Ashley's New Career (Formatting fixed)


Chapter 1

Ashley Long glanced up from her desk in the tiny cubical to the clock on the wall by the door. Still another half hour until quitting time. She sighed and pressed the answer button to take the next customer in the never-ending stream of incoming calls at the busy call center where she worked.

After taking three more calls, none of which improved her mood, she looked back up at the clock. Two minutes past five. She was officially a person again. She logged off her workstation and removed her headset, pulling it carefully from her long, wavy blonde hair. She shook her head slightly to untangle her hair, then stowed the headset in the top drawer of the desk she shared with three other women. Christ, she hated this place!

A familiar voice spoke up from behind her. “Are you coming out with us for drinks, Ash?” She turned around to see her friend and roommate, Debbie pulling her light spring jacket on.

“Sure,” she replied as she stood up and stretched her stiff muscles. Her hair flowed down her back as she did, her firm double D’s straining against the fabric of her bra. She wore a conservative knee length gray skirt, with her tanned and toned calves looking not quite so conservative. She smoothed her white blouse over her slim waist and smiled at Debbie, her blue eyes sparkling. She stood five-foot-seven, weighed about one-ten, and had the kind of beauty and graceful figure that made every man who saw her do a double-take.

She lifted her jacket from the coat hook next to her desk and slipped it on.

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   Gathering up her purse, she walked over to the elevator where Debbie was waiting.

Debbie was twenty, a year older than Ashley, and was also very pretty, although Ashley was the one who garnered the most attention from hopeful male suitors. She was a little shorter than Ashley, and had long, straight brown hair that reached almost to her waist. She wore a conservative business suit, as did everyone here, and spoke to a few other girls as they made their way toward the elevators to escape the monotonous grind of work for the weekend.

Ashley approached her as the others were leaving, adjusting the collar of her suit coat and pulling her long hair free from it. She smiled and waved at the others as they parted, then looked at Debbie.

“So who else is coming?” she asked as they waited for the elevator doors to open.

Debbie’s green eyes sparkled as she smiled. “Just a few friends . . . and possibly some cute single guys!”

Ashley eyed her narrowly. “Debbie, you know how I feel about set-ups!”

Debbie sighed and shook her head as they rode the elevator down to the ground floor. “You’ve been here in the city for almost six months now and you haven’t been out on one date!”

Ashley didn’t reply as they exited the elevator and walked toward the glass doors that led out onto the busy street. Debbie sighed again and put a hand on her arm.

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   “Ash, it’s time to move on. He’s gone and he’s not coming back. ” Ashley kept walking, still saying nothing.

Debbie gripped her arm tighter and stopped, forcing her to stop and turn to her. “Look, I know you don’t like me setting you up, but it really is time to move on. You’re young, beautiful, and single. How many guys have you turned down since he left?”

Ashley shrugged and looked around, deliberately avoiding her eyes. “I dunno . . . a few, I guess. ”

Debbie’s eyes widened. “A few! Ash, you get hit on or asked out more times in a day than the average girl does in a week! And as pretty as you are, if you keep turning them down, eventually they’re going to stop asking!”

Ashley sighed and gave her a weak smile. “You’re right, Deb. Ok, I’ll go.

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  ” Anticipating her next comment, she quickly added, “And I’ll even try to have fun. ”

Debbie patted her on the shoulder as they continued walking toward their apartment only a few blocks away. “That’s the spirit!”

They went back to the apartment to change out of their work clothes. An hour later they walked into Jake’s, a local bar that was popular with their acquaintances from work. It was also about halfway between their apartment and the call center, so it was a perfect location. As their eyes adjusted to the dim lights they could see the bar was packed with the usual after work crowd.

Debbie saw the group she was looking for and they made their way over to the table. Ashley felt the usual stares of most of the men, and a few women, follow her across the crowded room. She was used to it now and it no longer bothered her like it had when she had first ‘blossomed’, as her father put it. They sat down and quickly joined in on the conversations and laughter that resulted from friendly relaxation after a long work week. Ashley tried to fit in, but they were mostly Debbie’s friends and even after six months, she still felt like an outsider. Everyone was friendly and did their best to include her in the conversation, but it really didn’t help.

Doug, another friend of Debbie’s, sat next to her. He was obviously the one she was trying to hook her up with. Doug was attractive; actually he was very attractive, and he seemed like a very nice guy, but she just didn’t feel any spark between them.

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   Maybe she was still hung up on Dave, her ex. They had been high school sweethearts and dated for almost three years before he suddenly broke it off, claiming he found someone who ‘better understood his needs’, whatever the hell that meant. She had been heartbroken. He was her first, and so far, the only man she’d ever had sex with. The last thing she wanted now was a relationship with someone that she knew from the outset wasn’t going to last more than a few months at the most.

Eventually, people began to drift off home and finally only Ashley, Debbie, Doug, and Mike, a guy Debbie was sort of seeing on a regular basis, meaning whenever she was horny, remained at the table. Debbie excused herself to go to the ladies room, motioning with her eyes for Ashley to come with her. Ashley sighed and obediently got up and followed her to the ladies room.

As they stood at the sinks checking their makeup, Debbie looked at her in the mirror. “You and Doug seem to be getting along ok. ”

Ashley shrugged and fussed with her hair. “He’s nice, I guess,” she replied casually, not meeting Debbie’s eyes. .

Debbie let out a long breath and shook her head. “Nice, huh.


   So where’s the ‘but’?”

Ashley finished with her hair and turned to her. “But . . . there’s just nothing there. No electricity. ”

Debbie peered into the mirror as she touched up her eyeliner. “Ok, so he’s not Mr Right. He’s cute, isn’t he?”

Ashley conceded her point. “Yes, he’s cute. ”

“So . . . ” she said, looking sideways at her with a sly grin as she put her eyeliner back into her purse.

“So .

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   . . what?” Ashley replied, already knowing exactly what she was getting at.

“Are you going to fuck him tonight or not?”

Ashley rolled her eyes and shook her head. “You’re about as subtle as an elephant on an airplane. And to answer your question, no, Debbie, I’m not. I’m not into one-night stands. I need more than just sex from a guy. ”

Debbie shook her head in defeat as they left the ladies room. “Well, I admire your ethics, but don’t you ever just need to get laid?” Ashley laughed but didn’t answer. Debbie continued. “It looks like I’ll be staying at Mike’s tonight, so don’t wait up. ”

“You’re such a slut!” Ashley teased with a big grin.

Debbie stuck her tongue out at her. “At least I’m getting some!”

They rejoined the guys and when Debbie and Mike got up to leave, Ashley reached for her coat.

