The Asian Chick in th e Wheelchair Chapter 14


Another paradox began to manifest itself in Jessica's relationshipwith Mike. Even as she was comfortable being  under his thumb, thesense of support and fixed identity the relationship supplied herwith as well as the outfits Mike had bought for her, especially  thecheongsams, that made her look more like an adult and less of a kidresulted in her increasingly coming out of her shell and becomingmore self assertive and confident. Her evolving intellect, whichseemed to be more incisive with every passing month, also helpedspur that increasing sense of pride. But when she felt weak, shecould retreat to the assurance of Mike's guidance and love. Knowingthat there was a fallback for her, even when he was restraining herphysically and doing what he wanted to her, lent her a foundationfrom which to put herself out there more. She felt grounded now.

Being a dominant requires a great deal of self control. The ideathat BDSM is little more than "beat me, whip me and tell me you loveme," as the joke had it, is to underestimate it because it is actuallyquite a bit more complex and nuanced than that. Mike knew when topull back and not let himself get so out there with his demands thatshe would be frightened off. He strove for a balance of interestswithin the relationship so as to minimize potential conflicts andmake Jessica feel more secure about what was occurring between them. On the other hand, she could give herself totally to him and hevalidated her worth as a human being first and as his fucktoyslave second.

Being tied up put Jessica in touch not just with her innate need tosubmit, but it eroticized her woman's sense of vulnerability and itprovided a thrilling sense of danger and tension to her and Mike'ssexual encounters. They weren't just doing  the old, "hop on, getoff, fall sleep" routine of too many couples. Yet, even with allthat, she felt safe that he would keep her from being exposed toseriously negative consequences. For  example, after all the trips theyhad made to the abandoned mansion so that they could be alone forsome outdoor fun, Mike stopped taking her there because he felt hehad pushed his luck there enough.

He had helped her deal with her shame of her legs and, when springcame and the weather warmed up and Mike had her wear shorter skirtsto school, she was more or less fine with it and gave the skinninessof her legs little thought as she went through her day.

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The collar  was also typical Mike. Was it a sign she was his slaveor was it just a feminine accessory? For  Mike and Jessica, thecollar represented something that silently spoke as to who was theowner and who was the owned. For her classmates, teachers and parents, it wasjust a typical choker because of the little heart attached to theo-ring. While Mike would have preferred to dispense with thebullshit so he could have Jessica naked on a leash in public, theambiguity of the collar also had its attraction for them.

What's more, Mike was hankering to do some gigs and decided to make hisgroup an Iron Maiden tribute band and he wanted to call it "Be Maiden orbe Dead" after the Maiden song, "Be Quick or be Dead. " He came up with aplan whereby they would do gigs at park recreation buildings orAmerican Legion halls over the summer, though that wasn't going to be acheap proposition and they would have to put  a fair amount of time intopromoting themselves. If they planned it right, he believed, they couldat least break even and have some fun in the bargain.

Mike first started with the band itself. They were going to have to get abigger p. a. system, a lighting rig and some stage effects, probablyjust fog machines, have somebody run sound and lights and do thenecessary things backstage while they were playing and, of course, theywould have to bring in security. Plus they would also be competing withSoCal's very busy entertainment scene for punters,  though Mike washonest with himself in that if 50 people would show up to each gig  theycould call it a victory. The things they would have going forthemselves was free parking, cheap entrance fees and they would be allages. Mike also wanted the shows taped and planned to try to bring incollege film students to do that for them for free.

Mike talked to his dad about all this and he agreed to finance whatwould be a rudimentary lighting setup and a couple of wedge monitors soTravis could hear himself over the  din of the band's backline.

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  Jessica's father got them two p. a. columns for Travis' vocals and poweramps for them as well as a mixing board. . This all would be Jessica'scombined birthday and Christmas present for that year. They already hadmicrophones and stands, though they had to also get amplifiers for themics. They were going to have to pay whoever mixed the sound, and Mikethought he could teach Kurt to do it, too. The good thing is that theyweren't going to have to pump THAT much volume in what would be small,or relatively small, rooms, so that would help keep feedback from being ahuge issue and they wouldn't  have to invest in a bigger rig. Mikebought two hand held fog machines, which aren't that expensive, plusfluid for them. He also got half a dozen rolls of duct tape.

