A Jungle Girl Meal


A Jungle Girl Meal By: SXCamaroThe morning sun rose over the Brazilian tree line and quickly started climbing into the sky. The jungle awakened from its deep sleep and began to bustle with activity. The Solpobra Tribe rose and began collecting wood for the tribal fire and went about their daily activities. This particular Brazilian tribe lived free of civilized contact and lived solely off the fruits of the jungle. They mated within their small community of two hundred people and shared collectively in the toils of everyday lifeAs the sun made its appearance young Nima began to stir in her hut. She was a young female of eighteen circles of age. Her tribe measured age by the growth of rings on tree and used this measure to estimate the time for marriage and adulthood. Nima was a gorgeous young woman. Shehad medium sized breasts and a curvy figure with tan skin.   Her figure was clad in only a small leather top that barely covered her breasts and a leather and grass skirt that hung about half way to her knees. The sun peaked through the reeds of the hut and began to hit her eyes. She turned over avoiding the sun and attempted to fall back asleep. She lay for a few moments until her mother began to call for her. “Nima! Nima! It’s time to rise and harvest wood and fruit for the nocturne ceremony!” Nima groaned rolling over thinking to herself what a pain this would be. She reluctantly got up and walked outside into the morning heat. The humidity had already began to build and the air felt heavy and thick.

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   She walked onto the village common where all huts opened to. Her fellow villagers had began fishing, tending the young, and clearing the fire pit. She walked past the common and up to the river to take a morning dip. She noticed men further down stream had begun their fishing and where watching her.   She took off her small leather covering and dove into the river. It was customary tradition of the tribe for the tribe to do this, it presented everybody a chance to see what they had to offer for marriage. “Mmmm this cool water feels so good on my skin” she thought to herself. She surfaced and a slight breeze on her face. She ran her fingers over her breast and her erect nipples taking in the pleasure of the cool water and then down her thighs and across her woman hood. “I wish I could do this all day and not be stuck in the hot and sticky woods. I always get stuck gathering wood. Well I better get out of  here before mom comes over and punishes me for lazing around in the water. ”As she exited the water and dressed her father came over and told her that she would be expected to gather enough wood to last the entire night. “Yesterday you gather enough wood to make it through nocturne ceremony. After we had eaten our harvest we discovered that we had no more wood in the common.

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   Today you will gather more wood and not slack on your duty. ” her father said sternly. “The tribe needs every member to be strong and if you cannot be a strong worker what kind of wife will you make for the tribe?”Nima felt ashamed. She knew that she had been slacking off in her duty but, she did it out of fear of marriage. Her father had promised her to another tribesman at birth to unite their families and strengthen tribal bond. She felt scared and did not want to be forced to have children and work endlessly on domestic chores. Despite the feelings of remorse inside she bite her lip and told her father,“Yes father. I am sorry to have shamed our family and the tribe. I will harvest enough wood today to ensure our fire will burn throughout the night and into the next suns rising. ”Her father seemed satisfied with her response and lumbered away to a group of men who were going out hunting. He gathered his spear and the men set out to kill food for the tribe. “Well I’d better get started with the wood this is going to take all afternoon and maybe longer. ” She thought to herself. Nima wondered slowly into the woods with her reed and mud bag attached to her back. She walked slowly and unenthusiastically through the dense brush.

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   She bent over picking up twigs and took her time cleaning them off. “Pull off leaves on twigs. They make smoke and bring bugs. Gather dry leaves but make sure they have no snakes under them before you pick them up. Get big branches too but, don’t take any that are wet they cause uneven burning. ” She heard her mothers voice repeating in her head over and over as she had for the last twelve circles of her life. “I’m old enough to do the work of a woman and be married to a man but, I get the respect of a child. Nobody thinks I can do work. They treat me as a feeble being that is not reliable enough to gather these lowly twigs and sticks. ” She said angrily to herself. Several hours passed and she had only ventured a few hundred feet off the village and filled her bag half full of mostly useless material. She began to ponder what the world beyond the forest must be like. She once when she was very young saw a  small white monster fly across the sky. It made a loud roar and had a long tail. It hard intrigued her and made her think if she could fly she could leave this place and make a new village or find one that treated her like an equal.

