The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter Six


Sunday, and with the start of school Monday shadowing them, Mike,Jessica and the rest of the band met around noon to rehearseeverything that they learned during the summer and before that. Theyultimately played for a little over three hours before theydetermined that they had enough. They hung out near Mike's pool fora while and left when the conversation began to dwindle or whentheir girlfriends demanded some of their time.

That left Mike and Jessica alone again and no idea when Mike'sparents would come home that day. In case they returned early, Miketold his brother to check in around five, which was rapidly comingup. So for Mike, the prospect of having sex was pretty much closingrapidly. He chose to plant Jessica on the living room couch and do alittle inspection of the house to deal with any problems before Mr. and Mrs. Alyea were back in the picture. There wasn't much. His roomaside, he didn't want the place to look like a pig sty for fear ofturning Jessica off, so he kept things pretty neat, which was madeeasier by the fact that he just didn't spend that much timedownstairs anyway. He was especially careful, though, aboutinspecting the music room to ensure that he didn't leave any of hisand Jessica's sex toys there and he also reconciled what he knew hewas supposed to have with what he had in his book bag.

He could pretty much hide the silk rope in plain sight since therewasn't anything on it that screamed, "bondage. " The cuffs, vibratorsand butt plug were completely different issues, though, as was thedildo that he gave Jessica. She didn't need it anymore since shecould now take his cock all the way down. Also, whither the harness?It was pretty obvious what THAT was.

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   If his mom found it, she wouldknow immediately that he and Jessica were engaging in kinky sex andthere was the possibility that she would tell Jessica's mother. Jessica couldn't keep it in her room. either. It took up too muchspace to fit in her either of her guitar cases to close and lockthem.

Keep the bag of tricks in his car? That was REALLY out because if acop pulled him over and then searched his trunk it would look likehe was on the prowl to kidnap somebody. And his parents woulddefinitely know and so might the idiot principal, who would probablyhave a CYA panic attack and kick him out for fear he was some kindof predator. It was a buffet of Hobson's choices.

The only other solution was to throw the lot out, but that would bea waste of money and no fun. No doubt about it, hiding shit fromprying parents was a bitch. Mike might be able to make an argumentthat the cuffs were part of the band's heavy metal act, but not withany of the toys. He could have Jessica wear some of that stuffoccasionally, even to school, but for hygienic and physiologicalreasons, not every freaking day.

Mike finally came up with a solution after talking it over withJessica: buy an empty speaker cab or a cab that was no longerworking and use it as his personal hiding place. Put a big asswarning sticker about electrocution on the back of it and bam, it'spretty unlikely mom would go there when she was cleaning house. Kindof a long way to go, but probably the most workable idea.

He was able to find someone selling an old cheap no name combo ampwith a speaker that needed to be replaced online for not much money.

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  He would go down after school Monday to the seller's house to take alook at it.

He did tell Jessica, though, that he was going to make her first dayof her junior year memorable. First, he was going to pick her upearly, informing her parents that they were going to have breakfastbefore school. Then they would go to the park he had put the harnesson her a while back and use the bathroom, where he would bind herbody with the silk rope. So she needed to wear a dark t-shirt tocover it. She would also wear the thong with the dildo and the buttplug in it and have the nipple rings with the chain locked on herunder her bra. "Good thing nothing serious gets done the first dayof school," Jessica laughed. 'What do you say for the effort I'mputting in to arrange all this for you?" he asked her with asarcastic grin. "Thank you Master. " "Thank you Master for what?" hewanted her to elaborate. 'Thank you Master for making your littleAsian fucktoy's first day in 11th grade so special. " "You'rewelcome, fucktoy," he told her. He kissed her and then heard thegarage door opener being activated. "Shit," he grumbled.

Mike's parents came through the door that connected the kitchen withthe garage.

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   "Hi honey!" Mike's mom smiled. "Hi Dad," he waved. "Ohlook honey, Jessica's here. " "Hi!" Jessica said from the couch,waving. "Where's your brother, Mike?" his father inquired. "He wentto the beach. He's supposed to be back pretty quick. " Jessica alsogot a hug from Mrs. Alyea. "Well look kids," his mom announced,"it's going to be takeout tonight. I don't feel like fixing dinner. Jessica, did you want anything?" "No thanks Mrs. Alyea. I have to gohome for dinner anyway. " "Oh that's too bad.

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   "Yeah, we were justabout to leave Mom. I'll be back in a bit. "

Mike took Jessica home and they exchanged heated, lengthy kissesbefore he finally let her go in. For Jessica, she needed to do wellin school and had no choice about that. So with school in theextremely near future, she was dreading how to balance her need forhomework, study and Mike time with her further responsibility ofpracticing guitar and rehearsing and maybe even gigging with theband. Her main fear was that her and Mike would argue over heravailability for non-academic activity and their relationship wouldstart being a drag and if they broke up she would probably lose herslot in the group, too.

