The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 2


The next day, Mrs. Hamada went out around noon to run some errands. Mike drove up just a few minutes later. Jessica had been practicingquietly when she heard the knock. She hastily took the guitar off ofher shoulder and slid into her wheelchair. She had to then turn itbefore pushing the wheels as fast as she could out to the frontroom. "I'm coming!" she shouted. She opened the door and welcomedMike into her arms. They went into her bedroom and when he asked howshe was doing, she told him she had started her period. "Thatsucks," Mike sympathized. "Yeah, the cramps aren't very much fun andI feel gross because I'm a little bloated. " "So you're probably notreally up for hanging out today then, right?" he asked glumly. "Tobe honest, not really. " She became nervous because she didn't wantto make him mad. "That's cool," he conceded.

He got up from her bed, where he had been sitting and she thought hewas going to leave.

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   Instead, he went over to her computer, which shehabitually left on, and began typing in a URL. "What are you doing?"she asked. "Wait just a minute, ip," he ordered. Then he turned toher and inquired, "so are you into this stuff?" He turned themonitor so she could get a full on view from where she sat. It tookher a couple of seconds for her brain to register, but on the screenwere pictures of Asian women wrapped to various degrees in rope andrestrained. She quickly averted her eyes and blurted out a "no!" buther deep red blush betrayed the fact that the photos turned her on. She felt her heart begin to pound and her pussy began to driplubricant between its walls. Mike merely laughed and said, "riiight"and then demanded that she suck his cock. He pushed the shorts hewas wearing down and his stiff penis popped out. She looked up athim and slowly her hand bridged the gap between her and his pocketrocket. She stroked it gently for a couple minutes and then hestepped closer so that he was right over her. He placed his hands oneither side of her head and forced her mouth on to his cock, tiltingher head up and down while her tongue and lips kept a firm hold onit. "God, your mouth feels so amazing," he rasped. Then he shoved itfurther back in her moist cakehole and she gagged, pulling her headoff of it as a long string of saliva drooped between her lips andhis cockhead.

"Hmm, we're going to have to work on that," he critiqued beforeshoving the cock back into her mouth.

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   He replaced his hands on herhead and gently pushed and pulled it in and out of her mouth withhis hips. "Umm. , ungg," she vocalized. The sounds of her strugglewas heightening his arousal and then, suddenly, a fountain of hiswarm, thick cum filled her mouth. "Swallow it babe," he commanded. Holding the cum on her tongue, she looked up at him and then gulpedit down. "How did it taste? he leered. "Kinda sweet," she languidlyreplied. "So drinking the pineapple juice does work!" he thought. "Okay babe, now clean it off for me," as he forced it back betweenher lips. She did as she was told, wiping the residual spunk fromhis shaft. Her heart was beating fast and she was feelinglightheaded. When she dropped his cock from her mouth, she let outan involuntary moan. He toppled her on to her back and leaned overher and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

She was starting to enter subspace again and he noticed that hereyelids were half closed.

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   "Good girl," he praised, bringing anunthinking smile to her face. "Well, I better go before your momgets back. Tomorrow, we'll go to the beach so I can show you off,"he told her.

Jessica continued to recline on her back as she faintly heard thefront door close. She was beginning to enter the same dream stateshe was in after the hot tub incident. In her subconscious, she wasso glad she could please him after disappointing him when she didn'twant to go out. She let out a happy sigh. She snapped out of it whenshe heard the garage door opener, signaling that her mom was home.

She put her guitar back on, idly and only half consciously lettingher fingers walk all over her fretboard while the euphoriadissipated. Mrs. Hamada stuck her head in to say "hi" and thenquickly scampered off to the living room. Once her mom waspreoccupied, Jessica put the guitar on a stand  and shut her door. She lay back in the bed and opened her pants. Ten minutes later, theeuphoria had been recharged, this time by her fingers, which broughther to an electric orgasm.

Her mind revisited the images that Mike had shown her.

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   Out of a kindof heartpounding curiosity, she sat up and went to her browserhistory and brought that site back up. Her heart turned somersaultssince she knew her mom would shit if she saw her looking at ropebondage. She carefully explored the bodies of the women and how theywere bound, marveling at how something so physical and seeminglypainful could also be so strikingly beautiful. But Jessica wasfeeling a little dirty, too, because of how society views BDSM, butthe furtiveness of her viewing it and the subconscious reactions shewas having put more moisture into her sex and provoked her nipplesto lengthen.

Jessica knew she liked it when Mike restrained her to the headboard. She was, in fact, still masturbating about it. And she definitelyfound his taking control sexy. She pondered how it might feel tohave her body wrapped up like in the photos, especially when theywere tied on their breasts and their pussies. "Doesn't that hurt?"she quietly talked to herself.

