What we did, was it normal? (What came next)


So, it's summer vacation and I'm starting to spend allot of time with Katie and Laurie, sometimes just one or the other, but most to the time, it's all 3 of us. Katie has been doing allot of babysitting, Laurie has to watch her little brother allot, and me, I have chores that I have to do before my Mom will let me go out. This really sucks, and is keeping me from hanging out with my friends. I usually don't get to leave until after lunch, and I have found out that there isn't allot I can do about it.

So, usually, in the afternoon, I head to the beach. Sometimes I meet up with Katie and Laurie, sometimes it's other kids at school. I don't mind meeting up with others, but I do get a tingly feeling if I see Katie or Laurie. So here it is, a fantastic Tuesday afternoon and I'm down at the beach. Tons of people here, it looks like a weekend it's so crowded. I find a place over near the bath house and spread out my towel and get comfortable, and just start looking around to see who is there. I see a few familiar people, but none that I hang out with so I just lay back and close my eyes, I can always use a little more sun. I can hear people laughing and playing, there are a few radios playing, and of course, none on the same station, so it's just noise really, but I can relax with it. I like the sounds from the beach, it's really relaxing I guess.

After a while of laying on my back, it's time to roll over and let my back get some sun too. All of a sudden, I hear a boy making comments about rubbing oil on me. I ignore it, his friends chuckle, and they keep walking.

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   I didn't even give them a glance. My mind wasn't with them, no it really wasn't. The noise of the ocean, the sea gulls and the clamber of people having fun, really put me into a lull, and without even knowing it, I fell asleep.

I was woken up to a womans voice trying to wake me, 'sweetie, are you ok? you have quite a sunburn going there' I opened my eyes just a little to see a woman crouching down talking to me, when it realized, she was talking to me, and it was ME getting the sunburn. I rolled back and sat up quickly and touched my shoulder and wow, she was right, it was red, and it hurt. I grabbed my towel and covered my shoulders and back, but that really hurt. The woman offered me some spray, and offered to spray my back, because I couldn't reach to do it. It felt so cold, and good, but I knew I was going to suffer with the damage done. I thanked her very much and with that, she and her family left. I reached into my beach bag and grabbed my shirt and gently put it on. I put my shorts on over my bathing suit bottom and started walking towards my house.

I was about half way home when Katie called my name. She was across the street heading the other way, but we hooked up and sat on a wall for a bit. I showed her my sunburn and the look of concern was obvious. She went to touch it, and I flinched.

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   "Oh please don't do that, it hurts way too much". "Come with me" she said, "I have some stuff that works better then anything in the world. So, off to Katie's house we went. We went to the back door, and she opened it without a key, so I figured someone was there. "Nope, all gone for the afternoon, we just don't lock the back door" she told me. Once inside we went to her room and I took my shirt off and when I looked in the mirror, I could see why everyone seemed concerned. I was really red. Katie came out of the bathroom, she had a bottle of mineral oil and another bottle of something and a bowl. She poured some oil into the bowl and added the other stuff to it. It smelled like peppermint. Katie said it was and it would help soak in and cool the pain. She mixed it up and suggested I go take a quick shower, to also help cool it off. Good idea, so off I went. Katie got me set up with a towel and left me to do what I had to do. The shower sort of stung a bit, the water hitting my back, but if I stood facing the shower head, the water just trickled down my back, much better.

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I turned the water off and started to dry myself, but the towel was really hurting, so I dried off as best I could, wrapped the towel around my waist, covered my self a bit, and went back to her bedroom. Once there Katie took my top and bathing suit and put it in the chair, and she motioned me to the bed. "Lay down on your stomach" so I did. Katie climbed onto the bed next to me and started to dribble the mixture on my back. It felt good. The peppermint really did cool it off. Once she had a good amount on me, she started to spread it around my back and shoulders with her hand. She was so gentle, and this stuff felt really good. I could almost forget the sunburn. I was really thankful for that.

As I lay there with her soothing my back, I felt the towel get moved a bit lower, and again, a little lower. After a few seconds, Laurie had the towel off me, and she was spreading oil on my butt. It was excellent. I just lay there, letting her, and Katie didn't seem to mind doing it either. I knew I was getting wet, and it felt good.

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   Katie's hands on me like that was really turning me on. It must have been turning her on too, as her hands got closer and closer to my dampness. I was in heaven though, her fingers would just brush up against me, move my skin just a little, and I could feel my juices leaking down, the air cooling them. A little more oil, and back to it, I felt her finger brush against my anus, and it felt good, I wanted more of that. I guess Katie sensed that and let her pinky finger brush me there more, and it felt like she was going to stick it in there. What's strange is I wanted her to. I caught myself moaning out loud, and Katie giggled, "you like this huh?". Mmmm is all I could say.

Her hands got a little more aggressive and I wanted more. The next thing I know, I feel her finger going into my ass. Without even knowing it, I bucked my hips up, making her finger go deeper. I know I was out of control. I was boiling, I was squirming and pushing against her hand and there was nothing stopping me. I have never in my life felt anything this good.

"Roll back onto your knees and keep your chest on the bed" she told me.