Monday, she woke up at 6 a. m. and showered and dressed in a looseblack t-shirt and a pair of black jeans and flats. She didn't wearany panties because Mike was going to supply her underwear. Herheart, in fact, was beating nervously about the stunt they weregoing to pull and she would be in classes with teachers she didn'tknow and with a lot of students she had never met before. She loadedher book bag with a notebook, pens and a water bottle.

Mike pulled up at around 7 a. m. looking tired.

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   He had been watchingcartoons until about 1 a. m. before finally going to sleep. They thenheaded to the park. He knew they were going to have a lot less timethan they did during the summer, so to cut the time expended down, he had her unhook her bra and pants on the way and take off hershoes. He parked the car in the closest space next to the bathroomand they snuck inside of it and locked the door. Within a minute,she was naked and on her hands and knees on the floor. He pulled thethong out of his bag and, after lubing her asshole and theattachments, roughly slid it over her feet and knees and then up herlegs and fit the dildo and butt plug inside her. Then it took himfive looong minutes to do the karada tie properly. He lifted herinto the wheelchair and locked the nipple rings on to her. Shescrambled to put her pants, bra and jeans back on. Mike unlocked thedoor and poked his head out, didn't see anyone, and then he rushedher to the car, where she slid into the passenger's side and then hejumped in front and shut the door. They were home free now. Hecircled back and set out for school. He gave Jessica the tube oflube in case she needed to give her asshole another shot of it.

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They were both relieved the little operation went off without ahitch and were giddy. Jessica wasalready feeling her nipples begin to throb and her pussy and assboth felt full and she was getting wetter by the minute. That wasjoined by the feeling of the rope being wrapped tightly around her,including just above those nipples. "So how does my precious fucktoyfeel this morning," Mike officiously inquired. "Master's littleAsian fucktoy feels horny and apprehensive, she revealed. "The tensionis what makes it delicious," Mike comforted her. "Now remember thatyou are representing me when you're on campus, so if you do anythingundignified that I'm not personally doing to you there will bepunishment, understand fucktoy?" "Yes Master," she nodded.

"Did my fucktoy eat this morning?" "No Master," she disclosed. "Youdeserve a reward for complying so readily with your Master's wishesfucktoy," he said, pulling into the parking lot of a donut shop. Shestayed in the car while he went to buy the donuts, Mike keeping aclose eye on his partially bound subbie. Five minutes later, he wasback and they ate their donuts at a leisurely pace as it was stillearly yet, and even did some kissing and over the clothes groping. At 8 a. m. , Mike finally drove his car into the school parking lotand got one of the last spaces. Unfortunately, since there was noextra room and he didn't have a handicapped placard for Jessica, hehad to carefully extract her chair out of his backseat and thenbasically drag Jessica to her chair.


   "Okay baby, remember, back tothe normal way of talking to each other. "Okay honey," she sang.

Because she was in two AP classes and not the normal ones attendedby other students and in order to have a class together, they begantheir day with Algebra II. Mike pushed Jessica into the classroomand he took a seat in the back row so she could sit right behindhim. Fortunately, the teacher, Mr. Hartman, was fine with lettingthe students choose where they sat unless they created problems. Jessica looked around at her classmates and felt a little queasy ofbeing discovered that her pussy had an artificial cock in it andthat her asshole had been plugged in addition to the soft rope thatencircled her body and the nipple rings that pressured her teats. Mike looked at her as the bell rang, teasing her with the expressionon his face. They got their books, Mike quickly throwing his in hissex toy and cuffs filled book bag and closing it.

Jessica squirmed in her seat while the items that filled her holesmoved with every little turn and shimmy of her hips andrepositioning of her ass. She was so wet now that she looked down toher crotch every now and again to check whether or not the moisturewas visible. She definitely felt a mess down there, but so far, sogood.

For Mike, his main fear was that she would go into sub space duringone of her other classes and get sent to the nurse and they would besussed. He told her to call him after each class that day for thatreason.

Class ended and now they would separate, her AP english class on theother side of the school from where his history class would be.

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  Fortunately, everything went well and they met up at lunch withoutincident. He set her on his lap as he parked his butt on the bricksof a planter and she ate her lunch while he pulled the "wait untilafter school" routine again. This enabled her to have an excuse forher to put an orange slice in her mouth and then proffer it to hismouth and they ended their mutual gobbling of it with a kiss.