And what did Mike mean by he "wanted to show me off" at the beach?She knew that would involve wearing that bikini and displaying herlegs, but what else? As women are wont to do, she began overthinkingthe question and within half an hour she had worked herself into abig ball of FUD over it. She decided to confront him about it andattempted to raise him on her cellphone. There was no answer and itwent to voice mail. She didn't want to bug him, so she hoped hewould call her back.

She felt more cramps and went to the medicine cabinet in the hallwaybathroom to get a Midol. Then she returned to bed and went to sleep.

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Sometime after dinner, Mike reciprocated her call. "Hey babe, what'sup?" "Not a whole lot. " She hesitated and then asked, "what did youmean you wanted to show me off tomorrow?" "Hahahahahaha, he laughedin a sinister manner. "That's a surprise. " "Can't you give me ahint?" she implored. "Then it wouldn't be a surprise," he asserted. "Oh come on, please?" "Sorry babe, no can do. You feelin' better?""I'm still a little achy, but it will be better tomorrow. " "That'sgood. " "Well, gotta go. Love ya!" "I love you too. "

He picked Jessica up a little past ten the following morning andthey set out for the beach. She came out to his car in pants and at-shirt. "Do you have your bikini on?" he asked. "Yeah, but I wantto keep my pants on.

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   "Why? "I'm on my period, remember?" "Oh yeah, Iforgot! Sorry. " "Don't worry about it. "

20 minutes later, they arrived at the beach and after driving aroundfor a bit, found a parking spot. He went around to Jessica's sideand pulled her wheelchair out of the backseat. Then he ordered herto take her pants and shirt off. "Why do you want me to take mypants off," she looked at him quizzically. "I just want to take apicture of you wearing it. " She was fine with it and pushed herpants down to the floor and then removed her shirt, leaving her injust her yellow bikini. Mike picked her up and carried her to thefront of his car and boosted her on to the hood. He pulled his phoneout and said, "smile babe!" and then snapped several photos of her. "God, you look so cute sitting there, ip," Mike said to her. "Thankshon" she replied. "How do you feel right now?" "I'll live, sheproclaimed. 'Can you please hand me my jeans?" she requested. Mikefetched them and she slid them up her legs.

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   Then he dragged herchair out and carefully put her in it.

They began leisurely making their way down through the parking lotand then to the strand. Mike saw a couple of 20 something guys upahead riding cruising bikes. As they approached, he suddenly untiedthe string holding the top half of her bathing suit up and yanked itdown, exposing her ample bosom to the cyclists and anyone else whowas near. She let out an "eek!" and grabbed her top to cover herselfup again" as the men rode by hooting.

"You bastard," she half laughed and half reproved. "I told you Iwanted to show you off," he defended, trying to sound disingenuouslyinnocent with a shit eating grin on his face. Even without gettingher boobs out, though, Jessica was still receiving her share ofstares from the young boys and men who ambled by. . Mike then pushedher down a path that terminated next to a lifeguard tower and laidout a towel on the sand a few feet from it and, after puttingJessica on their temporary piece of ocean front real estate, thenfolded her wheelchair up and left it on its side next to them.

She produced a bottle of sun block and asked Mike to rub it on her. After oiling up her back and shoulders, he poured more of the creaminto his palm and then quickly undid the bra strap part of herbikini and groped her tits while she giggled and concealed what hewas doing with her arms. "Pervert!" she jokingly called him. "Can'tkeep my hands off of you ip," he chuckled. "Yeah, I kind ofnoticed," she smiled up at him before he kissed her.

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"You can go in the water, I won't mind," she offered. "Too bad youcan't swim, babe. " "Yeah, but at least it's beautiful and you'rehere," she sweetly chirped. He accepted her into his arms and theysat there silently, occasionally exchanging kisses or just staringat the ocean with their cheeks against one another. 'I wish therewas nobody here," he abruptly said, "so we could spend all daymaking love without anybody bothering us. " "That would be soamazing," she concurred. He asked her to put the suntan lotion onhim and sighed as her soft hands pressed into the muscles in hischest and back. When he embraced Jessica again, he loved the way herbody shined in the sun and how smooth her skin felt because of theoil.

After an hour laying under the warm, breezy blue sky and notingtheir skins getting a bit pinkish, they decided to leave and go backto his place, where, because they were so relaxed, they fell asleeptogether on the sofa in the game/music room. Mike's mom went tocheck on them when they weren't making any noise and laughed toherself at how adorable the recumbent couple appeared. Jessica wokeup and watched him as he dozed, holding his right arm against herand enjoying the moment. He awoke when she sat up to go to thebathroom and take care of a "girl problem," as she called it. Shethen asked him to take her home because she wasn't feeling verygood.

Monday, Mike called her cellphone and nobody answered. So he triedher home phone.