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   “I better be getting home,” she said as she stood and slipped it on, stifling a yawn. Doug’s face fell for a moment, but he quickly recovered, smiling warmly at her with perfect white teeth as he stood.

“Can I walk you home?” he asked, gently touching her shoulder. Debbie and Mike said goodnight and walked out, hand in hand.

“Thanks,” Ashley replied amicably, “but I only live around the corner. You don’t have to. ” She was hoping for a hasty retreat.

Doug shrugged and guided her toward the exit. “It’s no trouble,” he said. “And I’d feel better knowing that you made it home safely. ” She had to give him points for persistence. He wasn’t giving up easily!

“Ok,” she replied with a faint smile. “But just to the door, ok?”

He didn’t even flinch at her no-nonsense approach that let him know in no uncertain terms that he would not be invited in for a nightcap. He simply smiled and nodded as they stepped out onto the street and turned in the direction of her building.

Neither spoke for a moment, then Doug looked over at her.


   “Did I do or say something to upset you, or make you angry?”

She glanced over at him, a look of surprise on her face. “No, of course not! Why would you think that?”

He frowned. “Well, I’ve been trying to be friendly and I’m pretty sure you know I’m interested, but you’ve been keeping me at arms’ length all night. ”

Ashley sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. You see, I’m just getting over a serious relationship and I’m not quite ready to meet someone new yet. ” She smiled and added, “Not that that stops Debbie from setting me up all the time!” She stopped and turned to him, her eyes searching his dark brown ones. “You understand, don’t you?”

He looked back into her gorgeous face, the streetlights leaving shadows across her eyes. “ I guess so. I hope you think of me when you are ready. Debbie knows how to reach me. ”

She smiled and they continued walking toward her building. They arrived in front of her door and he leaned down and kissed her cheek lightly. “I hope I can see you again, Ashley.

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She gave him a friendly, but not too inviting smile. “Good night, Doug. Thanks for walking me home. ” She went inside and closed the metal and glass door behind her. He stood there watching her for a moment, then waved to her one more time before slowly walking to the curb. He hailed a passing cab, got in, and Ashley watched as it sped off down the street. She sighed and went up the stairs to her apartment.

Chapter 2

She awoke the next morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. She had gotten into the habit of presetting the timer on the coffee maker so she wouldn’t have to fumble around the kitchen in a semi-comatose daze. She really didn’t function that well until she had her morning caffeine fix. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then padded out to the kitchen for her cup of morning brew. Even operating the shower seemed way too complicated without coffee.

As she sat at the table sipping the life-giving liquid, she picked up yesterday’s paper, which was lying on one of the chairs in a slightly disheveled state. She flipped through the pages, only glancing at headlines and reading a few lines of copy of any that caught her interest. She came to the employment section and straightened up, studying the ads closely.

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   She really hated her monotonous nine to five job that didn’t even earn her enough to have a comfortable life. She was always scraping together just enough to pay the rent every month and keep the credit card companies more or less appeased.

Scanning quickly through the long list of job ads, she dismissed any that mentioned ‘call center’, along with the seemingly endless lists of ‘make thousands while sitting at home’ scams. She had actually looked into a couple of those when she first moved to the city, and it seemed the only people making money were the ones you sent your ‘registration fee’ to.

Seeing nothing any better than her current job, she was about to fold the paper up and toss it into the recycle bin when a small, plain text ad caught her eye. She leaned over to read it. ‘Models wanted. If you think you have the look, please call 555-6617. Top dollar for the right people. ’

Ashley reread the ad several times. A model. People were always telling her she could be a model. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine what it would be like to live that kind of life. No more annoyed people screaming at her on the phone because their package was an hour late being delivered and enough money to actually pay her bills and even afford a few luxuries!

She opened her eyes and stared at the ad for a long moment. ‘Why not? What have I got to lose?’ She picked up the phone and after only a moments hesitation, dialed the number.


   It rang three times and she was starting to have second thoughts when it was answered midway through the fourth ring.

“Hello?” a man’s voice answered. Ashley froze, unsure if she should speak or hang up. He spoke again, a trace of annoyance in his voice. “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Ashley found her voice and said, “Uh . . . hi . . . I’m, uh, calling about the modeling job?”

The voice immediately became friendlier. “Oh, ok. ” She could hear him shift the phone to his other ear and his voice came back. “My name is John Waters. First, I need to ask if you are at least eighteen years old.

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She told him she was nineteen and gave him a brief description of herself.

“Ok, can you give me your measurements?” She hesitated. This was getting a little too personal for her comfort.

“My . . . measurements?” she asked in a halting voice.

His reply was clinical; professional. “I’m sorry, but we have certain guidelines for our clients. It’s nothing personal. ”

She swallowed hard. This was becoming a little too intimate for her liking, but she answered him. “Um, ok. They’re 36, 24, 28, I think. ” There was a pause on the other end and she could hear him writing her information down.

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“All right, what’s your height and weight?” Ashley told him. “Ok, just hold on for a moment. I’ll be right back. ”

A Muzak version of Bob Seger’s ‘Night Moves’ replaced his voice and a few moments later, he came back on the line. “Sorry about that. I wanted to confer with my partner. ” There was a pause; more shuffling papers. “I think we can work with you, but we’ll need to meet with you first, of course. ”

Despite her apprehension, Ashley felt of surge of excitement. “Of course,” she echoed, her voice wavering slightly.

“I have time today if you’re available,” he said. Ashley told him she was. “All right, can you come down to my office at eleven?” That would give her two hours to get ready.

“Yes,” she relied, jotting down the address. She gave him her phone number and hung up the phone.

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For a few minutes, she just sat there while her forgotten cup of coffee cooled in front of her. Was this possible? Could she really have a career in modeling? Until now, it had only seemed like the dream that millions of young girls shared; walking down runways in far off cities like Paris and Milan. She quickly brought herself back to reality, telling herself that level of success was limited to only a few very select models.

She pulled herself to her feet and went into the bathroom, quickly showered, brushed her long hair, and applied a small amount of makeup. She really didn’t need much anyway. She selected a skirt from her closet that fell a few inches above her knees and a top that accentuated her ample chest without looking too flirtatious. After a final examination, she left her apartment and caught the subway downtown.

An hour later, she was standing on the sidewalk in front of the address he had given her. It was a modern building of dark, tinted glass and gleaming steel. She took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped inside. Walking over to the bank of elevators, she took one up to the fifth floor and stepped out into a carpeted hallway lined with closed doors bearing the names of several different companies. She located Suite 5D and tentatively opened the door.