He nuzzled her ear and asked, "so is mylittle Asian fucktoy still horny and wet?" She blushed and placingher lips as close as she could to his ear hole, said, "Yes Master. "Then they laughed and shared a couple of quick kisses. He pulled herclose to him and very quickly rubbed her nipples through her t-shirtand bra. She let out a suppressed moan. He slid his hand up hercrotch to see if he could feel her wetness. He swore he could, butjust barely. It was definitely warm down there. He was doing thisall in the open to her and they were able to get away with it. "Fuck, I want to fuck her right now," he thought to himself. Movinghis mouth to her ear once more, he interrogated, "does my littleAsian fucktoy want to be fucked right now?" She whispered back, "Ohyes Master. " Then she looked at him and giggled. "Tell me what youwant fucktoy," he responded.

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   "This little Asian fucktoy wantsMaster's cock inside her," she retorted. He started subtly dryhumping her right leg as it dangled in his crotch between his pins. She put her mouth back at his ear and tantalized, "does Master wishto fuck his little Asian fucktoy?" He placed his lips at her ear andtold her, "yes, he wants so much to ravage his little Asianfucktoy. 's cunt. " That provoked another kiss.

Just to make sure she wasn't on the edge of trailing off to the landwhere no brain cell goes unstarved, he shifted back to normal mode. 'So Jessica, what class do you have next?" "Chemistry," she elucidated. "Ummm, maybe you can find what chemical makes me so attracted toyou," he grinned. "I just think you're a sucker for a nice set ofpickups," she sweetly accused. "You have it backward babe. I likepicking up a nice set. " They both shared a good laugh at that oneand their perpetual smiling at each other was terminated by the bellthat put the first lunchtime of that semester behind them. "Bye sweety, I love you!" she declared and hurried off toher fifth period.

Thankfully, the rest of the day went without incident. Mike hadforgotten to give her the harness he wanted her to change into.

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   Herasshole was a little sore from the butt plug being in it, even aftershe had relubed it twice. They got into the car when the school dayended and he averred, "Because you were so good carrying out yourMaster's wishes," Mike acknowledged, "you may remove the thong and thekarada harness. " "Thank you Master, she said, sounding relieved. He hadher turn his back to her and he unhitched main the tie holding theharness together. "Fucktoy will tell her Master whenever she feels anypain, stinging, or other kind of hurt, even when it is just the tiniestbit and she thinks it's no big deal. Does fucktoy understand?" "YesMaster. Thank you Master. " 'My biggest responsibility to you is tosafeguard your health, so your Master is happy when you update him onyour health and state of mind," he elaborated. Jessica hugged him whiletears slowly dripped out of the corners of her eyes.

Once she got home, she stripped naked, shoved the rope and the thonginto her book bag and would give them to Mike when he came over later.

Mike bought the old broken mid-70's vintage combo amp that had beenadvertised in the ad he saw for $40. The tubes and speaker were uselessand there were other electronic fixes it would require. He hauled itinto his room, telling his mom that it would be a restoration projectfor him. He removed the back, intending to pull the speaker, but therewas enough of a gap even with the speaker there that he could shove hisstuff in there and conceal it. He yanked the power cord and tossed it soit could never be plugged in and therefore it wouldn't be a possiblefire hazard.


   What he would do after that is determine what he would takewith him the next day and then leave the rest in the back of the amp,which protected his deviant goodies with the wooden back that wasscrewed into the main part of the cabinet.

She would also wear the harness he had forgotten to giveher Monday all day Tuesday and he supplemented that by having hersecret the venus butterfly vibrator in her crotch during lunch. He watched in a combination of lust and bemusement as shemoaned and writhed amidst the benches of the empty amphitheater intohis shoulder, telling him of her impending orgasm in a choked anddesperate voice. He just made her cum once to lessen the probabilityof being found out. He let her off the hook the other three weekdaysso that she could have some relief from the stress of what they wereconcealing on her and so it wouldn't get old for her.

Mike wasn't particularly happy when she discussed with him how theywere probably going to need to organize their lives so she could get allof her academic and social goals accomplished. Mike understood herposition even if deep down he wanted to selfishly hog all of her time. The biggest conflict for him, perhaps, was his innate drive todominate her and there was now stuff interfering with his ability todo that. There was also the possibility that they would have to canher from the band if it somehow got too busy. He was glad, then,that she wasn't working, too. Then their relationship would be overfor sure.

Likewise, she needed to submit to him, being able to throw off allresponsibility and just put herself in his hands. In effect, her wantingto be tied up and used by him was a form of liberation for her.

