHorrorX:  you canXJeremyHorrorX:  orXJeremyHorrorX:  are you sacing it for me?XJeremyHorrorX:  *savingyes im two faced: i want youu to do ityes im two faced: plzzXJeremyHorrorX:  mkayyyes im two faced: like i think cuz i havent touched myself is why im liek breathing more rapidly cuz im about to die if you dontyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  awwwXJeremyHorrorX:  adorableXJeremyHorrorX:  <3XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  can i lick it instead of touching it?yes im two faced: mhmmXJeremyHorrorX:  what about fuck itXJeremyHorrorX:  ?yes im two faced: mm id love for you toXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmmXJeremyHorrorX:  me tooyes im two faced: i bet youre the perfect fit for my pussy toooXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,i bet i am tooyes im two faced: why dont you come and seeyes im two faced: and if youre not, stretch me out so i amXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,you have no idea how much i wouldXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmmmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  and i would want you to cover my dick in your wetness and then cum on ityes im two faced: itll be soakedd. XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  then i  would take my dick out right before i came and i would eat you out againyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  then you you cumm like a lotyes im two faced: mmm i want to so badyes im two faced: thatd feel sooo goodyes im two faced: i wanan cum aroudn your fingersXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmm,and you watching me as i eat you out and you see your cum go in my mouthXJeremyHorrorX:  and my fingersyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: i bet i am sooo wet right nowXJeremyHorrorX:  i would be so full of your cumXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: i can feel it without even using my handsXJeremyHorrorX:  i woud swallow every last dropXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: =DXJeremyHorrorX:  yes im two faced: come play with meee jeremyyy. i want youu. XJeremyHorrorX:  i wouldnt just play baybeyes im two faced: then come fuck meeeXJeremyHorrorX:  asapyes im two faced: mhmmmyes im two faced: akaXJeremyHorrorX:  you got it<3yes im two faced: nowwwwwwXJeremyHorrorX:  okayyyes im two faced: like srslyyes im two faced: get under me and just sit thereyes im two faced: im going to ride you sooo hardyes im two faced: cuz i want you so badXJeremyHorrorX:  i would loveee thatyes im two faced: i wanna slam myself down on youyes im two faced: itd feel soooo gooodXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmm. up and down. yes im two faced: as fast as i can goyes im two faced: maybe a little twirling it around while its all the way in meXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: id be fucking you soo hard that your balls would be slamming against me making that lovelyy slap sound so loud my neighbors will hear itXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  brbXJeremyHorrorX:  k?XJeremyHorrorX:  real quickyes im two faced: okkXJeremyHorrorX:  kXJeremyHorrorX:  mym mom calledXJeremyHorrorX:  she was bitching me  outXJeremyHorrorX:  hahaXJeremyHorrorX:  anywhooyes im two faced: aw whyXJeremyHorrorX:  b/c i am awake on on the compyXJeremyHorrorX:  hahahayes im two faced: that sucksXJeremyHorrorX:  b/c i stay awake at nightyes im two faced: im sryXJeremyHorrorX:  it's okyes im two faced: you dont have to stay upXJeremyHorrorX:  not you're faultyes im two faced: i feel badXJeremyHorrorX:  i don't but i don't want to leave youuXJeremyHorrorX:  don't feel badXJeremyHorrorX:  plaeseXJeremyHorrorX:  not your faultyes im two faced: come here, we wont need to be on the computer. i cant promise anything about the being up al lnight thingXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  i like thatyes im two faced: we can lay on our sides facing each otherXJeremyHorrorX:  and have sexyes im two faced: and ill just put my leg over your sideXJeremyHorrorX:  and cuddleXJeremyHorrorX:  and eatXJeremyHorrorX:  and go to showsyes im two faced: mhmmXJeremyHorrorX:   i hate to do this but i have to goXJeremyHorrorX:  i'll try to come on soonyes im two faced: ill just go to bedXJeremyHorrorX:  i dont want to get grounded rom the compy and not talk to youXJeremyHorrorX:  that's the worstyes im two faced: =\XJeremyHorrorX:  i'll meet you thereyes im two faced: okayyXJeremyHorrorX:  [=XJeremyHorrorX:  you gonna be on later bby?yes im two faced: i doubt it, ill just go to bed like i did lasttt nightXJeremyHorrorX:  aww ok. XJeremyHorrorX:  hmmXJeremyHorrorX:  well i'll stay on here for you if i get on tonightXJeremyHorrorX:  and i'll waitXJeremyHorrorX:  <3yes im two faced: wait for whatXJeremyHorrorX:  to see if you get on or notyes im two faced: when is thisssXJeremyHorrorX:  tonightXJeremyHorrorX:  brbyes im two faced: ok. XJeremyHorrorX:  okXJeremyHorrorX:  uhfvgdyes im two faced: ?XJeremyHorrorX:  her againXJeremyHorrorX:  hahayes im two faced: whatd she wantXJeremyHorrorX:  idk i wasn't listening i had the phone in my lapXJeremyHorrorX:  hahahayes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  