Camping trip - the third night


"We doing anything tonight?" asked Jenny, my fiance's sister.
"Not sure," i said, "come to my tent tonight and we'll see, bring Kirsty if you want, but nobody else, my tent isnt big enough. "
"ok" she said.
the kids had been loud all day and i had a major headache. i needed more of he last 2 nights to make myself feel better, but i wasnt sure how much i wanted. the last 2 nights had been great but i wanted to spend some time with my fiance.
anyway, that night my fiance and i went to bed just after the kids and we fell straight to sleep. we were woken by the tent unzipping and jenny and kirsty coming in. the sat down and looked at me. "are we gonna do anything?" kirsty asked. "i want to" said jenny. "so do i" said my fiance. "ok" i said. so we all undressed. jenny and i started kissing, whiles kirsty started licking my fiance's pussy. soon the tent was full of moaning.

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   jenny sat on me and slid my cock - now at its hardest - into her pussy and started riding me. it felt so good - just what i needed. then my fiance rolled over and started kissing me. i looked round to see kirsty produce a dildo from her pocket, and without my fiance knowing, she slid it into her pussy. my fiance instantly climaxed because of the shock. hearing my fiance having an orgasm made me so excited, i felt the feeling in my cock and pulled jenny off me. she turned round and sucked it hard until i filled her mouth.
i rolled my fiance over, pulled the dildo out of her and pushed my cock into her. i started off slow, gradually fucking her harder and harder until i was going as fast and hard as i could. my fiance was moaning with pleasure. kirsty and jenny sat watching my fiance and i making love, then they started kissing and then turned and started sixtey-nineing, licking each otheres pussys as fast as then could.
i was really enjoying fucking my fiance, i always do. i felt the farmiliar feeling and made to pull out, but my fiance grabbed my ass and pulled me closer, so that my cock was as far inside her as it would go. i let go a huge load deep inside my fiance. she climaxed as she felt my cock spazming inside her.

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   we lay recovering for a bit.
i grabbed kirsty and layed her on her back and started licking her pussy. i grabbed the dildo and shoved it in her ass, she gasped, then i shoved my fingers into her pussy. so i was moving the dildo in and out, moving my fingers in and out, and licking her clit at the same time. she was loving it. i had to stop as she was moaning so loud, i didnt want her to wake up the rest of the camp.
by this time, my cock had got hard again, so i fucked kirsty slowly. she was panting too much, i didnt want to fuck her too hard because she was making so much noise just before. i looked round to see jenny licking my fiance's pussy, and licking up my cum that was seeping out. i pulled out of kirsty and knelt behind jenny, slowly pushing my cock into her ass. i then reched round and pushed the dildo into her pussy and began fucking her. the harder i went, the harder she licked my fiance.
then kirsty, feeling left out, sat on my fiance's face and my fiance began licking her. we were all moaning as we all felt great. before i knew it i was filling jennys ass with my cum.

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   she felt this and climaxed, and licked my fiance so hard she climaxed too.
we all stopped for a few mins to catch our breath, then i layed on my back, and jenny, kirsty and my fiance all attacked my cock. kirsty and jenny kissed it whilst my fiance sucked it at the top. i felt like i was in heaven.
kirsty then noticed my cum seeping out of my fiance's pussy, and jenny's ass and said "you've cum in them can u do it in me too?" i said ok so she layed on her back, i said "i dont wanna do it in ur pussy coz u might get pregnant, roll over, i'll do it in ur ass. " so she rolld over and stuck her ass in the air. i licked my hand and wet her hold, then slowly slid my cock in and started fucking her. jenny layed down in front of kirsty and kirsty started licking her, and my faince knelt behind me and whispered "i'll kiss your neck and make you cum quicker, i want you all to myself," so she kissed my neck. soon i filled kirsty's ass with my cum and we all stopped for a while. kirsty and jenny then went back to their tent (after kissing us goodnight).
my fiance then got into out sleeping back and had a slow fuck, before falling asleep cuddled up together.

4th night coming soon - if i get good feedback that is.
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please stop giving ideas of what to put in my stories - if thats what you want to read about, write your own story. mine are all already written and waiting for feedback on the last one before i submit the next one.

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and to save anyone else asking, i am a guy.