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   "Hello. " "Hi Mr. Hamada. Is Jessica there?" "She'shere, but she's feeling under the weather right now. Can I take amessage?" "Just tell her I called. I was just checking to see howshe was. "

"Mike, as long as I have you on the phone, I need to have you helpme with something. " "What's that?" "As you perhaps know, Jessica'sbirthday is coming up in a little over a month and we were thinkingabout getting her another guitar. " "Well, she really likes my ESP MH1000. , but there are so many ways you can go here. For example, shelikes the Ibanez RG and Prestige series, too, and they have flatneck profiles that make for really fast playing, especially forsomeone with hands as small as Jessica's. She also likes the SteveVai signature model. But then again, she's a musician and has GASlike we all do, so. . .

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  . " "GAS?" "Yeah, it's an abbreviation for 'GearAcquisition Syndrome. ' It's commonly known among musicians as thedisease with no known cure, hahaha.   At the end of the day, itreally depends on how much you want to spend. "

"We were looking at somewhere around $1000-1500. " "Well, I know shelikes Alexi Laiho a lot and wants his signature guitar. It's kind oflike her Jackson in the shape of the body and its weight, but it hasEMG's in it and she wants to get a guitar with those pickups. . Butthat one is around $1700. " "I think that might be what we want to dothen. Where can I get it around here?" "I don't know, I only use thelocal guitar shops to play in to see what I like then I go order itonline. " Why do you do that?" "I just hate haggling with thedouchebags at a lot of those places, especially the two majorchains. " "So what do you recommend?" "Let me pull it up on the netand see who has it in stock at the moment. This might take a fewminutes. " "I can wait.


  " "Okay, I found it. Give me your email andI'll send you a link for it. These guys have a good reputation, sothere shouldn't be any problems. Also, tell me the scheduleddelivery date and I'll make sure Jessica is out of the house thatday. " "Sounds like a plan Mike. "

"By the way, how are you guys getting along, if you don't mind measking?" "As far as I know, things are going good, Mr. Hamada. I'mtrying not to blow it with her, that's for sure. " "How did you guysmeet anyway?" "I stumbled onto some of her videos on You Tube andrealized that she was in my math class. Then I tracked her down atlunch to tell her how awesome she was and I asked her to join myband and things just snowballed from there. " "You know you're herfirst boyfriend, right?" "So you mean that's true? When she told methat I didn't really believe it. She's so beautiful, nice and such anatural musician that it's hard for me to believe that she hasn'thad guys breaking her door down to ask her out. I've never had agirlfriend before I could jam or obsess over gear with. And Ipractice more now because of her since I don't want to be shown up. ""You mean shown up by a girl?" "Hahahaha, yeah, as lame as thatsounds.

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  " "Yeah, I hear ya. Please be good to her. This relationshipis really important for her. Not that I'm trying to put any pressureon you or anything, hahahahaha. " "To be honest Mr. Hamada, I wouldbe devastated if I blew it with her. " "So the wheelchair thing isn'tan issue for you?" "Well, if we get married one day "I think we'llhave to move into a one story place or one with an elevator becauseI can't picture myself having the strength at 60 to keep carryingher up and down the stairs, Good thing she's so petite. hahahahaha. ""Okay Mike, thanks for your help. " No prob Mr . Hamada. Tell JessicaI love her. " "I will. Bye. "

Tuesday, Mike went to Jessica's house to check up on her.

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   Mrs. Hamada answered the door and told Mike to wait to see if she wantedto see him. She did, but first Mrs. Hamada took Mike aside andinformed him,. "Unfortunately, Mike, this happens sometimes. Sheinherited it from me, She'll be fine in a day or two, so don'tworry. . " "Okay Mrs. Hamada. " She escorted Mike to her daughter'sdoor and knocked gently before opening it. "Hi babe!" he smiled. "Hi," she said wanly. Jessica was still in her pajamas. "How areyou? "Better than yesterday, thank God. Sorry about that.

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  " It's notyour fault ip. Just kick it and let your body do what it's going todo. " "Thanks. "

Mrs. Hamada had left the door ajar, but Mike climbed into bed withJessica anyway and suggested that she lie on his lap. He lifted hisleft leg and she slid under it and put the pillow on his bellybefore laying down. He held her there, stroking her slightly chubbycheeks. "Sorry about the way I look. " "No biggie," he comforted her. She took his hand in hers and pulled it across her stomach. Lookingat her,  he couldn't but help to get another boner and leak someprecum into his jeans under her pillow. As they lay there silently,she nodded off with a peaceful expression on her face. "Holy shit,she's so damn cute," Mike thought to himself. He saw the remotecontrol on her nightstand and snagged it and turned on ESPN, thoughhe muted the volume, while he enjoyed the sensation of Jessica'ssoft body against his.


