The other girl in my life

True Story

I did say (see story Our First Time Together) that there was another girl. This one is Lori. I taught at her at secondary school. She was a stunning girl, bright as a button, vivacious, looking good enough to eat in her skimpy school uniform. When 18 she was such a good girl, a mass of black curls crowning an oval face, breasts developing nicely (she wore no bra) and this made her nipples stand out against the thin material. I think she knew even then how to turn older men on - let alone the drooling boys.

At that stage nothing really happened, he passed very close to her in the packed corridor once or twice and pressed against her. He even once put his hands below her skirt and pressed her lovely bottom into his body. She just smiled, and once she humped against him once or twice.

But now a few years later, she was sitting in his car - she had had a rough time and she wanted to talk. She needed comfort. She had been treated roughly by more than one man. She told him she preferred older men. As she talked about her problems he took one hand and pressed it.

She responded by pressing his hand. His other hand went round her shoulders and she put her head on his shoulder.

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   He smelled her hair. God he wanted her. He looked down her front and could see her cleavage - a clear one with her still young breasts formed perfectly inside a little bra this time.

As she talked he brought his face to hers, and put his thumb by her lips. She kissed it and then sucked it gently. "Lori," he said quietly, "I think you want it, don't you?" She murmured as she sucked, "Yes, and I've wanted you since I was twelve - 4 years ago. " Very slowly he first pushed his thumb into her mouth and then took her hand and let it rest on his trousers. She simply pressed his cock gently. "It's all yours," he said. She smiled and rubbed her hand over him again.

He then lifted her head from his shoulder and brought his lips to her, taking his thumb out and pressing those red young lips with his. Her mouth opened and she was soon attacking his tongue with hers and making little murmurings in her throat. He looked down, her skirt had risen 7 inches above her knees, and her brown legs were slightly apart. But before going there he wanted her breasts. Soon her shirt was off and her bra came with it.

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   He mouthed her mouth and then took his lips to one tit and then the other. "Sir," she said "you're not my teacher now, but I want you to be. "

He smiled, and she hugged him. "Open your legs for me then, little girl," he said. "Anything for you - if you take out your cock for me. " He young hands massaged his cock, and it was very, very hard. Meanwhile he had two fingers outside her love hole. She was wet, very wet and ready for sex. "My very own sweet girl - I think you're gagging for it, aren't you"

He answer was to push her body down onto his fingers and they were in to the hilt in no time. She was not a virgin, other men had seen to that, but she was very tight - the tightness of youth. "The boys just wanted to cum and then forget about me," she said, "I'll know you'll give me pleasure - ahhh that's it, like that. " His fingers were fucking her deep and his thumb rolling her clit. He kissed her deeply and she pulled him down on her breasts. One finger from his other hand went round her other hole as he caressed her lovely bottom, and he pushed it in to give her even more pleasure. She shuddered and moaned.

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   "Please, please . . . fuck me . . . or I'll go wild . . . please, please sir. " Her hands guided him and she lifted her shapely legs over his shoulders. He shoved his cock deep in and then through the tightness even deeper.

His cock was thick but she took it, her face beaming with her eyes closed and mouth open. He took his tongue into her mouth as he plunged deeper. "Ahh .

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  . sir . . . this is the best . . . take me, make me cum . . . you needn't pull out cos I'm on the pill". That was good news for him, because he really wanted her deep and wanted to plant it in her deep.

She was so much better than his wife . . .

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   "Lori, Lori . . . you are so fantastic . . . cum for sir baby, cos sir is going to cum deep in you. She screamed "Yes, yes, yes . . . fuck me . . . ahh . .

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  . ahh. . . " For the first time in a long time with a girl they were cumming together. "Lori, ten out of ten," he said as he stroked her wet hair and plunged his cock, unloading deep inside her and he legs closed around him, her pussy muscles tight as a vice. And then, a great relaxing as they both came down from the joint climax.

"Sir, when is my next lesson?" He smiled, looked at her and said, "Now, if you take my cock in your mouth". Her head went down . . . .