She was greeted by a pretty woman with a friendly smile sitting behind a curved reception desk. There were several chairs lining the room and the walls were covered with tasteful pictures of beautiful women and men in various poses. Soft classical music drifted from unseen speakers, giving the room a feel of a Fortune 500 corporate office.

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“May I help you?” the receptionist asked with a polite smile. Ashley approached the desk.

“Hi. I’m Ashley Long. I have an appointment with Mr. Waters. ” The receptionist looked down at her appointment schedule.

“Ah, yes, Ms Long. Please have a seat and I’ll let him know you’re here. ”

Ashley went over and sat nervously on one of the comfortable leather chairs, looking up at the pictures on the walls, her hands clasped nervously together. Could she really be one of these people?

“Ms Long! Welcome!”

She recognized the voice as the man she had spoken with on the phone and turned to see a handsome man in maybe his mid thirties smiling at her. He extended a hand as she stood up. She shook his warm dry hand and found herself smiling back at him. His eyes held hers; soft brown eyes that immediately made her feel more at ease.

“I’m John Waters.


   We spoke on the phone. ” He held open a door next to the receptionist’s desk. “Please, come on in. ”

They walked through the door and into a short hallway with closed doors on each side. She followed him to the last door on the left and he opened it, gesturing her in. She walked into a plush office with modern steel and glass furniture and a partial view of the park from its enormous floor to ceiling windows. More pictures of what she guessed were his clients lined the walls. He followed her in, closing the door behind them, and gestured toward a chair in front of the long desk.

“Please, take a seat. ” Ashley sat down while he went around and sat behind the desk, facing her with his back to the window. He looked at her for a moment and she suddenly felt very uncomfortable under his penetrating gaze.

He looked down at his desk and shuffled through some papers. “Let’s see . . .

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   ah, here we are. ” He selected a piece of paper and read from it. “Ashley Long, nineteen, five-seven, one-ten. ” He looked up at her over the paper at her. “Your description didn’t do you justice, Ms Long. You’re a very beautiful young woman. ”

Ashley felt her face getting hot as he continued to look at her with those warm brown eyes. “Th . . . thank you,” she said quietly, looking down nervously.

He stood up. “Just try to relax, Ashley. Is it ok if I call you Ashley?” She nodded, forcing herself to look back up at him. He smiled again.

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   “Good. Call me John. We’re all pretty informal around here. ”

He came around the desk. “Now, like I said, try to relax. This will be fun. Stand up so I can get a good look at you. ” She stood up, her hands twitching nervously at her sides as he walked around her, taking in her svelte body. “Do you have any modeling experience?” She shook her head. He stopped in front of her and looked her over from feet to head. “Well, you certainly are beautiful, and have a nice body. I think we can give you a try-out. ”

Ashley resisted the urge to lick her dry lips. He went back to his desk and retrieved a piece of paper from one of the drawers. He placed it on the desk in front of her and said, “This is a standard release form.


   It basically says that you agree to let us take some pictures of you and that they become the property of Waters Modeling Agency. It also states that this in no way constitutes a contract, blah, blah, blah. It’s pretty straight forward, no complicated legal terms. Please read it all and sign at the bottom if you agree. ”

Ashley picked it up and quickly read the short paragraph. It seemed to be just as he told her, with no terms that she didn’t understand. She signed at the appropriate line and handed it to him. “Ok, let’s go take a few shots and see how the camera likes you. ” He placed the release in the top drawer of his desk and they went back out into the hall.

They went through another door and entered a photography studio, complete with sets, lights, and more cameras than Ashley had ever seen in one place. There were makeup tables off to one side flanked by racks of clothes. People ran around adjusting lights and props while the models, in various states of dress, were fussed over by wardrobe and makeup personnel.

“Jessica!” John called out. A pretty woman across the room with curly shoulder length brown hair looked up at them from the camera she was checking. “Could you come here for a minute?” She nodded, handed the camera to another woman, and came over to them.

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   Ashley figured she was also in her mid thirties, with a very well toned and sexy figure.

“Ashley Long, this is my business partner, Jessica Beaumont. ” Jessica smiled and extended a hand, which Ashley shook.

“You must be the girl John spoke to me about this morning,” she said in friendly, but businesslike voice. Her eyes scanned her curves before settling on her face. “Yes, very nice,” she said, brushing a stray strand of honey colored hair from Ashley’s cheek. “Have you ever done any modeling before?” Ashley shook her head, a little uncomfortable with a stranger touching her in that manner.

“I told her we’d have to take a few shots before we commit to anything. Just to see how she does in front of the camera,” John interjected.

Jessica nodded, studying Ashley’s face. Her eyes dropped to her large breasts for a moment before once more going back up to meet hers. She went over to a table and selected a camera from several lying on it, then returned to where they waited, still checking it over. She pointed toward a set with a love seat and a white background.

“Let’s try a few shots, Ashley. Just stand in front of the screen and follow my directions.

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John excused himself and went back to his office while Jessica adjusted some lights around the set. She posed Ashley in several different positions, having her make certain facial expressions; laughing, surprised, stuff like that. After about half an hour, she put her camera down and turned off the lights.

“That should be enough,” she said with a smile. She gestured toward a couch and they sat down. “Did you have fun?”

Ashley twisted her hands together nervously on her lap. “Well, at first I was pretty nervous, but yeah, it was kinda fun. ”

Jessica patted her leg. “Good. I think you did very good. You have a beautiful smile and take direction well. ” She paused and Ashley sensed she wanted to tell her something else, but was hesitating. After a moment, Jessica leaned closer to her. “Have you ever considered posing nude? You have a beautiful body. ”

Ashley stared at her, not believing what she was asking.


   She managed to gather herself together enough to stammer, “N . . . no! I couldn’t . . . ”

Jessica patted her leg again and smiled. “I was just asking if you’d ever considered it. I know you could make a lot of money doing nudes, much more than regular jobs would pay. I just wanted to make you aware of the opportunity, in case you were interested. ” She stood up, but Ashley remained seated, her mind working on what Jessica had just told her. She could certainly use a little extra cash! She looked up at her.

“How . . .

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   how much more could I make?”

Jessica sat back down next to her. “Well, that depends. For straight nude portraits, the kind of pictures you see in Playboy, you could probably expect to make about two hundred per session. That is, if we can find a buyer. ” She looked over Ashley’s pretty face and voluptuous figure. “Which in your case shouldn’t be a problem,” she added with a grin. “And if you become popular, you might make a little more than that. ”

Ashley sighed dejectedly. “That’s not much for taking off my clothes. ”

Jessica had lit up a cigarette and exhaled a long stream of smoke. She nodded. “True. ” She watched a long haired brunette posing for a shampoo ad. “But if you do more . .