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   As I did this she pulled her finger out and one hand kept massaging me. Next thing I feel is something going back in, I gasped a little, and held my breath. "It's ok, it's just my thumb" she explained. It's a little bigger, so you just need to relax a little. After a little while of her thumb, she started to work it in and out, but her fingers were brushing against my pussy. This was intense. I am totally out of control and god please don't stop doing what ever it is. I prayed that she just keep doing it, I didn't care about anything else. I lost all sense of time. I have no idea how long she did this to me, but I really didn't care I was feeling incredible, and better with each stroke. I had an urge, I just had to take a hand and put it on my pussy. It just felt like I needed to squeeze it. As I did, Katie took her hands away from me, and I just stayed there squeezing myself. I felt Katie moving around on the bed and looked to see she was taking her clothes off. She got back on the bed and put her face right up against my pussy, pushing my hand away.

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   She was kissing my pussy and rubbing me. I felt her nose tickle my ass, her mouth and tongue working my pussy and then a hand coming up to grab a nipple. I let out a moan, and then another moan, and I was feeling things and I couldn't breath and I had to push my ass up higher to make her be more into me, and then I don't know what happened. My crotch was on fire and leaking and steaming and muscles clenching and I had all I could do not keep from flailing around and throughingus both off the bed. Katie grabbed my hips and just thrust her tongue into me, her face pressed so hard against me, I don't know how she was breathing. All I know is I collapsed onto the bed. I couldn't talk, all I could do is pant. . my breathing was like I just ran like 100 miles. I have no idea what it was, it was just something that wiped me out and I liked it.

Katie comes up and kisses me on the cheek and with a little laugh, said "first time huh"? All I could do is nod my head. "I'm glad it was me that gave it to you" she said, and lay next to me stroking my face. All I knew at that time was that I was wiped out, completely, and I knew it was something I wanted to do again, just not right now.

Now remember, I am laying on her bed and we are both naked. I am laying on my side and all of a sudden it dawns on my, I was supposed to be home for dinner.

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   I jumped up and found Katie's alarm clock and noted it was 6pm. Not late yet, but there was not way I was going to be home by 6:30, so Katie suggested I sleep over at her house, "We'll do dinner when my Mom gets home, and it will be ok". I called my mom and cleared it all and that set the night into motion. As I sat back onto the bed, Katie got me one of her sweat suits, nice and loose for me, and helped me put it on so it wouldn't chafe my sunburn. She pulled my hair out from inside the top, brushed stroked my face and before I knew it, she kissed me. I found myself kissing her back, and liking it. I knew I felt something and I think it was love, but I didn't say it. Her Mom got home about then, and called upstairs to her to come down to the kitchen. We both went down.

"Mom, this is my friend from school, Nikki, can we have a sleep over tonight?" "Sure honey, that sounds like fun, do you want to call Katie over too?" "No" Katie replied, "she has to babysit her brother". And with that, the night was set into motion. Dinner was Pizza Delivered to the door, and some idle talk while we ate, mostly questions from her mom about my family and stuff.

After dinner, Katie and I went down to the family room to watch some TV, and just talk. We talked about everything that happened, and why. Katie wanted to do it with me like that since the day we just all got naked together.

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   She and Laurie had done this before, allot, and that got me thinking. "Why didn't you want Laurie to come over tonight then"? "Well, because I want it to be just you and me, I wanted to be with you, and I guess I don't' want to share you with her, not yet anyway. "

This really made me smile, and with that, Katie leaned in and gave me a quick kiss, like in case her mother came down. So we sat there and watched a little TV and then her mom did come down and she sat in the chair and asked if we wanted to watch a movie. Katie said no, we were tired and were going up to bed. Katie told her mom about my sunburn,and lifted the sweat top to show her. "Oh dear, that' terrible" she said, and Katie told her she put the secret solution on it for me. They both smiled at that, and Katie's mom bid us a good night.

Once in Katie's room, with the door locked we carefully got the sweat top off me, and Katie eye's me. I slid the bottoms off, and stood in front of her naked. I could feel my nipples getting a little hard, and yes I found this exciting. I walked over to Katie and helped her get her clothes off, and stood and looked at her naked body. I walked back up to her and as I reached for her face, I dropped my head and took a nipple into my mouth, and just brushed my tongue over it, feeling it harden against my tongue. Katie took the back of my head and just held it there, making sure I didn't stop too soon. I wanted to taste more of her.

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   I broke away and lead her to her bed, laying her down then I moved down to take her other nipple, and give it the same attention. Her skin was soft and smooth. It tasted a little salty, and I liked it. She liked it too, and before long she was squirming and moaning.

I went down and tried to mimic what she did to me, but it was different. Katie was on her back, I wasn't but I was still able to get her to open up and let me lick all over her. Her juices were sort of salty too, and she liked me tasting her. I told her she tasted good, and she liked hearing that. I licked for a while and the passion took me over. I slid up and gave her a kiss, right on the mouth. My face was all smeared with her juices and it was like she had to taste them. Now I can see, she was on fire too. I went back down and started licking her some more and she seemed to loose control too, bucking her hips into my face, grinding hard and I ground right back. She was really juicy, it was coming out of her in streams. I tired to lick up as much as I could but I couldn't pay attention to the parts of her that were the parts of me that really felt best, and I didn't stop licking till she told me to.

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When I did stop, I slid up the bed and nuzzled up to her. She looked over at me and kissed me so nicely. I think it's love, but neither of us said it.



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