Matt and Susan part 2


      Friday's school was almost a blur, Susan and Matt found it hard to concentrate on any class. At 3 PM, the bell rang, and Matt and Susan got into Matt's Caddy, and he drove her home.
     "My parents will phone me at about 6 PM", Susan said, "to let me know that they are at my Aunt's house safely. That will also tell me that the coast is clear. I'll call you and let you know that things are a go. And tonight, we are going all the way, I want to no longer be a virgin. "

     Matt replied, "I'll be waiting for your call, baby!"

     As they pulled up in the driveway of Susan's house, she said, "Wait a minute, I have something for you!"
     She dashed into the house, and a minute later, ran back to the car.
     "Here's the spare remote for the garage door", she replied, handing it to him, "that way, no one will see your car here, so you can stay all night, and not have any snoopy neighbor notice your car parked here all night. After you are parked in the garage, just come in through the connecting door. I'll be waiting for you, all hot and ready, lover!", she whispered.

     She gave Matt a kiss, and went back inside. Matt drove home, and got his plan into action. He packed an overnight bag, and after having dinner with his parents, his parents got ready to go. At 6 PM,  he said goodbye to his parents, and they were on their way.
     Susan had stripped and gotten into the shower, she wanted to be clean and fresh for Matt. She sat on the edge of the tub, and carefully shaved her pussy, she wanted to be smooth and bare for Matt's hot mouth.

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   After her pussy, her legs and underarms were next, she wanted to be as hair free as possible. And, although she liked the small blonde tuft of golden curls covering her pussy, she had to admit that having her pussy shaved bald felt great, and was also a major turn on. If Matt hadn't been coming over, she would have had to get herself off, her pussy was fluttering, she could feel the beginning of her fire of lust building. Waiting for Matt would drive her so horny with lust, she'd be burning with need when Matt deflowered her. She dried off, and had a salad for dinner, she didn't want to be weighted down with food. Just after 6 PM, the phone rang, and her Mom was on the line, telling her that they had arrived safely, and they should be home Sunday afternoon.
     After hanging up, Susan called Matt, she said, "It's all clear baby, come on over, I'll be waiting for you!"
     After calling Matt, she decided not to play any coy games. She stripped herself naked, and put on her sexy red knickers, and that was all. She decided that when Matt entered the house, she would be standing framed in her bedroom door, her ass to him, and she would be gazing over her shoulder at him. Looking at her half covered ass in her mirror, she knew what effect that would have on him. As her bedroom was at the end of the hall, facing the hall entrance, he would get a real eyeful. Fifteen minutes later, she saw his Caddy pull into the driveway, and then the rattle of the garage door as it rolled up. She unlocked the connecting door to the garage, then she walked down the hall to her bedroom door. She cocked her hips sexily to one side, and looked back over her shoulder with a sexy, come hither look.

     Matt had scooped up the phone when it rang.

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     "It's me baby", Susan's voice cooed at him, "It's all clear baby, come on over, I'll be waiting for you!"
     Her sexy voice set his cock throbbing, as he said, "I'll be right over sweetheart!"

     He hung up the phone. Making sure the house was locked up, her hopped into his Caddy and fired up the engine. He drove carefully, making sure that he obeyed the speed limit, paying attention to all stop and yield signs. He was horny as hell, but getting into an accident would not help relieve his horniness. He turned down the street where Susan lived, and his Caddy glided toward the driveway. He turned the car up the driveway, and pushed the "Open Door" button on the remote. The garage door rattled slightly as it rolled up, and he guided the Cadillac slowly in. He stopped, killed the engine and pressed the "Close Door" button. The garage door slid downward, and thumped home in its grooved slot. He waited a few seconds, to ensure that the door was down and locked. He stepped through the connecting door, locking it behind him, He was in the utility room. Straight ahead was the kitchen, and the dining room was just beyond, he could see the dining room table.
     "Come on back here baby", Susan's voice called to him, "I'm so hot and ready for you!"

     Matt stepped into the hallway, and seeing Susan stopped him dead. Susan could see the huge bulge in his pants, as he took in the awesome sight of her, hot and horny, waiting for him. Her pussy was twitching wildly, all slicked up with her juices.