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   . sexy poses, you can make a lot more. Maybe five hundred. ”

Ashley looked at her, her interest piqued. “Five hundred dollars. For one session?” Jessica nodded, still watching the photo shoot and not meeting her eyes. Ashley’s eyes narrowed and she eyed Jessica suspiciously. “What exactly do you mean by ‘more sexy poses’?”

Jessica took one final drag and crushed out her cigarette. She turned to Ashley, her eyes fixing on the beautiful blonde’s. “They would be pictures of you having sex. ”

Ashley stared at her for a moment, then looked around the room. While several girls were changing in plain view, no one was having sex. Or even having nude pictures taken, for that matter. Jessica anticipated her next question.

“We don’t do those here.

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   We have associates who do that for us. ”

Ashley was caught up in a turmoil of emotion. She really needed the money that those pictures would bring, but she couldn’t have sex in front of other people! Especially while they took pictures! And five hundred dollars didn’t seem like much for that kind of thing.

Finally, she looked over at Jessica. “I . . . I don’t know. That wasn’t what I had in mind when I called. ”

Jessica nodded, an understanding smile on her lips. “I know, and like I said, I’m pretty sure we can use you as a regular model. Of course, I have to develop your test shots before I can say for sure. I just wanted to make you aware of some options. ”

She stood up and this time Ashley did as well. They left the studio and went out to the reception area.

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   “As soon as I get a look at these pictures, we’ll be in touch, ok?”

Ashley nodded, shook her hand, and went out into the hall. As she waited for the elevator, her mind raced. Could she take off her clothes for money? Would that make her a whore? And what about having sex for money! Wasn’t that the definition of a prostitute? She really needed to make some fast cash, but was this the only way?

These thoughts occupied her mind on the train ride home. So much so that she almost missed her stop. She opened the door to her apartment and stepped inside. Debbie was in the kitchen fixing a snack.

“Hey! There you are!” She held up a bologna sandwich. “Want one?”

Ashley nodded and sifted through the mail she hadn’t bothered to look at yesterday. She pulled out her Visa bill and grudgingly opened it. ‘Shit,’ she thought, and stuffed it back into the envelope. They wanted five hundred dollars by the end of the month or it was going to collections. She didn’t want to think about that right now.

Debbie came over to the table with two sandwiches and sat down. She looked up at Ashley’s crestfallen face, then glanced at the envelope in her hand. “Not good news, I take it?”

Ashley slumped into a chair with a sigh.


   “Nothing new,” she said, tossing the envelope onto the table.

Debbie put her sandwich down. “You know I would gladly loan you some money, Ash, but I’m barely scraping by myself. ”

Ashley gave her a wan smile. “I know. And thanks. ”

In an effort to change the subject, Debbie grinned at her over her sandwich. “So, where were you? Did you decide to stay somewhere else last night?” She winked at her.

“Will you cut it out!” Ashley replied, grinning back at her.

“Well then, where were you all afternoon?”

Ashley retrieved the newspaper from the recycle bin and showed her the ad. Debbie glanced up at her, eyebrows raised. “A model, huh? Well you certainly look the part!”

Ashley sat back down opposite her. “They took some test pictures. They seemed optimistic about being able to use me. ”

Debbie reached out and gripped her hand on the table.

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   “Really? That’s great!”

Ashley nodded. “The money’s not that great to start, but it’s something. ” She paused. “They told me I could make a lot more if I did . . . some nude shots. ”

Debbie laughed. “The horny old bastard probably took one look at you and wanted to get into your pants! That’s the oldest line in the book!”

Ashley chuckled. “It was a woman, though. ” A thought suddenly occurred to her. “You don’t think . . . ”

Debbie grinned and shrugged.

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   “Who knows?”

Ashley considered this, then shook her head. “No, it can’t be. She said they don’t do those shoots there. Someone else does it for them. ”

“Can you make a lot more doing nudes?” Debbie asked as she carried their empty plates to the sink.

“A little more, but she said that if I do . . . sex scenes, I can make five hundred per session. ”

Debbie almost dropped the plates into the sink. She turned around slowly to face Ashley, her mouth open. “You’re not even considering that, I hope!”

Ashley shook her head, but was no longer sure herself. The money was just too enticing to turn it down flat. “No, but I am thinking about the nudes,” she lied, staring at the Visa bill on the table. “I could really use the cash.



Debbie shook her head. “I know I couldn’t do it. All those people there, taking pictures. And then there’s the perverts who’ll be drooling over your pictures while whacking off!” She shuddered. “Gives me the creeps just thinking about it!”

Ashley nodded but didn’t reply. Her eyes once again drifted to the envelope on the table. She was going to have to give this some serious thought.

Chapter 3

The following Friday, Ashley was sitting on the couch, her eyes closed as she tried to unwind after yet another mind-numbing day at work. She sat in the quiet of the evening with only one lamp on. The only sounds were the never-ending rush of honking traffic five stories down, but she had grown used to that and it barely registered as noise anymore. Debbie had gone out for dinner and drinks with some friends, but Ashley had begged off, claiming she had a headache. The truth was, she was flat broke, as usual.

She started when the phone rang, the shrill ringing sounding like a fire alarm in the quiet stillness of the dimly lit room. She considered letting the machine answer it, but changed her mind and picked it up on the fourth ring.


“Ashley? It’s John Waters.

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She was suddenly fully alert. “Oh, hi, John. ”

They made small talk for a few moments, then John got straight to the point. “The reason I’m calling is that Jessica brought me your pictures today and I must say, they’re pretty damn good!” Ashley’s heart raced. “Could you come down so we can discuss where you want to go from here?”

They made an appointment to meet the next morning and Ashley hung the phone up, her hand shaking as she cradled the receiver. She had been thinking about what to do all week and she had finally made her decision. She just hoped she had the guts to go through with it.

At nine am the next day she was sitting in John’s office with him and Jessica. Her photos were spread out on his huge desk and Jessica was speaking.

“Your head shots are great. You have the perfect face for modeling. ” The tone of her voice told Ashley there was a ‘but’ coming. “But,” Jessica continued, “the problem is your breasts. ” Ashley turned a confused expression in her direction and Jessica took a deep breath. “Let me explain.

