Good Boy II


          GOOD BOY II

 They fed me strawberries and an apple with a buttered toast. And the banana that had been stuck up my ass earlier. They took turn mouth-feeding me, the other one playing with my ass or my

 dick. They were real sluts before Erik and Joe found them. And by sluts, I mean that they would do anything to anyone, hell, ANYTHING, and not ask money for it. I was flattered they asked for ME,

when they could've asked for anybody else.

 Once I was fed, I told them I had to go to the bathroom. They looked at each other and smile. They moved me on all four and started lapping at my dick.

-Go on. Piss. We're going to take care of you.

 I closed my eyes and let go. I managed to pee gently, and they kept lapping and drinking and making purring noise. When I was finished, they turned me on my back and told me not to move.

I stayed there while they went to fetch something in the other room.

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   When they came back, they had rope and a six-pack of beer. They tied my hands in my back, layed me on my back and tied my knees

with my shoulders. I was in the same position than when my master asked me to grip my legs to put my hole on display, except it was rope holding me like this.

 They fondled me for a while, telling me I was a good boy, that I was cute, that they would lick me all over etc. I was a little numb, allowing them to do whatever they wanted to me and just

letting them make me feel good. After they were done, they opened the first beer and poured some of it into a bowl. They dipped their fingers in it and started to coat my hole with it. The softness

of a tongue passed on my ass, licking away the beer thoroughly before applying the smallest pressure, making me whimper and moan. They laughed at me, and did it again, and again, until I was

nothing but a writhing, moaning lump on the bed. I had been forbidden to come, which drove me half mad by the time they stopped. My eyes were closed, and I was breathing so hard I could barely hear

 anything. But I did feel the finger forcing it's way in my hole, making me scream with pleasure. The finger became two, then three. When a fourth wiggled in, I looked to see that three of the

fingers belonged to Erik's boy, but the fourth was Joe's boy. I don't know how long it took, but soon, I had six fingers in me, pumping and twisting.

adoos slando olx 

   And suddenly, they disapeared.

 I wept, the lost was so awefull. Then, a hand petted my hair.

-Oh, look at him. He wants his ass to be filled, doesn't he? He wants something to make him stuffed? Don't you baby?

-Yeah, he's lonely. Look at his cute little hole, all stretched and empty.

 I was crying by then. I stopped mid-sob when a tongue slipped inside my hole, then two tongues. I whimpered, feeling at least a little bit filled, that alone making me feel better. The it

stopped again. Just as I was beginning to cry again, i felt a hand slowly breaching my ass. It felt so good I yelled and thrashed as much as I could without injuring myself.

-It's okay baby. You can come now.

 And I did.

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   I came so hard I saw stars. When I calmed down, I realised they had untied me, and I was resting between them. The hand was still stuck up my ass, and I felt so good I didn't

want it to ever come out. I wiggled a bit, and lodged it even deeper inside me. I sighed and closed my eyes. They started to pet me and talk dirty, making me smile, because that's what my master

did every night to make me fall asleep. He must have told them that it was the only way I'd go to sleep.

-Oh, he is a little slut, isn't he? With my hand up his tight ass. He feels so hot and soft inside. I bet we could fit a dog's muzzle inside so it could lick him inside, where we can't reach. Or

maybe we could plug his penis and milk him and make him drink his come? Or make him piss in a bowl and wash him with it?

-Oh yes.

And then we'd get to wash him clean. Maybe we could make him wear diapers? Or stretch his ass with kitchen tools?

-We'll see tomorrow. Let's go to sleep.

 I felt the hand go even deeper in my ass, making me sigh again and whimper a bit.

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   Then an arm locked itself around my waist while a mouth swallowed my dick.

I could SO get use to being their little slut.



 The next morning, I woke to someone swallowing my dick down their throat so hard I actually pissed by accident. I realised I was on all four, with one of the boys' head between my legs,

drinking my morning piss, and the other's hands up my ass. How he managed to stretch me to double-fisting size without waking me up, I'll never know! But it felt so good! They made ma come several

times before handcuffing my hands to the bedframe. They slipped a harness under my waist, which attached to the ceiling, kept my ass elevated without putting to much pressure on my arms. After,

they tied my legs to the ceiling too, using more rope and the metal loops already installed in the arch over the bed. it was a comfortable position, which let my ass, thighs, balls and cock exposed

to the maximum. One of the boys came near him and blindfolded him, before plugging his ears. He then felt something before his mouth, and he opened, only to be filled by a drool-gag. One his

master used on him when he forgot to tell him something about his day. It kept his mouth open, but didn't allow him to swallow, forcing the drool to come out from the hole in the gag, and then

spill itself on his chest. Once it was all in place, he felt something slender, hard an cold enter his ass, followed by liquid. Then, the hard thing was removed, and a hard slap on his butt warned

him not to let the liquid spill from his ass. He clenched his ass muscles until he felt a tongue force it's way in.