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     "What do you think, sweetie?", she cooed. "Like the sexy knickers I bought just for you?"
     "Baby", Matt gasped, "I've never seen such a beautiful sight!"
     Susan cooed, "Come and unwrap me, consider me an early Christmas present!"
     Matt strode up behind her, his body just touching hers. He reached around, and cupped her breasts, running his fingers all over her tits, and tweaking them into stiff erect cogs, drawing designs on her hot naked flesh.
     Susan gasped, and said, "Untie me Matt. "
     He reached down and tugged at the bows, and they fell away.
     She turned to face him, and looking into his eyes, she whispered, "Matt, make love to me. I want to lose my virginity, and I want you to be the one. " He took his hand, and led him to her bed. She turned down the covers, climbed in, and said to Matt, "Now, honey, I want my virginity ended. "
     Matt pulled off his clothes, and as his rock hard prick sprang into view, Susan's breath got deeper, and she trembled with excitement at the thought that his stiff, hard 7 inches would soon slide into her. Matt slipped the cock ring around his prick, and strapped the ball stretcher around his nut sac. The divider separated his balls, and he tightened up the cock ring, making his cock throb.
     Susan lay back, her legs spread, and whispered, "Do me, sweetheart".
     Her eyes were wide as she gazed into Matt's eyes. Matt got between her legs, and Susan gently took his cock and led it up to her entrance.

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   She felt him nudge against her opening. Matt pushed, ever so slowly, and Susan moaned with pleasure as he entered her slowly and carefully.
     Matt pushed up against her hymen, and whispered, "Baby, I'm about to break your maidenhead, are you ready?"

     "I'm ready sweetheart, but like the old joke says, please be gentle with me," she whispered.
     Matt started to push, for a second, the resistance held, then her maidenhead broke.
     Susan flinched and gasped at the twinge of pain, but as Matt paused she whispered, "Don't stop!"
     Matt pushed in, she could feel his cock stretching the walls of her virgin pussy apart. She was stretched beyond her comfort zone, her pussy was wrenching somewhat painfully, but she gritted her teeth, she wanted her virginity gone, and she was willing to endure the discomfort. He went in, right to the balls, filling Susan completely, Susan grunted as her pussy was filled, and Matt held himself steady, letting Susan adjust to the stretch. Susan could feel the pain starting to recede, as her inner tightness adjusted to the 7 inches buried inside her. Her pussy started to throb with a different feeling, the feeling of horny lust, as her mind realized that her virgin walls were opened, getting their first fuck. She could feel the lust starting to burn, and she wanted more of his fucking, the feeling was out of this world.
     Susan gasped, "Oh my god, it feels so good!"
     Matt pulled back, and thrust into her again. Matt gasped, the hot, tight gripping cling of her virgin pussy made his cock sizzle. Susan gasped, the pleasure was quickly replacing the pain of her deflowering, which had almost completely subsided as Matt thrust into her again. Susan was so wet, Matt's cock slid in and out of her easily. He got a steady rhythm going, and Susan felt like she was going to fly apart.

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   Each out-thrust made her pant with longing, and each in thrust filled her up, sending wildly lustful twitchings surging through her body. Her fingers and anything else that she had used to bring herself off while masturbating, couldn't even come close to the feelings that were shooting through her now. Her virgin tightness squeezed Matt's cock, snugly buried in her love sheath of tight, hugging heat.   Matt rode her, his cock throbbing, the cock ring and ball spreader keeping his orgasm in check. Susan was gasping, her body trembling wildly. She could feel the burning fire of orgasm rising in her, it felt like she was going to explode, and she did.
     "Oh my GOD!!", Susan howled.
     Her body exploded, her orgasm tearing through her pussy, setting her on fire. She howled with the pleasure, it was almost like an assault. Her pussy exploded again, and again, her orgasms blasting into her, one right after the other. Matt reached down, and loosened the cock ring, and, with a huge thrust he buried his cock as deep as possible. The spasming tightness of Susan's pussy took him over the edge. He could feel the spunk streaking up his shaft, and his cock exploded, the built up pressure blasting out like a fire hose. His cock squirted wildly inside her steaming tunnel, he could feel his cock spewing out thick ropes of spunk, his hot cum coating the inside of Susan's pussy, as he lost his load deep inside her. Susan could feel his hot load filling up her eager womb as she jerked and writhed through one last orgasm.

