Difficult Boy


                DIFFICULT BOY Part 1

    Her hands trembled as she desperately stabbed the key at the lock to her front door. Whether it was the effect of the alcohol she had consumed or the excitement of the bulging crotch pressing insistently against her tailbone, she was having a hard time getting the key in the hole. The hands groping her 34B-cup titties and the hot, breathy voice whispering urgency into her ear weren't helping matters either.
    Gretchen Warren--no, Gretchen Chambers as she would have to get used to referring to herself again, was celebrating. Not only was today her 34th birthday, it was also the day her divorce became final. She had gone to a bar, gotten good and drunk, and picked up a young stud at least 18 years younger than herself. Brad? Chad? She couldn't remember his name, and she really didn't give a flying fuck. He was tall, dark and beautiful, and he was just what she'd been looking for. It had been 6 months since Roger had run off with a younger woman, plus they'd barely had sex in the year before that. It had been too damn long. Gretchen was ready to get LAID!
    Finally the door was open and they stumbled through. Gretchen slammed the door and immediately leapt upon him, legs wrapping around his waist and her mouth attacking his with hungry abandon. He caught her easily, strong hands gripping her firm buttocks to support her weight as he headed straight for the sofa. As her feet hit the floor again she pulled her shirt and bra off over her head in a single motion. At the same time he yanked her skirt and panties down and just that quick she was naked. She tossed her top away and kicked out of the bottoms and was left standing before him wearing only her high-heeled shoes.

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    She paused to let him stare. She knew she looked good. At 5 feet 9 inches tall and 118 solid pounds, she had long legs, a flat tummy, small perky boobs with strawberry nipples, and a tight little ass. Long blonde hair hanging straight down her back, blue eyes, an all-over tan and a freshly waxed pussy completed the picture. The day she had filed for divorce she had begun working out like a fiend and now she was in the best shape of her life.
    Brad-Chad--she couldn't think of him as anything else--pushed her down on the sofa and went down on her, burying his face between her thighs as he pushed them apart. She gasped as his tongue found her already-leaking vagina and began to lap up her juices like a thirsty animal. She grabbed two handfuls of his hair and guided the eager tongue to her quivering clitoris, moaning as he flicked it into full erection.
    She was so hot! She was only seconds away from cumming when he suddenly pulled away. He grinned arrogantly at her whimpering protest as he stood and began unbuttoning his shirt.
    Gretchen rubbed her horny cunt as he looked down on her, taking his sweet time. He was a cocky son of a bitch, but she guessed he had a right to be: God was he pretty! 6-foot-4 with  long dark hair and male model good looks, he looked like he belonged in a boy-band. He had his pick of the girls for sure. And tonight he was all hers! With an impatient grunt, she sat up and went for his pants.
    He chuckled conceitedly as she fumbled his belt open and ripped at his fly.

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   When his pants dropped, she almost laughed at the less than masculine thong underwear he wore, but managed to control herself and pull the underwear down to get at the cock. She was a little annoyed to find it only half hard. Apparently he wasn't nearly as turned on as she was, but then again he probably went home with a different woman every night. At any rate, it was only a matter of seconds for her to take it into her mouth and suck it totally erect.
    Momentarily confused, Gretchen backed off to regard the rigid prick. She squeezed it in her hand and gave it a few quick strokes. Sure enough, it was fully hard, but it was hardly awe-inspiring. Maybe 5 inches and not that big around, completely hairless, it looked like a boy's dick on such a big guy. She looked up to find him still grinning proudly down at her, like he expected her to be really impressed. She gave him a weak smile that was meant to be reassuring before he grabbed her head and pulled her back onto his dick.
    She had no trouble sucking it--even root-deep it barely tickled her tonsils. It certainly wasn't what she was used to. Say one thing for Roger: he did have a big dick. His trouser snake as he jokingly called it would gag the hell out of her as it tried to crawl down her throat. She felt a sudden pang of unexpected longing somewhere deep within her.

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    Oh well, she thought, shaking off her disappointment, I wanted a young guy, I'll just pretend he's REALLY young. I can work with this.
    And he was very pretty after all. She looked up at his confident face as she began to blow him in earnest, enjoying the look of ecstasy that came over his perfect features. He grunted with pleasure as he began pumping the rigid bone in and out of her noisily slurping mouth. Gretchen had one hand on his tautly muscled thigh and the other went to her liberally drooling pussy. She couldn't wait to get him inside her. She literally burned with the need to be fucked.
    Gretchen jumped. Brad-Chad jumped. They turned in unison toward the sound of the harsh, outraged cry to see a boy in rumpled pajamas standing at the hallway door.
    "What the fuck. . . ?" Brad-Chad blurted.