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   Basically, your chest is too big. People want to see Miss Average in the types of ads we do, not a Playboy centerfold. ”

Ashley’s face fell. She had tried not to get her hopes up all week, but after John’s encouraging call last evening, this wasn’t the response she had been expecting. Jessica noted her downcast expression. “Don’t get me wrong, Ashley. We can still use you for face and head shots, but unfortunately that limits how much we can use you. ”

John sat quietly behind his desk, watching her closely, but not trying to intercede. This was Jessica’s territory, and she was good at it. Jessica leaned against the edge of the desk, facing Ashley. For a moment, no one spoke. Jessica looked down at the scattered pictures.

“Have you given any thought to what we discussed last week?” she asked. She looked back up to Ashley. “I’m pretty sure your larger than average bra size would be an asset in that field.



Ashley inhaled deeply, which only served to accentuate her large breasts. She was prepared for this; her decision made. She looked over at John, who was still seated behind his desk and stroking his chin as he watched her and Jessica. Then her gaze moved up to meet Jessica’s eyes.

“Actually, I have. ” She paused, then continued, her eyes dropping to her hands folded in her lap. “I’ve decided to try some nudes, but not . . . the other. ”

Jessica nodded, her eyes watching her intently. John opened a drawer and pulled out another release form, which he passed over to Jessica. “Ok. We’ll have to take a few more test shots first, just to make sure you have no scars or other disfigurements. Are you ok with that?”

Ashley raised her head back up and nodded.

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   Jessica smiled and passed her the release form.

“This is a standard release like you signed last time, only this one specifies that you consent to us taking nude portraits. Please read it carefully and sign at the bottom. ” Ashley read the document, which was almost identical to the last one, with the changes Jessica mentioned. She signed at the bottom, her hand shaking and slightly distorting her signature.

Jessica pushed away from the desk and Ashley stood up, her heart beating rapidly. Jessica gestured toward the door. “This way, honey. There’s a private studio we can use.

They left John in his office and went through a door across the hall. They entered another studio, but this one was much smaller; not much bigger than her bedroom. There was no one else there and there were no makeup tables or wardrobe racks filled with clothes. There was only a bed, several lights on tall poles with what looked like little black umbrellas around them, and several different styles of backdrops hanging behind the bed.

Jessica turned on the lights and asked Ashley to stand in front of the bed. She moved nervously under the glare of the hot lights while Jessica held a light meter next to her, adjusting the lights until she was satisfied.

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   She picked up a camera from a small table and looked up at Ashley, who was standing under the lights with her arms folded, looking like she might bolt from the room at any second.

“Ok,” Jessica said with a warm smile. “Let’s just start with some pictures of you clothed, then I want you to do a sort of strip-tease. Can you do that?”

Ashley wasn’t even certain that she could move at this point, but she managed to nod her head. “I . . . I think so,” she murmured in a voice just above a whisper.

Jessica set the camera down and went over to her, placing a reassuring hand on her arm. “Just try to relax and have fun. It’s just the two of us here and no one will disturb us. I even locked the door to be sure. ” She moved Ashley over next to the bed and stepped back behind the lights. Ashley stood there, suddenly feeling very self-conscious in her tight mini-skirt and halter top. She wore a white cotton blouse as well, unbuttoned more than halfway.

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Jessica turned on a fan, causing Ashley’s long, golden hair to blow slightly. Her loosely buttoned blouse caught the breeze, billowing and fluttering across her firm tits. Jessica quickly snapped a few shots. “All right. Slowly unbutton and remove your blouse. Flirt with the camera, honey!”

Ashley did as she was asked. Her large breasts strained at the halter top, the nipples leaving bumps in the fabric. “Good, good!” Jessica said, still snapping pictures. “Now, slowly raise your skirt a little further up your legs . . . perfect!” The camera whirred and clicked. “Keep your eyes on the camera!”

Ashley was beginning to relax a little. She moved her hands seductively along her torso, then leaned over the bed, looking back at Jessica and exposing her white thong panties. Jessica licked her lips and continued to shoot.

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   Christ, this girl was hot!

She looked up. “Ok, honey. Let’s get serious. I want you to start taking off your top. Do it slowly, ok?”

Ashley took a deep breath. This was it. There was no going back if she did this. She placed a hand on one shoulder strap and slipped it off, then did the same to the other. She held the top up with one hand and looked up at Jessica. She gave her a nod and Ashley slowly lifted her top over her head, exposing her firm tits. Jessica watched intently, absently clicking off shots while staring at the nicest pair of tits she had seen in some time. The hard nipples were as big as her pinkie finger and almost half an inch long. The areolae were a darker brown and nearly two inches in diameter. Ashley freed the garment from her long hair and tossed it aside, her hair blowing in the breeze from the fan. The sight of this topless beauty took Jessica’s breath away.



She quickly regained her composure and began snapping off pictures rapidly, the camera whirring continually. She didn’t want to miss anything. Ashley seemed very nervous, unsure of how to pose or what to do with her hands.

“Just touch them,” Jessica said in a low voice. Ashley moved her hands to her huge tits and gently caressed them, her hands shaking slightly. Her hair blew across her bare chest, strands of it teasing her hard nipples. “Beautiful,” Jessica whispered to herself.

She snapped several more shots until Ashley seemed to relax a little, then said, “Ok, now the skirt. ”

Ashley tensed at this and Jessica stopped shooting. She smiled warmly at the pretty blonde. “There’s no need to be nervous, Ashley. I’m the only one here, remember?” She set her camera down and went over to her. “Besides,” she said as she moved a strand of hair from her face, “if you want to make a career of this, you’re going to be naked in front of strangers all the time. And it will get easier. ” She smiled again and Ashley found herself returning it.

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“You’re right,” she said with a sigh. She began to unfasten her skirt.

Jessica picked up her discarded blouse and passed it to her.

“Here,” she said. “Put this back on, but leave it unbuttoned. ” Ashley wriggled out of her tight skirt and Jessica sucked in her breath at the sight of her in just her white thong panties. She felt herself getting wet at the thought of being naked under the covers with this gorgeous creature. And John, too, of course!

Ashley pulled her blouse back over her naked breasts, leaving it unbuttoned as instructed. Jessica placed her on the bed on her on her knees, with her legs open slightly. She adjusted her blouse so that it covered her nipples and hung suggestively between her legs, allowing just a glimpse of her skimpy thong.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed as she backed away to get her camera. “Don’t move a muscle!” She clicked off several more shots from different angles.

Ashley obediently held her position until Jessica told her she could move. At Jessica’s direction, she leaned forward onto her arms. Her huge tits fell from the blouse and Jessica continued shooting while Ashley removed the blouse completely.

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   She checked her camera. “Time to reload. You can relax for a few minutes. ”

Ashley sat on the edge of the bed with her arms folded over her breasts while Jessica put a fresh roll of film in the camera. She glanced over at her. “You are very photogenic, Ashley. And very sexy!” Ashley felt her face getting red. Jessica chuckled and closed the back of the camera. “No need to be embarrassed. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” She held up the camera. “Ok, ready for the big finale?”

