Alice Entertains


Alice was always ready to take of her clothes and have sex with anyone or anything. I usually helped her to find a way to do what she wanted to do. ONe Saturday she woke up and began sucking my cock. It felt great and then after swallowing my load she kept it hard and sat on it and rode me till I filled her pussy. She got up after and put on a pull over dress and grabbed my hand, "Come on, let's go. " she said, "Where to?" I asked her and she said, "I need more. " and so I got up, put on jeans and shirt and we left to find her more cock and or just sex.

We were driving around and I pulled up at a light and there were four very horney guys in the car next to us. Alice took off her dress and showed herself to them. "Nice lady, but not nice to tease. " a guy said. "I am not teasing, my husband is trying to find me some more cock today. " and she was hanging halfway out of the window. "Folow us. " the guy said and they drove just a little ways and pulled up a dirt road. They pulled of into the trees and we all got out, Alice naked and hot.

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   She went to the first guy and pulled his shorts down and was sucking him before he knew what was going on. He filled her throat and she grabbed another and began sucking him off while ofering her ass to snyone that wanted it. A guy stepped up and took her pussy from behind and she was going wild. One guy was on his cell and after Alice did all four of them, a couple twice he said, I got lots of friends that wanna fuck, how many can you handle?" he said. I can handle everything that is available. " she said and he said okay. We followed him to some apartments and we went up to one on the end. Alice was naked as we walked to it and there were 18 or so guys there. She went in and laid on a bed and reached ou, "Okay, let's go. I need cock. "
She was entered by three men right off, mouth, pussy and ass. And after that she demanded that every time she was getting fucked. We were there all day and part of the night.
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