He then left notices on a couple of local university communicationsdepartment bulletin boards looking for the aforementioned film studentsto shoot their shows, footage Mike would let them use to practice doingmusic videos with.

By the end of April, Mike had everything lined up on a technical basis. Now they would need to learn and rehearse about 30 Maiden songs so thatthey would have enough flexibillity to take requests from the audience. The band started rehearsing every other day and they hoped to be readyby the end of the school year. One thing that complicated this, though,was that Mike wanted them to do the 18 minute long "Rime of the AncientMariner.

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  " He had them divide it up into sections so that they could alsocontinue to learn other tunes instead of getting bogged down for onesong. By the time they were able to put "Rime" together into a cohesivewhole, two weeks had passed. The good thing was that they had alsolearned six other songs in that time and had them nailed deadon.         

Jessica and Mike's one year anniversary came in May and went. Mikewasn't able to take her out because he was too busy with his schoolwork,he was out of money and he needed the time to keep pushing the bandalong. Jessica was fine with that since she was looking forward to theshows and saw how hard Mike was working putting everything together. Mike was able to rent a rec hall not far from his and Jessica's homesand he printed up flyers announcing it. The pressure of the upcoming gigcaused the band to work longer and more assiduously and by thebeginning of June they had their song list completed and then they cameup with a set list and rehearsed the bejesus out of it.

Moreover, it turned out that Kurt was an apt student with regard tolearning how to mix sound. Everybody in the band would hump equipment,put it together and tear it down afterward. Their security was a barbouncer Mike hired for $60 plus a case of beer and he was supposed to bethere for four hours. Kurt would take the money at the door before hemixed sound. They bought several cases of coke and some paper cups tosell for a dollar a crack, Dennis and Matt's girlfriends doing thehonors there.

Somehow through all  this, Mike and Jessica kept their schoolwork up todate and Jessica appeared headed for another 4. 0 semester while Mikethoght he could pull at least a B average even though his heart was morewith the band than school.

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The school year went into the history books in mid-June and a week later, the band and their entourage were in a little rec hall, one thatMIGHT be able to hold 50 people, and loading in. Jessica was on the twofoot high stage crawling around connecting cables and arranging theirguitars while the rest of the band humped the heavy equipment on to thestage. Mike and Kurt did a once over after they appeared to be done. Thelinoleum floor of the rec hall necessitated Dennis turning down so thattheir sound didn't become just mud. They all  tuned up and did thesoundcheck, running through parts of their set list. An hour later,people started showing up and to Mike's disbelief, it might be asellout. In a bad economy where youth unemployment was at near historichighs, restless kids looking for something to do decided to spend anevening with a teenage cover band doing Iron Maiden tunes at $5 bucks apop. They all went into a nearby bathroom to change, Jessica donning herleather  goddess outfit, and they waited for 7 p. m. to come. By 6:30p. m, the bouncer closed the door after sticking a "Sold Out" sign on theoutside of it. They cut ticket sales off at 40 so that everyone couldhave some elbow room and thus would be less likely to cause fights.

The lights were turned out and the band members took the stage, Mattlowering Jessica on her stool. Kurt kicked on the lights after doing theusual "(name of the town) are you ready?" schtick, "Be Maiden or beDead!" and they launched into "Aces High," several of the puntersbending themselves over the stage and headbanging furiously while Travisslapped their hands as he roamed around trying to get everybodyinvolved.

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   The crowd gave Mike and Jessica the thumbs up when they tradedsolos and a lot of the guys were pointing at her as she banged her headwhile holding the rhythm and harmony parts together, earningenthusiastic applause as they brought the tune to a close.