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   Hamada came to check on them and saw her daughter in herboyfriend's arms slumbering placidly. "God, they look so cutetogether," Mrs. Hamada giggled. She went to her bedroom for herdigital camera and startled Mike when she suddenly pulled it outfrom behind her back and temporarily blinded him with the flash. Sheloaded the photo into her computer and then sent it to Jessica'scellphone while giggling to herself as if she had just donesomething naughty.

Mike traced little circles on the side of her forehead and almostimperceptibly touseled her hair His eyes ran down to her littlenaked feet, thinking to himself that he wasn't really into feet buthe liked hers a lot.

Mrs. Hamada re-entered the room and asked Mike if he wantedsomething to drink. "Nah, that's okay Mrs. Hamada," he replied andshe went back to the den to watch tv.

Mike liked being with Jessica, but honestly, he was getting boredafter laying there for the past hour this way. He tried to slide outfrom under her without waking her up, but she popped her head up anddrowsily asked him if he was leaving. "Here babe, let me massageyour feet for you," he saved. He had never done this before foranyone, so he didn't know if he would end up just tickling her. Hemoved to the foot of the bed and picked up her right leg and beganpressing his thumbs into the middle of it and the foot, sliding itup and down an inch or so and then back along with it.

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   She let out asmall giggle. "Does that tickle?" "A little," she answered in analmost childlike manner. He saw how small her toes were and hecouldn't resist gently pulling on each one, making her giggle again. He started kissing the top of the foot while manipulating the archwith his index. middle and ring fingers. "That feels nice, sweety,"she lazily revealed.

"Hey listen babe, I'm going to go home and practice. I'll call youtomorrow. " "Okay honey. Thanks for coming over. "I love you ip. " "Ilove you, too. " She rolled over and sunk her head back into thepillow as Mike left.  

Wednesday, Jessica was feeling good enough that she started playingguitar again. She was pretty rusty at first after the layoff, buther fluidity began to return the more she practiced.

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   She startedmessing around with You Tube again and bumped into the Outlaws song,"Green Grass and High Tides. " After listening to it, she decided shewanted to learn it and found some tablature for it on the net. "Wow,this would be a cool tune to do with Mike," she thought to herself. "And Travis' voice would definitely fit if he pulled back on hispenchant for Ian Gillian-style screaming. "

She got so lost in attempting to master it that it was dinner timebefore she noticed the amount of time that had passed. Mike called ahalf hour later and said that he wanted to jam with her over at hishouse two days hence. The truth was that he had received an emailfrom her dad telling him that Jessica's birthday present wassupposed to be delivered Friday. He also asked her to learn a coupleof songs he was working on, the Children of Bodom version of BritneySpears "Oops, I Did it Again," and Iron Maiden's "Wrathchild. " "I'mworking on another song right now, Mike, so it will take me most oftomorrow to practice it and the Maiden and Bodom tunes. " "No probbabe. Anyway, I'll pick you up at 9 a. m. Friday. Have all your gearbroken down by the time I get there because we're taking it withus. " She stated she would.

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   They reaffirmed their love for each otherand then each returned to what they were doing before the call.

Friday rolled around and Mike, looking a little bleary eyed, backedhis car into the Hamada driveway. Jessica was dressed in a tank topand jean shorts. As Jessica waited by the car, her mom brought herpedal board, which was in a case, out while Mike hefted the muchheavier Marshall head and cabinet and then the related cords andcables. He loaded Jessica into his ride and soon they were at hishouse, where he had to hump everything up two flights of stars,including Jessica. Out of breath, he fell against the sofa in themusic room. "How come we're doing this so early?" Jessica inquired. "Because we have some new tunes to work on," he insisted. "It mighttake awhile for us to get them nailed. " She looked at himquizzically since they were both good enough musicians to where thatreally wasn't true. 'Oh well, if that's what he wants. . . " sheconceded.

And sure enough, within two hours, they could basically play theMaiden and Bodom tunes backward and forward in their sleep and itsounded tight.

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   Now they would just have to take them to the rest ofthe band and iron things out with them. "Hey ip, you into Jeff Beck?Mike asked. "I know the name but I'm not that familiar with hissongs. My old guitar instructor had me learn part of one of histunes as an exercise because he was a fusion guy, but that was aboutit. " "I've been looking at some of his videos and I want to do 'BlueWind. ' What do you think?" "Let me hear the song. " Mike took out hiscellphone and played it for her. "Wow, that's fantastic Mike! Haveyou practiced it yet?" "Yeah, I think I have it about two thirdsdone. Would you mind doing the keyboard part on guitar?" She lookedat him dubiously. "Wow, I don't know Mike. I'd have to break itdown. I've never really tried transposing from keyboards to make itfit guitar. It might take me a couple days. "

"Yeah, I know what you mean. But Jan Hammer plays keyboards like aguitarist wannabe anyway, so I think we can make it work.