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   Her spasming tightness milked and sucked at him, draining his throbbing balls into her hungry depths. They drifted giddily through the post orgasmic bliss.
     "Oh Matt, it was more perfect than I could have hoped for", she whispered. "You were so kind and gentle, and my deflowering was such a deliciously wonderful experience. Thank you my darling, for giving me such a wonderful introduction to the world of lovemaking!"
     "Baby, you are the best, the best!", Matt whispered. "It was so good to wait for the right one, and sweetheart, you ARE the right one!"

     Just before Matt pulled out, she handed him a towel, explaining that she was trying to keep semen stains off the bed. Just as well, for when Matt pulled out, Susan could see his cock streaked red with the blood of her torn hymen, Susan did not need her Mom seeing those stains, either. Matt carefully wiped off his cock, then Susan slid the towel between her legs, so his spunk would be mopped up automatically. She could feel his cum trickling out of her as they snuggled together in the post orgasmic glow, their bodies pressed close together.

     After 20 minutes, they got up, and went into the kitchen. Walking naked through the house, with their lover equally nude, was a turn on for both Susan and Matt. Susan reached into the fridge, and drew out 2 cans of Diet Coke. They sat in the living room, each sneaking peaks at each other's body.

     "Matt, how would you like to go swimming?" Susan asked.

     "Sounds great, where's the nearest pool?" Matt said.

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     "Right next door! My friend Gail Kelsen and her parents have their own pool, and guess who is away for the evening?" Susan grinned.

     Matt grinned back, and soon they were frolicking in the neighbor's pool. They were still nude, almost by unspoken agreement, they had decided not to wear clothes as much as possible this weekend. Matt watched Susan's nude body slice through the water, she was on the school swim team, and the best swimmer there. When Susan stood up, the water sliding off her body made Matt's cock throb. Matt wished they could always swim like this, skinny dipping was the best.

Suddenly, the lights inside the house came on. Matt and Susan were frozen for a moment, then the patio light came on. They quickly climbed out of the pool and dashed over to the fence. They jumped over, and ran over to the patio doors. They were both giggling wildly, and fell into each other's arms, laughing.

     "Guess they much have caught the early movie!" Susan laughed.

     They heard splashings next door, and then soft moans. They tiptoed outside, and peered over the fence. The next door neighbors, the Kelsen's were in the pool, and Mr.

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   Kelsen was fucking Mrs. Kelsen. They stood staring at the sexy sight, Susan was breathing hard as she watched Mr. Kelsen's cock sliding in and out of his wife. His cock was rock hard, long and thick, and Mrs. Kelsen was obviously enjoying it, the joy and delight playing across her face. Matt was drinking in Mrs. Kelsen's form, she may have been 40 years old, but she was one hot MILF. Her firm tits, her cute face, her trim waist, her rounded flaring hips, jeez, Matt's cock was rock hard. Susan noticed, and she reached down, and grasped him. They stood watching, as they fucked wildly. His cock was throbbing in time to Susan's pussy.
     Suddenly Mrs. Kelsen gasped out, "Oh my god, I'm cumming, shoot it, squirt it, fill me, YES!"
     She shuddered wildly, her body shaking in the throes of orgasm. Mr.

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   Kelsen slammed his cock as deep as possible, and let out a roar of pleasure as his cock erupted, squirting wildly inside her welcoming depths. Susan pulled gently on her handful, and led Matt back to her bedroom by his stiff pecker.

     With a giggle, Susan pushed Matt onto the bed. She put Matt's cock into the cock ring, and fitted his balls into the ball stretcher. With a devilish grin, she tightened the ring around Matt's cock, giving it a good tug. Matt's cock was throbbing, as Susan lowered herself onto his big cock. She sighed with pleasure, as his hard cock opened her up again. She loved the feel of her pussy being spread open by his thickness. She started to ride his cock, sliding up and down his throbbing pecker. Watching the Kelsens fucking had fired her up to a fever pitch. Matt was on fire, the tight squeezing of her almost virgin cunt was something else. He could feel the spunk building up behind the block of the cock ring, he was gonna let loose a gusher. Susan was gasping with pleasure as she slid up and down on his prick. Susan slammed down hard, pumping her hips up and down on Matt's hardness, taking him as deep as possible, wanting every bit of his fuck pole, giving off wordless gasps of pleasure as her orgasm closed in on her.

     She gasped out, "On my god, I'm cummimg!"

     Her orgasm crashed into her, her pussy spasming and twitching wildly.