"Travis greeted the crowd and then pointed to one of them, saying,"watch out for that guy, he's the Wrathchild!" the kids cheering as soonas they heard Dennis's bass line and  they pounded the crap out of it, the audience headbanging their approval and pumping their fists beforethe band sequed into "Children of the Damned," a relatively slow songthat showed off Travis' vocal power to fine effect, Mike running overnext to Jessica to do the harmony guitar part before Jessica broke outsome mad tapping. They shifted into "Hallowed by Thy Name" and then "22Acacia Avenue," Jessica scratching out the intro riff before it suddenlywent into overdrive and then slowed into a surging midtemp sectionwhile Travis belted out the lyrics to this tribute to a whorehouse. Nextup was "Somewhere in Time,  which began with a slow harmony guitar partbefore it changed into a faster tempo, Jessica doing the first solo,marked by some divebomb tremolo work, before her and Mike traded offsolos and then into a harmony part before taking it home.

Travis then just simply called out, "Rime of the Ancient Mariner!" andthey went   headlong into it as the stage filled with fog and Denniscarried the band on his bottom end with fierce, propulsive fingerworkbefore it slowed, Dennis playing a hypnotic bassline while Mike used hisvolume control to produce the violin effects in that part of the song. Travis whispered over them into the mic repeating the poetry of SamuelTaylor Coleridge, who wrote the book the song is inspired by. WhenDennis began playing a faster line, Travis came back in with lots oflung power over the stuttering riffing of his compatriots before it wentinto the final section, Mike tossing in  a wah pedal solo and then heand Jessica hooked up again for more  tasty harmonies and then  justslammed the shit out of the beat until the end.

Travis, after noting, "that was a 18 minute song. You think we're tiredyet? Fuck no! This one is dedicated  to the troops in Afghanistan andIraq, "Where. . . Eagles. . . Dare!" They put  "The Trooper" with it in quicksuccession.

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   Travis then introduced the band. "On lead and rhythmguitars, Mr. Maximum Leader, Mike Alyea! On lead and rhythm guitars, outof a wheelchair and in your face, Jessica Hamada! On bass, a man thatis always hitting bottom, Dennis Portola!" And clubbing things withsticks, he can never stop beating it, Matt Seery!" Mike then stepped tothe front of the stage, "and on lead vocals, a guy who just won't shutthe fuck up, Travis Hickock!" Mike counted it off and they charged into"Number of the Beast" and then galloped along to "Run to the Hills," thesmall crowd singing along on the chorus. The little rec hall was alsonow a steambath and all five musicians were sweating profusely. On thegood side, the audience was buying more cokes and they would be all goneby the end of the show. "Two Minutes to Midnight "was up now and sweatwas spraying off the headbangers near the stage. "This is our final songof the night," Travis announced. "Be  Quick or be Dead!" and theyblazed through it, Travis letting loose some epic screams and then theyleft the stage, Kurt flashing the lights on and off asking for an encoreand the audience didn't have to be asked very hard, as they hooted andhollered for more.

The members all walked out on stage again. "Thank you for being so greatto us tonight. !" Mike then started playing the opening riff for"Sanctuary," which they lit up but good, before doing a kick ass versionof "Die With Your Boots On" and then sauntering offstage again. Thiswas just more crowd bait since the punters knew that they wouldn't bestupid enough to end it for good without doing Maiden's theme song. After a short interlude and more calls for an encore, they came back onand did "Phantom of the Opera," which had another of Maiden's trademarkharmony sections in it, before the curtain went down with "Iron Maiden,"which provoked more profuse headbanging by the crowd, which sang alongto the chorus. After the little funky bass and drum breakdown in it,Travis went and put Jessica on her shoulders as he sang the next verseand chorus that closed the tune out and then ran offstage with her,propping her on the edge of it.

"God, I need to change so bad," Jessica lamented, her leathers soakedthrough with sweat and her hair matted toward the front.

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   The lights wereturned on and Jessica quickly found herself surrounded by some of theaudience praising her for her performance and her looks. A couple evenwanted their pictures taken with her even though she thought she lookedhorrendous.

They tore everything down and headed home. The band, after paying thesecurity guy, rental on  the truck that carried their equipment, therental on the hall and paying Kurt, lost a little money, but not enough  to keep them from wanting to do another show like that again. They stopped at Mike's house to offload all the equipment and once thatwas done, Mike and Jessica snuck into the hallway bathroom and showeredtogether, Mike snagging a folding chair from out of the garageunbeknownst to his parents so that Jessica could sit while the water ranover her little naked body. After they dried off, they went to hisbedroom and closed the door. They changed into their street clothes andthen Mike dropped her off at home on the way back to returning thetruck.