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   A gentle nudge made him relax his hole a bit, and then, when the liquid dribbled

out, a mouth fastened itself on my ass and sucked the liquid out. And again, they did it a couple of times. By the end, I was feeling a little bit drowsy. They removed my blindfold and propped my

 head up so I could see what they did to my butt.

 They took one of those plugs, you know, the ones that hold your ass open but are just a circle of plastic? So the others can see in your ass and put things in there? Well, that's what they

put in me. After, the took a bottle of whipped cream and sprayed some in my ass. And they left. They left me there with my ass open and cream slidding in and out. And that's when I heard it.

Clicking noise, like nails on  the floor. The first boy came in, and then the second. Holding a leash. With a dog on the other end. A dog with a long and slender muzzle. More of a puppy, actually.

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-Well, you've been such a good baby we thought we'd wash you inside. Our little friend here is going to do just that.

 They both straddle my thighs, turning their backs on me, and humping me like their lives depended on it. And then I felt it. The puppy had been put on the bed and had come to sniff me. He

started with my hair, then my ear, and then he found my mouth, which was still gagged open. He spent a long time lapping at my saliva, trying to fit his head into my mouth. He kept it up for a

while until he got bored. Then, he went down. He licked the head of my dick, doing it again when it dribbled pre-come. I moaned at the feeling of it's tough, slimy tongue against my piss-hole. He

sniffed down to my balls, gave them a lick and then found my ass.

 I thought I was in heaven. He lapped the cream that had liquefied and was quite thorough in his investigation. My ass was on fire, my whimpers and cries urging the boys to hump me harder.

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The dog had almost his entire head in me, because he was quite small and my ass was stretched tight around the plug. That sweet little tongue went farther in me than anything I had ever felt!

I came multiple times, the last being so hard I lost consciousness.

 I woke up again, in the bed, unbound and alone. I felt numb, and could not muster the strength to get up, so I moaned out loud, hoping that one of the boys would hear me.

They did.

-Baby is awake!


We still have a couple of hours before they come back.

 I thought they would dish something really dirty to occupy themselves for the time remaining, but they just cuddled with me, feeding me and each other. It was hot as hell to see them making

out and liking food from each other's mouth. And seeing them do 69 is positively sinful. We fell asleep together, me sandwiched between them.

 The sound of a door slamming and heavy steps woke us up. The door of the bedroom was gently opened, and three heads popped in.

-Look at them, all cute, like a bunch of puppies.

 They laughed, and positively grinned when we yelped like dogs and got on all four.

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   They came closer and sat next to us. My master took me on his lap and held my mouth open while he kissed

me. It was more like he was trying to coat my mouth with his saliva, but it was part of our clean up routine. Joe and Erik said good-bye to my master, slapping my ass on the way, and the boys each

gave a kiss on the head of my penis before hurrying after their own masters. We were left alone in our bedroom, and I sighed happily in my master's arms. He rocked me for a while, and then lifted

me in his arms to go to the bathroom.

 He put me in the bathtub and got the water running. Once I was submerged up to my chin in water, he stopped the flow and gathered his cleaning tools. He sat me on the edge of the tub, my

 back propped against his chest, and slowly inserted a small glass stick coated in soap in my pisshole. I moaned at the feeling of fullness it gave me, while he gently stirred it to make sure I was

all clean inside that hole. He repeated the process twice with the stick dribbling with water to rinse most of the soap out.

 Then, he moved me around so my hole was just above the water, my chin and nose almost in the water. He dipped his hand in the bowl of soap, and proceeded to clean my ass. Once his hole hand

was inside, he rubbed clean any leftovers of the weekend that were washable, before holding my hole open with his fingers and taling my ass under water. After the first couple of times we did this,

I became addicted to the feeling of water feeling me like this, my master holding me open, getting me clean.

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   I felt owned and clean and just GOOD. Once I was clean enough for my master, he took a

soft cloth and washed the rest of me, before wrapping me in a towel and taking me to bed. He dropped me on top of the covers and took the towel away, leaving me wet and content on the bed, my legs

splayed open wantonly, showing him my pink, stretched ass and erect penis. He took his computer and a video camera before settling on his desk, busying himself while I waited. After a while, he

came to me and petted me everywhere, cooing about how beautiful I was and how he was proud of me.

-I am very, very pleased with you. You were a very good boy. My beautiful baby.

-How do you know what I did?

 When he told me, my cheeks turned red. There was a video camera hidden in the bedroom, so the entire weekend was recorded. The twins wanted a souvenir, and my master just wanted to see what

they did to me. He stroked my balls until I squirmed, and parted my cheeks to see my asshole.

-Well. I'll have to wait a while to play with this hole. I like when it's all tight and hot.

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   You'll have no ass-play until I think it has recuperated enough.

 I whimpered, not wanting to wait for him to fill me up again.

-Oh, don't be sad baby. Daddy can do a lot of things to you that doesn't involve your holes. Talking about it, I think you little butt is awefully pale. I think it's time you get a spanking boy.

 I smiled and layed down on his lap. His palm caressed my butt, and at the first slap, my yelp was followed by a deep wave of hapiness.

I loved being my master's Good Boy!




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