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    Gretchen gaped, frozen with a string of slobber hanging between her lips and the hard cock that had just been in her mouth. Tommy? Oh my God how could she have forgotten about her son? Well, truth be told, she hadn't forgotten about him, merely assumed he'd be sound asleep. Tommy was her only child, and at 14, he was a difficult boy.
    "You didn't say nothin' 'bout no kid, lady," Brad-Chad accused.
    "Lady!?!" Gretchen blurted, incongruously offended even as Brad-Chad turned back to Tommy obliviously.
    "Get outta here kid, I'm tryin' to fuck your old lady. "
    Tommy's face went from red to purple as his anger flared to rage. "SONUVABITCH!" he screamed and charged.
    "Tommy!" Gretchen was finally spurred into action, trying to rise from the sofa to catch her son.
    Brad-Chad merely laughed and stuck out his hand, catching Tommy's forehead in his palm. He let the enraged boy flail at him a couple of times then gave him a rough shove that sent Tommy flying backwards to land on the seat of his pants. Seeing her baby boy treated so roughly, Gretchen shrieked and turned on her would-be lover with a sudden fury of her own.
    Brad-Chad held up his hands innocently. "Hey, he came at me," he said by way of excuse. He began pulling up his pants, then noticed Tommy staring at his mother's body.

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   "She's got some ass, huh kid?"
    Suddenly aware of her naked state, Gretchen tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands even as she glanced down in time to see Tommy quickly avert his eyes. She hastily turned to snatch up a decorative throw from a side chair and wrap it around herself, tucking it in between her breasts to keep it up. When she turned back, Tommy was retreating from Brad-Chad's mocking laughter, looking back with equal parts of hatred and humiliation written on his face.
    "My dad will kick your ass!" he screamed, then ran down the hall.
    "Tommy?" Gretchen called after him, then rounded on the snickering buffoon who she had found so attractive just a few moments before. "How could you do that? He's just a boy!"
    "He came at me," Brad-Chad reiterated, then smirked, "and it ain't my fault if he likes what he sees. "
    "Get out!" Gretchen commanded, pointing at the door furiously. "Take your tiny little dick and get out of my house!"
    Such was the young man's ego that even an insult to his penis size merely bounced off him. "Whatever, lady," he snorted derisively as he headed for the door.
    "And if you call me lady again," she snapped at his back, "I'LL kick your ass, Brad or Chad or whatever the hell your name is!"
    He paused to look back at her quizzically. "My name is Dominic," he said with a hint of genuine hurt in his voice.
    It was Gretchen's turn to snort derisively as she dismissed him with a wave of her hand. You wanted young, she chided herself. You just forgot that young also means immature. Speaking of immature, she turned to go after her son, swaying drunkenly as she hurried down the hall.

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   She dreaded what state he must be in--he had always been such a difficult boy.
    It had started the day he was born when he came out breach, then he wouldn't nurse, then he wouldn't sleep, then she had trouble potty training him, then he wouldn't sleep alone, then he had trouble fitting in at school, he threw whopping temper tantrums, he wouldn't do his homework. . . on and on and on. She loved him more than life itself, but God knows he was a difficult boy.
    "Tommy? Honey?" she queried as she came into his room. "I'm so sorry, honey. Are you okay?"
    Tommy ignored her. He was angrily yanking drawers open and pulling out random bits of clothing. She noticed he had his school backpack open on his bed and he was stuffing the clothes into it. This was not good.
    "Honey? What are you doing?" As he continued to ignore her, she caught him by the arm and forced him to face her. "Tommy!"
    He suddenly rounded on her and exploded, "I'm leaving!"
    Gretchen flinched involuntarily at the outburst, but felt her own temper start to flare. "And just where do you think you're going," she demanded.

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    "I'm going to live with Dad!"
    "Oh no you're not!" She snatched at the backpack as he picked it up and began to zip it closed. A tug of war ensued as they screamed back and forth.
    "I'm going!"
    "You're not going anywhere!"
    "I am TOO!" He gave a hard yank that ripped the backpack from her hand, but as he turned to leave she caught his collar and jerked him back to the sound of ripping fabric and popping buttons. He slipped free of the shirt but had to let go of the backpack to extricate his arm from the sleeve.
    "I hate you! I wanna live with Dad!" he screamed at her.
    "You don't even know where your father is! In case you've forgotten, he ran off with his little slut!"
    "You're the slut!"
    The fury turned white hot. She flung the ruined pajama top away and stepped into him, swinging hard before she could even think. THe slap caught him full on the face and snapped his head around.
    "BITCH!" he screamed and shoved her hard.
    Still wearing the high heels and dizzy from the alcohol besides, Gretchen couldn't keep her balance and fell backwards onto the bed. The fall untucked the throw she was wrapped in and as she bounced back to her feet it fell away.
    She lunged for Tommy as he turned to flee, but the goddamn high heels tripped her up again. As she fell forward, her nails raked down his naked back, eliciting a cry of pain but momentarily stopping him. From her hands and knees she reached up to snag the waistband of his pajamas, exposing his white ass as the elastic stretched. The pants slipped down around his ankles as she pulled, tangling his feet so he fell face down on the floor.

