Hot little prick teaser.


This was when mini skirts were original.

Me my mate and this girl mate of our's were horsing around as usual. Meandering in the general direction of where he was due to take part in a game of soccer. Me? well I knew what sort of game I wanted to take part in and hoped our girl mate had mutual aspiration. Oh yeah! She quite often let us tit he up together,but she'd always cry off if we went farther than masterbating her pussy.

On some occasions she'd leave us high and dry with rock solid hardons and at others she'd empty our throbbing cocks in various ways. But she delighted in as the title indicates - Prick teasing - so here's how the tale unravels;Since mini skirts had become the fashion,she was in them. But not for her,just the skirt,Oh no! her skirt being no wider than a good sized belt,she not only added self supporting stockings (Not Tights) but applied suspenders to really make the male hormones rampage through our bodies and some other older guys that seemed magnetised when we passed the pub or went to the chip-shop,but especially when we went upstairs on the buses.

Mate and me concluded it would be only a matter of time before some bloked raped her. But hoped to get in her pants first. Now she knew exactly what she was at,each time she jumped up on one of our backs for a piggy-back ride. Light and slim,but with what really was maximised sexual assets,she'd grab round one of our necks while expecting who ever to grasp her legs behind her knees and carry her for as long as she was inclined.

Having done just this to my mate,she worked her virtually bare ass as though on a horse. - "Get up there,gallop you bronco" - He did for a short distance then started to walk with her perched high up on his hips/ass. I in turn came up alongside,slightly back and to his left,having enjoyed the sight of naked thigh flesh and suspendered stockinged legs. Not to mention the flimsy gusset of knickers just about hiding her pussy,but not the puffiness or young slit of this eighteen year old teaser.

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As always,she was in her element,two attentive lads and torment all the way. Okay I thought as I put my fingers to her panty's and felt her up. At the touch of my fingers she jerked on my mates back and his immediate reaction, - "What you doing,your buckle hurt then. I'll drop you if you do it again!" - So with my fingers now sliding along her pussies crease,she just stayed in place while looking at me with a grin. Encouraged,I felt some more until with a hardon trying to escape I had to use both my hands to adjust my now uncomfortable stiffy.

To do this I dropped immediately behind them and adjusted penis,then I done what we each done so often. I fell in step with my mate and closed up to my quarry. Now so close to her bum,I again set my hands to her nether region,only this time I placed two fingers of each hand against the knicker legs and manipulated them under the material until I was feeling her now wet slippery cunt slice. We continued like this with my mate unaware of our goings on and me touching every little part of her sexually now aroused quim until he quickly dropped her off his back, - "Enough! Walk now you lazy bitch" - She yelped as my fingers dragged from her knickers catching and snagging a few pubes in the proccess. - "Stupid gett,why didn't you warn me,I was enjoying that" - He assumed she meant the piggy-back,but I knew it was my fingers she was refering too.

Now lets get to the nub of this tale. - He pissed off to change for the game while we sat on the grass. I'm looking straight at her crotch and she knows it. "Back there,you were making me cum you fucker,then the stupid gett dropped me,when he slid me down I felt that hard cock of yours hit me in the back and you pulled my hairs as you weren't quick enough at getting your fingers out of my pants,you fucker. - She liked that word and used it often.

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   - When he's playing,I want to finish it with you over there" She pointed to a nearby copes of bushes. - "You ever had it? I have" - I lied, - "Yeah,a couple of times,why? you in the mood for it now? - "Maybe, how about you?" - "Lead me to it" -The came started and we ignored anymore footbal as I eagerly awaited her move to the copes.

She seemed hesitant,but eventually having looked furtively around,she got up and wandered off towards the bushes with me following a little behind her. On getting back together,she stood and took her knickers down and off. I couldn't believe my luck,she was at last up for it. Now with her young pussy barely covered by her mini skirt,she let me close on her as she said, - "I need some more playing before I let you and plenty of kissing like you two do when we've done stuff before"

No problem. As we kissed she started to take my cock out and in short shift,I had it pressing at her pussy slit feeling precum amassing by her vagina entrance. Then as she gave me a real mouthing I rammed my cock up her making her yelp. As I said,I lied,this was my first pussy but I knew the drill and had no trouble now with fucking her and my brains out. - Our thrusting at each other soon came to me shooting shot after shot of cum inside her and her clinging in an orgasm that virtually squeezed my cock so tight I gasped at just how tight her muscles could grip at a cock. - "Fuck you bastard,you hurt my cunt when you rammed it in that hard,straight away" - I looked at her in surprise, - "Well I didn't know it would hurt,did I?" - Looking suspiciously at me now. - "You lying fucker,that was your first go I bet! You said you'd done it before,that's why I chose you. BASTARD!"

Now with equal suspicion,I responded, - "Yeah so okay it was,but I bet it was for you too,that's why my cock hurt you,it was! Admit it,it was your first time as well" - Grinning widely, - "Ok,so it was,we've both lied to each other and took each others cherries. But I bet you liked it and want me somemore" I stood as she attempted to pull my cock back towards her now spermy vagina. Without a word,I fucked my cock back into her for another go.

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   We weren't disappointed as we again orgasmed together. Then pulling out of her she grinned, - "Who wants football when we can have this?" - It was some weeks later after we'd worn the novelty off of our fucking each other that she let my mate into her honey trap to see if his felt different than mine.

"Both similar - was her assessment - and both my slaves" - She had that right,we slavishly waited to be asked to fuck her virtually everyday from then on. .