but yeahXJeremyHorrorX:  anywaysssXJeremyHorrorX:   i was sayinggXJeremyHorrorX:  i will get on aim tonight and if you arent on i'll wait for you to get onyes im two faced: aw okXJeremyHorrorX:  mmkbby?yes im two faced: mhmyes im two faced: even thoughyes im two faced: i want to talk right nowwXJeremyHorrorX:  i love you heather,i really do,goodnight baybehh,dream about me?XJeremyHorrorX:  awwwyes im two faced: if im asleep long enough to dream i willXJeremyHorrorX:  awwwXJeremyHorrorX:  goodyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: slgjksdghyes im two faced: i still awnt youyes im two faced: soo badXJeremyHorrorX:  i knww bbyyes im two faced: like fgjkjeh'XJeremyHorrorX:  mines like kjsfhldkjbvflsdjkbvlkdfjbvkljsdfvhl gflerjkbgtlajkbjbvdfvyes im two faced: hah i thougt you were already doneyes im two faced: thats why i was likeyes im two faced: thinking  you were all about leavingXJeremyHorrorX:  i need to go,but i dont want toXJeremyHorrorX:  i wantXJeremyHorrorX:  youuyes im two faced: come put it in me really fast thennyes im two faced: ill make you cum in minutesXJeremyHorrorX:  i bet you will and i'll make you cum in secondsyes im two faced: mm i want to soo badXJeremyHorrorX:  me tooyes im two faced: youd feel my cum alll over your dick and feel my pussy tighten up in it while i cumm itd be so hotttttyes im two faced: and id just screammmXJeremyHorrorX:  i would to or moanyes im two faced: id just want it from you harder and fasterrryes im two faced: (ps im determined to make you cum before you leave so double time it mister)XJeremyHorrorX:  i would do it as hard and as fast as i couldXJeremyHorrorX:  you want me to cum?yes im two faced: mm godd i want you in me soo bad right noww.

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  yes im two faced: yesss. XJeremyHorrorX:  i want you to cum tooo<3yes im two faced: i take forever =P dont worry about me, were on a limited time thingXJeremyHorrorX:  what is that supposed to mean?yes im two faced: it means i wanted to make you cum before you had to leaveyes im two faced: cuz you said you needed to goyes im two faced: and id take too longXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  i wanted you to say thatXJeremyHorrorX:  soyes im two faced: =PXJeremyHorrorX:  when do we startXJeremyHorrorX:  j/kXJeremyHorrorX:  hahayes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  and you want me to cum for you huh?yes im two faced: mhmmyes im two faced: perferably innn meyes im two faced: but you know XJeremyHorrorX:  yeahXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm i am so hardddyes im two faced: just hearing that makes me moannn. i want to suck it soo badXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  i wonder what will happen if i put my dick ain my hand and go up and down on itXJeremyHorrorX:  . . yes im two faced: ps i couldnt help myself, but just so you know, i ammm wetXJeremyHorrorX:  hmmXJeremyHorrorX:  oh,this feels goodyes im two faced: i wanna try. XJeremyHorrorX:  it feels wonderfullXJeremyHorrorX:  i am moaning toooXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmmmmyes im two faced: omggg stick it in meeee plzXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  mmhmmXJeremyHorrorX:  asapyes im two faced: im going to fuck you soo hard and soo good jeremyyyy. XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmm. howw?tell meXJeremyHorrorX:  the best?yes im two faced: im gonna lay you on my floorXJeremyHorrorX:  mhnnyes im two faced: and im gonna stand over top of you with my legs spread right over your head and give you a nicee view of how wet i really amyes im two faced: then im going to sit down on your chest and kiss your lips really lightly and up the side of your face to your earsXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: and ill ask you really softly, 'do you want me as bad as i want you right now'yes im two faced: and hoping i get a yesssXJeremyHorrorX:  yesssyes im two faced: i kiss on your ears a bit and work my way back to your mouth and kiss you some moreXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmhmyes im two faced: then ill let my hips slide down your chest and down your stomach and stop at your hips, but not touching your dick just yetXJeremyHorrorX:  ohh?yes im two faced: leaving a little bit of a trail of my wetness alll down you. then ill put my knees on both sides of you and slide my tongue down your chest and stomach, licking it alll off of youXJeremyHorrorX:  wow. mmhmXJeremyHorrorX:  it feels sooo goodyes im two faced: while im doing that ill slowly start rubbing my pussy against your dick, but making sure i barellyy touch it, only enough to get the head wetXJeremyHorrorX:  ohhXJeremyHorrorX:  i'll love thtyes im two faced: then ill keep moving my head down and kiss you riiight above your dick and suck on it there lightlyyes im two faced: then kiss my way back up to your chest then start rubbing my pussy against your dick againXJeremyHorrorX:  ohh. XJeremyHorrorX:  ooooyes im two faced: then ill just stop and look at you  for a few seconds, but i wont say a word but you know whats coming next. i sit up some and i start rubbing your dick a litle faster against my clit, making me moann for