Ashley took a deep breath and nodded. “I think so. ”

Jessica gave her a reassuring smile. “Ok. Just have fun and forget I’m here.


   Pretend you’re all alone in your bedroom and just go for it. ” She motioned for the nearly naked blonde to stand. “Slowly take off your thong. Remember to keep looking at the camera. Pretend I’m someone you really want to turn on. ”

Ashley began to slowly lower her skimpy thong, all the while trying to look sexily toward Jessica. She kept taking pictures while Ashley pulled her thong down and off, then stood up. Jessica caught her breath as her perfect naked body was revealed to her. Her milky skin seemed to glow under the soft lights, accentuating every curve. Her small, clean shaven pussy was perfectly symmetrical, with delicate lips that begged to be tasted; no, savored before delving into the tender pink flesh inside. Jessica unconsciously licked her lips and swallowed.

“Very nice,” she breathed, then forced herself to look up into Ashley’s face. “Now, I want you to touch yourself, like you’re all alone and thinking about your dream guy. ”

Ashley stared at her. “Y .

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   . . you want me to . . . get myself off?!”

Jessica shrugged. “Sure. If you want to. Or just make it look like you are. Feel your tits; rub your pussy; whatever you want. Just make it real sexy, ok?”

Ashley, already nervous about being here naked with a woman she barely knew, frowned. “I . . . I don’t think I can do that.

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   Can’t you just . . . take some pictures of me like . . . ” She spread her arms to give Jessica an unobstructed view of her nude body.

Jessica lowered the camera. “People want more than that these days. They want sex. ”

She paused as Ashley thought it over. Sensing that she wasn’t going to touch herself, she quickly said, “Tell you what. For now, I’ll just take a few nude shots so we can shop you around. But to make it in this business, you’re going need some sexier shots. That’s what sells.


  ” Ashley seemed to relax a little and Jessica resumed shooting.

“Ok,” Ashley said with a nervous smile. “I’ll try. ”

Jessica nodded to the bed. “Ok, then. Show me what you’ve got!”

Ashley posed for more pictures while Jessica finished the roll of film. She even managed to touch her tits and pussy for a couple of shots. Jessica set her camera down and went over to her. Ashley had gathered her clothing but hadn’t started to get dressed yet. Jessica came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump.

“Sorry, Jessica,” she said with a slight smile. “You startled me. ”

Jessica began to gently massage her bare shoulders. Ashley closed her eyes and paused, still holding her thong, enjoying the tender caress. “Mmmm, that feels good!” she murmured.

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   Jessica moved her long hair to one side and continued her sensual massage down Ashley’s back, then slipped her hands around her waist.

Ashley had been enjoying the massage, but when Jessica’s hands went around her waist, she automatically placed her hands on them, stopping her from going any further. “Uh, what are you doing?” she asked, as she tried to pull away.

Jessica leaned in closer and whispered, “You are so beautiful, Ashley!”

She kissed her neck and Ashley spun around, one arm across her breasts while she held the thong to her pussy with the other. Her eyes were wide as she stared at Jessica, who sighed and gave her a disappointed smile.

“I’m sorry, Ashley. It’s just that I find you very sexy and I was hoping you might like me. I didn’t mean to freak you out. ” Ashley stared at her for a long moment, then began to get dressed when Jessica went over to get her camera from the table.

She turned back to her as Ashley was adjusting her top over her massive tits. “I hope this won’t ruin our business relationship. I meant it when I said you can do well in this business. ”

Ashley finished dressing without answering, or even meeting her gaze. Finally she turned to Jessica. “Is that why you wanted to photograph me nude? So you could seduce me?” Her voice was firm and instilled all the anger she could muster, which in truth, wasn’t much.

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   She just wasn’t the confrontational type. Jessica was shaking her head.

“No, no, not at all. I mean, you’re very attractive and I just had to try, but that’s not why I wanted to photograph you. And I am sorry. I promise it’ll never happen again. ” She gave her an apologetic smile and held out her hand. After a moment, Ashley took it. “No hard feelings?”

Ashley managed a smile and shook her head. She had been hit on by women before, but never while she was naked and it had thrown her. She felt her initial anger fading, to be replaced by curiosity.

“But, you’re John’s fiancé . . . does he know that you .

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   . . ”

Jessica smiled. “Like women?” She nodded. “He knows. And he’s usually there when I get together with someone. ” She saw the look of surprise on Ashley’s face and chuckled. “You should try it sometime! It’s very erotic!”

She opened the door and ushered Ashley into the hall, then out to the lobby.

“I’ll show these pictures to one of our associates and if he likes them, we’ll be in touch. ” She winked and grinned. “And I know he’ll love them so don’t worry!” They said their goodbyes and Ashley left the lobby.

Jessica sighed as the door closed behind Ashley. That hot little vixen had gotten her so worked up that she needed a release . . .

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   right now. She went back down the hall and tapped lightly on John’s office door before letting herself in. He looked up from his desk as she closed and locked the door behind her, her fingers already unbuttoning her top.

Chapter 4

Bob Johnston let out a low whistle as he flipped through the photos Jessica and John had selected to show him. They sat across from him on a leather couch in his spacious and well appointed office. The walls were lined with several adult film awards and pictures of his star actors. He leaned back in the other matching couch and looked over at them.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, nodding toward the pictures. “This girl’s got it!”

Jessica smiled and nodded. “I know. I knew you’d love her. ”

“Love her? What’s not to love? She’s fucking gorgeous! And that rack!” He scanned a closeup of her with her fingers poised at her pussy, her eyes closed in a look of absolute contentment. “What will she do?”

Jessica and John exchanged a look, then John said, “Well, that’s the problem. She’s a little shy. Just getting those pictures took a lot of time and effort.


  ” He paused and Jessica spoke up.

“I was able to convince her to touch herself, but she wouldn’t masturbate. I even tried hitting on her after we’d finished and she turned me down flat. ”

Bob frowned and glanced up from the pictures. “Jealous boyfriend?”

John shook his head. “No, no boyfriend. And her parents are both dead. She was raised in foster homes since she was fifteen - no family. ”

Bob returned his gaze to the pictures of the blonde bombshell. “Damn! This girl could be a star if we could get her into a couple of movies. With her looks, she wouldn’t even have to do any anal scenes. ” He glanced up at the them and quickly added, “But don’t tell her that. ”

Jessica and John both nodded. “I think she’s having money problems,” John offered. “She was always asking me how much she could be paid.