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   She closed her eyes and remembered the day clearly. She had been maybe five circles old and was hanging around camp suckling upon one of the tribes woman’s breasts. The tribe believed this brought unity and power to the tribe. The milk of the women provided extra strength to the hunters and made the women work hard so they fed off of it until they turned seven tree circles old. “I wish I could be the great white flying monster. I wish I could fly far away and make a new life and live in forever happiness. ” She thought a bit more, sighed, and continued  gathering wood. She took a step forward and suddenly the jungle foliage gave way. She fell tumbling head over heel down a hill. She frantically pulled at roots and rocks and clawed at the ground. She saw the ground ahead of her and then hit it. She lay for a few moments temporarily stunned from the fall. “What. . the…was that? Where am I? Can I move?” She asked herself.

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   She felt tears fall down her cheeks and she hurt all over from the fall. She had some small cuts and bruises but seemed to be alright. Her harvest bag however was shattered in a million pieces. It had broken her fall with all the wet leaves and small twigs giving good cushioning to reduce the impact. “Okay now how to I get back up there? I can’t climb that hill I might fall back down and get hurt even more. Maybe I’ll walk around and see if I can find another path. ” She did so and walked along the cliff for a few feet. She could see no way up and for the first time realized that the are resembled half of a sun. She would need to walk out if she would find a way up back to the village. She ventured forth worrying about getting home and what she would tell her father about the wood. He would surely reprimand her for losing the wood harvest. She saw a grouping of trees ahead and walked up to them. They were leaned close together having grown that way and she looked through them and saw a clearing ahead with a small inclined area leading back up to the top of the ledge. She felt hopeful seeing the answer to her problems. Nima squeezed into the hole between the trees and began to walk into the clearing.

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   She saw the incline. Perfect and visible it. She felt anxious to get there and began to run feeling joy. She was only five feet from the incline when she tripped and hit the ground. “Only I would trip in a clearing!” She said angrily to herself, annoyed at her clumsiness.   “I’m getting out of here and gathering wood and getting back to the village. Okay here we g…. . Hm stupid vine is caught on my foot. Oh well. ” She said to herself, anxiously thinking of the incline. She pulled the vines off and continued to the incline. She had no sooner taken three steps when she felt something slither up her legs. She stopped and looked down to see what was going on. Vines had wrapped themselves around her legs all the way up to her knees.

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  “What is going on? I didn’t even touch anything I pulled these off earlier?!” She said confused. “Oh well maybe I didn’t see things right. Okay off you go. ” She pulled at the vines but they did not move. The harder she pulled the more they tightened. Soon she had pulled so hard and long the veins made her legs numb and she became unsteady and fell over. Upon falling the vines circled up to her thighs and began pulling her across the jungle floor. She sat up and thought she was dreaming. “What in the world in happening and what are you vines trying to do to me?” She had no sooner uttered these words when a gigantic green pod became visible ahead. It blended in well to the jungle but the pink and red slit in the top of it seemed to be where the vines were pulling her towards. “What is this stuff? Why are you pulling me?” She struggled against the vines as the bulb drew closer. “Let me go I command you! You stupid plant listen to me!” The vines suddenly stopped pulling her and released her legs and pulled into the pink opening ahead of her. She looked intently sitting on her butt at the giant pod. It was maybe nine feet tall and four feet wide with a thick stem attached to the ground and gigantic leaves all around it. She felt mesmerized and stared intently and the oddity.

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   She stood up and peered closer. The plant seemed to be pulsating. She felt drawn towards it but resisted. “I need to get to the village, they are readying the nocturne ceremony. ” She took a few steps back towards the incline but stopped. She turned back towards the plant and felt the need to get closer. She had never seen anything like it before and wanted to tell everyone at the village about it. She decided to quickly go back and examine it then go back to the village and tell of her experience. She walked forward carefully examining the pod. She was back at where the vines had left her and stared at the pink slit in the pod that was pointed at her. It seemed so beautiful and calm. “Well maybe a little bit closer. I might be able to tell if you are something we can eat and use in future ceremonies. Maybe you can bring me respect if I bring you back and the tribe likes you. ” She walked further towards the plant.

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   She stopped ten feet from the pod and stared squinting. “A little closer won’t hurt” She thought. As she closed in the pink slit opened a few inches and  the two vines very visible on the sides of the slit. They seemed to go in but were attached to the outside of it. Not realizing she was getting closer  she closed in. She was only five feet away and she stopped on a soft bed of leaves. She decided she was close enough and then stopped moving. The pink slit was now open a foot in diameter and was a glorious pink color. She felt satisfied with her information and turned around. “Father will surely appreciate me and mother will too. This will prove to be a valuable resource for the tribe I’m su…. “ she stopped mid sentence noticing that a wall of vegetation had appeared. The wall extended around her and went up ten feet. Suddenly she was hit from behind with two vines and they quickly wrapped around each of her legs and began pulling her in. She struggled squirming.

