Big Booty Ch.2


There I was, standing up staring at her wrapped in her towels. “Umm--” I was trying to find the right words to say, anything, something that could possibly help me out. To my surprise, I heard a giggle, followed by “Thank you for helping me with the bed!” she said smiling. “Uh--you are welcome, aha!” was the only I could find to say in response. I mean, I wish you could’ve only seen the view that I was gazing at in awe. She had a towel wrapped around her head that completely concealed her hair, except for the few strands of hair that were left lying on the sides of her face. Steam was in the air still, her skin still glistening, as water continued to drip down her face, my eyes followed as it ran down off her lips, down to her chin, and then disappeared as it fell upon her chest. Another towel was wrapped around her thick body, silhouetting her curves. As she turned, around she bent over to pick up her clothes from off the floor and though she had that towel wrapped around her tightly securing everything, I still could see that outline of that big round ass as it jiggled. No matter how much she would always try to stop it from moving, it was always inevitable. When she turned back around, she looked at me and said “So, are you just going to stand there?” I moved over out of the doorway, so she could step out. Tossing her dirty clothes in the hamper, she began to walk over toward her bed.

As you probably already guessed, I proceeded to walk behind her, with my eyes glued to that round ass that jiggled with every step that she took. Suddenly, she stopped and I ran into the back of her. Turning and looking over her shoulder, she said sounding curious “You know, you still ain’t answered my question yet!” “Uhh, yeah, what question?” I said trying to play it off. She looked at me and said “Boy, you know the question that I’m talking about!” “I do?” I said laughing even though I knew.


   “Yes! Did you enjoy your little peep show?” she said laughing as she walked over to her closet. “I will be downstairs!” I said as I ran down the steps feeling aroused, my big 18 and a half inch dick felt as if it was going to burst out of my pants, even worse, I had on sweats so I know for a fact she had not only seen my print but felt it too when I ran into the back of her. I sat down on the couch to try to collect my thoughts. “Maybe, music will do the trick!” I thought to myself, but nothing played but songs about women. “I Got it, Television!” I thought, but every channel I turned on it just kept building the urges more and more! “I’ll go outside!” I thought, but come on it was a beautiful day, of course women are going to be outside. So I went back into the house, and sat back down on the couch.

Finally, I figured enough was enough! I’m going to go up here, and try to find a way to subtly tell her or something. So, I walked up the steps and knocked on her bedroom door, to which she yelled “It’s open, sweetie!” I walked in to find her laying down stomach first on the bed, that big booty in the air, as she was watching TV! *Clears throat* I walk over closer to the bed to get a clearer examination of what she was wearing to see that she had on nothing but a long t-shirt that only came down to about mid-thigh. However, it rode up in the back and I could see where it had got caught in the back in-between her crack of her ass. I damn near came on myself. Each and every time she laughed or giggled, the more that thing would jiggle! I said “Excuse me, Auntie!” she said “Yes, sweetheart?” Just, as I was about to say what I was going to say I got a great idea in my head. She loves games, and jokes, so I’ll get her to laughing and everything and then I’ll unveil what I really am trying to say to her. I said “Oh nothing, what are you watching?” and she said “Friday!” which is a funny movie, and it’s a classic. I said “Do you mind if I sat down and watch it with you?” “Now, why would I mind?” she responded with a smile.

As we were watching the movie, I began rubbing her feet.

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   Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t have a feet fetish or anything it’s just that I know her feet are very ticklish and plus, she knows that I’m a licensed massage therapist. Surprisingly, it worked! She was giggling and moaning, in no time. Saying things like “Boy, gone!” or “Boy, stop!” or my personal favorite “Boy, if you don’t stop I’m gone whup you!”. Of course, I kept doing it cause I know that she liked it, so as time progressed and so did the movie, I threw my answer in there “To answer your question, yes. Yes! I did like what I seen earlier. ” Turning and looking over her shoulder to face me, she looked me up and down, and then slowly turned back around to face to TV, she said “Oh, really?” I tried to whisper but also wanted to be loud enough for her to hear me, I said “Oh, yeah!” and I heard her laugh. The part where ‘Smokey’ in the movie says “He gon’ go cry in the car!” came on and we both started laughing, well throughout the whole time, I had been slapping my knee, but on this particular part, I knew it was not only one of the funniest parts, not only one of the most infamous lines ever said, but it’s her favorite part besides the “Bye, Felicia!”