you. XJeremyHorrorX:  making me moan tooyes im two faced: then ill move up just a little bit and sit the head of your dick inside me and ill squeeze my pussy sssoooo tight around it and moan in your earrXJeremyHorrorX:  oh god i'd love thatyes im two faced: then ill let go with my pussy and sit up and look in your face and give you a sexy smile then slam your dick alllll the way down inside me and scream sooo loudXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: and id sit there for a few seconds with it in me and looveee the way it feels so deep in meyes im two faced: then ill slowly take it out all the way until the head is the only thing left inyes im two faced: and slam myself back down againyes im two faced: then ill raise back up and just start riding you yes im two faced: getting faster by each time its put in meyes im two faced: until im fucking you so fasst and so hard and moaning sooo loud that icant take it anymoreyes im two faced: and ill slam myself down onto your dick and scream your name sooo louddd and my pussy will tighten around your dick and coverrrr it with my cumyes im two faced: and ill just lay there breathless on your chest with you dick stilll inside of me. XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: you think you might like thattt =PXJeremyHorrorX:  and i would cum to?si?yes im two faced: not yetttXJeremyHorrorX:  no?yes im two faced: thats for my mouthhhXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: i wanna taste youyes im two faced: while im laying on your chest yes im two faced: catching my breatheXJeremyHorrorX:  myes im two faced: i begin to kiss your chest again yes im two faced: and rubbing my hands up and down your sidesyes im two faced: fianlly i get enough stregth to sit up againXJeremyHorrorX:  yessyes im two faced: and i start kissing your neck, your collar bone, your chest, alll over youXJeremyHorrorX:  ooyes im two faced: and i start rocking a little on your dick while im doing this, because its still all the way inside me. XJeremyHorrorX:  ohhhyes im two faced: i lift my hips up and let your dick slide out of me, and my cum that was stuck inside me just comes flowing out onto your dickXJeremyHorrorX:  oh bbyyes im two faced: i look down at it and back at you and smile and wink at you and i start to kiss down your chestXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmmyes im two faced: i kiss lower and lower, around your belly button, and lower and lower until im righttt above your dickXJeremyHorrorX:  yessyes im two faced: i stick my tongue out and lick from the bottom of it uppp the front of it but instead of going to the head i go around it and back down the back of it to the bottom where i see your balls filled with that cum i want sooo badXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: i start to kiss them and lightly lick them as i look up at you to make sure youre watching my every moveXJeremyHorrorX:  iammmyes im two faced: i take your dick in my hand and i slowly begin to move my hand up and down, it slides sooo easy from it being drenched in my cumXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: i take one of your balls allll the way in my mouth and i suck lightly on it and swirlll my tongue around itXJeremyHorrorX:  yeahhXJeremyHorrorX:  moanyes im two faced: and then i let it out with a pop sound, and take the other one in my mouth and do the same thing, all while still moving my hand up and down on your cum covered dickkkXJeremyHorrorX:  yesssyes im two faced: i let the other fall out of my mouth and i sit up and look at you again, i stop my hand and take it off your dick and i just sit there and stare at your nice harddd dick, wanting it more each secondXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  gahhyes im two faced: i look at you again and i slowly slide it into my mouth, while still keeping my eyes on yoursXJeremyHorrorX:  oooyes im two faced: i start to bob my head up and down a little faster and sucking a little harder on it, trying to give you a smile but not doing too good because my mouth is soo full of your dickXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: i take my hand and i grab your balls and massage them as i suck long and hard on your dick still, looking into your eyes, my other hand is safely between my legs playing around with my clitXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmmmyes im two faced: i take your dick all the way out of my mouth and tell you how good it tastes to have my cum mixed with the taste of youyes im two faced: and i shove it back in my mouth and suck even more and faster this timeXJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: you hear me gagging on it as it hits the back of my throat each time, until i finally take you down my throat and i suck sooo hard on it and just wait for you to cum down my throatyes im two faced: i take it out again and ask for it, and tell you how bad i want your cum down my throatXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmyes im two faced: and i take you all the way back down in my throat and suck and suck until fianlly i feel it shooting down my throat and i just moan around your dick yes im two faced: and i swallow every single last drop of it.