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   When I said that nudes would pay more than regular shots, she went for it. ” Bob nodded absently, his attention back on Ashley’s pictures. After a moment, he looked up.

“Why don’t you let me talk to her? I’ll give her a tour, introduce her to the other actors, maybe let her sit in on a shoot. How much did you tell her she could get for these?” He held up the pictures.

“I told her maybe five hundred, and that would be for sex shots,” Jessica told him.

Bob nodded and stood up. Jessica and John also stood and they all shook hands. “Let me talk to her and I’ll let you know what happens,” Bob said.

After they left, Bob went over to his desk and dialed the number on Ashley’s contact sheet. It was answered on the fourth ring.

“Hello?” The voice was high and sweet, almost like that of a young girl.

“Hello. Could I speak to Ashley Long, please?

“Speaking. ” The voice changed, becoming a little apprehensive.

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“Hi Ashley,” Bob said in his most genial tone. “My name is Bob Johnston. I’m a business associate of John and Jessica. Do you have a few minutes?”

He could almost sense her grip tighten on the receiver. “Uh, sure,” she replied uneasily.

“I’m looking at some of your nudes and I must say I’m very impressed. Would it be possible to meet with you and discuss some of your options?”

Ashley closed her eyes and took a deep breath before replying. It was a little disconcerting knowing the stranger on the other end of the phone was looking at her naked pictures. “Wh . . . what kind of options?” she asked, trying to keep her voice even.

“Well, that depends on you, and how much money you want to make. We can take more shots like this and you can make a little extra pocket money, some sexier ones that may pay a little more, or you can make some real money. ”

Ashley’s grip on the phone was turning her knuckles white.


   “R . . . real money?” What the hell did he mean by that?

“Movies, my dear. You would be perfect for my movies,” his pleasant voice replied. Ashley felt her stomach tighten. “And you could make a lot of money in a very short time. ”

Ashley was about to say no, but the mention of money made her pause. “I . . . I don’t . . . ”

Bob saw his opening and didn’t miss a beat.

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   “Look, why don’t we meet and discuss this face to face. I hate talking on the phone about something this important. ”

Ashley hesitated, then picked up a pencil. “Ok, what’s the address?”

As she jotted it down, she wondered if she was getting in over her head. She decided that it wouldn’t hurt to look into it further. She could always say no, right? She agreed to meet him at four pm the following day, hung up the phone, and sat back on the couch clutching a small pillow to her chest. The TV was still on, but she wasn’t watching it, her thoughts a million miles away.

Chapter 5

The next afternoon at ten minutes past four, Ashley stood on the sidewalk looking at the door of the building that matched the address Bob had given her. She had been standing there for almost fifteen minutes, trying to decide if she should go in. People were walking past, the crowd parting to go around her like water around a concrete piling as she stood immobile on the sidewalk.

A petite brunette walked up to the doors, and gave her a quick once-over before smiling and going inside. This seemed to break her trance and she walked over to the doors, quickly following the pretty brunette inside before she had a chance to change her mind.

From the main lobby, she located the ground floor suite and stepped through the door into a tastefully decorate reception room. There were several comfortable looking chairs along the walls and a large oak desk at one end next to a wood paneled door. There was no one in the room or at the desk and Ashley turned to leave, losing her nerve.

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Then she heard the door open behind her and a woman’s voice asked, “Can I help you?”

She turned to see a pretty Asian woman smiling at her from behind the desk. “I . . . uh, . . . I have an appointment with Mr Johnston. I’m afraid I’m a little late,” she responded, trying to cover her nervousness with an uneasy smile.

The woman checked an appointment book on the desk and looked back up at her, the same warm smile on her pretty face. “You must be Ms. Long. ” Ashley nodded. “Bob’s been expecting you. Come with me, please.



Ashley hesitated while the woman held the wood paneled door open, then took a deep breath and went through it into a short hallway. The woman closed the door behind them and led Ashley down the hall. She found her eyes drifting down to the woman’s slender hips as they swayed under her tight knee length skirt. Ever since Jessica had hit on her she couldn’t seem to get the thought of sex with a woman out of her head. They stopped in front of a door and the receptionist knocked twice, then opened it and poked her head in.

“Bob? Ms Long is here,” she said into the open doorway.

“Send her in, Cheryl!” a voice boomed from the office. Cheryl smiled at Ashley and motioned for her to go inside. She stepped inside and Bob came around from behind his large mahogany desk, hand extended, his handsome face lit up in a welcoming smile.

“Ashley! Come in! Have a seat!” He waved toward one of the leather couches. As she sat down gingerly on the edge of it, he asked, “Can I get you something? Coffee, soda, water?”

She shook her head. “No, thank you,” she replied in a low voice.

Bob turned to Cheryl. “Thank you Cheryl. You can go home now if you like.

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Cheryl nodded her thanks and left them alone. Bob sat down opposite her on the other couch and smiled again, his eyes moving over her sexy body. She had purposely dressed casually in comfortable jeans and a loose-fitting blouse, not wanting to appear too eager. While his smile was friendly, she still found his gaze a little too intimate; like he was undressing her with his eyes, which she was sure he was. He met her eyes, smiled, and leaned back on the couch, throwing one arm over the back of it.

“Your pictures don’t do you justice, Ashley,” he said. Feeling self-conscious under his penetrating eyes, she blushed a little but didn’t reply, averting her eyes downward. “So tell me, why are you here?”

She looked back up at him, a puzzled expression on her face. “You . . . you asked me to come down here. ”

He chuckled and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “No, I mean what made you decide to get into the adult film business?”

Feeling a little foolish for misunderstanding his question, Ashley forced a smile and shrugged. “You told me I could make more money.

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  ” She looked up at him, her blue eyes locking on his for just a few seconds before she looked away. “But I haven’t said that I would do it. ”

Bob ignored her last sentence. “Yes, you could make money. A lot of money. ” He locked his eyes on hers. “If you qualify. ”

She gave him a questioning look. From their phone conversation, she had assumed that she had already ‘qualified’.

Bob leaned back, stroking his chin. “What I mean is, you would have to audition. Of course,” he spread his hands out toward her, “you’re obviously very beautiful, but we would need to see how you . . . perform.

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  ” He smiled, sensing her trepidation.

She looked toward the door for a long moment and he thought for a few seconds she was just going to get up and leave. She looked back up at him and nodded. “Of course,” she said in a small voice. “Um, just how much money is ‘a lot’?”