He resigned himself to becoming more responsible about his ownacademic performance so he could spend more time with her and hopedhe could actually be of some help to her. He definitely didn't wantto be a drag.

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   He realized she didn't needthe stress his outward complaining would exert on her. Plus shewasn't looking for a whiny guy, but somebody who she could trustwith her life and be an emotional rock for her. If he startedcutting class or school out of resentment, she would feel guiltyabout that, too.

So beginning on Wednesday, he would go into her bedroom with her anddo their homework together. He had some Algebra II problems to doand he didn't particularly have any difficulty with them. He sailedthrough Algebra I in ninth grade. She just had to do some reading, sowhen he was done, he sat in bed and put her between his legs and shereclined against his chest while he held her, perusing a guitar magazineshe had left on her computer desk. "Hey fucktoy," he suddenly said. "Yes Master," she murmured back at him. "Fucktoy will work hard inschool and make her Master look smart by being with her. " Jessicagiggled. "Your little Asian fucktoy is grateful for Master's support,"she smiled. "And Master is plenty smart on his own," she added.

Their sex life would necessarily be limited by her study routine. She would always suck or stroke his cock, though, when he asked.

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   Butplaying guitar with her was also fun when they would finish studying. She would sometimes have to spend time in libraries doing researchprojects, too, which stunk for Mike. He would often go there with her,though, and help her look for research materials and read while she wasmaking notes and outlines just to give her moral support. He wouldsometimes squirm because he couldn't take his guitar and just noodleaway in those situations, so he would often get fidgety. But he alsofelt that his presence kept other guys from hitting on her, too.

September went by in a flash and October was well on the way ofbeing as equally unmemorable when Jessica and Mike got called intothe activity director's office two weeks before Halloween. Neither had anyidea what the hell they were doing there, at least initially. After some rather stiffformalities, the AD finally revealed what was going on: "hereis where things stand: we have a Halloween dance on October 30th andno band to play it," he said. "So why not just hire a dj?" Mikecountered icily. "And have them play that rap shit? Not going tohappen," the AD resolved. Mike was curious why he couldn'tfind a cover band to do the usual assortment of lame ass mainstreamradio crap for it. "Actually, we did," the principal began. "Butthey canceled on us today, saying they were hired for another jobfor more money. " "Uh huh," Mike grunted. 'So how much were you goingto pay that bunch of aging hacks?" "500 bucks," the principal said.

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  'On Halloween, with all the parties going on? Really?" he laughed. "No wonder they quit on you," Mike smartly calculated.

"Now were you expecting them to bring their own PA and lights orwere you providing that for them?" Mike coolly twisted the knife. "No, we have a PA and a few lights for the band to use. " "Okay, sowhy are we here then?" "You guys have a band, right?" "Yeah we do,but we're a metal band. We don't do that emo or dub step shit," Mikespat. "Watch your language young man," the AD warned. "Fuckyou," Mike challenged. The AD backed off and then made hispitch: "you guys can have the 500 bucks if you do the dance. " Mikesneered at the AD. and countered, "make it 750, and we getthat up front during load in, let us play and say whatever we wantfrom the stage without any retaliation afterward and a decentsoundman, and I don't mean your uncle George who once played in aband when he was 12, and we have a deal. " "I don't know if I can dothat," the AD coyly postured. "Okay, good luck with your bandsearch, dude," Mike kissed off. "C'mon Jessica, let's go back toclass," he urged. She started to push her wheelchair to head toward the door.

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'Stop. Alright, you got the guarantees. " "Cool. I'll draw you up acontract and have it for you tomorrow morning when I come to school. The principal and you will have by the end of the school day to sign it because we haveto schedule rehearsals and I ain't gonna be jacked around. " "Youguys aren't going to do anything that'll give this school a blackeye, will ya?" the AD hesitated. "I ain't promising shit,man. We aren't stupid, though. But you had better stay out of ourway or we'll bail. " But if you guys bail on a contract we can sueyou. " 'Dude, I would bail on you just for the lulz and be more thanwilling to pay later. 750 bucks ain't shit. You're getting us waycheap. The only reason I don't ask for a couple grand is because wedon't do that shit that's on the radio that even the biggest dumbasscheerleader knows. See ya.

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  " And laughing, Mike escorted  her back to her class, which was already more than halfover, and kissed her before they parted ways.

Jessica was astounded by his rude, arrogant and, it has to be said,successful, behavior toward the AD. She was turned on by Mikecompletely overpowering the guy and she stood to get $150 for acouple hours work out of it to boot. She was also more than a littlebewildered how a guy who had been in his job as long as he had made that kind ofrookie mistake by underbidding on the band they had booked on such amajor cultural holiday, not to mention the stupidity of refusing tobook a dj because he thought the dj would be playing nothing butgangsta rap, which wasn't the case at all. He could probablyhave gotten one for a hundred or less because there's a dj on everystreet corner. The only thing more numerous than wannabe dj's iswannabe pro athletes.