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  XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  gahhhhyes im two faced: lol whatXJeremyHorrorX:  nothinggggggggyes im two faced: =]yes im two faced: my thighs are starting to get wet now jeremy. you need to come clean me uppppXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmm,and clean me up as wellyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: im really wet, come put it in and if you already came, let it get hard again inside meeXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,okkkyes im two faced: did my little story make you cummmXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmhmm. mos defyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=XJeremyHorrorX:  a lotttXJeremyHorrorX:  the most i ever cameyes im two faced: mm i wish i could lick it upppXJeremyHorrorX:  me tooyes im two faced: im so wet jeremmy goooodddddyes im two faced: hahXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: likeyes im two faced: just because you told me you cameyes im two faced: i think it got 30times wetteryes im two faced: that was like the hottest thing everXJeremyHorrorX:  b/c i came?yes im two faced: yesss knowing that i did it makes me wetttt as fuck. no lie. hahaXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  well you have the power to do thatyes im two faced: when did it happenyes im two faced: like way earlyXJeremyHorrorX:  noyes im two faced: cuz i probably seemed weirdyes im two faced: likeyes im two faced: still talkingyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  like once you said i came in the back of your throatXJeremyHorrorX:  noXJeremyHorrorX:  it was amazingyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: itll be happening soonXJeremyHorrorX:  it besaaayes im two faced: its alll yoursXJeremyHorrorX:  mine only?yes im two faced: mhmXJeremyHorrorX:  yessssyes im two faced: well mine tooXJeremyHorrorX:  alll mineeeyes im two faced: lolyes im two faced: cuz ummyes im two faced: i like to play around with it sometimesyes im two faced: it feels niiiceXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: i just wanna hear you moanyes im two faced: and let you hear me moannXJeremyHorrorX:  you need to borrow someones phone thennnyes im two faced: akglhjah i want your dick in my pussyy now now nowyes im two faced: i have one but its not freee anymoreyes im two faced: so i cant calyes im two faced: lXJeremyHorrorX:  awwwXJeremyHorrorX:  well borrow a friends later or somethnigyes im two faced: ill have one tonight possiblyyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=XJeremyHorrorX:  goodyes im two faced: you sure you can handle it. =Pyes im two faced: youll be able to hear me moan sooo quietly almost under my breathXJeremyHorrorX:  no,but i can touch myself over the phone,question is can you?yes im two faced: i dunnooXJeremyHorrorX:  lolyes im two faced: never did thatttyes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  i doubt ityes im two faced: =\XJeremyHorrorX:  you might be able to handle my monayes im two faced: id say call now and do it but i forgot its not free hahayes im two faced: call and leave a voice mailyes im two faced: i can check it cuz i know her passwordXJeremyHorrorX:  if i had my momies phone i couldyes im two faced: sjgawehghdXJeremyHorrorX:  yeahyes im two faced: godd i want youyes im two faced: and i wish you would have came in meXJeremyHorrorX:  me too. i wish i lived with you or by youu so muchhyes im two faced: wed fuck everydayyyyyes im two faced: hahahXJeremyHorrorX:  yesssXJeremyHorrorX:  lolyes im two faced: im home alone a lotyes im two faced: so you can come hereyes im two faced: and fuck the living hell out of meyes im two faced: everry morningXJeremyHorrorX:  and everynightXJeremyHorrorX:  and for lunch i'd eat you outyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=[=[=yes im two faced: for desert id suck your dick like a popcicleeee =P hahXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmXJeremyHorrorX:  but when i'd eat you out i would suck on an ice cubeXJeremyHorrorX:  i winyes im two faced: hjtfhkjyghjyes im two faced: jeremyyyXJeremyHorrorX:  heatherryes im two faced: right now im onnn my back, knees bent, legs open and im nott toching myself at all, its all yours, plzzz come hereXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmmmyes im two faced: i can feel it running downn my ass now cuz of the position XJeremyHorrorX:  mmmmyes im two faced: ldkgagksdg  i need youuu bbyyyyyes im two faced: im open and ready for youuXJeremyHorrorX:  i need you more babyyyXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  are you always open for me?yes im two faced: mhmmXJeremyHorrorX:  yessyes im two faced: but right now, my legs are spread and all you have to do is come grab them and shove it in meXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm,first i want to eat you outyes im two faced: ohh and id moan soooo loudXJeremyHorrorX:  goodyes im two faced: come hereee. XJeremyHorrorX:  alrightyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  <333yes im two faced: idk if you caree but this feels sooo good and im so wet and so hotXJeremyHorrorX:  mmmXJeremyHorrorX:  i bet sooyes im two faced: i wish you were still hard, i wanna fuck your dick soo hard and so fast right now bby. XJeremyHorrorX:  mmXJeremyHorrorX:  you'll feel it grow in your pussyyes im two faced: mm id loveee thatXJeremyHorrorX:  i knw me toyes im two faced: sdewrwyw45tyes im two faced: what are you doinggXJeremyHorrorX:  nothing. tired. lol. what are YOU doing?XJeremyHorrorX:  lolyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  [=yes im two faced: heh  im not doing anythinggg. . . O:-)XJeremyHorrorX:  my angelyes im two faced: mmm i foumd the spottt.

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  . yes im two faced: i mean. . . err. . yes im two faced: kljhukhXJeremyHorrorX:  mmm. yessssyes im two faced: ommmggggg fuck me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwXJeremyHorrorX:  i can promise later,b/c now i have to go to bedXJeremyHorrorX:  but i'll see you in your bed A. S. A. PXJeremyHorrorX:  mhmmyes im two faced: okayyXJeremyHorrorX:  and i'll make you moan and scream and scratch meXJeremyHorrorX:  okkk angel face?yes im two faced: okkkXJeremyHorrorX:  i love you my lil angel heatherryes im two faced: i love you toooo and i hope you enjoyedddd tonght cuz im glad you at least got to cummm and i hope it was the bsettt everyes im two faced: hahXJeremyHorrorX:  it wasXJeremyHorrorX:  but next time i talk to youXJeremyHorrorX:  you're gonna cumyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  deal?yes im two faced: yesssXJeremyHorrorX:  ok. yes im two faced: if its on th phone youll make fun of meyes im two faced: cuz ill be like omggzjxdgskhgwXJeremyHorrorX:  well look foward to it angel,k/XJeremyHorrorX:  we can make it on the phoneXJeremyHorrorX:  lolXJeremyHorrorX:  i'yes im two faced: lolXJeremyHorrorX:  i'll be crazy moaning over the phoneyes im two faced: jdfagejdgyes im two faced: lolyes im two faced: dooo myes im two faced: eyes im two faced: now now nowXJeremyHorrorX:  heheyes im two faced: your dick, myyy pussy nowwwwXJeremyHorrorX:  soonXJeremyHorrorX:  asapyes im two faced: nowwwwXJeremyHorrorX:  heheXJeremyHorrorX:  i gotta go to bed baybee. . make your you touch yourselfXJeremyHorrorX:  FOR MEyes im two faced: =O okayyXJeremyHorrorX:  only for meXJeremyHorrorX:  and you toyes im two faced: =]XJeremyHorrorX:  bye angelfaceyes im two faced: i love youuu. XJeremyHorrorX:  i love you to heatheryes im two faced: niiightXJeremyHorrorX:  niight angel.

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