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  " Twiddlingthe volume control on his strat up, he said, "well, here is thebasic lead guitar line. " She watched him intently, listening for thechord progression and the harmony scheme. "So is the progressionlike this," she asked, blasting a riff at him. "Yeah, that's prettyclose. But it's actually this," he taught her. "Oh yeah, I can playthat," she bubbled.

For two more hours, and with a lot of stops and starts, they beganto see things taking shape. But still, she was just doing a basicrhythm guitar part and not Hammer's. They eventually had enough andtook a break. She put her guitar on the floor while he propped hisup in a corner near the sofa. By that time, his mom had left to goplay bridge with her friends and wouldn't be back for a few hours.

He pulled her next to him and they began making out. "It's been toolong, babe," Mike calculated. "Yeah," she giggled. 18 minutes later,he had pulled all of her clothes off.

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   He broke their embrace andskipped off to his bedroom, returning with his book bag. He directedher to turn her back to him and put her arms behind her back. Hereached into the bag and took out a pair of bright red cuffs he hadordered off a well known mass market online retailer, who discreetlydispatched it to his door, and snapped them on her and then hookedthem together. Her heart began beating like an out of control drummachine as she sat there obediently He then pulled out a set ofvibrating nipple clamps and reached around her and placed them onher milk knobs. The nipples began to throb almost as soon as theylightly bit into the sensitive tissue. He hit the wirelesscontroller for the clamps and set the intensity level low, at leastinitially. Then he pushed her down on to her stomach, but in such way so that her head hung off the couch. After slipping a ballgaginto her mouth, she could feel her pussy filling with her naturallubricant. He stuck his hand into the bag again and scooped up asmall tube of lube as well as a butt plug and drizzled a few dropsof the oil the on her sphincter and a more liberal amount on thetoy. She loved the sensation of lube on her puckered pooper, butthen felt him pushing something into it. This made her heart flutterwhile he gently buried the butt plug past the sphincter and into hercanal about five inches. Her hole felt stuffed and the low buzzingof the nipple vibe was pushing her arousal higher, not to mentionthe pressure on them. So she was being bombarded by differentsensations and being restrained began to do a job on her head, too.

He got off the sofa and stripped. Climbing back on, he pulled herlegs apart and steered his cockhead at the opening of her pussy.


   Hesunk it into her and the angles of their bodies forced him to thrustdownward, which stimulated the area near her g spot. It wasn't longbefore she was moaning through the gag as he enjoyed the view of theline of her back and her butt while he speared her sex time andagain. She felt that pang of surrender inside of her, every breathmaking it more vivid, while his cock created friction and heat. Pausing for a moment, he fingered the remote for the nipple clampsand clicked it into a higher vibration rate, which put her closer toorgasm. He then grabbed her hair, whipping her head back and thatwas it, as she was attacked by a comet of pleasure that flew throughher entire body, her squealing and panting making him fuck herharder. "You love this, don't you Jessica?" he cracked. He slappedher ass hard and the sting of it added to the pile of sensations shewas already experiencing.

He gathered himself and really started pounding his root into herfertile field as hard as he could, exhibiting the kind of aggressiontoward her he hadn't before. Meanwhile, she was sailing off intoouter space, willingly taking everything he wanted to dish out andbeing grateful for it. The endorphins were doing such a job on hernow that she felt like she was drunk. Another orgasm crashed theparty that was occurring in her body and brain, her vaginal musclescontracting against his cock like they couldn't get enough of it. Two minutes later, another orgasm claimed her and she was feelingvery hot and yet kinda spaced out while panting like a corneredanimal. Another minute went into the history books and so did herthird orgasm, as the sensations seemed to surge and ebb without endwithin her. Then she came yet again and Mike couldn't believe whathe was seeing, his gentle, demure little ip being conquered by thepleasure and turned into a slut for submission.

When she trembled again as another orgasm ruled her, he was gettingoverstimulated himself and went off like a Roman candle, firehosinghis cum anywhere inside her pussy he could.

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   He pulled out and hiscum tried to follow him, flowing on to the cushions under her. Afterhe withdrew, she just lay there in a stupor riding the buzz in herhead. Mike removed the buttplug and tossed it into the bathroom sinkso he could wash it later for reuse. He also took the vibratingnipple clamps off of her. He dropped them into his bag and thenpulled a jewel box out of it. Grabbing Jessica by the shoulders,  hesat her up. Out of the jewel box, he dangled a pair of lockingnipple rings separated by a chain. While her mind was still lost outin the ether, he placed the nipple rings on her and then turned thelocks on each of them, keeping them in place. The rings exertedenough pressure on the nipples to keep them erect while nothindering circulation to them.