Mike spent lunch making phone calls, one of them to his dad, who hadhis attorney phone Mike and give him some general legal advice as tothe potential liabilities revolving around their now scheduled gig. Mike made a note to have the school indemnify them for any damagearising out of what they were going to handle as a concert and not adance. If people wanted to dance to what they play, good, if not,who gives a shit? There weren't going to be any more than a couplehundred people anyway. Most kids were going to be partying elsewhereand getting drunk or worse and/or fucking theirgirlfriends/boyfriends anyway. .

Once he finished with the phone, he turned to Jessica and explainedto her that she was going to have to juggle her schedule so thatthey could rehearse. She didn't like it, but acquiesced so that theywould be ready. "I want to destroy those motherfuckers," Mikemuttered with an intensity she had never seen in his eyes before.

That night, Mike used a free program on the net to compose the contract,one provision of which was a demand that the sound guy had to submithis cv to him seven days before the gig for approval.

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   Mike knew that theschool had an antiquated PA system, but they were going to have to makethe best of it. If the band blew it up, well, tough shit. He also madeplans to rent back up amps, speaker cabinets and mics just in case theirown equipment failed. He would also put power conditioners between thehouse electrical supply and his band's backline to prevent any unrulyspikes from blowing something of their's.

During the band meeting during lunch the day after, they mainlydiscussed what they were going to look like. Mike had definite plans forJessica. Mike was just going to wear blue jeans, a white t-shirt andwhite boots while Dennis already had some leather pants, to which hewould add a so-called "pirate shirt" (an Edwardian style one that hadruffles down the middle). Travis would don black leather pants and wouldgo shirtless while his feet would be shot by black boots. They wouldalso rehearse after dinner that night.

Mike went home with Jessica and they discussed her look. They browsed abunch of fetish and leather stuff. She really liked a black leathercorset with bright red draw strings holding it together in the middlethat would show a little cleavage without looking completely whorish. Since the other band members except the drummer were wearing leatherpants, just to have a unified look, she chose that, too, but also redplatform heels to match the strings in the corset. Mike then also hadher get a police hat, dark sunglasses and he was going to put a studdedleather bondage collar on her that she would wear as a choker. She wouldalso wear the red cuffs he had previously restrained her with and theywould duct tape the chain hanging from her nipple rings inside thecorset to hide it.


   He wanted her to keep the rings on as part of hisclaim on her body and hoped her nipples would be partially evidentthrough the material of the corset just to give the boys in the crowd athrill. "Babe, they won't be able to take their eyes off of you. You'lllook even more amazing than you do now. "

Mike picked up the contract after school and he and Jessica went to hisplace and jammed until dinner. She ate with Mike's family and then therest of the band showed up to begin hammering things out. Mike decidedthat he wanted to add a few tunes to the ones they already knew and gavethem until Sunday to have them nailed. They broke the rehearsal up atnine, Jessica returning home to do her homework and practice the newsongs, staying up until around 2 a. m.

They practiced everyday or night through that weekend and they were justabout ready, needing only to tie up some loose ends. Monday, Mike gotthe soundman's cv, made some calls to check up on him, and signed off onit. They had Travis stay home that week until the final rehearsal onThursday. to save his voice The gig was the day after. The Thursdaysession kicked ass and they were all telling each other how they werejust going to wreck the place on Halloween.

The band started loading into the gym at 4 p. m.

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   and Mike got the checkas promised. Mike's friend Kurt and a couple guys from the school's AVclub helped the soundman put their rig together. Jessica, dressed simplyin a pair of jeans and a peasant top, watched from her wheelchair asthings took shape. By 6 p. m. , the soundcheck was done and everything wasset. Dennis had to turn way down and boost the highs on his bass alittle so it wouldn't sound boomy due to the hardwood floor and concretewalls. He, Jessica and Mike set their guitars on stands in front oftheir amps as a finishing touch while the bare bones lighting system wastested. Jessica almost felt like a professional musician. At 6:30, theband went into the locker room to get dressed. When Jessica emerged fromthe girl's locker room, everybody present stopped and their jaws justdropped. "Fuck, dude, she looks way smokin' hot and she's mine!" Mikebragged to himself. "Now wait until they see her play!"

Right at 7, the lights went off in the gym and Kurt took the housemicrophone as Jessica was rolled on to the stage and lifted on to astool tall enough to let her legs dangle but not so much that shecouldn't hit her foot pedals. . She was given her guitar.

