Auntie Babs farm part 5


     At breakfast the next morning, Abigail kept sneaking peeks at her Auntie Babs and her brother Richard. She kept remembering them locked in those steamy embraces, Richard's cock deep inside Auntie Babs, pumping his sperm into her. And then to hear what her own Mom and Dad were up to with the neighbors, oh my. Abby thought that she'd heard some strange noises from their bedroom, late at night after her and Richard had gone to bed, and were supposedly sleeping. She'd been curious, and had wondered about snooping around to find out what was going on, but she'd always been too comfortable, too near sleep, to bother. Now she knew that her Mom was sucking the neighbor's cock, and letting John fuck her, while her own Dad was more than happy to fuck the neighbor's wife Sheila, and fill her mouth with his sperm. My god, I didn't know my parents were such perverts, she thought, but the warm tingly feeling centered deep in her pussy, at the idea of watching them go at it, sure sounded like something she'd want to spy on.

     When breakfast ended, Richard stood up. He started to move towards the door when he stopped, grabbed his right side, and fell to the floor.

     "Oh fuck, that hurts, fuck!" Richard cried out.

     Abby was beside him in a second, crying "Richard, what's wrong, my god, what's wrong?"

     "My side, oh fuck, it hurts so bad!"

     Barbara was beside them in a second, the way he was covering that spot, she suspected what it was. They helped him to stand up, he stayed hunched over, and she was pretty sure.

     "Let's get to the hospital, my nephew, I believe you have appendicitis. Is it really tender in that one area, and it hurts to stand up straight, to stretch your lower belly?"

     When Richard answered in the affirmative, she nodded. It was exactly what she had 18 years ago, when she had her appendix removed.

     "Looks like it's time, no fears Richard, I had my appendix removed 18 years ago, and it's a nice, simple operation, you'll be out in no more than 3 days.

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   And, since you've done all the heavy work, we can let you rest and recuperate when you are released. "

     They helped him carefully to her vehicle, Barbara had Richard lie down in the back seat, keens up, to keep his stomach from being stretched. Abby insisted on being in the back with him, cradling his head in her lap. She gently stroked his face, she had been so scared, thank god her Auntie Babs knew what to do. She'd have been in a full panic if it had been just her there to deal with it.

     At the hospital, Richard's temperature was up and the rebound test over that spot, known as McBurney's point, confirmed the diagnosis. Richard was taken to surgery quickly, and Abigail burst into tears. Her Auntie Babs held her close, letting her cry. Abby had been so scared, she'd managed to keep it together, but now, she needed to let it out.

     Barbara understood, letting her niece cry out the fear she had felt, until her sobs faded away. Abigail looked up, her tear stained face giving Barbara a wan smile.

     "I was so scared, if that had happened without you there, I would have gone to pieces" Abby said shakily.

     Barbara spoke softly, "It's okay baby, Richard will be fine. It's a simple operation, I had my appendix taken out 18 years ago.

He'll probably be in here no more than 3 days.

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     "Wow, even with surgery?" Abby asked with wonderment.

     Barbara smiled, and said, "Yes, even with surgery. We got him here quickly, before it could burst, and he's young, strong and healthy. Let's go and sit down in the waiting area. "

     An hour later, the doctor stopped by.

     "Well, it was indeed his appendix, it came out easily, no complications, he'll be fine. He's in recovery right now, and I'll let you know when he's in his room. "

     Abigail felt the rush of relief, and Barbara said, "There baby, you see? No problems. "

     After waiting for another hour, they were allowed to see Richard. He was pretty much out of it from the anaesthesia, and the doctor said he'd be much more awake and aware later in the day.

     Barbara said, "How about we go home, it's almost lunch time, and have some fresh chicken salad? We'll come back later, and see your brother then?"

     Abby felt her stomach give a growl of hunger, and she smiled, knowing that Richard was okay, her body started to make the usual demands for food.

     "That sounds great, my stomach just let me know that it's lunch time!"

     Barbara chuckled, and soon they were in Barbara's Saturn Vue, heading for home. Back at the house, Barbara set about making lunch, while Abby set the table. Once the lunchtime spread of chicken salad, 9 grain home made bread, macaroni salad and coleslaw was set out, Abby was famished, and she eagerly helped herself, packing away a very hearty sized portion of each, letting out a sigh of satisfaction at her full belly.

     Barbara smiled as she said, "Just like Richard, you two pack away such good sized potions! I love cooking, and it's a pleasure to see my niece and nephew appreciate my efforts!"

     Abigail smiled back, her Auntie Babs was a fabulous cook, better than her Mom.