He took a long gaze at his little subbie, though he didn't reallyknow that terminology yet, thinking the chained rings looked ratherelegant in their own way on her. He then sat against an arm of thecouch and pulled her between his legs. She smiled weakly at him. Hegently tugged on the chain and she emitted a moan, so he did it oncemore and she moaned again. Then he noticed the cum smeared on thecouch cushions, making a mental note to turn the cushions over sohis mother wouldn't see the stain.

He played with her nipples and her boobs, fondling, pinching andstroking them as they throbbed within her.

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   Of course, he frequentlypulled on the chain, too. Each of these small gestures was like abooster shot to her submission and she was deep in sub space at themoment. He decided to just let her enjoy her private idyll while hiseyes devoured her beauty. He then whiffed the scent of their sexsession and pushed her over to a leaning position while he opened awindow. 20 minutes later, she turned her body and fell sleep againsthis chest.

He stroked her head and kissed her forehead again, waiting for theendorphins in her brain to fade.  

Back at Jessica's house, the guitar arrived in a huge box and, withsome difficulty, Mrs. Hamada pushed it along the floor into herbedroom and then to her walk in closet, where she concealed it inplain sight, keeping the logo side toward the wall. Jessica almostnever got in there anyway.

Mike sat there watching tv and it began to get late in the day. Heroused Jessica. "Hey babe, we better get dressed. "Okay babe," shecomplied. Then she felt the heaviness of the chain pulling on hernipples. "What's this?" "I want you to wear this from now on so thatyou'll think of me wherever you are.

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  " "How do I take them off?" "Youcan't. I locked them there. " He anticipated that she was about toask him to remove them, but she just let out a subdued, "okay. " Hegot up and pulled his boxers and pants back on then bent over andfetched Jessica's panties and pushed her legs up and pulled themover and down them to her butt. He handed her her bra and tank topand then helped her get her pants on. "You can just leave your stuffhere, ip, because we're going to rehearse tomorrow.

After he dropped Jessica off, Mike heard the phone ring as he openedthe door on the return trip home. His mom, who had just left herbridge game, answered it, but called him over because he was who itwas for. "Hey, is this Mike Alyea?" the voice said "Comin' at yalive, dude," he snarked. "Mike, I'm John Spitzer and I'm an aide tocity councilman Albert Pace. " "Oookay,," he responded hesitantly. "The council is planning the city's centennial celebration onSaturday, August 17th and we're still lining up bands to play at aconcert we're going to hold at Tendaberry Park. I remembered thatthere was some kind of to do about your band a while back and Ilooked at your You Tube videos and decided to ask you guys to playour concert. " "Is this a joke?" "No it isn't. " You know that we're aheavy metal band and don't do originals, right?" "Yes, we do.

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   Aslong as you guys leave the satanic and heavy drug stuff out of it wedon't have any problems. " "You saw the video where our singer putsour handicapped guitarist on his shoulders and runs around with her,right?" "Yeah, that was pretty cool. " Mike laughed because he wassure the guy on the phone was anything but cool. "But I don't thinkthat tune would fly. A song about a hanging doesn't exactly match upwith what we'd like to keep an upbeat tone to the show. " "Not reallya big problem. We have a bunch of other songs we do. " "Great. By theway, is the girl still in your band?" "Yeah. In fact she's mygirlfriend, too," Mike bragged. "Outstanding. " "So how long will webe allowed to play?" "Somewhere in the 45 minute range. " "And areyou guys providing the PA and sound guy?" "Yeah, we've subcontracteda company to do that stuff. " "Sweet!" So then all we need are ouramps and effects, right?" "Pretty much. " About what time will we begoing on?" "Right now, you guys will be the second to last band, sosometime around 3 p.

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  m. " "Excellent! Now listen, if we get calledback for encores, I want to be able to do them even if it causes usto run a few minutes over. You good with that? I doubt it willhappen because we're just a cover band, but still. . . " "Yeah, I don'thave a problem with that. Just don't go overboard. " "Don't worry,we'll plan everything down to the last detail so we get off ontime. " "That's great, Mike.

"So just show up at 8 a. m. and go to the guy at the gate to thebackstage area and tell him who you are. Then the sound people willgo over how everything will work and you guys can get your equipmentarranged. The show will start at 11. " "Sounds good, man.

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   Thanks alot for letting us play your concert!' "My pleasure, Mike. Break aleg. " "Okay man. Bye. "

He could hardly wait to tell Jessica and she was both happy andnervous at the news. He scheduled rehearsals for each of thefollowing five days mostly to hammer out a set list. Getting thesongs down wouldn't be much of a problem, he believed. She broke thenews to her parents, who were elated and said they would go to seeher and the band.