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   Kurt queried,"Alright kids, are you ready!?" Then all of a sudden, the stage lightsflashed on and the band dove right into a frantic reading of Iggy's"Search and Destroy," after which they shifted into "Wrathchild,"Travis' vocal barking and growling all at once as his voice filled thehall. A few guys ventured up to the front of the stage and took picturesof Jessica with their cellphone cameras. Then they went right intoAerosmith's "Toys in the Attic. " Jessica was filled with adrenalin asher long black hair shrouded her face while she concentrated on thesolo.

Finishing the song, Travis stepped up to center stage to say a fewwords. "How ya doing motherfuckers?" he cracked. "Ya know, as maybe youcan tell by my accent, I was raised in a small town in Alabama. Now Ican tell you that everything they say about southern girls is true. They're polite, beautiful and hard to get into sack. So thank the Lordfor the easy girls. So we're sending this one out to the easy girls outthere tonight. " Mike then did a two note bend and manipulated his volumecontrol to make if sound like a train whistle. It was Aerosmith'sversion of "Train Kept A-Rollin', which started out slow and then endsin a headlong dash to the finish line, Jessica and Mike alternatingscorching solos. A couple of the jocks who had been dragged to the danceby their student officer girlfriends stood at the foot of the stage,remarking, "fuck, this band destroys. And I totally want to bone thatchick guitar player.

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"Ahhh, watch out! 'Eddie's Coming Out Tonight!" Travis interjectedbefore they kicked into the old Nightranger nugget, Jessica and Mikethis time littering the venue with furious tapping sequences and rustyrazor like tremolo dives. "Fuck man, look at her, she fucking shreds,dude!" one of the jocks said to his compatriot.

Once that was done with, Kurt, who had a knack for doing imitations,replicated the spoken bit to Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast. " Theband lit into it and owned on it, Mike and Jessica making faces at eachother while they dueled. More of the guys went to the front of the stageto get a gander at the girl guitar player. Then between songs, someoneyelled, "hey man, don't you guys do anything we can dance to like somedubstep?" Travis heard that and responded, "dude, you want some dancemusic? We got just the tune for you, bro!" They started off the Childrenof Bodom arrangement of "Oops, I Did it Again. " Travis then dedicatedBodom's "Hatebreeder" to the "teabaggers. "

"Anybody's ears hurting yet?" Travis taunted. "We have the cure!" hesmirked before they slammed into "Painkiller," his powerful declarationof, "This. . . . is. . .


  the painkiller!" echoing through the small basketballarena. He followed that up with, "this is about our girl guitarist,Jessica Hamada! It's called, "Leather Rebel!" which made Jessica crackup while she  attempted to stay with Mike and the band as they hammeredtheir way into it. The sequel to that was a torrid version of "Battery"and Mike chuckled to himself when he spied girts in the crowd who hadtheir fingers in their ears.

"Now Jessica is going to take you to the "Doctor, Doctor!" Travispreened while Jessica did the intro lead with Mike doing quiet arpeggiosbehind her before she kicked into the main riff with Travis hanginggently on her right shoulder.

The song concluded and then Travis informed them, "I hope y'all ain'tgoing nowhere for the next 20 minutes. Ha!" That was Jessica's cue tostart the slow, building arpeggios for "Green Grass and High Tides,"which Mike had rearranged for two guitars.

After they sped through that little ditty, Travis noted while he gavethe band time to catch its breath for a bit that, "so did any of youdance to that? Where I come from, that's real dance music!  You readynow boys?" Travis said to his bandmates. "Jessica?" She nodded. "Okayguys, here is another one your girlfriend ain't gonna like!" he snarked. Matt counted it off and "Rising Force" was coming out of the speakers,Jessica just absolutely crushing the rhythm licks while Mike burned witha high register lead. Then she did brief leads where the keyboard solosordinarily were.

That was it for a lot of the aspiring dancers, as they left, the crowdnow being half of what it was. The remainder just stood around andwatched the band since they were in full flight.

Following a grinding rendition of AC/DC's "Hell's Bells," they chuggedinto the last half hour of their show with renditions of Motorhead's"Ace of Spades," Tesla's "Modern Day Cowboy," Stratovarius' "BlackDiamond", "Addicted to that Rush" and then Travis announced the finalselection of the set. "This song says it all.

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   Drive safely!" he lightlymouthed before concluding with Skid Row's "This Party's Over (Get theFuck Out!). " Mike, Dennis and Travis were laughing their asses off asthey worked their way through the tune and they took their guitars withthem when they meandered off stage.