Her neck was a little sore from the headbanging she did during the gigand she was a little worn out generally besides, so she called it anight.

The next morning, Mike came to get her, ordering her to dress in jeanshorts, barefoot and with a blouse tied off just under breasts. Theywent back to his place to watch the video of the gig with the guys whoshot it. Mike definitely knew how he wanted the show filmed and the kidswho did it didn't do half bad, especially given their inexperiencebehind the camera. One thing Jessica definitely didn't like, though, wasthe post-show footage of her with members of the audience because shehated the way her hair was so out of kilter and she was sweating, too. Mike remonstrated her, saying that it would have been more of a surprisethat, given the environment and that they had played just short of twohours, if she wasn't covered in sweat. He also pointed out the two guyswho wanted to be photographed with her despite that.

Mike had the two budding film makers burn copies of the concert for himand the other band members and Jessica showed it to her dad, whoappeared to be impressed.

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   He wanted to show it to his buddy Tony atwork, too, and so he took it with him to his job. "Jesus Carl, and I'mnot just saying this to kiss your ass, but those are some fuckin'talented kids there. Pretty much all of them could play professionallyright now. That singer is just ridiculous," he said. Carl was astonishedat that evaluation. "Are you serious?" "Here is how serious I am: youknow that street fair we're sponsoring? I want to get your kid's band toplay in the concert that's being held. I wouldn't want to have tofollow them, though. " "Yeah, that actually happened the last time theydid one of those sort of things. After they played, people began leavinga few minutes into the next band's set. " Carl revealed. "I wouldn'tdoubt it. So let's talk to your daughter and get them booked, shall we?"Actually, her boyfriend runs that operation," Carl explained. "That'sthe other guitar  player, right? Okay, give me his number and let's getthis thing rolling" Tony initiated.

"Hi Mike? This is Tony. I believe we net earlier this year at Carl'splace.

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  " "Hi. What's up?" Mike answered tentatively, trying to recall who"Tony" was. "Hey look, our company is sponsoring a street fair in L. A. and we want you guys to play it. " "You know we're basically an IronMaiden tribute band, right?" Mike retorted. "Yeah, Carl showed me thedvd of your gig from the other night. You guys really destroyed andthat's why I'm making you this offer. " "What's the money like and whatkind of support will we get?" Mike asked. "Unfortunately, there is nomoney for the bands. The fair organizers figure the exposure you get isworth more than what anyone would be willing to pay you anyway. and theyprovide the stage, p. a. , sound mixing and all that crap. " What kind ofsecurity are we talking here?" "A lot of off duty LAPD and privatecompanies will be providing most of the immediate security and they havethe L.

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  A. sheriffs available to  them if they need it. " "What is ourtime slot and the length of the show?" "That is still liquid. You guysare pretty likely to blow off the stage anyone who comes after youunless they get Motorhead or Armored Saint or something. I can get backto you on that. " "Cool. Hit me back ASAP. We would, though, like to doour full show, of course. But we'll accept an hour exclusive of encoresand we have to be allowed to do up to two encores if we so wish. Deal?""Yeah, that will probably be doable. " "Sounds good Tony. Talk to youlater. " "Bye Mike. " 

"Wow Carl. I was impressed by this kid before just chatting about gearand stuff, but he's really very coolheaded.


  " "Considering he's dating mydaughter, I'm glad to hear that, Tony," Carl replied.

"So who was that baby?" Jessica asked. "You know a guy who's a friend ofyour  dad's named Tony?" Mike asked. "You've met him sweety. On NewYear's, remember? We talked to him for a while. " "Well, whoever he is,he just asked us to play an L. A. Street Fair. It won't pay anything, butit'll sort of be like the gig we did at that park, except withthousands of people rather than hundreds. "  "Wow honey, that's great!"Jessica bubbled. "So should we wear  kevlar on stage?" Dennis laughed. "Yeah, no shit, huh?" Mike agreed. "Anyway, he's going to phone us backto give us a time slot and order of appearance. " "Cool," Dennis reacted.