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   Matt loosened the cock ring, and pulled her hips down on him. Susan's pulsating pussy pulled his cock into another massive explosion, his cock exploded, the spunk blasting out of him. His cock throbbed and twitched as he pumped spurt after spurt into Susan's burning pussy. Susan's pussy wrenched wildly, sucking every drop out of him. As their orgasms ebbed, Susan smiled down at Matt. She leaned forward, and draped herself across Matt's chest. They remained joined for several minutes, until Matt's softening cock popped out of her. She reached under her pillow, and pulled out a towel. She placed it against her pussy, so Matt's spunk wouldn't create a giant wet spot. A second later, she could feel a gush of Matt's spunk leaving her pussy, not a moment too soon, she thought. She slid down, and snuggled up to his right side. Matt kissed the top of her head, and they closed their eyes.

     Susan awoke suddenly, a bit disoriented. She felt Matt's body against hers, and she relaxed. She peeked over at her clock radio, the soft glow of the lighted dial read 18 PM.


   She slid out of bed quietly, so as not to disturb Matt. In the bathroom she inspected herself in the mirror. She saw little smudges where Matt's fingers had dug into her in the heat of passion. She could feel a slight soreness in her inner depths. Must be the feel of a well used pussy, she thought, and giggled. Susan wondered if Matt was hungry, she was starving. She pulled out the phone book, and dialed up Tony's Pizza Parlor. She ordered up a large Sal's deluxe pizza, that should tame the hunger.

     Back in her bedroom, she gently shook Matt awake.

     "Good evening sweetheart", she whispered.

     Matt smiled up at her, and said, "Good evening to you, baby! What time is it?"

     "It's just after 18 PM," Susan replied, "and I took the liberty of ordering a pizza from Tony's, I'm starved!"

     Matt grinned and said, "So am I! Fantastic sex always gives me an appetite!"
     Susan blushed, and said, "Thank you sweetie, for making it so fantastic!"

     Matt rolled out of bed, and Susan thrilled to the sight of his nude body once again.
     She said, "The pizza should be here in 20 minutes, I guess we have to wear something, the delivery boy might get more than he bargained for if we answered the door naked. "
     Matt laughed, and said, "Sounds like a good idea!"

     "Wait here" she said.

     She dashed into her parents bedroom, and pulled a robe out of her parents closet. She took it back to her room and gave it to Matt.

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   It was a bit big for him, but he wouldn't be wearing it long. Susan went over to her closet, and Matt's eyes feasted on her body. She pulled out a pink terrycloth robe, and slipped it on.

     They left her bedroom, and in the living room, Matt flipped on the TV. The late local news came on, and Susan went into the kitchen. There was a bottle of ginger ale in the fridge, and she poured two glasses. She joined Matt on the couch, and they clinked glasses together, and said, "To Us!" Susan took the remote, and tuned to Turner Classic Movies. The announcer said that the movie "Some Like It Hot" was to start in fifteen minutes. With it being rated the best American comedy movie, and also of having the best ending line, she and Matt were both eager to see it. Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Matt went to answer the door, while Susan set out two plates, and a shaker of parmesan cheese on the coffee table. As soon as Matt closed and locked the door, Susan stripped off her robe.

     "Much better!" she exclaimed.

     Matt also slid off his robe, and he placed the pizza box on the coffee table, and as he opened the top, the delicious scent of fresh hot pizza wafted out. Susan could feel her stomach rumble hungrily, and her mouth watered.

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   They both dug in, and the pizza was as good as it smelled. They ate, and they watched the movie, until every slice of pizza was gone. They both leaned back, their bellies full, laughing and enjoying the antics of Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. The judging was right, it was the best American comedy movie made.
     When the movie ended at 1:45 AM, the fact that they had been up most of the day, was catching up with them. Susan was so tired, it felt like she could sleep for a full 24 hours. Matt clicked off the TV, yawned, and reached for Susan. Susan joined him, and after making sure the doors were locked, they walked down the hallway to Susan's bedroom. Matt clicked off the hallway light, and the house was shrouded in darkness. The full moon was up, and moonlight filled Susan's bedroom. Susan was thrilled by the thought that for the first time, they would be sleeping together in the same bed, and able to wake up with each other. They crawled naked into bed, and Susan cuddled next to Matt, and watched the full moon riding the sky outside her window. What a perfect scene, she thought, my lover and the romantic moonlight. She closed her eyes, and sleep fell over her like a dark curtain.    


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