:They waited in the locker room for everybody to leave while jokingabout how long they would each be suspended for the profane display theyput on. As the contract dictated, there was no retaliation, though. Jessica had a blast and she made goo goo eyes at Mike after they goteverything packed into the U-Haul they used to bring their and therented equipment to the gym. They drove to Mike's house to drop off theequipment and so Mike could take a shower. Jessica felt gross from thesweat she had emitted during the band's performance and the leather shewas wearing wasn't helping things. 'Your parents are going to shit whenthey see how you're dressed!" Mike told her after he exited the showerand put on clean clothes.

Both of Jessica's parents were in the living room when she came home. "Oh my God Jessica!" her mom gasped. Her father just stood therethinking about how hot his daughter looked, secretly wishing he couldfuck her. "It's the heavy metal style, mom. Relax," Jessica parried. "It's not like I dress like this everyday. " "Thank God for that,Jessica.

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   " "You should have seen how a lot of the guys at the gigreacted Mrs. Hamada. They couldn't get enough of looking at her," helaughed. "I bet," Mrs. Hamada smoldered. "Mom, I need to go take ashower. Please be nice to Mike while I'm in there. "

When she entered her room, Jessica could see her nipples outlined in thefabric of the corset. When she untied it, she automatically massagedthe milk ducts before catching herself. Now she was going to bepunished, she knew. She moaned at the thought.

She left her bedroom after putting back on what she had worn to schoolthat day. She announced that her and Mike were going out but that theywould be back before 18 Mike pointed the car in a familiar direction,back up to the abandoned mansion. "Master," Jessica started. "Yesfucktoy?" "Your little Asian fucktoy touched her nipples several timesbefore she entered the shower.

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  " "How many times fucktoy?" Mikeinterrogated in feigned anger. "Your little Asian fucktoy doesn't knowthe exact number, but she thinks it's in the 5-6 times range," Jessicaguessed. "Well, just to be safe, we better assume it was seven," heglowered at her. " "Yes Master," she resigned herself. Since it was fiveslaps on the ass for each touch of her genitals, that meant she wasgoing to feel the hard impact of his hand 35 times. She braced herselfmentally, but was also kind of glad it was going to happen and her pussywas drenched.

They got up to the mansion and stopped where they usually did. They thenwent up to the side of the property that offered the panoramic view ofthe city lights. He laid her gently on the blanket and they took theirclothes off. The cool night air felt so pleasant against her exposedskin. He had her turn over on her stomach. 'Now fucktoy, you will counthow many times I have spanked you. If you lose count, we start all overagain. Do you understand? "Yes Master. " And you must also expressgratitude for each slap, too since I am correcting your behavior.

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  " "YesMaster. Thank You Master. "

The first five slaps on her little posterior were gentle. The next fiveafter that were a little stronger. The five in the wake of those teneven harder. Her ass was now red and hot and just a tad sore. "Okayfucktoy, I'm going to do this quickly, so it is okay if you just keepaccurate count. You can thank me afterward. " Thank you Master," shedemurely whimpered. He gave her ten strong wacks in a row and she wasyelping and crying by the end of that sequence. "How many slaps have Iapplied to your ass?" he quizzed. "25 Master," she correctly calculatedthrough her tears. "Okay fucktoy, here is the home stretch. These willbe slow and you must yell the number at the top of your lungs andexpress your gratitude each time. " "Thank You Master.

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  " "Okay, here goes""Thwack!" "26! THANK YOU MASTER!" "Thwack!" '27! THANK YOU MASTER!""Thwack!" "28! THANK YOU MASTER!" "Thwack!" "29, THANK YOU MASTER!""Thwack!" "30! THANK YOU MASTER!"

Jessica was crying and every time his hand landed on her ass, it waslike he was setting it on fire. He looked at her and paused. "I think mylittle Asian fucktoy has gotten the point and her confessing is worthsomething to me. So I will give fucktoy a pass on the last five slaps. ""Thank You Master!" "But I will not be so indulgent next time. " YesMaster, Thank You Master. " The endorphins in Jessica's brain wereflowing now and she was starting to fly to her ethereal perch ofhappiness.

'Now Master needs his cock sucked. Kneel fucktoy!. " Mike pulled Jessicaup so that she was on her haunches. He grasped both sides of her headand jammed his cockhead between her lips. He stopped midway in her mouthand told her to just suck on it. He felt the pull of her suction on hisblood filled dick, the wake of her saliva against the head beingparticularly pleasant. Her ass was throbbing as it sat on her heels. Shereached in with her lefthand and rolled his balls in it.