The following day, in the early afternoon, they all sat aroundMike's music room discussing what songs they would play. Since Mikeand Jessica had just learned 'Wrathchild" and "Oops, I Did itAgain," the latter included for the lulz, more than anything else,and were discussing doing "Blue Wind. " All three went instraightaway. Mike also wanted to open the show with his signatureversion of "Cliffs of Dover" and nobody had any objections. Theydecided to do Maiden's "Where Eagles Dare" as a tribute to militaryveterans. Mike asked about UFO's "Doctor Doctor" and they agreed tothat. Then Travis offered the possibility of doing "Freebird," but acouple of the members groaned.

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   "Dude, that tune has become such acliche and has been so overdone. " Jessica raised her hand and put"Green Grass and High Tides" on the table. "It's a 22 minute song,but it shows what we can all do instrumentally and it hasn't beenrun into the ground," she reasoned. "Yeah,  but we're going to needa third guitarist," Mike observed. "Let me make a call and see if Ican come up with somebody to sit in," she asked. "Anyone object to aringer?," Mike questioned. Everybody let out a "nah, that would be afun jam. "

"Okay, that's the main set. Now how about an encore tune, if theydemand it?" "Addicted to That Rush" anyone?" said Dennis. :Can youdo the Billy Sheehan parts?" Mike wondered. "Yeah, I think I canpull it off. " "Okay, dude, let's get it on!"

So they worked for most of the ensuing week to get everythinghammered down tight, including Travis' between song patter and howthey would move and pose. They also decided to have Travis do theputting of Jessica on his shoulders bit during the Outlaws cover andshe would do the end solo.

The guy that Jessica decided to call was the guitarist in the progband  Brujo Spell, Aaron Murdoch . He was surprised to hear fromher, but was more than glad to sit in on the Outlaws opus since itwould be a way to promote his own band.

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   She gave him the lowdown onwhen he would come on, when he needed to be at the venue,  the wholenine yards. They also had him come down to rehearse with them for afew hours so that everybody had a feel for him and he for them. Atthe end of the formal rehearsal, they just jammed for hours andJessica loved playing third harmonies to what Mike and Aaron, whoplayed a Gibson Les Paul  that looked like it had some miles on it,were spinning out because it just sounded so sweet and melodic.

Six days before the show, Jessica turned 18 and, like when she wasgiven her Jackson, she cried when she saw the yellow trimmed Laihosig. She was especially chuffed when her father revealed that Mikehad told him she wanted it. She went back to her room and played ituntil she fell asleep with the guitar still strapped on. She boughta couple of guitar stands for the concert and waited anxiously forthe time to pass.

The day of the show, load in and everything else went without ahitch. There was a parade featuring all the usual political bigwigsand their assorted hangers on, but the actual scale of the event atthe park wasn't that large. There may have been 500 or so peoplethere for the concert in addition to the people who were using otherparts of the park for various activities, both organized and not.

Because it was outdoors and thus the space was acoustically dead,everyone could use their normal settings and just blast away. Theconcert actually ran on time, which was amazing to Mike and the restof the band members, and the various musicians recognized this gigfor what it was, just a chance to have some fun. So the wholecompetition thing wasn't as in evidence as you might see at aHollywood club or arena show.

Mike went to the center of the stage with just Matt backing him,initially. He played a few long, sustained notes and then the introto "Cliffs of Dover" while the crowd murmured when they saw Jessicarolling out on the stage and being lifted on to a stool.

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   Mike hit apiercing harmonic and everyone, except Travis, who was waitingbackstage to make his entrance, looked at each other and then wentheadlong into the tune. The set had gotten off to a light butengaging start before they down shifted into "Wrathchild," the powerof it contrasting with the more easygoing feel of its predecessor. Travis ran out to the center of the stage with mic stand handed andbegan barking out the lyrics. Jessica lit into her Rhoads with afury during the solo break following the first chorus before goingback to jackhammering out the hard grinding riff. Mike ran over toher as they did a harmony part into the second chorus. By the end ofthe tune, the crowd was definitely on their side. Travis sang out awicked "hello everybody" and then told the crowd, "you know thisnext one, too: it's dedicated to the people that make this showpossible, your friendly neighborhood American solider!This. . . . is. . . . Where Eagles Dare! Matt, hit me!" Matt slammed out thestuttering drum beat that opens the song and the rest of the bandjumped in with a loping but insistent rhythm.

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   Travis skipped over toJessica, who was doing the first harmony part, and then over toMike, who was doing the second. Mike then leaned back for some long,noisy sustained notes before Jessica sprinkled some pulloffs andfierce tremelo work into the ears of the onlookers. She gave way toMike raising some dissonant notes before they hitched up again to along harmony part while Travis posed and preened all over the stage.