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   The vines crept up her legs and tore off her leather skirt and top exposing her body. More vines immerged from the pod and began caressing her body and wrapping her arms and body. She struggled against them. “No! You can’t do this! I don’t want to be taken by a plant!” She shouted. The vines roamed all around her body violating her. One vine found her wet pussy and began to probe it. “Oh no! You can’t rape me then father will kill me! This can’t be happening!” She screamed. The vine penetrated her virgin pussy and began pumping in and out and growing in size. Tears flowed from her eyes and she screamed in pain. She felt like she was ripping apart. Another vine had found her anus and began invading the tight region. She protested screaming but was silenced when another vine found her mouth and filled it. Vines covered her and two had attached themselves to her nipples and began suckling them. She tried to scream. “Mmfggghhh….


  ” was all that came out. She then felt jell being forced into her orifices and into her breasts. A sweet tasting fluid ran into her mouth and down her throat. It burnt slightly but it made her feel horney. Her pussy began to burn and she wanted the plant inside her. She thought, “Mmm I want this plant inside me! I need it deeper!” She began to squeeze her pussy and felt more jell secreted. She was building up to a climax and the plant pounded her pussy harder and her anus and suckled her breasts so hard she came and felt wonderful. The plant began to pull out of her anus and pussy and wrapped her legs and body. The vines began secreting the jell onto her body and head. It smelled just like fresh fruit and tasted like the sweeter than the sweetest nectar she had ever tasted. She felt complete and wanted the plant. She looked at it longingly,“please take me. I can’t stand being out here anymore I want to be in you. I don’t know why but, I feel a need to be with you. ” She said longing for the pink maw in front of her.

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   The vines began retracting and lifted her up in the air. The pod turned slowly towards the sky as she climbed. The pod was completely vertical and the maw was only a foot from her head. The vines moved her arms over her head and lowered her to the plant. She watched and felt her pussy burn as the pod swallowed her arms. “MMM! Yeah you like the way I taste don’t you? I want you to take me and use every part of me so you can get bigger and lure more girls into your trap. I want to become part of you. ” The maw gripped down on her hands and pulled her down further. Her head entered the maw and was welcomed by the soft lining of the pods mouth. As the maw squeezed and readied for to puller her more Nima couldn’t help but moan. She was so horney from the jell and her pussy ached with desire to be rubbed and penetrated. She was pulled down further into the maw of the plant and felt her stomach being squeezed down by the plant. “I want to be inside you all the way. I want you to make me part of you. I can’t wait any longer.

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   I want you to take me now. ” She felt the maw pull her in deep and her butt came to rest on the lips of the pod. “I can’t take anymore teasing I’m going in the next time. ” As the maw opened to accommodate her hips she pulled her feet towards her and slipped completely into the pod. “Ohhh mmmm! This feels so good. ” She exclaimed riding on another climatic wave. She orgasimed again feeling the walls touch her hot pussy got her off. She then felt a tight right at the bottom and was pushed through to this area. It was harder than the maw but not uncomfortable. As she sank into it she realized it was the stem. Her hands pulled as they entered she wanted to get to become part of the plant. She quickly forced herself through the stem and into a large squishy chamber. Once in the chamber the stem closed off and she could feel and see faintly risen areas of the tissue on the roof of the chamber. When the chamber had closed completely they began to spray fluid in the chamber. “Well it looks like I’m finally going to be apart of you.

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   Mmmm. You made me feel so good. I can’t wait till you turn me into part of your vines and leaves. You caught yourself a fine young meal and now your going to absorb me and attract others. ” She stated praisingly. As the flood rose she rubbed her pussy as hard as she could. It stopped with only a foot of fluid and she climaxed harder than the others combined. She felt a slight burning but it felt good. She wanted to be with the pod and knew she soon would. She took gulped down several mouth fulls of the acid. “I should be easy to digest now lover. I hope I make you strong and we make a good pair. ”She felt sleepy as she began to drift off. She slipped away slowly losing her thought and became aware of a rhythmic sloshing of the stomach. She slipped under the acid and began to disappear in the contractions and acidic waves.

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   She finally felt whole and her last thought before she was gone was,“I love you. ”.



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