aunt and her daughter part-2


This is the continuation of my first story. please ready my first story before reading this story.

After my cousin sister gave handjob to me i became very tired since it was my first time. my aunt asked me to go to sleep. i slept off well.

Next day morning my aunt had to go to office early that day so she asked my sister (karthika) to make me bath and feed me. Rest in conversation type.

Karthika:- rahul wake up. you are sleeping for a very long time.

Rahul:-ok sister.

Karthika:-come i will make you bath and i will have to take a bath. And we will have breakfast together.

Rahul:-ok sister
(we both went inside bathroom. my sister was wearing a nighty. since i just then woke up i felt like peeing)

Rahul:-akka can you go out for a minute.

Karthika:-what happened rahul?

Rahul:-akka i wanted to pee i will call you after i finish it.

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Karthika:-its ok rahul you can do that infront af me. anyway i am going to give you bath. and secondly i have thought you to masturbate too. so dont be shy.

Rahul:-ok akka.
(i pulled my shorts down and started to pee. my sister was staring at the way my pee was coming out of my dick and i washed my legs)

Karthika:-ok rahul remove your dress now already its getting very late for breakfast.

Rahul:-ok akka.
(i removed my shorts,t-shirt and my undrewear and stood nude infront of her)

Karthika:-i will also remove my nighty orelse it might become wet.
(by saying so she pulled her nighty up exposing her thighs, then slowly i was able to see her pink coloured panties and bra. she threw the nighty aside. since i dint have any sexual feeling towards her my penis was still flaccid)

Rahul:-akka i like pink colour very much

Karthika:-you naughty boy.
(by saying so she slowly applied soap all over my body)

Karthika:-rahul i have to clean your penis now so dont cry like last time.

Rahul:-no akka we will leave it today. we washed it yesterday only.

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Karthika:-no rahul you have to clean it daily orelse it might become infectious.

Rahul:-ok akka do it slowly, it might pain.

Karthika:-dont worry rahul i will not do it as my mom did it to you.
(she then took my penis in hand and slowly peeled my foreskin. it was not paining much since it was the second time)

Karthika :-is it paining for you?

Rahul:-no akka.
(she then applied mild soap to my dick head and started cleaning my penis. my penis was flaccid. then she poured water on my penis and cleaned the soap and she left my foreskin back)

Rahul:- akka you did not close this.
(i pointed out the foreskin on my penis)

Karthika:-wait rahul i will wipe it with towel and close it.

Rahul:- ok akka
(she then took me out of the bathroom and wiped my body with the towel and she carefully took my penis in her hand and wiped the water on it)

Karthika:-rahul your penis head looks so dry, wait i will apply some oil.
(she brought some baby oil and applied to my dick. since the oil was warm my dick became erect)

Karthika:-rahul dont wear your shorts. let the oil dry. i will take bath and come and we will have breakfast.
(she then went inside the bathroom and took bath and we both had breakfast.

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  i was staying with her nude till evening. inbetween ahe applied oil to my penis head many times. my penis was left hard till evening. then i fell asleep. at around 5pm my aunt came back home. in half sleep i heard my aunt taking to my sister)

Prema:-karthika why is rahul sleeping nude? why did you open his foreskin?

Karthika:- no mom morning i opened his foreskin for cleaning, it looked dry so i applied some oil.

Prema:- why cant you close it after applying oil, see its erect now.
(saying so my aunt came near me and closed the foreskin of my penis. i was in half sleep when all this happened. still my dick was erect. and i woke up)

Prema:- rahul go wear your shorts and come .
(at around 9 pm we had our dinner and me and my sister were playing. when we were playing my sister hand accidentally brushed my penis and she noticed that my penis was still hard)

Karthika:-mom rahul penis is still hard.

Prema:- oh no your penis is hard from morning?

Rahul:-yes aunty

Prema:- why dont you masturbate for him karthika, you have to take care of you brother.

Karthika:-no mom he wont cum if i masturbate for him.

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  last time itself after you came only he cum.

Prema:-oh karthika only stroking wont make him cum. did you show him something?

Karthika:-no mom.

Prema:- you are useless karthika, you both go to my bedroom i will come now.

    (we both were sitting in my aunts room and my sister was sad since her mom scolded her)

    Rahul:-sorry akka you got scoldings because of me.

    Karthika :-its ok rahul leave that. dont worry for me.
    Is your penis still hard?

    Rahul:- yes akka
    (my aunt came inside the room in nighty)

    Prema:-rahul remove your shorts sweetheart.

    Rahul:-ok aunty

    Prema:-karthika you too remove your nighty, then only he will cum fast.
    (my sister removed her nighty she was in sky blue panty and matching bra)

    Prema:-ok go and stroke your brother now. he will cum fast now.
    (this time the time crossed beyond 40 minutes and i did not cum. since i did not have any sexual feeling for my sister)

    Karthika:-see mom i told you he wont cum if i masturbate for him.

    Prema:-remove you panties and bra karthika. if you sit like this how will he cum?
    (my sister removed her panty and bra.

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      for the first time in my life i saw a girl nude. my sister pussy was damn hairy. my aunt took my hand and placed in on my sisters pussy. oh god it was very soft. )

    Prema:- now he will cum fast, rahul there will be a hole there try you put your finger inside.
    (she mentioned my sister's vagina. i was searching for it but i dint know where was it. so my aunt came near me took 2 of my fingers and inserted it inside my sisters vagina. it was very hot inside)

    Prema:-rahul move your hands up and down. your sister will also enjoy it.

    Karthika:- mom he is just 19 dont teach him these things.

    Prema:- let him learn things karthika, he is 19 now and still dont know to masturbate. his mom wont teach him these things.
    (my sister was stroking me very fast and within 2 minutes i came on the floor)

    Prema:-oh rahul you came all over the floor now i have to clean the floor also. karthika go wash your hand and wash his hands also.

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    Karthika:-ok mom. .



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