curiosity got the best of me part - 1



Hi, my name is jordan. I’m about to tell you guys about how I got initiated into my sex life.

I was 18 years old at that time. I was 5 feet 6 inches, lean body, dark hair, blue eyes. Just the average type of kid. I had no brothers or sisters. So it was me and my parents. Both of my parents were working kinds. So they didn’t spend much time with me.

My father lost his job at that same year. He was devastated after losing the job. My mother encouraged him to not to lose hope. She was the only one earning money at that time. She had to work very hard to keep both ends meet. After a couple of months, dad thought about working again. He was pretty good at computer programming, but it was the time of the recession and getting a job was very tough at that time.

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   Then he decided that he would work at home for those websites which allow people to work at home with a good price.

At that time, I was beginning to be very curious about sexual pleasures and as my father was working on the internet, I had full access to the internet any time. I began surfing porn websites regularly. I was more and more curious day by day. I began experimenting with my body to find new ways to sexually pleasure myself.

After some time, I became curious about tasting cum. I thought to myself that I was in no position to sucking or drinking anyone’s cum. But the burning curiosity made me hornier and bolder as the days went by. I made up my mind that I would drink my own cum.

After deciding that, one day, after masturbating, I came on my own hand. But immediately after cumming, the thought of tasting my own cum vanished and I washed my hands. After a few days, I became horny again and tried to do the same thing but the same result occurred.

After some days, my mom went to an official tour for two weeks. I thought that this was my ultimate chance to do something bolder that I have never done before.

After my mother was gone, one night I went to bed and started watching some internet porn.

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This was a lesbian video about a stepmom and her stepdaughter. The daughter was being a brat and it was up to her dear stepmommy that her daughter was well mannered. The mother went to talk to her daughter about the rough behaviour and if something was wrong with her. After talking to her daughter for a while, the daughter started kissing her mommy. Then the hot sex between a mature and a young lady began. After having sex, the stepmother confessed to her daughter that she(the daughter) has spoiled her mommy.

My cock was all 5 inches erect at that time. Then I went to my bed and stretched my legs to the both sides of my head and put my hand in between them to support my position. My cock was facing my mouth at that time. I feared that my cum could fall onto my chest, so I put two pillows under my ass so that my ass was higher than my face and my cock was only 5-6 inches away from my face. Then I started jerking my cock very slowly because I was in a vulnerable position.

As I was hard after watching the movie, it didn’t take much long time for me to cum. But my expectations didn’t meet the result. I expected my cum to go right to my mouth so that I could taste it and swallow it. But my cum splashed all over my face and only a few drops of cum went into my mouth.

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   I hadn’t masturbated for almost a week, so I came a huge amount of cum and it was on my face.

As I straightened my legs and I was about to go to the bathroom and clean up my face. I saw my father was standing right on the side of my bed. I was so horny that I didn’t even locked my door. I was also caught up with masturbating that I didn’t even realize when my father came to my room and I don’t have any idea about how long he has known this thing about me.

I was really afraid at that time. I even forgot that my face was covered with my own cum. He told me to stand up. I obliged. To my utter surprise, he pulled a camera from behind him and took a picture of me. I was really shocked at what just happened.

Then he got one of his hands up and I thought that he was gonna slap me or something. He got some of my cum from my face with one of his fingers and then licked.

“you look beautiful” he said.

I was thinking, ‘should I say thank you?’

“follow me” he commanded.

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I followed him to his room and he instructed me to lay on my back on the bed with my head out of the side of the bed. My head was hanging from the bed. He then opened up his shirt and pulled down his pants and boxers.

His 8 inches boner was fully erect. I was afraid after seeing the size of his cock. I thought what was he gonna do to me.

“open your mouth like the good slut you are “ he said.

I opened my mouth being so excited about what I was about to experience.

He then slowly started pushing his cock in my mouth. It was really thick. He entered hi first 4 inches. It was already reaching my throat. Then he slowly started to push it inside my mouth. He was putting his cock in and out. With every inside push, he started to broaden my throat and his cock was getting more and more inside my mouth by each and every thurst.


   After 18 or more minutes( I really couldn’t keep the track of time) he was fully inside my mouth and since my head was upside down from the corner of the bed, his balls started touching my nose.

After a long time, he pulled out of my mouth and told me that he was about to cum. He wanted me to tell him that what I wanted him to do with his cum.

“cum in my mouth, please. ”I told him.

“beg for it bitch” he replied.

“please, daddy, cum in my mouth. I like it when you fuck my face and cum on my mouth. Please fill my mouth with your daddy juice like the whore that I am. ”

“as you wish. ”daddy replied.

Then after a few strokes, he came, what seemed like a gallon to me. I couldn’t take all of his cum in my mouth and a few of his cum was dripping out of my mouth.

“don’t swallow it right now. ” He said.

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   “smile for the camera and stick your tongue out and show me all the cum. ”

I did as daddy told me to do. He took several pictures of mine.

And then daddy said “we are gonna have a lot of fun aren’t we. ”

Indeed we had a lot of fun. But that’s for later stories……….