“It always comes down to money!” he said with a chuckle. “Well, some of my top girls are earning close to six figures. Of course, that takes a year or two. But let’s just say that I can almost guarantee you will earn at least double what you’re making now to start. ” Ashley’s jaw dropped. “So, would you like to give it a try?” She didn’t answer right away, then slowly nodded. For that kind of money, who cares if people see you fucking on film!

“All right then,” he said as he stood up and went back behind his desk. “First, I have to ask if you have any STDs or other problems that would inhibit your working in this business. ” She shook her head and he made a few notes on a yellow legal pad. “We will have to conduct medical tests to be certain. ” He glanced up at her and smiled.

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   “Company policy,” he added, almost apologetically.

“Now,” he said as he put the pen down and fixed her with a serious gaze. “I need to know what you will or won’t do. ” Ashley took a deep breath. “Have you ever had sex with another woman?” She shook her head. “Would you be willing to?”

Ashley paused, thinking it over. It wasn’t something she hadn’t thought about whenever she saw a particularly beautiful woman, like when she watched Cheryl’s ass out in the hall. And then there was Jessica’s advances. She could understand why men found women attractive, but she never had the nerve to actually do something about it. After all, she wasn’t gay. Of that she was certain. Women were attractive, sexy even. But she definitely relished a good roll in the hay with a thick cock between her legs! She looked up at Bob.

“I . .


   . I think so,” she replied nervously. “At least I’ll try. ”

He gave her his disarming smile once again. “That’s all I can ask of you,” he said, jotting down some more notes. “Because if you weren’t willing to, then I’m afraid I can’t use you. ”

Ashley gave him a determined look. “Then I’ll try harder. ”

He chuckled and shook his head. “That’s the spirit!” His face turned serious once more. “Now, what about group sex? With three or more people. ”

She inhaled sharply. “I’ve never considered that,” she said thoughtfully. Then it occurred to her that she had just agreed to try lesbian sex while being filmed. What difference did it make if there was more than one other participant? “Sure, I guess.

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Bob made more notes. “What about anal?” he asked before looking up at her. When he did finally look up, her look was a mixture of astonishment and fear.

“You mean would I let someone . . . ” Her voice trailed off. She couldn’t even say it.

Bob smiled, stood up and came around to the front of the desk. He leaned against it and he spoke in a fatherly tone. “Look, it isn’t a must-do. Some people are into it and some aren’t. I will tell you that the money is better if you do. For example, a shoot with anal would pay a newcomer like you say . .

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   . three grand, where you would only get maybe two without it. It’s entirely up to you, but I need to know so we can set up your shoots. ”

He could read in her face and eyes that she didn’t want to do it and he certainly didn’t want her to walk out. “Why don’t we just say ‘no’ for now. If you change your mind later, great. If not . . . ” He shrugged and smiled. “ . . . no big deal. ” She returned his smile, her large chest heaving as she breathed an obvious sigh of relief.



“Ok,” she said. “I’ll think about it. ”

He reached out for her hand and she took it, allowing him to pull her to her feet. “Ok, then. ” He looked at his watch. “We’re doing a shoot right now. It should be wrapping up soon, but we can go over and watch if you like. Kind of give you a feel for what we do and show you that we’re professionals. ”

Ashley nodded and she felt her pussy leak a little at just the thought of watching someone having sex right in front of her. Maybe it had been too long since she’d gotten laid.

They left the office and stepped into the hall. Bob continued his sales pitch. “I know the reputation for adult film producers is, well, sleazy. I want you to see how we treat our actors, and all members of our production crew for that matter. ” He opened a door and stood aside so she could enter.

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   “We’re all just one big family here. ”

Ashley stepped through the door and was astonished to see a huge, and very professional looking sound stage. It rose up two stories and included lights, sets, costumes, several cameras, and maybe a dozen stage crew and camera people gathered around a threesome going at it on a couch under the bright lights.

Ashley immediately focused on the threesome and recognized the girl as the one she had seen enter the building before she did. She was on her knees with her hands gripping the arm of the couch. One man was pounding her doggie-style while she sucked on another man’s huge cock! Ashley watched in stunned silence as she continued to be double-holed for a few more minutes.

Suddenly, the man fucking her pulled out and she swung around to sit on the couch. Both men moved in so that their cocks were pointed at her open mouth and they each jerked off until they came all over her face. Some landed in her mouth and she sucked each cock in turn, allowing the cum to dribble from her mouth and drip onto her tits.

Someone yelled, “Cut!” and Ashley looked over at a dark haired bearded man who seemed to be in charge. “Ok, everyone, that’s a wrap for today. .



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Egypt Escorts - Like any other sector, the escort business in Egypt has its own distinctive characteristics

In addition to its extensive history and culture, Egypt, the country of the pyramids and pharaohs, is renowned for its thriving nightlife and escort services. Even though it is less well-known, this facet of Egyptian civilization is just as fascinating as its ancient landmarks. In Egypt, the industry of escort females is vibrant and flourishing, providing entertainment and companionship to both tourists and residents.
Like any other sector, the escort business in Egypt has its own distinctive characteristics. Egypt's escort females are unrivalled in beauty. These women are not simply physically gorgeous; they also have an air of refinement and charm that makes them stand out. They are fluent in several languages, making them the ideal travel companions for visitors from all over the world.

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Escort females from Egypt are renowned for their adaptability. They are companions for social occasions and parties as well as private times. These ladies are the ideal plus one for upscale gatherings or laid-back parties because of their elegant demeanour and persuasive speech, which allow them to comfortably blend into any social scene.
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The economy of Egypt is significantly influenced by tourism. Visits to Egypt's historic sites and ancient ruins are common. Sex tourism, on the other hand, is a less well-known aspect of Egypt's tourist sector. Even while this facet of tourism is sometimes frowned upon, it undoubtedly contributes to Egypt's vibrant nightlife.
Egypt Escorts
Egypt's sex tourism is less overt than that of other nations. It frequently passes for escort services and is discrete. Visitors who want to experience this side of Egypt should be familiar with the local rules and legislation. Escort services are OK, however prostitution is not permitted in Egypt, it's crucial to remember this. Therefore, it's vital to comprehend how the two vary.Beyond their outward attractiveness, escort girls in Egypt are stunning. These ladies are noted for their intelligence and humour, which makes them conversationalists as well as attractive company. Egypt's escort business is a reflection of the variety and openness of the nation, providing travellers with a singular and thrilling experience.In conclusion, Egypt's escort business is a fascinating facet of its culture and a unique window into the nation's nightlife. Escort ladies in Egypt may provide you a memorable experience whether you're a traveller hoping to see Egypt's historical monuments or someone interested in enjoying its exciting nightlife.

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