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   Breathing hard, she climbed atop him, pinning his kicking legs by sitting on them.
    "Slut!" he accused again, voice cracking with emotion.
    Gretchen lost it. "I AM YOUR MOTHER!" she shrieked, slapping him hard on the bare ass. She continued to deliver hard spanks as she ranted in a shrill fury. "I AM NOT A SLUT! I HAVEN'T HAD SEX IN A YEAR AND A HALF! I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN A COCK--"
    She was verging on a complete hysterical meltdown at this point had Tommy not managed to flip over to save his stinging ass. Just as she screamed the word 'cock,' she came face to face with his. Hand still raised to deliver the next blow, she was suddenly frozen with shock at the sight of her son's penis.
    She had been aware that Tommy had gone through puberty last year as his voice had changed and the skinny little boy had begun to fill out. Only a month shy of 15, he had grown almost as tall as her and promised to be much taller like his father. He had Gretchen's blonde hair and blue eyes, but she saw Roger in his face and lean, muscular build. And now she saw he had a fair start on his father's big dick, also. And right now it was rock hard.
    It wasn't as big as her ex-husband's, which was a good 8 inches, but it was well over 6 inches already, and it looked just like Roger's. The same bulging purple head, the same rippled, veiny shaft, and the same heavy, ruddy ball-sack with which she was so familiar.

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   The only major difference was the color of his pubes--a dark golden bronze, the same color as hers when she let them grow out.
    She had never considered that her young son would have a man's cock. No longer a boy's pee-pee as she had always referred to it, this was a cock. Certainly a lot bigger than the one she'd had in her mouth just a short time ago. I'd gag on that, was the unbridled thought that popped into her head.
    It felt like the moment lasted forever as she stared in stunned wonder, but in truth barely a second passed before Tommy took advantage of her hesitation. He bucked and twisted his body, throwing her off. Then they were grappling with each other, rolling on the floor in a desperate struggle to get the upper hand, their naked bodies a tangled, sweaty mess.
    Gretchen was in good shape, probably the fittest she'd been in her adult life, but slowly her son was proving too strong for her. Plus, despite her anger, she was being distracted by the raging hard-on pressing against her flesh. Finally, Tommy pinned her to the floor. He hovered above her, his face a grimacing mask of rage. He cocked a fist, preparing to punch her in her face.
    "If you hit me, I'll rip your balls off," she snarled.
    Tommy froze as he realized she had firm grip on his hanging testicles.

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   They glared into each other's eyes, both panting heavily from the struggle. Neither blinked, and neither gave in. Gretchen squeezed his tender fruit menacingly. Finally, with gritted teeth, he slowly lowered his fist. She eased her grip but did not let go as he put his hand on her chest and pushed down hard, as if to demonstrate that he was not letting her up. She growled at the pain as her left tit was cruelly mashed.
    "Don't you ever raise a fist to me again. Me or any other woman," she warned.
    "You hit me first!" he yelled in her face.
    "I slapped your face for calling me a slut! If you call me that again I WILL slap you again!"
    "I saw what you were doing to that guy!"
    Perhaps if she weren't drunk, or perhaps if her long-awaited and much-anticipated carnal celebration weren't wrecked by a small dick and an intruding child, perhaps if she weren't so frustrated sexually, perhaps if he wasn't such a difficult boy. . .
    Perhaps if he didn't have such a lovely, big hard cock resting along her forearm as she clutched his balls. . .


    Perhaps if this perfect storm of frustration and aggrevation hadn't come together at this moment, her reaction would have been different. Of course, if all those things weren't true then she wouldn't even be here, tangled up in a naked wrestling match with her 18 year old son on his bedroom floor, but here she was. And her temper flared anew.
    "You're jealous!" she exclaimed. He shook his head, but she pressed on. "You're a jealous little boy who didn't want Mommy with anyone else! You want me all to yourself!"
    "No," he denied, but now his face was flushed with embarrassment as well as anger.
    "Yes! That's why you attacked Brad-Chad, you saw me sucking his dick and you wanted it to be you! Didn't you? Don't shake your head! That's why you got so mad at me! That's why you've got a hard-on RIGHT NOW!" Suddenly her hand was no longer clutching his balls but was wrapped around his hard cock instead. She squeezed it to emphasize her last point. "You want to be a motherfucker!"
    He no longer tried to deny it. Her hand on his dick seemed to have paralyzed him, but his face was a livid red and he was sweating like a southern preacher.
    "Well now's your chance, motherfucker," she hissed, moving to pull her right leg from beneath his. Now he was lying between her wide-spread thighs and she scooted herself upward a couple of inches to put him in the right position. She still held his cock, which was now twitching and drooling pre-cum all over her exposed vulva. He shuddered when she pressed the bloated, leaking head against the hot wetness of her vagina.
    They held that position for a long, breathless minute, staring into each other's eyes defiantly.