"Well look Dennis, Jessica and I are going to the beach, why don't youphone up Melissa and we'll make a double date out of it? "She's workingtoday, so I think I'll just go home.

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   Thanks anyway, man. " "Okay dude,see ya later. " Later. "

After watching Dennis leave, Mike turned to Jessica. "Fucktoy willremove her panties and bra. " "Yes Master," she obeyed. That left Jessicain just her tied off blouse and jean shorts with nothing underneath. Heput her in his car and they went to the beach, which was hellishlycrowded. Mike could see the outline of her boobs through her blouse andher nipples, too, as the sun went through the material. Jessica knewthat her blouse would be just about transparent in the bright sun butdidn't dare object. She still had the nipple rings attached and theywere keeping her nipples erect, the chain contained by the knot in  thebottom of the blouse.

They finally found a parking space, but it was a couple of blocks eastof the beach proper. So as he pushed her wheelchair on the sidewalk,guys and some girls were looking at her boobs. Jessica couldn't help butnotice the obvious stares and it made her blush as well as excited. "Does fucktoy like so many people looking at her tits?" Mike leered.

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   "Tobe honest Master, it's embarrassing. " "Oh really? Is fucktoy not proudof her boobs?" Mike teased "It's not that  Master. Your little Asianfucktoy is just not used to having them out where everyone can seethem. " "Fucktoy will understand that Master is proud of his possessionand so he likes to show it off. " "Thank you Master. Your little Asianfucktoy is proud to be owned by Master, but she is worried what otherswill think. " "Fucktoy will no longer worry about the trivial opinions ofothers and will concern herself solely with those held by her Master,"he commanded. "Yes Master. "

He  rolled her up the ramp to the pier and Jessica received more stares. Reflexively, Jessica moved to cover her chest with her arms. "Fucktoywill keep her hands and elbows on the arms of her chair," he insisted. "Yes Master. " Mike's cock was stone hard while he was teasing his slavelike this. They made their way down the length of the pier until theend. There was nobody next to them, but there were men fishing on eitherside of the pier.

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   "Fucktoy will now bare her breasts to the ocean,"Mike declared. "Master," she blurted. "That is one swat, fucktoy. Nowfucktoy will get her tits out and expose them until I count to three. ""Yes Master. " Jessica unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the sides of itapart, exposing her tits to the ocean. "1-2-3" Mike rather quickly saidand she hastily shoved her sweater puppets back into her blouse andbuttoned it up. "That's a good fucktoy. Now how did fucktoy feel aboutit?" "The breeze on your little Asian fucktoy's breasts felt reallygood, but she was so nervous. " "Did being nervous make it more funfucktoy?" Mike interrogated. Jessica giggled and admitted, "yes Master. ""Fucktoy wll also remind her Master that she is due for one swat afterwe leave the beach. Does fucktoy understand? "Yes Master. Thank youMaster. " "What are you thanking me for, fucktoy?" "Master's little Asianfucktoy is thanking him for correcting her behavior so that she isbetter able to serve him.

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  " "Fucktoy is correct. "

As they walked down the strand, men and boys continued to ogle Jessica'stits. In Mike's mind, he was thinking, "look what I get to suck, graband bind and you can't! Hahahahaha!" Then he just had a thought and hecouldn't believe that he hadn't the same idea before. He announced toJessica, "the sun is quite strong today and your Master does not wish tosee his fucktoy's beautiful skin damaged by it. So we will go now. ""Thank you Master," she said.

As they were pulling out of the par king lot, Jessica turned to Mike andsaid, "Master, your little Asian fucktoy has one swat coming to her. ""Thank you for reminding me, fucktoy. If I forget to apply the swatbefore you go home today fucktoy will remind me again so that she mayreceive her due correction. " "Yes Master. Thank you Master. "

It was getting late in the afternoon now and Mike knew he didn't havemuch time for more fun with Jessica. Stopping at a supermarket that theydidn't ordinarily frequent, he pushed Jessica into the store and pickedup a small container of their favorite ice cream. He  then drove themback to his place, where he carried her up to his bedroom and kicked thepiece of scrap wood that he was now using as a doorstop under the door. "Fucktoy will now get naked," he barked.

