Christmas Morning


First…. I’m still very close to my ex-husbands family…. they were surprised it lasted 20 year.


What a long day, Mark and I were both tired after the long drive and the evening with family.   Now everyone has left and we're here in John and Tina's guest room and it just feels weird.   We cuddle together in bed, Mark feels so good, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.   The next thing I know its morning, and I snuggle up to Mark with a vague dream still in my head that's left me feeling a wet burning sensation between my thighs.


As I feel Mark’s hot skin against mine, the feeling intensifies, and my hand begin stroking him, hearing him groan with pleasure, I make my way down his chest and stomach with my lips to find his cock.   I begin licking and sucking as he hardens and grows even more.   Fully awake now he pulls me up to kiss my lips, and to slide himself inside my hot wet pussy.


It's so hard to keep my groans of pleasure quite.   My pleasure heightens to the first orgasm, then another, and another. . . . .

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  I try to muffle my screams. We had left the door cracked several inches for air flow.   After several orgasms, Mark and I get up and take a shower.   I rinse off, leaving him in there, put on my robe and head to the kitchen to get a drink.


As I'm getting a drink of juice from the fridge, I turn to see Tina standing there looking at me.   Startled a little, I said “Good morning, I didn't even hear you”. She said “I usually get up a little before John and put coffee on. Didn’t mean to startle you…. . but, from the sound of what I heard, you and Mark, had a nice wake-up roll in 'the hay'. ”


“Oh my gosh, I'm sorry.   Sometimes, no matter how hard I try not to, I get a little loud. ”


“Don't be silly.   You don't have to apologize for something like that. .

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  . . You actually kind of got me a little horny. ”


“Really, well I hope you fed that horny desire we created. ”


“Actually, I didn't. . . . ”


“Why not…. it's not like there aren't others in the house that would help you out there?  I mean I would. . . . . .

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  uh. . . . umm. . . . ”


“. . . . . Have you ever been with another woman, Patty, or thought about it?”


“Yes…. once…have wanted to again ever since.

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  . . . . . Have you ever been with a woman?”


“No.   But, like you…. I've wanted the opportunity. ”


The silence seemed deafening as we both stared at each other.


“Well. . . . maybe…. just maybe.

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  . . . we could help each other out. . . . . there?” I finally said.


“You read my exact thoughts. ”


Time seemed to stand still as our eyes went from eyes. . . to lips. .

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  . to eyes. . . . . to lips that seem to be getting closer, and closer. . . . until her lips touched mine.   They were so soft, and full as we both caressed and explored so eagerly.   Our lips seemed to part at the same time to find our tongues instantly entwined.   Her mouth tasted so sweet. Together our hands reached to touch hot skin, finding that neither of us had anything under our robes.

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    Both our robes seemed to just fall open, and I felt her swollen nipples and breast as we pulled each other into a full body embrace.   The feel of her body against mine made me drunk with a desire to explore every inch of her.


I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where Mark and I had been.   As Mark was still in the shower, we slowly removed our robes, and began to caress, and feel each other’s body.   The feel of her breast in my hand was causing my head to spin.   I sucked her hard nipples, while I felt her hand caress my own burning nipples and breasts. I kissed her again, with a deep desire.   She then licked and sucked my breast, while at the same time her hands and figures found a sweet spot in my pussy.   Once again, I began to moan with desire.


We both fell to the bed to explore each other’s treasures.   My hands found her wet pussy, and with her juices on my figures, I brought them to my mouth to taste her juices.   Oh. . . .

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  the sweet taste. . . My lips and tongue found their way to her sweet, wet pussy. . . . . sucking. . . and licking, the sweetness that steadily seeped out of  her. . . .

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  . .


 We both seemed to forget Mark was in the shower, and would come in and find us.   Neither of us was aware of anything…. but the hot sensations we felt running through our body as we kissed, licked, and sucked each other into one oblivion after another.  


Mark did come back into the bedroom with his towel to find his clothes and dress.   I know he was more than a little surprised.   He not only found the two of us lost in our own world of pleasuring each other in a tight 69,  but found John standing in the doorway watching us.   Noticing the look on John's face, he commented “ I knew she woke up horny this morning, but it looks like she wasn't the only one. ”


“Well I'd have to agree with you there.   Looks like they're both enjoying a little extra treat this morning. . . . .

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  . Hard to watch and not want to join in. …. wouldn't you say?”


“Very. . . . ”


“They both look delicious. . . . . . . You ever shared Patty with anyone before”?


“Not yet.


  . . . you?


“No, never shared Tina before.   Are you thinking what I'm thinking?.

. . . .   We can join in and take turns with both of them. . . . . .

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  What do you think?”


“I think I'd have to be crazy to say no to that one?”


Same here…. Let's see if they mind.


As they both walked into the room together, both Tina and I finally noticed them.   We smiled kind of sheepishly at them and then at each other.   We could tell by the look on their faces what was going through their minds.

Tina was first to speak…. You boys care to join us?


She got up and walked over to Mark, took his towel and tossed it aside, commenting that he wouldn't be needing that.   With one hand she reached for his now hard cock, and the other slid around his neck and brought his lips to meet hers.   I then got up watching them for a few seconds, and turned my eyes to John, who was intently watching me,  and he said “I wouldn't want you to left out” and he slowly approached me while removing his clothes and revealing his hard cock.


As I looked over at Mark, I saw he was enjoying sucking Tina's hard nipples, and figuring her already wet pussy.   I heard him say, “I can smell Patty's juices on your lips. ”


John brought his fingers to my lips, tracing them, “May I take in the fragrance of Tina's scent on your lips?”  I slowly nodded my head, and licked my lips, while bringing them to meet his.   We kissed, tasted, and teased with our tongues, and then he slowly pulled away and said, “Do you mind if I watch you and Tina play some more. . .

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  . . . and fuck Mark”


I smiled, “Not at all, but only on one condition. . . . . we get our turn at fucking you next. ”


“Believe me, I wouldn't settle for less. ”


Tina had led Mark to the bed, where he laid on his back.   She then climbed on top of him, straddling him and positioning herself where she could suck his cock while his tongue teased and he sucked her pussy.

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    I then joined her taking turns sucking his cock and balls.   We paused occasionally to kiss, and suckle each other’s lips and nipples.   She then moved towards me so she could slide his cock inside her…. reverse cowgirl style.   I kissed her as she rode him.   Then I moved behind her to lick his cock as it slid in and out.   I licked his cock and teased her ass with my tongue.   I was so hot and wet, and I knew he was ready to explode inside her.   Then. . . . . . I felt John's hard cock touch my pussy lips.

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  . . . . and slowly slide inside me from behind.


Mark came inside Tina.   She then lifted herself off him, wiping some of his cum from his cock with her fingers and brought them to her lips.   I had already came several times, and now John exploded inside me. I then collapsed on the bed beside Tina.   When I did, she moved to taste John's cum with her tongue inside my pussy, giving me opportunity to taste my Mark 's seeping out of her .


We heard John say. “Isn't this where we came in?”