Christmas present


if i did package myself and send it too you when i got there in my teddy i would give a lap dance and not let you touch me just to tease youthen i would bend over right in front of you and let you smack my ass harddd but only oncethen i would take off my bra and shove my boobs in your face and let you lick one timejust to tease you leave you wanting morethen i would take off the rest off my clothing and im standing there but nakkedi lift up my leg and put  my foot between your legs i start rubbing myself all over rubbing my boobs licking my lips and sticking my fingers in my mouthi bend over and lick you on he facethen i take off your shirt and lick a lil and bite and nibblethen i back hand your chest and kiss it betteri suck your earlobes and bite on your necki straddle you as i feel your man hood but i wont let you touch me stillas i move and wiggle you squrim a lilthen i let you kiss me then i bend back a lil so you can get to my neck and breast and as you gently lick and nibblei undo one hand and let you touch my supple breasand then you grab my ass and i smack you and then i put your hand backi stand up and sit down where my back is toward you i wiggle a lil more and then stand a lil and bend over so you can seei have you facing the bed so i  get up and still bent over i crawl onto the bedi tease you with my eyes rolling on the bed i lay on my back and slowly touch myself i start at my breast licking and sucking and rubbing them right there infront of you then to my stomach i take my nails and softly up and down my stomach and then i spread my legs and start to softly touch my warm wet pussy rub the clit as it goes between my fingersand then i get a lil wilder but i stop myself i ask you if you are ready for some fun with me and you say yes mamI untie your restraints and throw you on the bed now you can only do things at my commandyou wanna kiss me?i know you do so i slowly take my tounge and let it touch yours but thats allyou wanna touch and lick my breast?so i let you but a lil longer than usualas you take your tounge its running all over the place so i smack you yet againi tie you back up and take of your shortsso you are before me butt nakkedi kiss you hard and i move to your neck and suck it hard give you a hickeyand then i make my way to your chest i bite your nipples and squeeze just to hear you squeelthen i take my tounge and start in the middle of your chest and make my way down to your bellybuttonand i start nibbling a lil therei grab right above your hips and grab ahold as i give you a raspberry hehetickle you a lilthen i sit up and start massaging your thighs a lil ruff here and therebecuz you like itare your feet clean??i get all the way down to where i am at your feet and i take my hands and softly massaged themi take my tounge slowly in between each toe and sucking each yummy toei start to get hot you stare at me as i make my way back up i kiss softly on your inner thysi then i take and put your balls in my mouth hand suck on themas i jack your penis then i take my tounge starting at the base  and lick it all the way to the top i softly lick the top and slightly  stick it in my mouth just barely just to see you squirmmm yummy then as i am jacking you off i stick it in my mouth and start sucking it mmm omg thats yummy i get so hot i start humping your legmmm i start sucking harder and faster so i stop i get on top of you and let your penis make its way in i moan a lil and i start to move up and down as you beg me to let you loseas my boobs bounce you start squirring as if i was rapping you but its not that you want me so bad you wanna touch it and everything but you cantyou wanna taste it?you wanna taste my pussy?yes you saymmmm i get up off your dick and i slowly sit down as you squirm and such like a lil birdy wating a worm i hold on to the head board and let you lick hertaste good??yes you saymmm i get up and start kissing you hard i love to taste my pussy on your toungeand i sit back down on your dick and ride you slow and fast hard and soft up and down all aroundas i start breathing hard i start screaming some more you like it dont yah you like it when i fuck you mmi cant help it its so good i try to compose my self but i cant your dick is so good you wanna fuck me??yes you sayi undo your restraints and you grab me and at this point i dont care and you get on top of me you start to eat my pussy vigorously and fast like im a feastmaking me cumm everywhereall over your face and everywherei say fuck me fuck me now you lift my leg over your shoulder and start to fuck me soft at first and then i beg for moreyou fuck and fuck it and fuck it hardd i am screaming and yelling OH YAH H baby fuck that pussy fuck it good mmmOMG!!! imma cumm all over the place YAHH BABy dont stop fuck it harder and deeperyou grab me up and turn me over and start to fuck me like im a dogmmm i like it when you take control i say and you said hush and smack my ass hardmmmm sry you start to fuck my pussy and finger fuck my assmm feels so goodwhen my ass opened up a lil and wet you start to fuck my assand you fuck it hard i scream OH HYAH H baby mmmand you start finger my clit and pussy OH YAH H baby imma cumm dont OMG  dont stopOOOdont sTOOPPPPOH yah himma cumm and you fuck me harder and you stop and start slowly to cumm mmmmmand we lay beside each other kissing and cuddling and talking about how good that was and how we wanna do it again