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   She immediately complied. Hismom was out with her friends and would be back soon, but not THAT soon. "Fucktoy will lay on her stomach," he said. She rolled over and thenfelt Mike's hard slap on her ass. She yelped and then endured thetemporary sting. Now her ass had just a little heat on it as the painfaded. "Thank you Master," she uttered. "Fucktoy will now lay on herback," Mike ordered. "Fucktoy will remain still. If she wriggles orcauses anything to fall on my bed or to the floor she shall be givenfive swats for making a mess in Master's bed," he warned her. 'YesMaster," she committed.

With that, he scooped a tablespoon full of ice cream out of thecontainer and placed it on her belly. Jessica emitted an "eek!" buttried to contain her movement so as to not knock the piece of ice creamoff of her. Mike stood there and watched as it began to melt. "Master,God, that's so cold!" "Yes fucktoy, ice cream generally is," he laughed.

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  Mike then leaned down and ate the scoop of ice cream off of her. "Mmm,your Mater didn't think it was possible, but his fucktoy has become evenmore delicious" he teased. Then he dug out several more large fragmentsof ice cream and placed them on her breasts and then rubbed some of itinto her nipples. She let out a shriek as the cold hit the sensitivenerve endings of her nipples. He then scooped more on to her cleavage. The ice cream began to melt and drip on her. Mike leaned over, put somemore ice cream in his mouth, and then sucked on her left nipple, causingher to jump, which made a piece on her right boob slide off of her andon to his bed. "Well, that's five swats, fucktoy. " "Sorry Master," shewhimpered. After picking up the stray ice cream and tossing it in hiswaste basket, he bent over again and licked and sucked the remaining icecream off of her. "Mmmm, I don't know when I've enjoyed ice creammore," he critiqued.

"Fucktoy will now spread her legs," he demanded. Jessica did so andbraced herself for the feeling of ice cream hitting her most sensitivearea. He inserted a finger inside of her. "Oooh, fucktoy is wet.

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   Isfucktoy enjoying this? Or is she looking forward to the spanking/" Mikewondered humorously. Mike really dug into the ice cream container andheaped a big lump of the frigid confection on her vulva and then smearedit on to her clit. She wriggled and giggled and the ice cream fellbetween her legs and on to Mike 's bed. "Well, that's ten now, fucktoy. Fucktoy obviously needs to focus on self control. " Mike picked up thespilled ice cream and chucked it into the trash can. He put a wad of icecream in his mouth and ten started sucking on her clit. Jessicasquealed as the cold surrounded her love button, causing more gigglingand squirming. Her clit and Mike's mouth, though, began to warm up andit wasn't long before she began to moan. However, he still wanted tohave some more fun with the ice cream.

He pulled his head away from her clit and ordered Jessica to turn overon to her stomach again. He removed more ice cream from the containerand dropped it on to the middle of her back and quickly ate it off ofher as she giggled and writhed. "Okay, is fucktoy ready for hercorrection/" he asked. "Yes Master," she said, bracing herself. Hisfirst strike was little more than a mild pat.

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   The  second one wasstronger, but still a weak slap. However, he was just getting warmed up,as he came down hard on the third stroke, causing her to yelp. Thenfive quick, hard slaps turned her ass a nice shade of red and then twoslowly paced forceful impacts and her ordeal was over. Well, thespanking anyway. With her ass stinging and hot now, Mike  reached forthe spoon and again and plopped a big dollop of ice cream on her leftbutt cheek. She jumped just a little, but it actually felt kinda good toher. Mike let it melt a bit and subsequently licked it off of her. Thenhe heard the garage door opening. "Shit!" he blurted and Jessicascrambled for her clothes. Fortunately,  his mom dawdled downstairsbefore coming up and that allowed her time to get modest again, her  braand panties where they should be, and for Mike to be able  to pull thedoorstop away and grab a guitar  as he heard her footsteps come up thestairs. "Hey honey, can you help me with the groceries?" she asked. "HiJessica! How are you sweety!" "Hi Mrs. Alyea! I'm doing great!" Mikewent downstairs with his mother while Jessica's ass ached and parts ofher felt sticky.

Once the groceries were put away, Mike came up and got Jessica and took her home.


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