Cul-de-Sac Chapter 1: The Arrival


The Cul-de-Sac
Chapter 1: Arrival
This is the first of a long series based on mostly true events. This is also my first attempt at writing for this site, so any comments are welcome. This first chapter has no sex, but sets the stage for future stories.
            After the events of 9/11, I found myself out of a job as the company that I had worked for was buried under the rubble. At 42 years of age, I figured that I needed to make a change in my life.   My wife had died six years ago and my son had moved on and started his own life on the west coast. I decided to leave the city and use my contacts and skills to start my own marketing consulting business in some suburb or small town outside the city. Thanks to the internet, I could do most of my work from a home office and not have to face the stress of a daily commute and I liked the idea of being my own boss.   I didn’t know at the time of my decision what other fun perks would await me.
            I look around and found a nice house in a new suburb just northeast of the city. It was a relatively new place at the end of a short cul-de-sac. There were four other houses on the street with mine being at the bottom of the curve. It is a large home with three bedrooms upstairs and a den downstairs which I made my office. The office window faced the street and I could see every thing that moved.
            The first weekend that I was there I got to meet my neighbors and got a brief glimpse of what was to come.
            Early that Saturday afternoon, I got a knock on my door as I finished unpacking.

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   When I opened it, I was met by two of the most striking women that I had ever seen.   Two of my neighbors, my next door neighbor, Mrs. Laura Thompson and the lady from one end of the street, M’dali O’kadi.   These ladies were exact opposites of each other, Laura was short about 5’4 with blond hair and a lovely 36C -26 – 35 figure. M’dali was tall , reaching near my 6’1 height (I found later she was 6’0), with a slim 32C-22-24 figure and the blackest complexion I ever saw (she was from Kenya).
            “Hi”,  Laura said as I looked them both over, “ we came to invite you to a barbeque to sort of break the ice and welcome you to the neighborhood. ”
            “ I hope that you haven’t eaten” said M’dali in one of the nicest accents I had ever heard.
            “No, I haven’t and I would like to come” I replied.
            Grabbing a ballcap, I followed the two ladies over to the Thompson’s house. As we walked over I gave them a closer look, Laura had a softness to her that I found later came from having two kids while M’dali was a firm and graceful as an athlete. Both were dressed for the weather, a hot August day, in shorts and shirt for Laura and a nice sundress that ended just below M’dali’s knees.
            As we rounded the corner of Laura’s house I heard loud and rough laughter and the unmistakable sound of beer bottles being opened. This I found out was Laura’s husband Jack.
            “Here he is everybody” Laura said as we arrived on the patio. “let me introduce you to everyone.

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            “You had better get my name first,  it’s Tom Martin”  I whispered to her.
            Giggling, she said , “Right”
            “Ok, Tom Martin, here is everyone”
            She went around the group and introduced me to every one in turn.
            “This is my husband, Jack”  I shook hand with a large man about my age with a huge beer belly and a rough way of talking. “ Jack has his own construction business and is usually gone every day. ” 
            “These are my daughters, Janet and May”  My eyes nearly popped out as I look at Laura’s two girls.   Janet, oldest (17) was nearly a twin for her mother with a nice firm 36C pair and long blond hair, May (15) had light brown hair and a smaller figure (34B). Both were dressed in tight shorts and cut-off tee-shirts that barely covered their tits.
            “Here are your other next door neighbor’s, the Yan’s,”  Laura said as we moved down the line,  “Harold and Mai and their daughter Katie”  Harold was a small man even for an Asian and seemed very quiet, his wife Mai was a very lovely and tiny lady with a compact and nice figure (34B-20-34). Their daughter was very tiny (4’11, 85lb) with seemly no figure, I was surprise to find out that she was 18 I was even more surprise with her and her mother later.
“You have already met M’dali, so her is the rest of family.   This is her husband Job and her daughter Sanna”
            This time I was taken back as M’dali’s husband was not what I had expected, I figured that a woman like her would have a husband to match. Job was the dirtiest looking slob of a guy that I ever met, light brown, short, fat, bad teeth and breathe. Her daughter luckily only got her fathers light brown complexion and height from him, the rest she got from her mother. She had a slim and trim (34B-22-34) figure and beautiful eyes.
            “The last of the families in our little circle are the O’Connor’s” Laura said as we moved to the group standing at the bar.

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   “This is Mike and his wife Mary and their two kids Joanne and Sammi. ”
            As I shook hands with Mike, a rather likeable guy I thought, I noticed that his wife, Mary, was very quiet. She was a real looker, about 5’9 with long red hair, and quite a figure (38D-25-36). Their two daughters got their looks from their mom, the oldest Sammi (16) had tits almost as big as her mom’s (36D-24-35) and the youngest Joanne (14) was going to join them in the same club (34D-22-34).
            After all the introduction were over the kids, went their own way and we adults got to know each other. When I told them that I would be working from my home, Jack and Job sneered and said that was just what this street needed was another stay-at-home mom. Their wives seem to be uncomfortable with their comments and interested in the fact that I would be around every day.
            After a good meal, and a few drinks, I went home.
            As I was storing away some stuff in one of the spare up stairs bedrooms, I looked out the window down to the end of my yard. My land ends at a small tree lined creek. What I saw really interested me, there was Laura’s daughter Janet leaning against a tree rubbing her tits with one hand and she had the other hand down her shorts. I figured that most 18 year olds did this but I was not prepared for what I saw next. M’dali’s daughter Sanna stepped from around a tree and started to kiss Janet and rub her tits. Janet responded by kissing back and sliding her hand under Sanna’s sundress.   The sight was causing me to get hard and my 8’1/2 dick was tenting my pants.

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    As I kept looking, Janet lifted Sanna’s sun dress and started to eat her out. I opened my window and I could here the faint moans coming from the two of them. I don’t know what startled them but they both stopped with a jerk and look up. When they saw me in my window, they both smiled and blew me a kiss as they ducked behind the trees.  
            I got to see more of these girls and the rest of the ladies of the cul-de-sac over the next few years.
Stay Tuned for Chapter 2