The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 10


Mike and Jessica got back in his car and he drove them to a motel afew miles away from where they lived. This motel had been around fordecades and catered to tourists. The main attraction there for Mikewas that it had a deck on the roof where people could lay about andrelax and take in what wasn't that scintillating a view. The reallydumb thing about it, in retrospect, was that the access to it wasexternal and the door to the stairwell was basically left open allday from the time the morning shift there began and they almostnever checked on it. Since almost all of the motel's guests were outseeing the sights, it was usually devoid of any human activityduring the day, making it a prime target for kids who wanted a placeto party for a bit after school before returning home. The motel hadno security on staff, instead depending on its maintenance peopleand desk clerks to take care of that stuff.

Mike knew that given the weather, it was pretty unlikely anyonewould be up there even in the early afternoon. He pulled his carinto the parking garage and then hoisted Jessica and his bag ofgoodies up on his shoulders and walked them over to the stairwelland then he made the climb two flights up, where he carefullydropped her into a lounge chair. They sat there for a few minuteswhile he caught his breath. He then stood and surveyed the lay ofthe land. It was dead quiet since it was the low season, though itwas a little cold. Mike pulled the lounge chair that Jessica was ontoward the three foot high stucco wall that ringed the deck. "Fucktoy will sit up on the edge of the chair," he ordered. "YesMaster," she responded demurely. "Fucktoy will lean forward and thenremove her jacket and shirt. " Jessica shot him a look like he wasnuts, but he returned a look like, "you better do it or else.

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  "Mike's stare won and she reluctantly pulled her t-shirt over herhead. Mike unhooked her bra and took it off of her. Her breasts werenow exposed to the cold air, which made her nipples stiff. Shecrossed her arms, partly out of fear and partly just because she wascold. "Fucktoy will put her arms at her sides and keep them thereuntil further notice," he announced. Nobody could actually seeJessica's breasts due to the wall in front of her, but that didn'tameliorate her embarrassment one iota.

Here was the thrill seeking Mike coming out to play again. Heunzipped his bag and pulled out the length of silk rope that he hadused on her a few weeks ago. "Fucktoy will now remove her pants andpanties," he intoned. "Master, please," she hesitated. "Fucktoy hasuntil I count to ten to be totally naked or she will be punished onthe spot while gagged" he warned. He got to about six before she wastotally nude. Her skin was breaking out in goosebumps from acombination of trepidation and the cool temperature. He bound herbody up in the karada tie that Jessica once went to school wearingunder her clothes. "Fucktoy will now place her arms behind herback," he muttered.

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   She did as she was told and Mike cuffed themtogether and then anchored the cuffs to the karada tie. He pulledout the chained nipple rings and placed them on her cold nipples,causing her to squirm. He took out a vibrating egg and shoved itunder the crotch of the karada tie and into Jessica's pussy. Then hewithdrew a vibrating butt plug from the bag, liberally lubed it upand, insisting that Jessica stand up, he inserted it into herasshole before permitting her to sit again. He reached for her hairand gathered it in his lefthand and then encased the resulting ponytail in the braided hair corset that he inadvertently made famous. He connected her hair to the bottom of the karada tie, keeping herhead upright and immobile. .

Jessica's nipples were pulsing already. . Mike helped Jessica put herpants back on, but sans panties. He then knelt down in front of herwith his back to the wall and sucked on her nipples as he switchedthe vibrators on, all at three-fourths maximum. His suckling on hermilk knobs made them throb more vividly and she felt her crotch nowresonating with a very pleasant hum that was rattling her clit andmaking her very wet. Mike sucked harder on the nipples, just shortof causing pain. He used short sucks and Jessica could feel all thesensations begin to well up in her torso. She tried to stifle hermoans, which then became adorable little squeaks.

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   Her hips werejerking and twisting under the influence of the vibrators and thecold air was making her increasingly antsy while the fear kicked herheartbeat up to just this side of tachycardia. Suddenly, she beganto pant hard and fast, which provoked Mike to push the vibratingspeeds up to full before he resumed using his mouth on her breasts. When the orgasm hit, it barreled in with a vengeance, her eyesrolling up into her head, her gasps and screams suppressed intogrunts, overwhelming her senses. Mike pulled his mouth off of hernipples and took some vibrating nipple clamps out of his bag andclipped them on to Jessica's now extremely sensitive teats. Sheyelped when the clamps bit into them, but the endorphins that werebeing produced in her brain quickly killed off any pain and she washurtling toward the summit of Pleasure Mountain again. Mike kissed,bit and sucked on her neck while he screened her with his body fromany possible onlookers. Jessica's pussy was now flooded with hernatural lubricant and her body would convulse once more as shedesperately fought to keep from broadcasting her ecstasy across theentire cluster of hotels that were in the vicinity. Mike moved infront of her and began kissing her, wrapping her in his arms,partially warming her and hiding her breasts.

"When fucktoy has one more orgasm, she will be given her shirt backand all the vibrators removed. But she had better not try to fake itbecause if she does she will get 50 hard slaps on her butt on thespot while gagged," he notified her. "She will also announce toMaster in a loud, clear voice when she is cumming. " Jessica wasfidgeting and squirming knowing that she was now close to her ordealbeing over and she prayed that the orgasm would hit her soon. Mikeheard the telltale panting begin to accelerate. He knelt down withhis eye at crotch level to watch for contractions of her pubicmuscles. He didn't have to wait long, because Jessica yelled in avoice much louder than she intended, "I'm cumming!" as anotherorgasm thundered through her, sopping the crotch of her karada tieeven more while those pubic muscles flexed and spasmed.

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Mike quickly turned off the vibrators, grabbed her jacket and threwit over her while he went about undoing everything. Within fiveminutes, she was decent again and in Mike's arms heading to outerspace in her brain. He made sure he didn't miss anything, includingconfirming Jessica had her tennis shoes back on. He pulled the bagup to his lap and rifled around in it to do a quick inventory,including that of Jessica's panties. He picked Jessica up in hisarms, took her to the edge of the stairs where he could get a betterangle to put her on his shoulders again and then leisurely trudgedthem back to his car.

"Are you okay babe?" he asked. "Yeah," she said wanly. He saw thather eyes were heavy lidded again, as her body put her into shutdownafter the fear and the ecstasy of what Mike just put her through hadended and her thirst for submission had been slaked. Mike took themto a nearby park, where they reclined in his back seat with himholding her tightly, as he waited for her to return from PlanetJessica. She felt so euphoric as her subconscious fed her some ofits home brewed heroin. Mike wanted to fuck her real bad, but thiswasn't a good time.

A half hour later, Mike decided that Jessica had spent enough timein her private amusement park and partially roused her out of herstupor. He was also afraid that some cop would wonder what they weredoing sitting in a car in a nearly deserted park in that kind ofweather. Mike went to a convenience store, bought a squirt gun andsome bottled water and, when he got back to his car, let her haveit. "Welcome back to earth Jessica!" he mused to himself as she wasnow fully lucid.

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   He decided to add the squirt gun to his bag ofdeviant devices,

Mike took her home and hung out with her for a couple of hoursbefore going back to his own place. "I think she's had enough of mefor one day," he estimated. .


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