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   Her Mom was such a busy career woman (yeah, her mind added, busy in the bedroom too, sucking and fucking our next door neighbor) that dinner was sometimes a hasty, slapdash affair. More than once, Richard and Abby had told her Mom not to bother, and they'd gone to Carlo's Italian restaurant. No fancy decor, but the food was pitch perfect Italian fare, and the prices were always reasonable. It was almost like being out on a date, and Abby had always felt a little twinge deep inside, being out on a date, even though it wasn't a real, let's have sex afterwards date. She could let her mind think about what it would be like when she was old enough to date guys, and what it would be like facing the let's have sex afterwards part.

     Aloud, she said, "Another delicious meal Auntie Babs, you feed us so good!"

     Beaming, Barbara said, "Thank you Abigail, I love that my cooking is so appreciated!"

     Abby joined her Auntie Babs at the sink, to help wash the breakfast and lunch dishes. Abby's mind jumped back to a few days ago, and she remembered the sight of her Auntie bent over the sink, Richard driving his stiff hard cock into her. Abby remembered stroking her creamy center to that sight, and the wrenching pleasure of orgasm that swept through her. She could feel her pussy starting to cream, and after washing the dishes, she asked if she could lie down for a little while, to just decompress from the stress. Her Auntie smiled and told her to go ahead.   

     Alone in her room, Abigail stripped naked, she looked at her nude body in the mirror and smiled. She felt that she had a sexy body, even if her tits were smaller than she'd like, she wished she had big, luscious melons like her Auntie Babs, and she angled the mirror so that she could watch herself from the bed.

She jumped up onto the bed, grabbed her pillow and stuffed it between her legs. Her pussy was juicy and creamy, and she started to hump her pillow, pushing down, grinding against it. In the mirror, Abby could see her nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolas reddened and needing her touch.


   Abby reached up with both hands and cupped her breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking her stiff, aching nipples, making her nipples throb with pulses of sizzling pleasure that went and zapped her hot center. She looked again at the mirror, and her pussy gave another lurch. She was watching herself, seeing the image of her nude body in the mirror, her hips pumping up and down, fucking her pillow, hands stroking and fondling her tits, set her blazing with lust.

     As Abigail devoted her full attention to watching herself, her cries and moans of pleasure starting to sound, she didn't realize that her door was just slightly ajar. She also didn't notice that the sounds she was making had drawn the attention of her Auntie Babs, who was now peeking in at her, unable to tear her eyes away from the sexy spectacle.

     Barbara had come upstairs to get some towels from the linen closet. She had heard what sounded like moans from Abigail's room. Concerned, she had approached her door and peeked in. Watching her niece wantonly pleasuring herself, humping away at the pillow stuffed between her thighs made her own pussy throb and tingle in response. Barbara couldn't help herself, her fingers slid down, under the waistband of her jeans, then slipping under the top of her panties, her fingers eagerly reaching for her soft, moist heat. She bit down on the moan she wanted to let go as her fingers found the spot. Stroking herself, not wanting to cum too quickly, she watched the sexy view before her.

     Abby's pussy was aching for release, moist with the slickness of her juices. Watching herself in the mirror, she gasped, writhing on her pillow, feeling the plushness start to rub against her clit. Her hands started to roam urgently over her body, going faster, rocking and rotating, thrusting and grinding her hips into the pillow, her ass going up and down, like she was riding a lover's hard cock.

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   She could feel it like a spring coiling up tightly. She started to rotate her hips, faster and faster, and she felt it racing at her. She opened her eyes wide, watching herself in the mirror, eager to watch herself explode. The image of her wantonly pleasuring herself, her nude body humping wildly at the pillow, gave her the final hard push.

     "Oh yes, yes, fuck, yes, yes YES!" Abby hissed.

     Abby felt the release, crying out her pleasure, she grasped the pillow and pulled it as tightly against her as she could, her pussy gushing juices, the waves of orgasm washing over her, wonderfully and uncontrollably, making her body shake with pleasure.

     Just behind the door, Barbara felt her pussy lighting up as her fingertips strummed her twitching clit to orgasm. Watching Abigail riding that pillow had been such a turn on, she had to choke back the moans of pleasure she wanted to make, as her orgasmic rush hit her.

     Abby slid over onto her side, breathing deeply, keeping the pillow clutched tightly against her. She loved the feeling of the big pillow stuffed between her legs, and she liked to keep it there for a while as her orgasm ebbed.

     Barbara realized what she must look like, watching her niece Abigail in a most intimate moment, and her, watching like a sex starved voyeur, masturbating to what she was watching. She yanked her hand out of her panties, her fingers covered with her juices. She quickly zipped up her jeans, and moved quickly, quietly back downstairs.