"Thank You! This next tune features the pretty girl on my left, MissJessica Hamada! I hope this tune  heals what ails ya! As he wassaying this, Kurt was in the process of giving Jessica her Laihomodel as she was handing over her Jackson to Kurt. . She got situatedand smiled and nodded. Dennis counted it off verbally and Mikestarted playing a transposed version of Paul Raymond's keyboardpart. Jessica kicked on her delay pedal and began milking emotionout of the slow intro, producing soaring bends before the band camein with a slow build and then Jessica pulled the band into the firstverse while Travis put his arm around her shoulder while he croonedthe lyrics. They made faces at each other and he pirouetted towardthe other side of the stage. The crowd was transfixed watching thepetite less than five foot tall unable to walk Asian girl preciselyhammering out Michael Schenker licks.

The crowd cheered lustily. ""Jessica Hamada everybody!" Travis said,giving her a chance to get some props. She waved to the crowd,slightly embarrassed. "Man, it's hot today! You know what we need?How about a Blue Wind!" Jessica turned down and Mike, scratching athis guitar for a minute, ripped into the opening of the tune, Dennisunderpinning it with some accurate and right on time bass riffing. Then it became a duel between Jessica, doing Jan Hammer's part, andthe more scathing Jeff Beck lines that Mike littered the countrysidewith.


   In the crowd, there were a lot of looks of, "Holy shit!"

Travis emerged from backstage after the instrumental. "Man, I feelcooler already! Now look, this next song is a little complicated andwe brought in a friend to help us out with it. From our favoritelocal band, Brujo Spell, Aaron Murdoch!" Murdoch sidled on to thestage and stood next to Mike. Matt counted it off with his sticksand Mike picked the slow arpeggios of the introduction. Jessica tookthe first brief solo, Aaron the second and then Jessica, her eyesclosed in concentration, did the solo after the first chorus as thecrowd went bonkers, and then Mike came in with his section, Aaronproducing some nice ringing, almost acoustic style pickingunderneath it while Mike snaked out some quivering vibratos. Thiswas going well and the band members were smiling at each otherbecause it just sounded so good. Before the fast section kicked in,Travis ran over to Jessica, took her on his shoulders and then stoodthere while she supported Aaron's lead break and then took overherself, Travis running all over the stage and posing with his chestout and Jessica's fingers zipping around the fretboard. Mike steppedforward to take the last couple of solos while Travis put Jessicaback on her stool. Travis then started doing his best Jim Dandyimitation, standing next to Aaron and Mike as they dueled it out,doing fist pumps with his mic in hand. Jessica took over a solo thatAaron started as they hurtled to the end of the song, Travis gettingon his hands and knees in a "we're not worthy posture, before Miketook it over from her and Travis ran up behind him and fanned hisguitar like it was on fire before they brought it to a close.

The alcohol fueled crowd ate it up and they wanted an encore. Theband made them wait a couple of minutes before coming back out,Jessica back on Travis' shoulders. "Ladies and gentleman, on leadand rhythm guitars, Jessica Hamada!" On lead and rhythm guitars,Mike Alyea! On bass, Dennis Portola! On drums, Matt Seery! Mike thenwent to the mic and yelled into it, "and on vocals, the mouth fromthe south, Travis Hickock!"

Travis gently lined Jessica back up with her stool and then told thecrowd,. "this next one is a love song! Just ask Jessica, she'sAddicted to That Rush!" As Jessica laughed, Dennis moved to thefront of the stage and began doing some tapping on the fretboard andwas responded to by Jessica unleashing a torrent of fast licks,before Mike added a circular 32nd note pattern. Mike and Dennis thendoubled each other and headed into the first verse, Travis holdinghis mic stand upside down as he played with the phrasing of thelyrics.

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   Mike and Dennis kneeled in front of Jessica toward the endas she unloaded a series of rapid fire pentatonic lines before theyended the tune.

Kurt came out with Jessica's wheelchair and she slid back into it. Once everybody had gone down the ramp to get off stage, Kurt wentand got his truck and helped the band load their equipment into it. Jessica's parents were there and they took her guitars and herpedalboard home for her. Both Jessica and her parents were elatedabout how the band played at the gig. In fact, the next band thatcame on only got a couple of songs into their set before a goodchunk of the audience headed for the parking lot. Jessica got off onlooking over the crowd from an elevated position while she playedthrough her cranked Marshall, feeling the power and musicality oftheir attack, not to mention loving the applause, too.

Matt's older brother videoed their set and they watched it once theygot to Mike's house. Overall, they were pretty impressed at how theyperformed. They each winced at mistakes, but they noted that thecrowd didn't seem to notice and the version of "Green Grass and HighTides" was surprisingly successful, taking into consideration itslength and that they were using a ringer they had never played withbefore until a couple weeks beforehand.



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