badass son


My only son Nathan when he started his first year. He was one of the best students at Michigan’s community college, and also a valuable member of the baseball team. He always was quite of a shy guy dating girls. I remember when we used to talk about it, and that’s why I gave him tips about how to establish a nice conversation with them, obviously according to my past experiences in life.
He started looking at dating websites, when he finally found a nice looking girl from Pasadena California.
After no more than a year of having conversations they finally decided to meet in person. One day he asked me nicely for some money so he could buy a flight ticket to go and visit her. Obviously I couldn’t say not, because he promised to pay me back as soon as possible.
After only a week he came back from California with no so good news, he didn’t have such good luck dating that girl. He told me this during the same time he was facing the floor sadly.
Months later he decided to go back to California and stay there. Me and my wife had long conversations with him about his decision. But we didn’t change his mind at all.

That was 2 years ago………………. .

He lives now in long beach California, in a house that I bought just for him, he works part time as bartender, he doesn’t need to work a lot, he still gets his monthly allowance from me.

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Me and my wife when for a visit just two weeks ago. My wife didn’t say anything when we first saw him. But I have to admit that I got really impressed about his new look.
This is the picture that she took from him when we went into his house that day.
He didn’t seem happy to see us at all, he just walked into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and lighted up a cigarette, and of course we didn’t know that my son now smokes. He obviously had been changed quite a lot during all this time living in California
“O right. As you two are now here, better start cleaning this place now. ”
“I’m sorry but I can’t stay, I have a party going on at the beach with some pussy included, so you might wanna go spend the night somewhere else. ”
Years ago he used to be very organized and neat, I remember very well, but here in California, everything changed. In this house me and my wife had to spent some good hours cleaning up his mess, from dirty underwear to used condoms pretty much everywhere around the house.
I saw my wife cleaning up some white stains on the flat tv, I tried figured out what kind of fun he was trying to do by making this kind of mess.
After so much work I went out to find a place to stay the night, but unfortunately it didn’t happen, the spring break was going and every single room in that beach was booked already, with nothing else to do, and we both waiting for my son to show up to spend some time with us, we finally went to the living room to watch a movie.
Late that night a truck playing some loud rap music parked at the front of the house, that was my son finally showing up with his friends; four other guys and three very young girls.
I don’t know why but seemed that these guys didn’t notice the presence of both of us, as they stepped into the house. Nathan didn’t say hi or anything to us, they all went straight to the fridge and grabbed some beers.

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My son took his wife beater off by the same time one of the guys was preparing a massive size bong. I saw him taking a thick small pack from his shorts, which I knew right away, it was marijuana. My son threw the pack to the guy with the bong as other guy came to the living room and changed the tv channel to play some loud rap music. This guy didn’t ask us obviously. And me and my wife look into each other’s without say anything about it.
In just a matter of minutes they all started smoking from that bong. And I have to admit, I felt quite proud watching my son hitting the bong like a pro making such thick clouds of smoke.
Next thing I saw was my son taking his shorts off and making outwith one of the girls in the kitchen, right on top of the table that my wife just cleaned couple hours ago, I kind enjoyed watching my son humping that girl on the table, but for respect to my wife we both remained in the living room.
Moments later one of the guys came to the living room, took his shorts off and remained in just sneaks and fitted cap, I couldn’t believe that guy just got naked in front of us; of course I was so impressed of such arrogance and lack of respect from this people. Obviously my son was acting like one more of them.
With all the smoke of marijuana and loud music going on my wife got a terrible headache. I tried to talk to my son about this situation, but he and the others guys didn’t care at all. My wife finally asked me to leave his place, but for some reason I didn’t wanted, I convinced her to go and stay outside for a while and get some fresh air.
I really wanted watch my son having his fun; of course I knew he was having some good sex in the kitchen, so loudly and aggressive while fucking with that girl.
I was curious about his friends as well;I knew right away that they were all having some good sex in other parts of the house.

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  At the moment I thought that one of the guys went upstairs to fuck a girl right on my son’s bed, so I told my wife I had to go upstairs and get some blankets in case we get cold while waiting outside.
Just as I thought ; two guys having sex with a girl in my sons bedroom, ,two tatted studs givinga hard time to that young girl. I have to admit, that was so intense.
I sat with my wife in the backyard by the pool. Like two hrs later my wife finally felt sleep on my arms. I could still hear those girls having a hard time inside that house. I dint pay attention of the time but I finally felt sleep with my wife outside.
Having that morning sunshine in my face made me jump out of my seat right away; I checked my wife and confirmed that she was still sleeping.
I always been so curious; I really wanted to see my son first thing in the morning. So I went into the house by the back door. I saw one of the girls sleeping naked beside the sink; I went to the living room and saw my son laying on the couch totally naked, I didn’t wanted to wake him up; two hours after he jumped up from the couch, without saying a word he walked into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and walked to the living room again.
I said good morning to him but he didn’t respond to me at all, he went back to the kitchen. Took a look around and then grabbed his shorts from the top of the stove just to reach his pack of cigarettes from one of it’s pockets. He didn’t put his shorts back on. But instead he lighted up and went upstairs to his room, he came back wearing no more than a fitted cap and sneaks.

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He came back to the kitchen again, grabbed his beer and sat with his feet up on the kitchen table.
“What up dad, you still here?”
That’s all he said to me. I had to be nice to him, and all I said is that I was leaving back home to Michigan as soon as his mother wakes up.
He just grabbed his balls and lighted up another cigarette without saying anything about this.
That morning me and my wife went straight to the airport. I couldn’t stop saying to my wife about how impressed I was about Nathan, he’s such a man now, I talked to my wife about doing something nice for him as soon as we get to Michigan.
I feel so proud of Nathan, more than ever, he’s my only son and he deserves everything. I made some phone calls and couple days later he got a new biggest truck right from the agency in California; of course I will pay for it. And also I will increase his allowance.




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