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   "Oh fuckyeah," he groaned. She was also tasting his pre-cum, which was sweetenedwith his continuing imbibing of pineapple juice. Then he wanted morestimulation, so he began thrusting his hips and then pulling back onthem, his dick gliding over her soft, wet tongue and between her moistlips. On the next thrust, he shoved his penis up to the hilt and heldher head there as it invaded her throat. Then he released her headbefore shoving it in again. He sped up the rhythm and she was gurglingand gagging as he used her lips, tongue and throat for his pleasure. "Ohyeah fucktoy, you suck so good. God yesssss!" he hissed. His turgidtwizzler continued its roundtrips in her mouth and five minutes later,he unleashed ropy, snotty fragments of what was in his balls into hermouth.

"Show me what's in fucktoy's mouth," he commanded. Once Jessica hadcollected the amorphous mass of his semen on her tongue, she opened herpiehole and displayed it. "That's a good fucktoy," Mike approved. Sheswallowed it down. "Master's cum taste's so good," Jessica surprisedherself by hearing herself say that. "Would my little Asian fucktoy liketo be fed her Master's cum frequently?" "Yes Master," she smiled.


  "Master quite likes the way his little Asian fucktoy's mouth feelsaround his cock. But because fucktoy is getting what she requested, shemust show the appropriate level of appreciation. " Thank you Master,"Jessica happily chirped.

Mike pushed Jessica down on her back and leapt on top of her, suckingand licking her nipples. Jessica, holding his head tight on her achingnubs.   "Oh master, ohhhhhh" she dreamily sighed as she felt his suctionpulling on her sensitive chocolate teats. He stuck two fingers in herand could feel how aroused she was. "Would fucktoy like to feel herMaster's cock inside of her?" he asked. "Please Master, fuck your littleAsian fucktoy's pussy!" With that, he tilted his hips and transportedhis cock forward through her opening as she let out a grateful moan. "Would fucktoy want her fucking easy, medium or rough?" he wondered. "Please fuck your little Asian fucktoy rough Master!" she demanded. Sothat is what he did, savaging her sex with hard, slashing thrusts,grunting each time he pressed it into her. She felt him so deep insideof her, her pussy bulging with the thickness of his shaft. "Oh GodMaster, oh God, yes, ohhhhhh" she mewled, as he speared her withoutmercy. He put his head next to hers, grabbed her shoulder blades tightlyfor more leverage and increased the ferocity of his assault on herfuckhole.

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   "Oh yes Master, oh yes, God oh God, (pant pant pant)" sheexclaimed, living for each succeeding thrust as she got closer to herpleasure summit.

She was in sub space now, as she was a little lightheaded but feelingevery thrust inside of her so deeply and every breath she took like asodium pentathol drip. Her body was reacting instinctively, her thinkingprocess interdicted by the endorphins. "OooooooohhhhhhhhhMasssssttteeerrr" she whimpered. Then she started panting while hegrunted even louder to delivery more force with his cock and then shelet out a choked scream and a series of quick raspy breaths  as herorgasm barged its way through her. "Fucktoy's pussy feels so good," hewhispered as his own breathing became more rapid and feral. She couldfeel him conquering her now and relaxed as her mind told her to so thatshe could get the full brunt of it because it felt so good to acceptwhatever he wanted to give her. She then felt a meteoric ball of heatemerge from her loins and it snaked its way up her spine and made herbody convulse and writhe. "You like that fucktoy/" Mike asked. Shelethargically let him know that  she wanted to feel like this forever. "That was it for him, as he began to splash his spunk into her spermcatcher, thrusting desperately in a bid to completely empty himself inhis subbie's willing cunt.

He pulled out of her and rolled over, falling heavily on his back. "Ohmy God, that was incredible fucktoy!" he bubbled, elated. "Mmm, yesMaster, Thank you Master," she concurred, drawing out her words. Helooked into her eyes and she looked so peaceful and calm.

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   Just a truevision of beauty. He let her lay there so she could finish her journeyacross her self created heaven. He intertwined his left hand in herright as he observed her expressions, the night air enveloping theirbodies and illuminated only be the lights down the hill. He wanted toslumber with her that night there, but that wasn't possible. He shookher gently to rouse her out of her stupor "Is fucktoy happy?" Mikeasked. "Yes Master," she asserted.

He picked her up and placed her lovingly in her wheelchair. When theygot to the car, he scooped her up again and whirled her around, holdingon  to her hands, Jessica giggling up a storm. He pulled her into himand held her by the waist and hugged her tightly. They then put theirclothes on and went home. It was a full day for Jessica and she wasamused that she got to be part of the naughty behavior of her band. Herbutt was still aching and she went to sleep on her stomach because thenext day she would be at the library working on a paper for school.