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   His hand that covered her breast was rhythmically squeezing and releasing the tender flesh of her barely handful of a titty, almost like one of those rubber 'worry balls' that executives squeeze when they are making huge decisions.
    "Well? Are you going to or not?" she goaded. "Make up your mind, 'cause I'm going to get fucked tonight even if I have to go out on the street and pull the first guy I meet into an alley! Either you want me all to yourself, or you're gonna stay the fuck--UUUNNNGGGGHHHH!!!"
    All her breath was driven out as he suddenly lunged forward, plunging his rampant prick violenty into her slickly yielding cunt. Before she could recover, he drew back and slammed it home again, this time to the hilt so his pelvis smacked against hers. Just as she was finally able to suck in a lungful of air, he pulled back and delivered a third and final thrust home as his body went rigid and a ragged moan sounded deep in his throat.
    Gretchen held him against her as his spurting cock filled her with hot cum. She waited until his body went limp before rolling them both over, keeping his cock buried in her hungry pussy until he was on his back and she was sitting upright astride his loins.
    "Sorry, motherfucker, but you don't get off that easy. Now that you got me started, you owe me a finish. Now you keep that cock hard until I get mine!"
    She began to rock her hips, throwing her head back in ecstasy as her son's man-sized cock stirred her insides. God, but this was what she needed! And the fact that it was incest, her own son, something she had never even thought of and should have revolted her, instead made her just that much hotter. The wrongness of it, the forbidden, perverse satisfaction of fucking her own son had her literally seething with lust. She picked up his hands and put them on her sweaty breasts.
    "Squeeze my tits, motherfucker," she commanded. Putting her weight on her hands and knees, she raised her ass and slammed it down, driving herself onto his cock faster and faster, harder and harder, working herself into a frenzy.

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    "Ohhh fuuuuuck yesssss!" she moaned. "Squeeze those fucking titties! Pinch my nipples, you fucking motherfucker! Come on, Mama needs a nut! Harder! Oh God yes! HARDER FUCKER! FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER! MAMA'S GONNA NUT! OH GOD-OH GOD-OH GOD-YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER HERE COMES MAMA-HERE COMES MAMA-YES FUCK YES-I'M. . . CUMMMMINGGUUUUUUUUUNNNHHHHH!!!" Her screams trailed off as she collapsed atop her son in a sweating, gasping, quivering heap, luxuriating in the long-delayed satisfaction of a mind-blowing orgasm.
    Now it was Tommy's turn to roll her over. She whimpered when his cock slipped out as he rolled her off of him and moved to get on top again. As he hovered over her, impatiently trying to spread her legs, she reached out to touch his angry red cock, hard as ever and slick with their combined fluids.
    "Whassamatter, baby?" she slurred. Her head was swimming. That orgasm had really taken it out of her and now the booze was slamming her hard. "You want more futher. . futhermucking?"
    "Yes I want more!" Tommy answered hotly, ignoring her slip of the tongue.
    Gretchen giggled.

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   "Well, be a gentleman and take a girl to bed--I can't be fucking on the floor all night like a goddamn teenager!"
    She held out her hands and Tommy leapt eagerly to his feet, grabbing hold and hoisting her up. The room spun crazily about her and she would have fallen had Tommy not caught her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and got her feet under her, wobbling dangerously on the stiletto heels. She held tightly to him, chest to chest, feeling his ever-hard cock poking insistently into her thighs as they staggered the few steps to his bed.
    She fell onto the twin-sized bed and crawled up onto the pillow. Rolling onto her back her legs parted naturally as the eager boy climbed on top of her. Her hands clutched desperately onto the sheet on each side of her and she was glad of Tommy's weight pressing her down lest she fly off the bed, it was spinning so wildly. She felt the cock enter her as if it was a dream, then she was being rocked violently as he immediately began humping like a jackrabbit in heat. Her vision was turning black around the edges, creating a narrowing tunnel of light as she looked up at the ceiling which seemed to be receding at an alarming rate. Or maybe she was falling. . .
    "Motherfucker," she muttered, then the darkness swallowed her. .