At this moment, instead of slapping my knee I slapped her ass. When I did it, she turned around and started laughing, I also teased her about how much it jiggled, and this was my excuse to keep playing with it! After the movie, she was still laying there, and she started changing the channels asking “What did I want to watch next?” and then turned the television off and started to stretch. Then, she began naming off everything she had to do for that day like go grocery shopping, play her lottery, you know things of that nature. As I was now full on massaging her booty, I now started to hear her little subtle moans as they grew louder and louder. She then turned and asked me “Will you just massage my whole body, cause the “Good Lord” knows I need it!” to which I simply replied “Yes!”.

I sat on her lower back, well technically, my body was right below her butt so that my hard on could rub against that big booty. She then went on to ask “Why didn’t you just come on in the bathroom, when I was in the shower earlier?” “Are you serious? I’m not trying to get a whupping when I go home!” I said. “Boy, you is not gonna get no whupping when you go home! Hell, if that’s the case you should’ve been getting them a long, long time ago!” she said as we both started to laugh. Her booty jiggling on my big, hard dick made it even more harder.

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   I noticed that she would wiggle it every now and again, I guess to try and tease me. So, a little trick I picked up, from taking those classes, is that if you want to really make the person feel more relaxed and more into a massage you heat up the oil first. It’s simple! Just take a cup or bowl and fill half way with water, place it in the microwave until hot, then take your massage oils, or whatever oil that you’re going to be using, making sure that it’s in a nice and safe bottle or dispenser and place that in the bowl with the hot water for a few seconds. Let it get warm, then take it out. That’s it! If you’re thinking or asking yourself if that is what I did? You’re Damn Right! So, as I began to rub the nice, now warm oil all over her back, I started getting deep into her shoulders, working those muscles. Getting out all of those knots that were all up in her sides and back. Then I moved on to the neck, as I was massaging her neck I leaned down and kissed it. Then, I started to move towards her lower back. I noted and teased about the fact that you could sat a whole dinner plate on her booty, and she couldn’t do nothing but laugh. I moved from on top of her ao that way I could massge those thick, luscious, and juicy thighs. I would shake her, or tickle her from time to time just to see her jiggle! So, she turned over on her back, now this is the tricky part, I stood up and walked around the bed, where her head was and proceeded with the massage. The reason for doing this, was I wanted her to see this big, long, thick, black 18 and a half inch that I have. I did the same on the front worked on her neck and shoulders first. Then, moved down to her breasts. As I massaged her breasts, I would lean down and suck on her nipples making her both laugh and moan.

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   She would be laughing saying things like “Oooh, baby!” and “I can’t believe you’re having my your with me, right now!” Now, before we move any further along, allow me to just say, I had tried to stop it from all happening before this all went down! I did! I tried to stop it, she would always initiate things then talk shit about “I can’t see the signs that’s in front of my face!” Anyways, lets continue, shall we? So, I ran my hands slowly down her stomach, as the oil covered my hands like a translucent glove. I played with her navel, and I massaged her stomach. She was saying things like “That thing about to bust out of them pants!” I reluctantly ignored her, though at the time, the was a smile on my face like the “Grinch”. I did her thighs, and her feet. I would say all in all it was about a 2 hour massage.

She motioned for me to come over to her, and this time there was no hestitation. My clothes were off and I crawled up her body, dragging my tongue all across her body licking every inch I could, and then once I got up to her, she tried to say something but I started kissing her. After about 5 seconds she gave in, I was biting on her ear, and neck! Kissing, and licking! Sucking on her breasts and those fat nipples! When suddenly I heard a soft voice, it was hers! She whispered in my ear and said “Baby! You forgot to massage something!” I looked and said “What is it?” she said “My pussy!”

To Be Continued…….